Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 685 – Drag Everyone Down

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Chapter 685: Drag Everyone Down

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It did not matter to Su Ruowan whether the Su family was trying to start over through Shen Xi or Shen Xi was playing the Su family a fool. Nothing else mattered so long as Su Ruowan emerged as the biggest winner of them all.

Su Ruowan made Shen Xi’s ident.i.ty public so everyone would know that the b*tch was the Su family’s biological daughter. Shen Xi should be tied to the Su family and go to h.e.l.l with them!

So, the antic.i.p.ating viewers of Lady Luck wanted Su Ruowan, the adopted daughter of the Su family, out of the production and s…o…b..z, huh? Well, what would they do now that they found out the much-loved Screenwriter Cloud Seven was, in fact, the Su family’s flesh and blood? Surely, they would stand their ground and kick Shen Xi out of the production and entertainment world. They would boycott her!

Since nothing ended well for Su Ruowan, she might as well drag everyone down with her.

Chaos befell the room. Su Ruowan’s loud voice drew everyone’s attention to her.

Su Ruowan exclaimed, “Screenwriter Cloud Seven is Su Yi and Li Jingran’s biological daughter.”


Let there be h.e.l.l.

Even if she had to die, she was going to pull the Su family and Shen Xi to die together!

People might not have understood or caught what Su Ruowan said the first time. However, the following sentence clearly went into everyone’s ear.

Shen Xi, also Screenwriter Cloud Seven and Ms. Cai Ni, was the biological daughter of the Su family – Su Yi and Li Jingran’s daughter. The bombsh.e.l.l took everyone by surprise.

Lin Chan, who sat the nearest to Su Ruowan, took a deep breath before giving Shen Xi a sympathetic and regrettable look. It had been said that Shen Xi had an uncanny resemblance to Li Jingran. It turned out that she was Li Jingran and Su Yi’s daughter.

It was a shame. Shen Xi had so many ident.i.ties that were greater than the next, yet her existence as the Su family’s daughter was enough to drag her to h.e.l.l. Because of this very ident.i.ty, she would be thrown in the face of public criticism and boycott, perhaps worse than Su Ruowan.

The netizens would not feel sorry for the situation she was in. Once they set their sights on one thing, they would gnaw on it like a mad dog.

Lin Chan was not the only one expressing surprise and lament. Hu Zheng was way ahead of himself, thinking that they were done for; Screenwriter Cloud Seven, the TV series, and all their blood, sweat, and tears.

How could Screenwriter Cloud Seven possibly be the daughter of the Su family? Why was she the daughter of the Su family? An outstanding girl like her turned out to be the daughter of the Su family. G.o.d was so unfair!

With an uproar stirring among the reporters, they shoved their way ahead and yelled their lungs out in hopes their questions could be answered.

Su Ruowan’s sudden statement stopped Su Yi and Su Muxuan for a second, but they soon picked up the speed to charge at her in full fury.

The evil ingrate, Su Ruowan, was trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. All bets would be off if Shen Xi’s bloodline was revealed.

That was why the Su family had been holding their tongue. They merely wanted to take advantage of the blood ties and threaten Shen Xi. They intended to keep it a secret for Shen Xi gave in to their demands.

They were aware of how terrifying public opinion could be. Once the public found out that Shen Xi was the daughter of the Su family, trouble would only pile up for Shen Xi. Her value to them would be compromised.

The press was a pack of wolves, surrounding Shen Xi as they badgered her with cutthroat questions.

With a grin, Shen Xi pointed to the front. “Su Yi and Su Muxuan are over there. Why don’t you ask them if I’m the daughter of the Su family?”

This was the first time she curled her lips since coming onto the stage. Although the smile was hard to look away from, there was no warmth but only contempt and indifference across her lips.

The reporters moved their eyes toward the direction she was pointing at. Su Muxuan might not be a familiar face, but Su Yi, even though looking haggard, was instantly recognized. The press made haste to Su Yi.

As the reporters swarmed toward them like flies, Su Yi tipped Su Muxuan the wink for him to go after Su Ruowan. They must not let her escape.

Since corner and pursuit were the reporters’ forte, hemming in on Su Yi in a flash was no issue. They wasted no time to ask why he was there and went straight to validating their doubts.

Watching as Su Ruowan tried to make a getaway, Su Muxuan picked up the pace with a gruesome look on his face. She may run, but she could not hide.

Su Ruowan had nothing else on her mind, except to run for her life. She would rather be dead than alive in the hands of Su Yi and Su Muxuan.

To her dismay, she had not made it to the exit when she was met with a bunch of police officers. Scared out of her wits, Su Ruowan stopped in her tracks. Had Su Mus.h.i.+ died? Were the police here to arrest her?

However, the policemen merely took a glance at her before making a beeline ahead. She then saw the police officers surrounding Su Muxuan.

The scene was in complete turmoil, but the sudden appearance of the police only made it worse. Many had no idea where to look, curious by Screenwriter Cloud Seven, Su Yi, and the police with Su Muxuan.

Su Yi was surrounded with his back facing Su Muxuan. Hence, he did not realize what was going on there. Getting a grip on himself, he answered the vicious questions and flatly denied, “No, Shen Xi is not my daughter.”

The Su family’s livelihood depended on Shen Xi. If they were to sink together, who was going to pay the Su family’s debt? Who was going to provide for their comeback?

Unconvinced by his version of the story, the reporters scrambled with another question. “The person who broke the news is Su Ruowan. She’s your adopted daughter. Why would she say such a thing if Shen Xi isn’t your daughter?”

This was a total scoop, hitting them in the face harder than Su Yi and Li Jingran’s scandal. The No. 1 screenwriter in s…o…b..z Cloud Seven and genius stylist Cai Ni was the Su family’s daughter.

“She’s an ungrateful psychopath. She’ll say and do anything that would only benefit herself. She bears grudges and believes people are out to get her just because she has to reshoot her scenes and when Cloud Seven fires her from the production.” Su Yi’s mind had never been clearer. He knew what to do to gain an edge.

No one else apart from the Su family, Su Ruowan, and Shen family knew about Shen Xi’s ident.i.ty.. The Shen family would keep their mouths shut for the sake of Shen Xi, so would the Su family.

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