Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 2573 – The Strongest In The Universe, Tian (2)

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Chapter 2573: The Strongest In The Universe, Tian (2)

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Those indomitable fiendcelestials, every single one of them had been a glorious legendary figure in their era?

Even if they had their glory days, they still ended up suffering here, not even having the chance to reincarnate. Day after day, year after year, there was no hope, and no light on the horizon.

Ye Qingtang looked away, reluctant to continue looking at those fiendcelestials. She had already come here, and her ending would be the same as theirs.

In that instant, Ye Qingtang shook her head. She probably didn’t even deserve to cry.

Who was she? Was she even qualified to suffer the same treatment as those fiendcelestials? Even the doomed h.e.l.l might spurn her.

Ye Qingtang smiled at that thought. She was no longer afraid of this matter and only had some lingering regrets that could not be erased.

“What are you smiling at?”

Avoice suddenly sounded from nearby.

This voice was very cold, so cold that it pierced the bone. It was even colder than the cold wind in this place.

At that, Ye Qingtang could smile no more.

“Who is it?”

Ye Qingtang scanned her surroundings.

‘These few days, all Ye Qingtang saw were those fiendcelestials repeatedly experienced their own calamity. Who else was here who could communicate with her?

“Who am I?”

The cold voice paused for a moment. The owner of the voice seemed to be pondering who he was.

“Yes… Who am I?” The voice sounded out again after a long time.

Ye Qingtang was speechless. How would she know who it was? Wasn’t she the one who asked the question? Why was she being questioned now?

“Where are you? Why don’t you show yourself? I’m not dead yet. After I die, my soul will be suppressed here forever. By then, we can still chat to kill time.” Ye Qingtang smiled.

No matter who it was, it was no longer important to Ye Qingtang. Even if it were once a legendary fiendcelestial, they were all the same now. There was no distinction between high and low now. They were just dust that had suffered so much that they could not be reborn.

‘The moment Ye Qingtang finished her words.

Ahuman figure gradually formed. Ye Qingtang was slightly dazed when she saw the man in front of her.

‘The man stood beside Ye Qingtang. He was wearing a tattered black robe which seemed to be imprinted with a mysterious pattern. There were two dragon-shaped patterns on the man’s shoulders. They were vivid and lifelike, as if a real divine dragon had appeared.

His long, snow-white hair fell loosely to his waist. His eyes were cold and he was extremely handsome. It was a pity that he looked unbearably cold. Even colder than the cold wind.

‘The man did not move. Although he appeared extremely realistic, Ye Qingtang could not see everything clearly. It was as though she was looking at a flower through a fog or the reflection of the moon ina mirror.

“What’s your name?” the man asked.

“Ye Qingtang, what about you?” Ye Qingtang asked.

“My name… what’s my name…” The man mumbled the same words.

Ye Qingtang was exasperated.

“was the one who asked you first, but you are asking me now. How would I know your name?” Ye Qingtang was rather frustrated.

“Once upon a time… someone called me Tian,” the man said after a moment of thought.

“What? Tian?” Ye Qingtang was taken aback.

“Sit.” The man sat on the ground.

“No, it’s too cold.” Ye Qingtang shook her head and remained where she was.

“Suit yourself,” the man said.

“By the way, Brother Tian… how long have you been here?” Ye Qingtang asked curiously.

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