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Chapter 435 Who Is the Empress Dowager’s Ke’er

However, she did not expect that Consort Chu would jump up before anything happened to Mo Xuetong. Furthermore, she even seemed to have scolded Consort Yu as well. Also, Consort Yu’s behavior was also very different from her usual arrogant self.

Consort Zhao was not a rash person. She calmed herself down and watched carefully how the Empress Dowager was going to deal with this. She took a sip of tea and spectated calmly.

“Rui’er, Yuxuan complained to me that he has tired you out. He asked me to find someone to handle the matters of the back courtyard with you. He even praised you for being gracious and sensible. He told me that the Ling family had had a good daughter.” The Empress Dowager said with a benevolent smile. She knew that if Ling Rui’er did not agree to it today, then the matter would have to halt here.

Feng Yuxuan had asked for it? Ling Rui’er was stunned. She felt annoyed and happy. She bit her lip and did not speak.

She was annoyed. How could he say something like this to the Empress Dowager? What could she say now? She was also glad that he praised her before the Empress Dowager. She could see that he truly liked her. Even so, why must he say something like that to the Empress Dowager? Didn’t he know that it would make her sad?

What could she say now? What would others think of her if she continued to disagree?

Would they say that she was not gracious enough, not virtuous enough, or would they say that the daughters of the Ling family did not have the magnanimity of a legal wife?

Anyway, Ling Rui’er knew that those were not words she could say.

However, she felt so aggrieved. Everything was going great, and how could she allow another woman to join her household and steal her husband? Even though Feng Yuxuan had other women previously, they were all women who could not appear in public. The only one who could appear in public was a second consort. However, she was not favored. Feng Yuxuan had told her that she could hit the woman, scold the woman, or even sell her.

However, these people were different. They were all from good families and it would be a marriage decreed by the Empress Dowager. How could the back courtyard stay peaceful? She truly did not wish for another woman to enter the manor.

Ling Rui’er found it hard to move forward or backward. She gritted her teeth and did not open her mouth. She was in such a turmoil that she started to sweat.

“Sister-in-law Chu, Her Majesty truly dotes on you. Why don’t you thank the Empress Dowager?” Someone who was unaware of the situation said softly.

Ling Rui’er looked up and was so angry she wanted to faint. It was the little idiot Mo Xuetong. Any smart person knew that if she agreed, King Xuan’s Manor and King Yan’s Manor would be next to welcome new second consorts. The little idiot did not know anything and was still trying to convince her to accept a second consort.

Ling Rui’er felt the anger rus.h.i.+ng up to her chest as she looked at the innocent and naive look on Mo Xuetong’s face. The anger would not dissipate and she wanted to rage at Mo Xuetong. She had a sudden epiphany and thought of the plot against Mo Xuetong. A hint of viciousness flashed in her eyes. Since she was going to make trouble anyway, she might as well make a bigger fuss lest the Empress Dowager plotted and meddled with matters in her manor.

She turned around and gestured to a maid standing behind her.

The maid backed away and stood in front of a palace maid standing inside Cining Palace. She lowered her head and made a sound. The palace maid did not say anything and left.

No one noticed such a small detail. Only Mo Xuetong, who had been watching Ling Rui’er closely saw this. A cold flash appeared in her eyes. She had intentionally brought Ling Rui’er’s attention to herself and brought up the topic. The Empress Dowager wanted to extend her reach to the various King’s Manors. That was truly annoying. Even though You Yue’e had agreed quickly earlier, her expression was dark.

However, while the Ding General Manor’s reach was long and wide. Mo Xuetong did not expect it to reach the Empress Dowager’s palace. It seemed that the Empress Dowager was still unaware of it. Mo Xuetong was excited to see if Ling Rui’er would perform well in this show and if she would be able to ruin the Empress Dowager’s plans.

Mo Xuetong gestured to Mo Ye who was behind her. Since there were many people around, Mo Ye took the opportunity to slip away as well.

There were so many madams and young ladies in the palace. They also brought maidservants with them. Palace maids would serve tea from time to time so no one would notice that a maid had gone missing.

“So Your Majesty was doting on me. I didn’t disagree. However, Your Majesty must pick a beautiful girl with a good temper for our King.” Having decided, Ling Rui’er immediately grew more lively. A smile appeared on her face, a complete turnaround from the frozen expression she had earlier.

“Of course I’ll pick a good one! Rui’er is indeed a daughter of our Ling family. You are the most virtuous and gracious. Someone, bring me the gold phoenix head accessories that His Majesty gave me last time and give them to Rui’er.” The Empress Dowager smiled and turned around to give orders to the lead palace maid behind her.

The Empress Dowager first beat up her target and then gave her target candy. She was indeed well versed in the fights at the back of the palace.

“Yes.” The lead palace maid left happily. She could not help but heave a sigh of relief. Anyway, she was most reluctant to see, as the Empress Dowager’s personal maid, Ling Rui’er fighting with the Empress Dowager.

The tension in the room ceased. The Empress Dowager spoke with Ling Rui’er dotingly. Consort Yu calmed down as well and continued to smile and chat. They laughed as they spoke as if they had not argued at all earlier.

The lead palace maid suddenly emerged from the back in a hurry. She walked up to the Empress Dowager’s side and whispered in her ear. The Empress Dowager’s expression immediately changed.

There were a few people with sharp ears who heard, “His Majesty… head accessories…” They immediately looked at the Empress Dowager doubtfully. Did something happen to the set of head accessories that the Empress Dowager wanted to give to Ling Rui’er?

“No one is allowed to leave. Get the guards in here to check.” Said the Empress Dowager loudly. A furious glint flashed in the Empress Dowager’s eyes. Someone had dared to steal right under her nose.

Everything immediately went silent in the palace. Everyone felt uneasy and they did not know what happened.

The young madams and ladies had never experienced something like having palace guards checking a place. They were all shocked and frightened and did not know what to do. They glanced at each other and did not speak.

“Your Majesty, the people here are all madams and young ladies. Is there a need to investigate?” Consort Yu persuaded the Empress Dowager softly. She had been seated beside the Empress Dowager and heard everything.

Those present at Cining Palace today were all young n.o.ble women and beautiful young ladies from n.o.ble families. They were not people who could be searched at will. The Empress Dowager was very angry earlier that someone dared to steal in her palace. However, she came to her senses then and nodded to the palace maid.

The lead palace maid walked up to the front of the palace and bowed to the women and young ladies present. She said loudly, “The gold phoenix head accessories that His Majesty gave to Her Majesty have disappeared. They’re gifts from His Majesty. We have locked down Cining Palace. That set of head accessories must be with one of you.”

“Her Majesty, we have not left this place at all. How can anyone take the head accessories His Majesty gave to Her Majesty?” A few of the bolder madams grumbled.

“That’s right. We’ve been sitting at this palace since we entered the palace. How could we have left?”

A cold look appeared on the face of the lead palace maid. However, she appeared calm and said, “Madams and ladies, you all have not left. But what about the maids? Madam and Ladies, the set of head accessories were given to the Empress Dowager personally by the Emperor. If someone has taken them, it is no petty crime. If any Madam or Lady saw them and liked them and took them to admire them, please return them quickly. If they’re found on anyone later, then it will be reported to His Majesty and he will handle it personally.”Read more chapter on vi p novel. com

With that, the madams and young ladies all panicked. The Empress Dowager had allowed them to bring their own maidservants into the palace this time. The madams and young ladies were all of n.o.ble births. Yet, they did not dare to tire out the palace maids of Cining Palace. As such, they had their own maidservants to serve tea and water.

Some maids had never even been to the palace. When their mistresses told them they did not have to serve them by their sides, the maids all went out to admire the sights of Cining Palace. Not many would dare say that their maids had never moved away throughout the day.

Everyone panicked and immediately called their maidservants to their sides. It was a mess. Mo Ye took this opportunity to return to Mo Xuetong’s side silently.

“No, no, we did not take them.”

“I did not either.” Some of the madams already asked the servants beside them and hurried to answer.

Who would have thought that something like this would happen when they just came to Cining Palace to chat with the Empress Dowager? The madams and young ladies present all felt regretful. If they knew something like this would happen, they would have made an excuse not to come.

“Since everyone said that they did not…” The lead palace maid’s gaze slid from each and every person coldly. Her eyes turned sharp as she said, “Then the guards will check later. If they’re found on someone here, then madams and young ladies, be a witness. When they’re found, the person will be punished severely.”

Everyone was shocked when they heard that. Stealing something used in the palace was a huge crime. No one dared to do that.

“Everyone present is either a young lady or a madam. Is the Empress Dowager really going to have the guards search us?” You Yue’e’s expression changed greatly as well. She had always been the n.o.ble young mistress of the Duke’s family. Even though her family had fallen now, she was also the legal consort of King Yan. How could she allow a man to touch her?

“But the accessories were lost in Cining Palace. How dare the person steal right under the nose of the Empress Dowager. Wouldn’t that person dare to harm the Emperor in his palace in the future!” The lead palace maid laughed coldly.

The lead palace made it sound serious. Harming the Emperor was a major crime that would implicate one’s entire clan. Who would dare to do something like that?

“But, that’s very inappropriate…” You Yue’e said with a frown.

The lead palace maid already expected that someone would object. She intentionally thought for a while and then said, “If everyone thinks that it is inappropriate, and considering the objections of the madams and young ladies, then we will bring the Empress Dowager’s Ke’er over and have it find them.”


Everyone was confused. However, they all could not help but heave a sigh of relief upon finding out that the guards would not be searching them.

A eunuch from Cining Palace led an average-sized dog in. Even though it was not large, it looked ferocious. If the eunuch did not hold on to it tightly, it would have already rushed over.

Many timid madams and young ladies were already screaming in alarm!

This was the Empress Dowager’s Ke’er. This… its name was too adorable for it!

The Empress Dowager sat high up on her seat in the palace. Even though there was a faint smile on her lips, her eyes were as cold as eyes. Someone had stolen her things without her noticing. Then, it would be easy for that person to take her life in the future. This made her feel angry and frustrated.

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