Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 672 – Su Ruowan Lays It All Out on Weibo

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Chapter 672: Su Ruowan Lays It All Out on Weibo

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The public was not aware that Ms. Cai Ni was the Su family’s daughter. Was the daughter not called Su Ruowan? However, the police and court enforcers were sad for Ms. Cai Ni to have such parents and family.

No one heard that Ms. Cai Ni was the Su family’s daughter when the said family was successful. Now that they were bankrupt and washed up, they were clinging to her like an annoying fly.

Su Yi knew nothing good would come out of making a bigger scene than it already was. Hence, he had to bite the bullet for now and take his family away. Still, Su Yi gave the police and court enforcers a warning look. “If you touch and break anything in the house, don’t say I didn’t warn you. We’ll be right back.”

Once he found Shen Xi and paid his dues, Su Yi would be coming for these blind mother*ckers for kicking him while he was down. These people must think they were all that to trample over him.

Following behind Su Yi, Su Mus.h.i.+ had a sketchy yet willful look on his face. “Dad, let’s go and look for Shen Xi now.”

Only by draining Shen Xi dry, could there then be hope to save the Su family.

“Mr. Su, hold on.” The court enforcer stopped them. “Please hand over any valuables on you.”

Su Yi turned black in the face. “That’s outrageous. Do I have to take off my clothes and give them to you too?”

“Please understand, Mr. Su. We’re only doing our job.” The court enforcer remained calm.

Sucking up all the raging fury, Su Yi slammed his wrist.w.a.tch on the table before shooting them the evil eye. “Just you wait. This will not be forgotten.”

Li Jingran and the Su brothers gave up all the expensive accessories on them with menacing expressions.

Everything inside the huge Su’s residence, valuable or not, was soon stuck with a seizing order. If the Su family did not pay up, these things were going to be publicly auctioned off.

Su Yi took the entire family to the garage only to find the cars were confiscated too. The two police officers, who stood watch, told the family to leave.

“Just you wait.” With a finger up their noses, Su Yi yelled at them and walked away. He would get his revenge on everyone who insulted him after he found Shen Xi and paid off the debt.

The family furiously tried to hail a cab at the entrance, but there was none in sight despite waiting for a long time.

This was a huge issue. People living in the villa compound drove their personal cars and taxis were not allowed inside. In the end, Su Mus.h.i.+ opened a ride-hailing app to book a ride.

Following the scandal, the Su family became a foul existence in the whole of China. Since anyone who had surfed the web would recognize them, they covered their faces with masks before getting into the cab.

Su Yi lectured the family in the car. “You better watch your att.i.tude when you talk to Shen Xi later. Just beg her to help us, get it?”

Shen Xi would never have left the Su family had they treated her right. If Shen Xi had stayed put in the family, the Su family would be able to pull through the predicament they were in now.

“Dad, what if she refuses to help us even if we beg her?” Su Mus.h.i.+ asked.

The vile brat, Shen Xi, did not have a heart, so there was no point in being nice to her. He believed the threat would work on Shen Xi.

“How would you know she’d refuse?” Su Yi gave them a dirty look. They were useless pieces of sh*t. Why were these good-for-nothings his? The only capable child he had was pushed aside by them.

Had Su Yi known Shen Xi would have such achievements, he would never have abandoned her for Su Ruowan.

“I’m just saying, what if.” Su Mus.h.i.+ had no confidence as he had the feeling that Shen Xi would not budge. They could only fight fire with fire when it came to Shen Xi.

“There are no what-ifs. Su Yi wickedly curled his lips. “She’s my daughter. It’s only right she pays for me. Even if we go to court, the law will take my side.”

Shen Xi should pay his debts. The money she earned and the a.s.sets under her name should be his.

Li Jingran listened to the conversation between the father and son while hanging her head low to hide the bitter hatred in her eyes. She clenched her fists but said nothing.

Her husband was right. Shen Xi should help them to return the money. Whether it was the present or the future, Shen Xi was the daughter of the Su family. There was no escaping from the ident.i.ty. This was her fate. The law would make her pay their debts. This was the price Shen Xi had to pay since Li Jingran birthed her and gave her life.

Meanwhile, a special message interrupted the broadcast playing on the radio. The host excitedly announced the latest buzz. “We bring to you an update on the entertainment news. Su Ruowan lays it all out on Weibo that she’s not the biological daughter of Su Yi and Li Jingran. Her plagiarizing stunt on National Idol was encouraged by others rather than her intent. She apologized to everyone who was hurt by this event and hoped the public would forgive her as her lack of will and beliefs had put her in this situation.”

Li Jingran’s dreaded complexion turned pale as though death had her by the throat. Letting out a whimper, she shook her head in despair. “No. Impossible. Wanwan would never say such a thing. It’s impossible.”

Color washed off Su Yi and the Su brothers’ faces as anger, shock, sorrow, and despair sat in. The host’s a.n.a.lysis and the feeling of betrayal were setting their hearts on fire and fueling their rage.

Su Ruowan was a traitor. How could she say such a thing? Was she trying to cut ties with the Su family because they were on a decline? Well, she wished.

“Honey, it’s a fake. It can’t be true.” Li Jingran refused to believe that the sensible daughter she loved so much would say and do this to them. Li Jingran pulled Su Yi’s arm. “Honey, someone must be threatening her. She was coerced into saying that! Wanwan’s my daughter. She’s my daughter!”

She could not believe that Wanwan would strike a blow straight to her heart when the Su family was at its hardest. She was too well-behaved, sensible, and kind to do something like that.

Su Yi coldly scoffed. Gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, he hissed, “Su Ruowan!”

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