Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 682 – Lady Luck’s Press Conference

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Chapter 682: Lady Luck’s Press Conference

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Su Muyan was reading the latest news on Weibo, scrolling on until he came across the article about Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s first press conference happening on Sunday at 2:00 PM. He tapped on the post to read more.

In the comments section, the keyboard warriors were yelling profanities at Su Ruowan, boycotting, and demanding her to quit the production and s…o…b..z altogether. Delighted by the comments, he switched to his alternate account and joined in on the abuse.

The attention on the Su family had decreased because the family stayed on the low down and kept away from the public eye. However, the breaking news about Su Mus.h.i.+ reignited the netizen’s self-righteous and nosy nature. Apart from insults being thrown around, there were many talks of conspiracy theories.

Su Ruowan’s plan was to keep a low profile after clearing the air. Her new TV series should hit the screens after the Su family’s scandal died down with n.o.body caring about it anymore. She could then emerge in a new light before the public.

To her dismay, Su Mus.h.i.+ came looking for her and stirred a huge hubbub. With the news breaking out, she once again found herself in the spotlight and in the face of public criticism.

The netizens immersed themselves in the Su family’s drama while antic.i.p.ating Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s press conference. They were eager to find out how he was going to handle Su Ruowan.

Many viewers made their stand that they were going to mobilize their people to boycott the production team, the networks, and the show if Su Ruowan were to continue to be in the production of Lady Luck.

The director, Hu Zheng’s mailbox had exploded in the last few days. He, a nameless director, was tagged more than a million times in every Weibo post and thousands of comments as the public protested for Su Ruowan to leave the production.

Sure, Hu Zheng had his thoughts and fretted over them, but he was one without authority, unlike other directors. The fate of the cast and the direction of the TV series were all in Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s hands.

However, Screenwriter Cloud Seven posted on Weibo last night that all pending issues would be addressed in a press conference. There had not been any further updates since then.

Hu Zheng was tempted to ask how Cloud Seven intended to go about the press conference. He wanted some insider knowledge and if any coordination was needed from the production team. Nevertheless, Screenwriter Cloud Seven had checked out of the room by the time he got there. Now that put him in a tough spot.

Like the rest of the people, Hu Zheng had to cluelessly wait for the press conference. Still, he could not help but hope that Screenwriter Cloud Seven would ditch Su Ruowan.

On Sunday, the production was halted in the morning to give way to the press conference. The production crew was not involved as Screenwriter Cloud Seven had arranged professionals to set the place up.

The production crew excitedly gathered around the conference site. Gazing at Screenwriter Cloud Seven’s plaque on the table on stage that was put together for the press conference, they went to lengths in a discussion.

Many of them were unaffected by yesterday’s events. Su Mus.h.i.+’s attempted murder of Su Ruowan was the talk of the town last night, so much so the timid was unable to get a shuteye. It had only been a day, but they had already left the nightmare behind.

Su Ruowan took leave for the last two days due to an injury. She did not attend the shoot, nor did she stay at the hotel. It was possible she was afraid the Su family might have had another go at her to pay blood with blood.

By one o’clock in the afternoon, the eager reporters successively entered the scene and took their seats. The reporters invited were proud as they were about to capture the first preview of the mysterious Screenwriter Cloud Seven in person.

The press conference was streamed live on all major platforms.

Other than reporters, the cast and key production members of Lady Luck were there too. It was not mandatory, but the extras and other production crew were allowed to watch on the sidelines. It was an open s.p.a.ce in the production studio anyway.

As for those who did not receive an invitation, the reporters did a good job keeping the location hush-hush. The uninvited could not attend the press conference even if they tried.

In a break room backstage, Shen Xi was going to manage her hair and makeup on her own, but Ruan Sisi was not having it. She brought along two a.s.sistants to doll Shen Xi up.

“The people out there will go mad when you make an entrance.” Ruan Sisi could not take her eyes away from Shen Xi who only had light makeup on.

Many trolls online were trolling Shen Xi, calling her ugly and ghastly. Hence, the reason a public appearance never happened. If her teacher was hideous, what would that make of regular people?

Shen Xi inquired with a smile, “Madness driven by fear?”

One nearby a.s.sistant was powdering Shen Xi’s face when she stopped midway to drool on her looks. The a.s.sistant was completely captivated by Shen Xi.

Oh gawd!

She was gorgeous!

Screenwriter Cloud Seven was a Greek G.o.ddess in the fles.h.!.+

“Go mad for your good looks.” Ruan Sisi smiled just thinking about it. The trolls online were about to eat their words. She then looked back at Li Yuan on the sofa before cautiously and respectfully saying, “My dear teacher’s partner, don’t you think so?”

She had met her teacher’s partner several times, and yet she was too afraid to look at him, let alone speak to him. His presence alone was overbearing for her to take.

Nodding with a smile, Li Yuan turned to his fair lady who had her back against him. “That’s right.”

Pleased, Ruan Sisi styled Shen Xi’s hair. “I bet you’d rule s…o…b..z if you get into the business. No one can compare to your beauty.”

Of course, the same concept applied to her teacher’s lover. Their physical attractiveness was one in a million. It was a shame they were not in s…o…b..z. Ruan Sisi wanted her teacher and her teacher’s partner to be widely known in the world for their looks just like Mr. Fu the Movie Star.

Shen Xi gave Ruan Sisi a straight answer. “I had once intended to go into s…o…b..z.”

Looking at Shen Xi in surprise, Ruan Sisi was waiting for her to continue. However, the latter did not have more to add, leaving Ruan Sisi in suspense and itching to find out.

Shen Xi gazed at herself in the mirror as the chilling glint flickered in her eyes. It was time to end things with the Su family after the press conference. Their life and death were no longer a concern of hers thereafter.

With Li Jingran going mad and Su Mus.h.i.+ taking a shot and surviving in a comatose state, the family would not last for long without money.

Su Muxuan would soon be arrested for murder.. Judging by how the Su family was knee-deep in controversy, it would be hard to appease the public rage if the courts did not sentence him with a death penalty.

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