Rebirth From The Ashes Chapter 689 – FuQingli: @SuYi Not Everyone’s Your Daughter

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Chapter 689: FuQingli: @SuYi Not Everyone’s Your Daughter

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Shen Xi quickly picked on the weird look on the girls’ faces. Finding it odd, she glanced at them. “What’s wrong, girls?”

Yan Xiaoxiao looked at Jiang Xuanxuan.

Clenching her phone, Jiang Xuanxuan approached Shen Xi and handed the phone over after much hesitation. “Xixi, why don’t you take a look?”

The post was trending and made headlines in a matter of seconds. Xixi was going to find out sooner or later even if they held their tongue. They might as well let it out now.

Yan Xiaoxiao drew close but clung to Jiang Xuanxuan’s arm without a word.

Although Su Yi and Li Jingran were ruined and had earned themselves a bad name, they were still making a last-ditch effort to drag Xixi into the mess. It was plain to see that they never saw Shen Xi as their biological daughter. It was no wonder they never acknowledged Xixi as part of the family.

Did they not spoil and dote on Su Ruowan? Su Ruowan posted on Weibo to dissociate herself from them two days ago. Su Yi and Li Jingran brought it upon themselves.

Shen Xi remained quiet as she scrolled through the comments. With intrigue, she zoomed in on the DNA test result. It never crossed her mind that the Su family still kept the piece of paper.

She thought Su Yi could hold out for a few more days, at least until her stipulated time frame with Fu Qingli was over before making the statement on Weibo. Shen Xi overestimated Su Yi. He was already restless in two days.

Pei Xu gave her a call in the morning, saying that Su Yi demanded that she call him by one o’clock today. Otherwise, he was not to be blamed for what was to come.

Su Yi sure dropped a bombsh.e.l.l this time. Shen Xi’s family ties had been the center of controversy in the last few days, but Su Yi denied she was one of his own. The story was going nowhere without proof. It was not like the netizens could stand behind a baseless claim.

Yet now, Su Yi attached a DNA test result on Weibo, proving Shen Xi’s relations.h.i.+p with them. Even if the public was in disbelief, they could no longer take Shen Xi’s side with the solid evidence put out there.

A specialist body came forth and verified the DNA test result’s authenticity as someone tagged the DNA certification inst.i.tute who did the test then. As an impartial organization, they gave an affirmative response that the DNA test result was real.

For a moment, sensation stirred beyond the internet community, surpa.s.sing that of Su Yi and Li Jingran’s scandal. The public put Shen Xi on blast, demanding that she come out with the truth.

Yan Xiaoxiao and Jiang Xuanxuan held their breaths.

In the end, Yan Xiaoxiao mustered the courage and cautiously asked Shen Xi, “Xixi, is what Su Yi said on Weibo true?”

Shen Xi kept mum, not knowing what to say to them. Now was not the time to come clean, so she would let Su Yi enjoy the moment, but it would not be for long.

“Don’t worry, Xixi. No matter what, we have your back.” Putting on a straight face, Jiang Xuanxuan gave her word. Seeing that Shen Xi was silent, she added. “We know you have your reasons. Do you want to clear the air?”

The Su family threw mud at her just because she was connected to them by blood. It was going too far and inhumane of them. If they even cared for her in the slightest, they would never put Xixi in such a position.

Yan Xiaoxiao bobbed her head. With her eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly popping out of her sockets when she refreshed the page, she stuttered in a fl.u.s.ter, “Xixi, Xixi! Refresh your page. Come on, refresh. Look what took over the trending list.”

A minute ago, the internet was going crazy over Su Yi’s confirmation that Shen Xi was his daughter.

The next minute, another Weibo post made a grand entrance.

Weibo handler – FuQingli.


The name was legend. Anyone who was a fan of Fu Qingye the Movie Star would know that this person was the head and powerful figure of the Fu household, and Fu Qingye’s eldest brother.

Since Jiang Xuanxuan’s phone was with Shen Xi, she had to share Yan Xiaoxiao’s phone screen. Fu Qingli’s name threw her off, but soon, she shrieked in shock. “Fu Qingli?! That Fu Qingli?! Qingye’s eldest brother, Fu Qingli?!”

Following Yan Xiaoxiao’s suggestion, Shen Xi refreshed the trending list and found a name standing out in the top spot – Fu Qingli.

[FuQingli: @SuYi Not everyone’s your daughter. @ShenXi Let me introduce to all that this is my sister.]

Beneath the post were two DNA tests, confirming the biological father and mother.

Jiang Xuanxuan and Yan Xiaoxiao were dumbstruck.

Shen Xi was in a daze. Why did Fu Qingli let the cat out of the bag? Did he not say to wait for a week? It had only been four days, yet here he was, blabbing it out. How were they supposed to catch the perpetrator now?

The news sent many on a whirlwind of emotions. The information was so great they could not register it in their minds. Clicking on Fu Qingli’s account on Weibo, his profile was shown front and center as the CEO of Fu Corporation.

The Weibo account was just registered, and this was his first post.

Everyone was wondering if Fu Corporation was referring to the internationally renowned and fabulously wealthy Fu family? Was it the Fu family to whom Fu Qingye the Movie Star belonged?

The netizens who came across the post were not the only ones whose jaws dropped.

Meanwhile, at the Fu residence.

Fu Handing lost his cool when he saw the post. With a solemn look on his face, he immediately dialed Fu Qingli’s number. His voice was shaking. “Fu Qingli, when did you find out?”

Even though Fu Qingli knew Xixi was their family’s baby, the b*stard withheld the information from them. What was he trying to do? Did he hate Xixi so much that he did not want the family to know and accept her back?

Sitting beside him, Shangguan Yanqiu was choked up in tears. She read Fu Qingli’s post through her blurry vision as tears fell on the phone screen.

Qingli… Crossed the line! How could he do this to her!

Fu Qingxuan was in the lab when he came across the post. Losing his grip, the phone fell flat on the floor in a loud thud.

Deep in a trance, he could not believe his eyes as he was fixated on his phone screen with one knee on the ground. His eyes quickly turned red as he burst into tears, forgetting where he was.

He gave his colleagues who were working in the laboratory a fright. They exchanged looks, at a loss of what to do. One of them went over to ask what had happened, but Fu Qingxuan picked up his phone and bolted out of the lab.

At the photoshoot for an international fas.h.i.+on magazine.

After reading the post, Jing Yu turned his eyes to Fu Qingye who was in the shoot. With ants in his pants, Jing Yu was in two minds whether to stop the shoot. Fu Qingye had just gotten himself into the zone, and everything was running smoothly. Fu Qingye would have to find that feeling again if he was interrupted now.

In the end, Jing Yu weighed the pros and cons before making up his mind.. Without hesitation, he called a time-out and rushed to Fu Qingye.

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