Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 688 – By Su Yi’s Admission, Shen Xi Is Li Jingran and His Daughter

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Chapter 688: By Su Yi’s Admission, Shen Xi Is Li Jingran and His Daughter

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

By the time Shen Xi cleared the Su family debt, Su Muyan would emerge as the Su family’s only heir. Even if the secret about Shen Xi was exposed, she could always write and sell another script under a different pen name. It was as easy as that.

Her styling and design talent should not be put to waste either. By changing her name, Shen Xi could still be the genius stylist she was and his money tree.

Time pa.s.sed quickly.

Su Yi waited for a call back from Shen Xi while Shen Xi, who had been absent for two weeks, returned to campus.

After her cover as Ms. Cai Ni and Screenwriter Cloud Seven were blown away two days ago at the press conference, Shen Xi became the big shot on campus. Receiving more attention than celebrities wherever she went, Shen Xi was recognized by every pa.s.ser-by.

Hence, she had to walk into school all suited up with a mask and No one was able to identify her as she made her way in.

Her roommate Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan had just gotten off from cla.s.s when Shen Xi arrived at the dormitory. The roommates were enjoying rice noodles and spicy hotpot while binge-watching a TV series as Shen Xi walked through the door. They were first stunned.

“Xixi?” Yan Xiaoxiao was the first to get a grip as she put down the noodles in her hands and stealthily bolted to close and lock the door.

Having gotten over the shock, Jiang Xuanxuan eagerly urged. “Hurry up. Don’t let anyone see you.”

Shen Xi smiled at them before placing two huge plastic bags plus two gifts on the table. “Have you been pestered a lot in the last two days?”

“It’s no biggie.” Yan Xiaoxiao may look like she found a confidante, but she held back from talking much since she did not want Shen Xi to worry. “Not many came. There are a few nosey girls, but that’s about it.”

“That’s how people are. The novelty will wear off soon enough.” Jiang Xuanxuan nodded with sincere eyes.

Nothing major had happened other than someone banging the door in the middle of the night. Everyone came to ask about Screenwriter Cloud Seven and Ms. Cai Ni while a handful asked if Xixi was the daughter of the Su family.

“Xuanxuan’s right, but you shouldn’t have come. You might want to lay low since you’re going viral everywhere.” Yan Xiaoxiao echoed the concern. As a certified foodie, Yan Xiaoxiao’s eyes went straight to the food with complete disregard for the gifts. “You bought us enough to last a month.”

Shen Xi raised her brow. “Enough for a month?”

Judging by these girls’ appet.i.te, they would finish everything in a week. A month? Ha!

“These must be K Town’s specialties.” With a sparkle in her eyes, Jiang Xuanxuan joined in scrabbling through the junk food. Xixi was Screenwriter Cloud Seven. Everybody knew that the production of Lady Luck was going on in K Town.

The pair gazed at the junk food and then the gifts. Shen Xi gave them each a jade bracelet. Although they did not know much about jades, they could tell that these bracelets were worth a lot of money.

“Xixi, we can’t accept this gift.” Yan Xiaoxiao simply could not accept such a valuable gift. The food was good enough.

“That’s right. I can be careless. What if I break it?” Jiang Xuanxuan bobbed her head in agreement. It was plain to see that the jade bracelet was expensive.

“Think of it as compensation for your emotional damage.” Shen Xi said with a smile, “Take it. The bracelet is unique to K Town. Don’t worry. I have money.”

Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan exchanged glances and took off to their own closets. After a good rummaging, they each carried a gift bag over.

“Xixi, this is a birthday gift we bought for you. We thought we’d see you back in school, but you were away.” Yan Xiaoxiao presented the gift to Shen Xi.

“Happy belated birthday.” Jiang Xuanxuan handed the present to her.

Sure, they could not afford an extravagant gift, but it was the thought that counted.

“Thank you.” Shen Xi took the gifts and expressed her grat.i.tude.

“Don’t be a stranger.” Yan Xiaoxiao then asked, “Have you eaten? Join us. Do you want to order a delivery? I could get food for you from the cafeteria too. What do you fancy?”

“I’ll order on the food app.” Shen Xi grabbed a chair and sat right next to them. She whipped out her phone and inquired, “Do you want to eat fried chicken?”

Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan nodded in unison. “Yes!”

Shen Xi tapped on the good food, knowing that the girls would clean the plate even if she could not.

Jiang Xuanxuan and Yan Xiaoxiao had questions bugging them, but they knew better than to ask. Of course, they were curious about Shen Xi’s relations.h.i.+p with Su Yi and Li Jingran.

They had no idea what was in other people’s minds, but having spent a lot of time with Shen Xi, it had not gone unnoticed that Shen Xi had an uncanny resemblance to Li Jingran. Besides, it was not hard to connect the dots as Su Ruowan had a strange relations.h.i.+p with Shen Xi.

The delivery took a while.

Yan Xiaoxiao was on her phone, scrolling through Weibo when something caught her eyes and froze her. She stared at her phone with widened eyes while her hands clenched tighter and tighter.

Sitting right beside her, Jiang Xuanxuan immediately took notice of her state. She drew close and smacked her. “Xiaoxiao, what’s up with you?”

“Um… Um… Um…” Yan Xiaoxiao appeared startled as she stumbled for words. With trembling hands, she pa.s.sed the phone to Jiang Xuanxuan. “Look at this.”

Without taking the phone, Jiang Xuanxuan took a glance at the t.i.tle in huge and bold letters. “By Su Yi’s admission, Shen Xi, also Screenwriter Cloud Seven and Ms. Cai Ni, is Li Jingran and his daughter.”

A picture was attached below with the caption. “DNA test result.”

The DNA test confirmed in black and white that Li Jingran was Shen Xi’s mother.

Jiang Xuanxuan’s mind was blown. Following the shock, her dilated pupils moved to the time. Su Yi used his personal Weibo account to post a minute ago.

Yan Xiaoxiao gazed at Jiang Xuanxuan, asking what they should do about it. By the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Shen Xi immersed in a game on the sofa. Should they tell her about it? Shen Xi would soon see the news.

In the past two days, she and Xuanxuan had done a lot of thinking and a.s.sumed many hypotheses. They had met Xixi’s parents and brother Yu Yuanxi who were nice people. If Xixi was the Su family’s daughter, it would mean that Mr. and Mrs. Shen were her adoptive parents.

This scenario of a love-hate relations.h.i.+p among the wealthy was a cliché drama plot.. Needless to say, Xixi definitely did not get along with the Su family.

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