Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack Chapter 886 – Happy Ending (19)

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Chapter 886: Happy Ending (19)

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Afterwards, he watched from afar as the three of them enjoyed glory and wealth. They appeared to be dazzling and beautiful.

This led him to believe that her decision was right.

Initially, he felt a little apologetic towards the Bai family. Gradually, however, he began to grow greedy.

He and his two children began to desire for the entire Bai family’s wealth.

Thus, after getting to know Xiang Feili, he was willing to become her lover. He felt that that woman could give him the support he needed. Hence, he focused on pleasing her.

Under his instigations, Xiang Feili acted as he desired and attempted to Bai Qinghao on several occasions.

He originally thought that after using Xiang Feili, he would kill her while her guard was down and steal her wealth.

He did not expect for his relations.h.i.+p with Chenxi and Jingrou to be exposed at this juncture!

Liu Li then reported another matter. “Elder, this subordinate also found Bai Pu’s ex-girlfriend, Hu Lewei. She says that back when Bai Pu caught her for sleeping with another man, in truth, she had been drugged and framed in that matter. It was a pity that Bai Pu did not believe in her. Afterwards, she was a victim of high-rise littering and became seriously injured. She nearly died and though she managed to be saved, she has since become half-paralysed and is unable to move her body.”

Ye Yunzhi was astonished. “A while ago, I was nearly hit by the vase which Guan Jiping had tossed out of the window…” She pointed at Guan Jiping in rage. “It must be you. You must have tried to kill Hu Lewei.”

By this point, Guan Jiping knew that they were doomed. He gave up on lying. “So what if it’s me? If I didn’t paralyze her, she could very possibly reunite with Bai Pu. She would then obstruct Zhishu’s path.”

Huang Zhishu turned to Guan Jiping in shock. “You’ve gone mad! How could you admit to it?”

“What sort of person is Bai Qinghao? Do you think he would let us off after all we’ve done? Think about his usual, ruthless approach.” Guan Jiping’s smile was slightly maniacal and his complexion was pale. “Who would have thought? We spent our entire lives building this scheme but it was all for naught. Now we’re on the verge of losing our lives.”

Bai Qinghao shot him an approving glance. His voice was as cold as that of the death G.o.d himself. “You sure understand me well.”

Elder Bai Chongshan smiled in despair. All of a sudden, his expression turned stern. “Guan Jiping, Huang Zhishu, both of you deliberately schemed and used ruthless methods to fool my son, Bai Pu and hurt his girlfriend, Hu Lewei. The two of you deserve far worse than death! Servants! Beat Guan Jiping, Huang Zhishu and Bai Chenxi to death!”

The bodyguards immediately stepped forward to carry out his orders.

When Huang Zhishu and Guan Jiping heard this, they immediately turned pale from fright. They fell backwards sitting on the ground.

Bai Chenxi crawled towards Bai Chongshan sobbing. “Grandfather, please forgive me. I knew nothing about my parents’ schemes. I’ve been in the Bai home for over twenty years and I’ve always treated you like my grandfather. Grandfather, please forgive me!”

Huang Zhishu similarly begged for mercy. “Father, I was wrong! Please forgive me! I’ve made an irreversible mistake but I had Chenxi and Jingrou before I was married. I didn’t cheat! I shouldn’t have been greedy for the Bai family’s wealth. I shouldn’t have raised my children this poorly. Father, I’ve been your daughter-in-law for over twenty years. Please take that into account and let me live!”

Elder Bai Chongshan appeared slightly affected by their words.

After all, he did have some feelings for Zhishu, Chenxi and Jingrou.

However, he felt more hate towards them!

Guan Jiping acted like a proper man. “Elder Bai, I was the one who instigated them into doing all of this. If you must kill someone, kill me..” By this point, they would be lucky to keep even one of them alive.

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