Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 2023: Master, please step up (End)

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Chapter 2023: Master, please step up (End)

Gong Mu Bai might not have known, but when he slowly came over to her, he became the center of attention.

“Look, look, the male and female lead from the post!”

“What are you gossiping about, it’s their family matter!”

“Ah, ah, ah!  I’m just envious, teacher Gong is so handsome!  He was a subst.i.tute for our cla.s.s before, he’s just too handsome!”

“Ha, ha!  He comes to his wife’s exam, he really is good!”


There was gossip all around them and although they didn’t say anything bad, she felt awkward hearing it.

“Did you bring everything?”  He stood in front of her, looking at her with sparkling eyes like he was looking at a treasure.

“I brought everything.”  She nodded with an obedient look.

“Un.”  Gong Mu Bai softly replied before suddenly pulling her into his embrace.

“Woah!”  There was an uproar around them.  She could feel her face suddenly revealing a blush which quickly spread all the way to her ears.

“Gong Mu Bai……”

“Do well!  When you finish, you should be an adult.”

His tone was strangely gentle, like a warm current that flowed into her heart.

She looked up into his deep eyes and seriously said, “I will always walk in your direction.”

“The problem is……”  He had a gentle smile as he looked at her with a loving look, “I was always by your side.”

With a breeze, the leaves slowly fell down.  She revealed a smile as her face was filled with happiness.

There were claps all around them, blessing their crazy teacher student relations.h.i.+p.

After the exam.

Since Gong Mu Bai’s quiz was 90% accurate, Cheng Xing Xing was barely able to make the cutoff for Forgotten River University.

Luo Qing Chen directly entered university with her high score, even scoring in the top ten.

The most important life lesson was over, so now she was heading to her second lesson.

The seventh of July, the wedding dress dragged on the ground.

There were many people who came to their wedding, including their cla.s.smates from cla.s.s one and their beautiful head teacher Xu Wei.

At the wedding, she drank too much and said with a look of regret, “Why did I miss this opportunity!  Why did I let my student get ahead of me!”

“Teacher Xu, this is wrong.”  Cheng Xing Xing shook her head, “Teacher Xu never had a chance.”

“This girl, don’t think that I can’t take care of you after you’ve graduated!”  Xu Wei put her hips at her waist as she pretended to be angry, “Why did teacher never have a chance?”

“Because.”  Cheng Xing Xing said with a smile, “Teacher Gong and Luo Qing Chen didn’t know each other at school, but they knew each other in the game”.

“What?”  Xu Wei said with a look of disbelief, “What game?”

“Heavenly Mandate!”

Luo Qing Chen pa.s.sed by Xu Wei holding Gong Mu Bai’s hand and she didn’t forget to answer her question.

It really was a magical game, where unexpected encounters had happened.

“Actually, I’ve always been looking for an opportunity.”  When they were exchanging rings, Gong Mu Bai slowly said by her ear, “To let White Clothes like the Beginning and Admiring the Moon become one person.

“What person?”  Luo Qing Chen looked up with a trace of doubt in her eyes.

He sealed it with a kiss before saying, “Your contracted.”

She revealed a smile as he lovingly looked at her.  This person that she thought was impossible to approach in the game and the person who she thought was impossible to be together with in real life.

Now she was his wife.

This was their story.

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