Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 675 – If They Had to Die, So Be It

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Chapter 675: If They Had to Die, So Be It

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At the end of the day, the Su family should just go to h.e.l.l.

“Do you hear me? Hurry up, open the door and let us in.” Su Yi barked arrogantly as though he was the man of the house.

“Try me and walk in the door. I’ll throw each one of you out.” Fang Chu finally broke the silence. His voice that bore a certain allure of gruffness rang in everyone’s ear like a death curse amid the howling night.

The murderous intent in the man’s voice sent chills down Su Yi’s spine. Shaking from head to toe, he tried to get a grip of himself as he convinced himself that Shen Xi’s people would not harm him since he was Shen Xi’s father. It was all a bluff. Su Yi remained lofty in att.i.tude. “Don’t you dare! My daughter, Shen Xi, will go after you if you lay a finger on me.”

Without a word, Fang Chu merely burst out laughing. His low guffaws echoed in the air with a chilling s.a.d.i.s.tic notion.

Su Muyan gazed at Su Yi with a savage, resolute, and fearful look on his face. “Dad, he has no qualms doing it. Why should we be kind when Shen Xi’s treating us like this? Worst comes to worst, we can all go down together if she still refuses to show up.”

The Su family was left with nothing. All their a.s.sets, reputation, career, and hope were gone. They had nothing to lose. If they had to die, so be it.

However, Shen Xi was a different story. She had a bright future ahead of her and adoptive parents whom she cared for, so she must be reluctant to forgo all of this. If they exposed her ident.i.ty, she would be forced to board the same sinking s.h.i.+p. They were going to take Shen Xi down with them.

“Shut up.” Su Yi was aware of that fact. He did not want to flash his trump card to threaten Shen Xi unless absolutely necessary.

Now was not the time. He needed to get to Shen Xi and discussed with her the pros and cons to sway her with reasoning and emotions. She would know the right choice to make if she was not stupid.

If she remained headstrong against his request and decided to ignore blood ties, he could then pull out his trump card.

“Dad, why are you still hesitating?” Frustrated, Su Muyan pointed at his leg. “Her men broke my leg and yet you still have expectations she’d do right by us. She won’t help us. I’d get on my knees and beg her if she does.”

Shen Xi and his so-called friends were all the same. His best buddies bailed on him, refusing to even loan them money for a hotel stay when the Su family was facing bankruptcy. Su Muyan had a good idea of how the world went around now.

Su Muyan was willing to give anything to revive the Su family to their former glory.

Su Muxuan took a few deep breaths to muster the courage before solemnly uttering, “Dad, Mom’s having a fever. It’s cold out here. I’m afraid she might not last any longer. Muyan’s leg is broken and needs treatment right away. We have to go with Muyan’s idea.”

Red streaks ran all over Su Yi’s eyes as a complex of emotions overwhelmed him. Glancing at his wife and sons at the door, he clenched his fists and made a decision. “You people in there, listen up! I know you can get in touch with Shen Xi. Tell her that if she doesn’t meet us and provide us with help, we’ll expose her true ident.i.ty to the media by morning.”

People would talk and rumors could be fatal. There were many keyboard warriors attacking their family online and Shen Xi, as their daughter, would not be spared of the same fate since she shared their bloodline. Shen Xi would end up like them – berated and boycotted.

If that were to happen, her life and career would be over. Then Shen Xi would be implicated and dragged down to h.e.l.l alongside them.

It was not known whether the people in the courtyard heard Su Yi as they did not give a response.

The bitter snowy night resumed its serenity with snowflakes fluttering down in the background.

Su Yi, who camped out in the neighborhood’s parking lot, arrived once more at Shen Xi’s home first thing in the morning. He was about to shout when footsteps trailed behind him. It was a tall man in a suit, holding a package in hand.

The man soon drew close and handed over a package. “Mr. Su. Ms. Shen asked me to give you this.”

Su Yi knew what it was at a glance. It was money. With the Su family bankrupting, the family had their bank accounts frozen. They could not use their cards or perform bank transfers. They could only use cash.

After taking the money, Su Yi was back to his bossy self. “When did she say she’ll meet me?”

The man looked at him. “Ms. Shen is busy at the moment and will return next week. Please wait another two days.”

Pleased, Su Yi nodded his head. He could tell that there was at least 100 thousand yuan in cash to last the family until next week. At least she knew how to take the hint.

The man watched Su Yi take off with the money before making his way to a car parked nearby. Gazing at the man cuddling with a cat in the car, he asked, “Mr. Fang, why must Ms. Shen give him money?”

Fang Chu smiled while gently stroking Toffeecito in his arms. “Only with hope would men suffer at the arrival of despair.”

It was naïve for the Su family to turn on Ms. Shen. G.o.d knows if they would regret having ever lived when they were to find out that Ms. Shen’s man was Boss.

There was no heating in the parking lot, but the place sheltered them from the wind and snow.

Su Yi returned with the money carrying a skip in his steps and a smile on his face.

Su Mus.h.i.+ went up to him. “Dad, did Shen Xi come?”

Su Yi grinned. “She had someone give me 100 thousand yuan.”

With his eyes lighting up, Su Muxuan wickedly said in delight, “Now she’s scared. We should look for her next.”

He knew it. Of course, Shen Xi would feel fear. She was a girl who did not know better anyway. Look, she caved in at the slightest intimidation.

Su Mus.h.i.+ paused before turning to Su Yi. Resentment was surging behind his eyes. “Dad, give me a thousand yuan. I need to look for Su Ruowan.”

It was time for payback.. Even if he had to go to the ends of the earth, Su Mus.h.i.+ had to question Su Ruowan in the face. Why did she betray them at a time like this? He wanted to kill her!

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