Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 671 – It’s Only Natural for the Children to Pay the Father’s Debt

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Chapter 671: It’s Only Natural for the Children to Pay the Father’s Debt

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Shen Xi’s eyes lit up when her eyes fell on the photo and video. “We have to post them. We have to post them for sure. Let’s wait until Su Ruowan makes the announcement before we post them. I’ll send them to my brother so he can take care of it.”

This was good. She and Yuan Yu only heard that Su Muyan could really let it loose in the clubs and nearly caused death multiple times. Alas, there was no proof.

Yuan Yu’s investigations later led him to a paparazzo. It was said that the paparazzo had evidence of Su Muyan’s activity in the club, but the paparazzo disappeared before he could get to him. It was like the paparazzo vanished into thin air. People who were familiar with the paparazzo said that he blackmailed someone and took the money to migrate abroad.

Shen Xi’s gut was telling her that something was not right, but it never occurred to her that the paparazzo did not migrate at all. Instead, Su Muxuan ordered his death. This was huge. Following the release of this news, the Su couple would be screwed deeper into the rabbit hole. There was no escaping the death penalty for Su Muxuan too.

Meanwhile, the Su family was thrown into turmoil by the arrival of the court enforcers and police.

With derangement written all over his bloodshot eyes, Su Yi grabbed a knife and blocked the door. “Don’t you dare step a foot in. You can’t seize my property. I’m warning you. I’m about to close the deal with the Li family. It’s a 100-billion-yuan deal. Do you know that? 100 billion! I bet you paupers have never seen that kind of money. Do you know the Li family? Laying a finger on me means you’re going against the Li family. I can promise you the Li family will end you.”

Behind him was Li Jingran and the Su brothers looking rather ghastly. They gave the incoming police a dirty look.

The police walked up and solemnly told Su Yi off. “Mr. Su, please cooperate with us. Otherwise, we will arrest you for obstruction.”

This movie star and famous entrepreneur had always presented himself in a cultured demeanor on TV and business reports. It never crossed their minds that his true face was terrifying like a lunatic.

Perhaps he could not accept his bankruptcy and the debts he carried. Such was the behavior of the wealthy. These rich people put themselves on a pedestal and were too caught up in the glitzy lifestyle to think about rainy days.

Many wound up this way when bankruptcy crept upon them. In comparison to Su Yi, there were people who had gone off the deeper end. The police were used to it.

“I’m not broke. I’m not. I’m about to sign a contract with the Li Corporation. How dare you do this to me! I’ll make sure you pay for this.” Su Yi was having a complete meltdown with all sanity eaten away. He could not accept everything that was happening before his eyes.

He was not bankrupt. The Su family would rise again and come back better than before if the contract with Li Corporation was signed. He firmly believed in that.

The court enforcers glanced at the police. “We will enter by force.”

The Su family commanded respect in public. Looking at the two once exalted film stars, one was now a mad man while the other was skin and bones, nothing like how she was before.

Humans should not do bad because G.o.d was watching. Karma was bound to hit back and there it was. It was pitiful that some people refused to face reality.

“Dad, stop it.” Su Muxuan stepped forward to pull Su Yi back.

Having been pushed to the limit, Su Yi turned to Su Muxuan while huffing heavily. He was still unable to let go. “Xuan, tell them. You tell them. We’re about to sign a contract with the Li family. With the contract, our family will rub shoulders with the upper cla.s.s. Am I right?”

He had already had it in the bag this morning as he was supposed to put his signature on the contract at nine o’clock. Yet, how did everything end up like this? How!?

Yuan Yu. It was all that little sh*t’s fault! Of all the times he could have done it, Yuan Yu chose to release the news last night and fouled his partners.h.i.+p with the Li family. The little sh*t drove him to a dead end.

By the way things were looking, Li Corporation was unlikely to go through with the deal. Su Yi’s life was ruined since he owed a lot of money. He could not think of any other way out apart from death.

“You can’t do this.” Su Mus.h.i.+ jumped out in the front and went for it. “Do you know Shen Xi? She’s Cai Ni, the famous stylist in s…o…b..z. She’s also Jiang Yin’s student and my sister. Jin Yun belongs to her, which makes it the Su family’s a.s.set too. We can still pay back the debt.”

The court enforcers and the police were dumbstruck.

Ms. Cai Ni was a household name even to those who did not pay attention to the entertainment world. Moreover, Jin Yun made it to the top 100 companies in China despite only being established for a year. The national networks praised the company for showing its love for the country and showcasing its vanguard culture.

“Cai Ni is my sister, my biological sister.” Su Mus.h.i.+ gazed at Li Jingran. “Mom, bring out the DNA report and let them see that she’s part of our family. It’s only natural for the children to pay the father’s debt.”

Shen Xi was not getting out of this. She could not just walk away while they faced bankruptcy. She must suffer because he was going to make her life a living h.e.l.l. Now, who was the laughingstock?

They were her closest family. The courts would not leave her alone if she refused to pay back the debt. She would not escape criticism because she had blood ties with the Su family and was his birth sister.

“Yes, she’s my daughter. She’ll return the money for me. Go and ask her for the money. She’s rich.” Su Yi’s dead and deranged eyes lit up.

How could he forget Shen Xi? Shen Xi was his biological daughter. Even if he had to go to court, the judge would determine that she had a duty to pay his debts by law. There was still hope for him and the Su family.

Shen Xi was good at whatever she did. With the money she had earned and from selling off, she could settle some of the Su family’s debt. She could work her *ss off and pay the rest of it later.

That was right. The Shen couple loved Shen Xi too much to just sit by and watch. Surely, they would cough out the money as well. Shen Xi and the Shen family would bend over backward to clear the debt.

Without hesitation, Li Jingran rushed to find the DNA report. Fortunately, she had a habit of sorting her stuff. The report was still around. It did not take long before she found the papers and showed them to everyone.

The police and court enforcers were caught off guard by the piece of paper before getting right back to business. “You can discuss with your daughter about the debt repayment. We’re here to seize your properties and nothing else.. The courts will release your property back to you once you clear your dues.”

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