Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 2024: Side Story: If two people love each other, others can’t do a thing (1)

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Chapter 2024: Side Story: If two people love each other, others can’t do a thing (1)

On the future path, I will share all the happiness with you and I will try all the pain before you.  ——Gong Mu Bai.

In my life, I never had any worries since I was young.  Maybe it was because of my personality that I didn’t like to go to clubs like those friends of mine.

I liked playing games more.

A friend had once told me that someone like me was definitely suited for online dating.

I couldn’t help nodding and saying: You’re very right.

The online world was more real than the real world in most cases.  The feelings that people didn’t dare express in the real world would all come out in the online world.

I’ve seen many people who live in rented houses that are less than ten square meters in real life, eating instant noodles for every meal who can spend thousands on the game.  It was all to let other people call them boss and enjoy the vanity that they couldn’t enjoy in real life.

To be honest, I didn’t discriminate against those kinds of people, rather I felt that this was what they desired the most.

They could get girls and things that they couldn’t get in real life in the game.

It was because of this that I liked online games, I liked seeing all the faces in the game with the ident.i.ty of a bystander.

Until I met Luo Qing Chen with the smurf that I used to collect things.

This was the first time that I felt that other than comparing money and seeing who was richer, there was something else in the game.

She just sent an item worth a thousand dollars to me without even collecting the money.

I was stunned when I received this mail and I remembered her name.

Summer, what a good name.

I waited for three days and I thought that she would ask for the money from me, but she never did.  It was as if she had forgotten about this matter, or she didn’t even care about it in the first place.

I was filled with disbelief.  She was like a breath of fresh air in this muddy game, different from others.

When I contacted her and asked if she was lacking an apprentice, she was very casual like she didn’t want to pay attention to me.

After saying a few words, she went to do a quest with her contracted.

When I saw the name of the contracted, I denied my own inference.

Perhaps she was like the others in the game, no different from them.

I gave her the money and then didn’t contact her again.

Occasionally I would hear people say that her equipment was given to her from her contracted, but I couldn’t help saying: A person who doesn’t care about something worth over a thousand, they wouldn’t need others to provide equipment for them.

Facts proved that I was right.

Because her battle power increased very quickly and her contracted didn’t improve as fast as her.

I thought that she and I would only meet by chance in this game and wouldn’t meet again.

But on a quiet night, she, who was a person who never used a horn, had suddenly used one to challenge someone to a deleting their account duel.

Without knowing why, I felt that she always made me feel like she was a different person.  Although we never met again, I had heard from friends that she was a handicapped healer.

Whether it was on the battlefield or in the dungeons, her skills weren’t that good.

But she had declared this duel and declared it on a healer who had a much lower battle power.

Many people in the world chat thought that she couldn’t beat this healer.

Seeing the odds of the bet, I was a bit unhappy and directly went on my smurf to bet on her victory.

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