Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 436 – Whose Sachet Is That?

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Chapter 436 Whose Sachet Is That?

The Empress Dowager was filled with frustration and annoyance. She only wanted to find the person and was not interested in bestowing marriages upon the princes.

The eunuch led the dog and allowed it to sniff at the box that used to contain the head accessories. Then, starting from Ling Rui’er, the dog continued down the line. The madams were all frightened and they stared at the dog.

Suddenly, the dog stopped beside Mo Xuetong and started to bark. It was very loud and seemed as if it was going to leap on Mo Xuetong. Ling Rui’er forced herself not to smile and pretended to s.h.i.+rk back in fear. She said, “Consort Xuan, do you have something on you that caused the Empress Dowager’s Ke’er to be mistaken.”

The dog continued to bark at Mo Xuetong. You Yue’e smiled meanly at Mo Xuetong and said lightly, “That’s right. Consort Xuan, you didn’t steal it, did you?”

Suspicious glances showered upon Mo Xuetong. There were also glances of despising and cold disdain…

“Consort Xuan, is that a sachet at your waist? Why is Ke’er barking at you?” Ling Rui’er said once more loudly, making a fuss. A cruel and vicious glint flashed in her eyes. There was also a hint of satisfaction. Was her gift of clothing just a kind gesture? She wanted to see how Mo Xuetong was going to escape this time.

Ling Rui’er knew what kind of person the Empress Dowager was. She was benevolent on the surface but was actually vicious and heartless. If she found out that Mo Xuetong was the thief, Mo Xuetong would definitely die. Feng Yuran’s reputation would also…

The lead palace maid stared at Mo Xuetong and spoke harshly. “Sachet? Consort Xuan, please remove your sachet.”

Consort Zhao’s eyes glimmered. There was also an additional hint of doubt. Fortunately, her goal was also to get rid of Mo Xuetong. As such, she only had to watch the show. It did not matter whether Mo Xuetong had done it or not. As long as the head accessories were found on her, then she would be deemed the thief even if she weren’t. After such an embarra.s.sing show, no one would be able to save her then.

Mo Xuetong smiled slightly. She turned to look at Ling Rui’er innocently and asked uneasily, “Sister-in-law Chu, didn’t you give those to me? Did you do this?”

Ling Rui’er laughed coldly and retorted. “I only gave you a few sets of clothes. What has it to do with the sachets? Furthermore, after I gave those to you, who knew what you did after entering the palace? Saying that I gave them to you at this moment seems a little far-fetched.”

Ling Rui’er had been prepared early on and was very confident. She had planned this out, which was why she sent someone to send clothes to Mo Xuetong. That was why the sachets had seemed weird no matter how she looked at them. People do gift clothing and sachets but never together.

So the secret was inside. Once Mo Xuetong fell for Ling Rui’er’s plot, and once an accessory was found on her, then they would all think that she was the thief. Even if Feng Yuran supported her, her reputation would be destroyed. Then, she could only step down. Feng Yuran’s power would fall significantly because of her. The reputation that he built for himself earlier would all be destroyed.

That was interesting. This involved Feng Yuran. It seemed that Ling Rui’er was not the only one who plotted this.

Mo Xuetong glanced at Ling Rui’er who seemed confident that her plot had worked. She looked extremely arrogant. Mo Xuetong hid the ridicule in her eyes and smiled gently. She did not say anything else but reached out to remove the sachet at her waist and threw it casually at the lead palace maid.

He Yufen and He Yuxiu looked on eagerly in the crowd. They did not expect Mo Xuetong to be dislodged from power so easily. King Xuan’s Manor would belong to the He family in the future.

The lead palace maid took the sachet and smiled coldly at Mo Xuetong. She ripped open the sachet and the spices inside scattered on the ground, releasing a strong fragrance. However, there wasn’t a single piece of accessory inside. Everyone was shocked.

“It’s just some spices.”

“There’s really nothing.”

“Then why did the dog bark at Consort Xuan?”

“The dog might be wrong!” Everyone in the palace started to discuss what happened.

“How could it not be there. It has to… has to be there!” Ling Rui’er’s pleased smile froze on her face as she looked at the spices on the floor incredulously. She squatted down and started rifling through it.

The spices laid in a mess on the ground but there was nothing in the pile. Ling Rui’er looked up to see everyone looking at her in shock and pretended to come back to her senses. She hurriedly explained, “The dog was barking so ferociously… I thought the accessories would definitely be here…”

She stammered and sounded suspicious. On the platform, the Empress Dowager’s expression grew cold and sinister.

Mo Xuetong pointed at the spices on the ground and smiled gently. “Sister-in-law Chu, how did you know that they would definitely be in here?” However, her smile was a little cold.

Ling Rui’er started to sweat. She stood up and explained with a shocked expression. “I… I saw the dog barking… It looked like…” She repeated herself over and over again, making her seem even more suspicious.

Consort Yu and Consort Zhao who were looking at Mo Xuetong intently turned to look at Ling Rui’er. In the end, they looked away. After all, Ling Rui’er was the Empress Dowager’s grandniece. It was not their place to speak even if something were to happen. The incident had happened so suddenly they did not know who plotted it. Judging by the Empress Dowager’s expression, it was not her work.

Since it had nothing to do with them, they just had to watch the show.

The lead palace maid bowed deeply to Mo Xuetong, devoid of any expression. This was considered an apology. Under such circ.u.mstances, Mo Xuetong would not be able to say anything else despite being Consort Xuan. After all, what was missing were gifts from the Emperor. As such, Mo Xuetong smiled lightly and did not fight with the lead palace maid.

The lead palace maid made the eunuch continue the search with the dog.

Ling Rui’er did not give up. She bent down and examined Mo Xuetong’s sachet again. She poured out almost all the spices in the sachet and pulled out every thread. The clothes she gifted Mo Xuetong had all been smeared with the same fragrance powder as the gold phoenix head accessories. Even though it was faint, the dog would be able to smell it.

Could it be that Mo Xuetong did not wear those clothes? Ling Rui’er could not remember how the clothes looked like anymore.

“Why did nothing happen to her?” He Yuxiu asked He Yufen softly. She pointed in the direction of Mo Xuetong. They had gloated earlier and thought that Mo Xuetong was done for. Who would have thought that Mo Xuetong would be fine? It was so depressing.

“Who knows? But it’s alright. When I enter King Xuan’s Manor, she will be in trouble even if she’s fine now.” He Yufen’s eyes glowed sinisterly as she smiled. She could not help but feel excited when she thought of how she would become King Xuan’s second consort after today. Consort Zhao had already agreed to get rid of Mo Xuetong once He Yufen entered King Xuan’s Manor. She would then become the legal consort. In the future, she might even become…

The more she thought about it, the more excited she felt. He Yufen wrung her handkerchief tightly to stop herself from laughing. She turned around with a pleased expression, wanting to see if Consort Zhao was going to give her any hints. Suddenly, a black figure rushed up at her. Before she could react, she was thrown onto the ground and issued an earth-shattering scream.


Everyone’s attention was drawn to her sharp scream!

They all saw He Yufen who had fallen over because the dog had leaped at her. He Yuxiu was so frightened that she huddled in a corner, shaking. She could not even help He Yufen up.

The dog tore at He Yufen’s clothes and tore them wide open. Not only were her clothes a mess, but even her belly-band was also revealed.

“Help. Consort Zhao, help!” He Yufen yelled, losing the gentle image she always projected.

Consort Zhao stood up with the help of a palace maid. She did not care about anything else and yelled, “Quick, quick, pull the dog away.”

The lead palace maid looked at He Yufen coldly. He Yufen was screaming and looked pathetic and unkempt. The lead palace maid waved her hand and gestured for the eunuch to pull the dog away. The ground was littered with clothes and hair accessories. The dog continued barking. Even though it was restrained, it still tried to jump on He Yufen.

He Yufen was so frightened that she was shaking. She could not even stand up.

“What’s that?”

“They look like a pair of earrings. They’re so sparkly.”

“Why is it hidden in the sachet? Are they the pair of earrings that were stolen?” Everyone looked at the hair accessories scattered on the ground. Between the belt, was a beautifully and exquisitely embroidered sachet. It had been torn to bits by the dog, revealing a pair of glittering earrings inside. There was a small but clear phoenix decorating the earrings.

He Yufen was helped up by her maid. She was arranging her clothes with her head down when she heard the exclamation from the crowd. She looked up hurriedly, not knowing what happened. However, why was everyone looking at her with disdain and scorn? She looked at what everyone was looking at on the ground and saw two hidden earrings in the torn sachet.

She immediately exclaimed, “No… They’re not mine… They’re not mine.” She was extremely shocked. Her face was so pale there wasn’t a hint of blood on it. She suddenly raised a trembling hand and pointed at Mo Xuetong. She said, “It’s you. You gave me the clothes. You must have been the one to put them inside.”

Mo Xuetong looked at the sachet on the ground indifferently and then at Ling Rui’er who had stood up earlier. Ling Rui’er had a similar shocked and nervous expression on her face. She smiled lightly and said, “First Miss He, Consort Chu already said earlier that the things were handed to you. Why would you ask me about it? Consort Chu was the one who gave that set of clothes to me. Of course, I am not saying that Consort Chu wishes to frame you. You’ve been inside the palace for some time. Who knows what you did after entering the palace? Saying that I gave that to you is a little far-fetched, isn’t it?”

This was what Ling Rui’er had said earlier. However, no one could retort in this situation.

Earlier, when Ling Rui’er had said that, no one had stood up for Mo Xuetong. Of course, no one would stand up for the He sisters now either. Furthermore, no one recognized which n.o.ble family they were from. As such, they watched the situation develop. The trip to Cining Palace today was too thrilling.

Things happened one after another.

On the platform, the Empress Dowager’s expression grew even colder and darker.

The lead palace maid asked coldly. “First Miss He, where did you get this pair of earrings?”

Consort Zhao hurried off the platform. Consort Yu stayed on the platform, her hand stretched over her stomach. The matter did not involve her but she did not expect it to concern Consort Zhao. Consort Yu’s eyes glittered and she leaned back to relax with a slight smile. The show was getting more and more interesting.

He Yufen calmed down slightly when she saw Consort Zhao approaching. She pointed at Mo Xuetong and angrily said, “Yes, it’s her. Cousin-in-law gave it to me.”

Mo Xuetong looked aggrieved. She glanced at Ling Rui’er and then at He Yufen, looking as if she did not know what she had done wrong.

Everyone followed Mo Xuetong’s gaze as she looked between Ling Rui’er and He Yufen!

Ling Rui’er had no reason to frame First Miss He. But what about Mo Xuetong? The only person in court who could fight against King Chu was King Xuan, who had once been an idle playboy. Was Consort Chu trying to frame and get rid of Consort Xuan!

When the inheritance of the throne was in question, everything would become more complicated.

Some people began to look at Ling Rui’er with thoughtful glances.

Consort Zhao asked He Yufen sharply as she stood in front of the girl. “Fen’er, what’s the matter?”

“My Lady, My Lady, it really wasn’t me. This set of clothes, this sachet, they are all Consort Xuan’s…” He Yufen said angrily as she pointed at Mo Xuetong.

“Shut up. This sachet is a different color from your clothes. Why is it with you?” Consort Zhao yelled and pointed at the sachet.

There was no use in saying all that now. Mo Xuetong was destined to not be involved in this matter. The matter would only become more complicated as more people were involved. Consort Zhao only wanted to help He Yufen extricate herself from this matter. Anyway, she had been found with the earrings. If there was no one to be punished for the theft, then He Yufen would be punished.

He Yufen was the best card Consort Zhao had right now. How could Consort Zhao allow her to get into trouble!

“Consort Zhao, so this is your niece. She has been found with the earrings. What else do you have to say?” The lead palace maid of the Empress Dowager’s palace looked at Consort Zhao coldly.

She was the lead palace maid of the Empress Dowager’s palace. She had served the Empress Dowager since the Empress Dowager entered the palace. Everyone in Cining Palace called her “Aunt”. Ordinary palace maids did not dare to offend her, which was why she had the courage to scold Consort Zhao.

He Yufen said urgently subconsciously. “This… This sachet isn’t mine!”

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