Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 694: Sleepy, cant hold on (1)

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Chapter 694: Sleepy, cant hold on (1)

The operation was successful!


At this time, it was a little early to say that the operation was successful. After all, Lin Chujiu hadn’t debridement and sutured the wound.

However, after successfully removing the broken iron piece from Xuanyuan Zhi’s brain, it can be said that the operation has been completed by 90%, or even higher because Lin Chujiu not only did the most difficult part but also did it perfectly.

After taking out the broken iron piece, Lin Chujiu let out a long sigh of relief. It was the first time to perform craniotomy alone, and it was done so beautifully. Lin Chujiu was very satisfied and believed that she would be able to do better in the future.

After being busy for nearly two hours, her hands have been dealing with minor wounds. It was inevitable that Lin Chujiu’s arms will start to get numb, but she was in excellent condition now and her spirit was very high. She can persevere from this suffering.

Lin Chujiu dealt with the wound, restored the meninges, and skulls one by one. This was not too difficult, but she must be very careful. No one else could do this job aside from her.

Doctors who leave something like gauze, bandages, cotton b.a.l.l.s, or even scissors in a patient’s body will never go far.

After treating the wound, Lin Chujiu wrapped a layer of anti-collision bandage on Xuanyuanzhi’s head to prevent him from injuring his head again.

At this point, it can be said that the operation has been completed. As for whether there will be side effects or sequelae, this was not something that can be controlled now.

The blood bag and the infusion bottle, Lin Chujiu changed them once during the operation, and now there were still half of them, so they can be ignored for the time being.

Lin Chujiu used the medical system again to check Xuanyuan Zhi’s vital signs. After confirming that there was no abnormality, Lin Chujiu quickly put away the surgical equipment.

To do a craniotomy, you need to open the back of the skull. This process requires a chainsaw and an electric drill. Of course, not the chainsaws and drills that people see in ordinary times, but special medical equipment.

To turn on the drill and chainsaw, she needed a small generator. These were things that cannot be seen. Before the operation, Lin Chujiu couldn’t put them away. Now that the operation was over, Lin Chujiu put back the equipment immediately.

After packing all the equipment, Lin Chujiu injected Xuanyuan Zhi with an antidote to clean up the residual poison in his body.

Xuanyuan Zhi suffered from food poisoning. She doesn’t know if it was Imperial Doctor Zhu or Doctor s.h.i.+, but the effect of the antidote they gave to him was also very good.

After Lin Chujiu was done, there was not much left in the drip bottle, and the blood in the blood bag was empty. Lin Chujiu didn’t even have time to breathe and rushed over to pull the needle to Xuanyuan Zhi.

After pulling out the needle, Lin Chujiu cleaned the operating table again. Except for the blood-stained gauze, other things that would arouse suspicion were put thrown into the box and put back into the medical system.

To prevent Xuanyuan Zhi from waking up and suffering from severe pain because of the surgery, Lin Chujiu gave him pain killers, and then patiently adjusted the position for him.

Lin Chujiu didn’t know that Xuanyuan Zhi, who should have woken up two hours later, woke up when she injected the painkiller, but he was not fully awake yet at this time. His body was also very weak, so he spent a long time before he could barely open his eyes. He then vaguely saw Lin Chujiu who was busy walking back and forth under the candlelight.

Lin Chujiu?

Xuanyuan Zhi opened his lips, but he couldn’t make a sound, and he couldn’t keep his eyelids open.

Lin Chujiu turned around and saw Xuanyuanzhi’s chapped lips. She turned her head, picked up the water on the table, dipped the cotton swab in the water, and wiped it on Xuanyuan Zhi’s lips.

Xuanyuan Zhi was thirsty at this time. Although there was only a drop of water, Xuanyuan Zhi still sucked desperately, but Lin Chujiu only wet his lips and didn’t let him drink water.

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