Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 2572 – The Strongest In The Universe, Tian (1)

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Chapter 2572: The Strongest In The Universe, Tian (1)

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This sliver of karma energy gradually warmed Ye Qingtang’s body. It was as if there was a hot little sun surrounding her. It was warm and comfortable.

However, Ye Qingtang still did not want to open her eyes. She was too tired and it seemed that she had not felt so relaxed in many years. It would be really good if she could sleep like this forever.

“Miss Ye, how long do you want to sleep for?”

In her daze, Ye Qingtang saw a gentle-looking man sitting beside her with a faint smile.

“Is this Miss Ye’s subconscious world? It’s very beautiful.” The man looked around. There was a gorge with beautiful mountains and clear waters. Listening carefully, he could hear the sound of flowing water from a stream. Occasionally, there were the sounds of birds chirping.

The light breeze was very relaxing.

“Ling Yan… Why are you here…” Ye Qingtang leaned against a huge old pine tree and looked at the man sitting beside her in surprise.

Ling Yan smiled when he heard Ye Qingtang. His lively eyes landed on Ye Qingtang and he said with a smile, “If I didn’t come, Miss Ye would have to spend her entire life here. How boring would it be to remain alone for the rest of your life?”

“I think this place is quite good.” Ye Qingtang smiled and said, “Since you’re here, don’t leave. We can accompany each other.”

Ling Yan’s eyes flickered.

“Actually, I’ve already been gone for a long time… perhaps this is the only time I can stay by your side,” Ling Yan said softly.

“Gone for a long time? What do you mean?” Ye Qingtang did not understand why Ling Yan was speaking so cryptically.

“Nothing. It’s time to wake up, there’s something more important waiting for you in the future. You can’t fall here…” Ling Yan smiled.” You’re not the only one bearing everything now. You still have me…. I will always be by your side now and in the future. You and I will bear it together. ”

Ye Qingtang, ”

Ling Yan looked at Ye Qingtang and his lips curled into a very comfortable smile. “Give me a hug.”

Ye Qingtang was slightly taken aback. “Huh?”

Before Ye Qingtang could retum to her senses, Ling Yan stepped forward and hugged her gently. Without giving Ye Qingtang any time to react, Ling Yan suddenly pressed his face against Ye Qingtang’s and whispered into her ear, “You can do it…” His tone was rather conflicted.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m always here.”

The cold gradually dissipated, but one could still hear the wind whistling through the air like a sharp blade. After a long while, Ye Qingtang slowly opened her eyes.

“Ling Yan…”

Ye Qingtang mumbled after waking up.

She had a dream just now. She saw Ling Yan in a paradise. Just like in the past, he was flawless. However, she could no longer remember the details of the dream. It was very blurry.

However, Ye Qingtang knew that the dream made her feel very at ease. She did not know how long it had been since she felt so comfortable. Even the coldness in her heart was swept away.

After a while, Ye Qingtang slowly stood up.

This place was still a land of despair, impossible to leave. It was bone-chilling and endless. No one knew when they would reach the end.

Ye Qingtang looked ahead. She could see those once-great fiendcelestials whose souls were eternally tormented here.

If those fiendcelestials were given another chance, Ye Qingtang believed that they would definitely not have chosen to enter the Ancient G.o.d Karma Tunnel.

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