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Chapter 683: Ms. Cai Ni!

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With no skills to match, Su Muyan depended on hyping and ghostwriters to earn the t.i.tle of the musically gifted. He was known to be wild in his private life, and soon there would be people rallying to testify against him for s.e.xual a.s.sault. Even if he did not end up behind bars, his life could only be spent lurking in the darkness. Calling him Public Enemy No. 1 was flattering him.

As for Su Yi, he was out of business and had nothing to his name. If he knew better, he would kneel before Yuan Heng and Grandpa Heng’s grave and offer his life as penance.

Su Ruowan was delusional to think she could rely on Cloud Seven and the TV series to get on with her life. She sure had everything figured out. Well, too bad Shen Xi was going to shatter her dreams and deprive her of everything. Even if Shen Xi saw it in her heart to forgive Su Ruowan, the Su family would not.

There was a knock on the door to the dressing room.

Kun Lun walked in and approached Li Yuan, lowering his head to whisper in Li Yuan’s ear.

Shen Xi had a great hearing. Although no one could hear the conversation, she picked up on it. She voiced out when Li Yuan gazed over. “Let them in. Don’t worry about them.”

Su Yi and Su Muxuan were on their way to the press conference to catch Su Ruowan. Fearing revenge from the Su family, Su Ruowan had been in hiding for the past two days.

Since Shen Xi had intel on Su Ruowan’s whereabouts, she could give the address to the Su family. However, Shen Xi had been waiting to see the day Su Ruowan fall apart, and it was going to happen in the press conference today.

Su Ruowan’s expression must be interesting when all her plans and self-righteousness were to crumble at the sight of Shen Xi later.

“Sure, Ms. Shen,” Kun Lun respectably replied.

Shen Xi then added. “Give them a little gift when they arrive later. Get the police to ambush and arrest Su Muxuan on the spot.”

She had intended to expose Su Muxuan’s murder cases after the press conference. Now it seemed the reveal at the press conference presented itself as the perfect occasion.

“Of course.” Kun Lun excused himself to make relevant arrangements.

Apart from Ruan Sisi who had an inkling of the situation, the remaining two a.s.sistants had no idea what Shen Xi was talking about.

However, these two a.s.sistants were hand-picked by Ruan Sisi and could be trusted. Ruan Sisi had confidence they would keep their mouths closed instead of blabbering away.

As time drew close to the press conference, the excitement began to stir within the crowd.

Su Ruowan, who had disappeared for two days, wore a mask and as she sat together with the cast. She nervously waited for the conference to begin.

More than anyone there, she was breaking out in cold sweat. To her, the press conference was like a court verdict on her fate.

Su Ruowan tried to convince herself to have faith in Screenwriter Cloud Seven to not forsake her in a bid to give in to the public. However, she knew there was no point in hoping as nothing was certain until Screenwriter Cloud Seven had given a clear-cut answer.

Screenwriter Cloud Seven was finally going to announce his decision to the public today. Su Ruowan had to witness it with her own eyes and listen with her own ears. Despite knowing that her appearance here posed a risk to be discovered by the Su family, she came anyway.

Sitting nearby, Lin Chan was having a discussion with Hu Zheng, the director, in a hushed voice when Su Ruowan took strides over. It took Lin Chan by surprise. She bet everyone else did not think Su Ruowan would come as well.

After all that had happened two days ago, Lin Chan heard Su Mus.h.i.+ was resuscitated, and now he was in a coma under observation in the intensive care unit. There was no telling whether he would be out of the woods.

The Su family was not going to let the matter slide after what Su Ruowan did to Su Mus.h.i.+. In the past two days, Su Yi and Su Muxuan had dropped by the set multiple times to look for Su Ruowan. Su Ruowan was bold to show her face here.

Hu Zheng was not surprised by Su Ruowan’s appearance. Since the downfall of the Su family, Su Ruowan had proven herself to be cold-blooded and more than met the eyes. Her course of actions thereafter validated that point. If nothing else, she had great psychological endurance.

She was here to ascertain whether Screenwriter Cloud Seven would pick or ditch her. However, no one would know what the decision was until the very last minute.

The host of the event came onto the stage and shared a brief introduction, thanking everybody for coming. He then said with a smile, “And now, we’d like to invite Screenwriter Cloud Seven to the stage.”

Everyone was fixated on the stage. There was a table in the middle of the stage with a name tent card on top – Cloud Seven.

It meant that the director, investor, and cast would not be speaking at the press conference. Only Cloud Seven himself would be answering everyone’s questions.

Balling her fists, Su Ruowan stared at the backstage where Cloud Seven would appear from while holding her breath.

Hu Zheng gave Su Ruowan a sympathetic look. He was probably the only person in the entire hall that knew Screenwriter Cloud Seven was Ms. Cai Ni, who was also Shen Xi.

Lin Chan, like everyone else, had all eyes on the stage with antic.i.p.ation and expectation. She was about to see Screenwriter Cloud Seven in person.

A figure emerged from the left side of the stage. The crowd first caught a glimpse of the person in business attire commanding the room with an aloof mien.

She had such a radiant and overpowering presence that her face was not the first focus. Once they had a closer look at her ice-queen face, their breaths were taken away.


It was a strong and charismatic beauty that held people back from defiling. She was like a queen attending to her people that mortals could only look up in awe without daring to conjure any thoughts of disrespect.

For a moment, it fired everyone with great enthusiasm. Be it the reporters, cast, or the production crew who stuck around, everyone was whispering about her astounding looks.

“Ms. Cai Ni!”

Someone in the crowd gasped, having recognized the woman. It was one of the production crew who had seen Ms. Cai Ni at work. However, Ms. Cai Ni was a sight to behold even at the time without any makeup on.

Ms. Cai Ni with a painted face displayed a more elegant and glamorous side to her.

“Why is Ms. Cai Ni here?”

With one person pointing that out, the realization hit everybody in the face. They completely lost themselves in the woman’s beauty and brilliant presence.

“Was Ms. Cai Ni invited to the press conference too? Does she know Screenwriter Cloud Seven?”

Although puzzled, some people had a hunch, but they did not have the nerve to put two and two together as these two profiles were such brilliant existences.

Ordinary people with any one of these profiles would make them a genius.. If these two individuals were the same person, that would be sick and probably only existed in a world of fantasy.

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