Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 442 – Two Men Fight Over a Girl and Blocked the Street

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Chapter 442 Two Men Fight Over a Girl and Blocked the Street

“Mo Ye, go and see what happened.” Mo Xuetong sat up with the help of Mo Lan.

“Yes, I will go and take a look now.” Mo Ye replied. She pulled down the curtains of the horse carriage and jumped down, walking up to the scene.

After a while, Mo Ye ran back, wiping the sweat off her face. She got onto the horse carriage and lifted the curtains, saying, “My Lady, there are two groups fighting on the street. I heard that the playboy from the Yu family and a young master from the Ding General Manor are fighting.”

That guy from the Yu family? Was it Yu Mingyong?

Mo Xuetong paused for a moment and blinked. She asked uncertainly, “The Marquess of Ding?”

Mo Xuetong heard that while the man seemed like a licentious person, he was not really one.

“I took a look. It is not the Marquess. I heard it is the First son of the Second Master of the Ding General Manor. His name is Ling Yang.” Mo Ye repeated what she heard from the crowd.

So the man was the son of the Second Master of the Ding. Mo Xuetong hummed and had an epiphany. Ling Fengyan and Ling Rui’er were said to the concubines of the Ding General Manor. That man should be Ling Rui’er’s elder brother. However, Mo Xuetong did not know why the man and Yu Mingyong got into a scuffle.

“Why did the two of them fight?”

“I heard that the Young Master Yu was flirting with a woman. No one expected that the woman happened to be a mistress of Young Master Ling. The two of them started to fight. It is quite an intense fight and that woman was pushed onto the ground. No one cared even though she cried really loudly. My Lady, you know the woman too!” Mo Ye smiled brilliantly. It was obvious that she was in a very good mood.

“Who is it?” Mo Lan asked curiously.

“My Lady, I doubt you can imagine this. The woman is lying on the ground pathetically right now. Her hair is a mess. Someone must have tugged on it. I found the woman quite familiar, so I went up to take a look at her. Oh my, I really didn’t expect that woman to be First Miss Lan who came to stay at our manor last time.” Mo Ye recalled how Lan Xinru sat by the side of the streets with her hair in a mess and felt rather pleased. A woman like Lan Xinru should suffer like that or she would start thinking too highly of herself and think that she was very good-looking.

When Lan Xinru stayed at the Mo Manor, she had tried to a.s.sert herself in the Mo Manor because she had the support of the Old Madam. She had been gentle in front of Mo Huawen but had beat and scolded the servants of the manor. This was also the reason why no one spoke up for Lan Xinru when she had been thrown out of the manor.

Even though Mo Ye had never been bullied by Lan Xinru, she did not like how Lan Xinru behaved. She was a two-faced person, so the two of them had argued plenty. Lan Xinru’s maid, especially, was a spitfire. When they argued, neither of them would back down.

Didn’t Lan Xinru go to the Duke Zhenguo’s Manor with Sima Lingyun? How did she become Ling Yang’s mistress?!

Oh, right, it was said that both Lan Xinru and Yun Yiqiu went missing. That’s right, with the fall of the Duke Zhenguo’s Manor, given Lan Xinru’s character, she would not stay to suffer with Sima Lingyun. She must have stolen money and ran away. However, Mo Xuetong did not know how Lan Xinru had gotten together with Young Master Ling Yang of the Ling family.

The got together, and they had something to do with Yu Mingyong as well!

Mo Xuetong twisted her handkerchief as a small cold smile appeared on the corners of her lips. She was speechless. In her past life, Lan Xinru and Sima Lingyun were fated to be and Lan Xinru had become Sima Lingyun’s mistress. In the end, she had plotted together with Mo Xuemin against her. That bowl of poison had been prepared by Lan Xinru. The Lan family owned a medicinal shop. It was not difficult at all for her to get her hands on poison.

However, Mo Xuetong did not know why Lan Xinru was so interested in becoming someone’s mistress. She had become another man’s mistress in this life again. Furthermore, she had gotten involved with Yu Mingyong.

“Quick, go and see. The madam of the Ling Manor has arrived with her maids.” There was yet another commotion.

Mo Lan lifted the curtains lightly and saw a large group of maids who were holding sticks in their hands. A maid led the group forward. Behind them, was a carriage. Judging by the size of the group, those who could make way for them did so and the group charged right in.

Mo Xuetong’s horse carriage was a distance away but she could still hear the angry yelling, the sharp cries of women and crying. She could also hear the angry bellows of men…

The scene before her was a mess and no one knew when it would blow over.

“Mo Ye, get the horse carriage away. We will back out of here.” Mo Xuetong knew that they would not be able to pa.s.s for the time being given the situation. The fight was very intense. A faint mocking smile appeared on her face.

In her past life, Mo Xuetong had sought Lan Xinru out but had been shamed by her. It was time for her retribution now. It seemed that the madam of the Ling family was not to be trifled with. She could tell just by the group that the madam had brought with her. However, she did not know how Lan Xinru was going to manage this. Would she shame the Madam Ling just as she had shamed Mo Xuetong in her past life?

It did not seem like it would work!

“My Lady, that might not work. There’s a horse carriage behind us. It’s stuck as well.” Mo Ye came back to report the situation.

This was a major street that stretched out from the east to the west of the capital. Because of what was happening in front, the horse carriages were all stuck on the road. It was difficult even if they wanted to back away. Two or three more horse carriages drew up behind Mo Xuetong’s, blocking the way they came from.

“My Lady, Mo Ye and I will go and ask the horse carriage at the back if they can make way for us.” Mo Lan frowned after taking a look out of the window. It was time for Mo Xuetong to take her medicine and Mo Lan felt a little worried.

“Go and take a look.” Mo Xuetong nodded.

She truly did not want to see how embarra.s.sing Lan Xinru was. She was publicly involved with two men and was being scolded and beaten by the man’s wife. Lan Xinru’s future was destroyed. Even a man from an ordinary family would not want to marry a licentious and s.l.u.tty woman.

Mo Lan and Mo Ye got off the horse carriage. Soon, Mo Ye returned with a smile. She said, “My Lady, the last carriage at the back belongs to the Qin Manor. The First Young Master of the Qin Manor heard that you need to return to take your medicine and is already backing away. The carriage behind ours belongs to an official’s wife who works under Master. She did not say anything else and gave way after she heard that it was you in this carriage. I will ask the driver to back out of this street slowly. Sit tight.”

Qin Yufeng’s horse carriage!

Mo Xuetong nodded.

The horse carriage reversed slowly under Mo Ye’s direction. Even though there were other people approaching, they all parted consciously when they saw that it was the extremely luxurious horse carriage of King Xuan’s Manor. They did not know if it was the arrogant King Xuan who was inside and did not want to offend him for it would not bode well for them.

Even though the commotion was entertaining, they wouldn’t want to get into trouble themselves!

Feng Yuran watched as Mo Xuetong’s horse carriage backed away slowly on a tall building by the side. A charming smile appeared on his handsome face.

He was situated at a very good spot. It was exactly where the commotion started. He could see the madam of the Ling family approaching and pulling at Lan Xinru’s hair while scolding her viciously. There were a few other maids who were helping her to pinch Lan Xinru. The maid beside Lan Xinru was trying to protect her but could not hold on and was kicked onto the ground.

Ling Yang from the Ling family did not seem like an outstanding sort. When he saw his wife scratching at Lan Xinru’s face, he hurriedly went up to stop her. However, Yu Mingyong continued holding on to him and got his manservant to hold on to Ling Yang as well. Then, Yu Mingyong continued hitting Ling Yang who could not defend himself. He was just as pathetic as Lan Xinru.

“Your Highness, do you think it’s about time?” Feng Yue, who was standing beside Feng Yuran asked carefully.

“It’s still early yet. He’s not even crippled. How can I help seek revenge for Tong’er?” Feng Yuran smiled devilishly, his thin lips turning up. There was a vicious glint in his eyes as he picked up his teacup lazily. He took a sip of tea and then put the cup down casually.

The Prince was still angry even though Ling Yang had been beaten up so badly. Feng Yue only felt sad for Ling Yang for having a sister who liked to cause trouble. She could have caused trouble for anyone, but why did she have to cause trouble for the person the prince cared for the most? Wasn’t that as good as seeking death? It seemed that he should take more care with that mistress of his in the future.

“What about now?” Feng Yue asked hesitantly.

“Just break one of his arms and legs. We can’t make it too gory after all.” Feng Yuran said lazily.

Breaking an arm and a leg was not gory? Feng Yuran looked as if he were being a gentleman at that. Feng Yue felt a chill go down his spine and thought that he had to be more vigilant.

“Yes, I will have someone do it now.”

“Be fast.”

“Yes! I will order someone to get it done immediately.” Feng Yue went to the door and spoke to a guard there. The guard nodded and went down the stairs.

Then, the commotion downstairs grew even louder. No one knew who was the first to make a move, but it was total chaos. There were people holding rods and screaming as well as pained yell echoed through the air…

“Let’s go. I have to go to the palace.” Feng Yuran saw that the fight downstairs was ending and he stood up.

“Yes.” Even though Feng Yuran wondered why the prince was going back to the palace after just having left it, he knew that there must be a reason for it. He immediately went downstairs to prepare the horse carriage and they left from a different exit of the tea house.

Mo Xuetong did not know that the road blockage had been directed by Feng Yuran. She returned to the manor and took her medicine. She rested on the stove bed for a while as she was very tired and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she still did not see Feng Yuran. However, she heard Mo Yu describing the fight on the main street of Chaoyang in a lively manner.

It was said that both the young master from the Ling family and Yu Mingyong had not emerged from the fight unscathed. The fight was chaotic and no one knew who did it. But in any case, Young Master Ling’s arm and leg were broken. Yu Mingyong was not any better off. He had been knocked unconscious and was vomiting blood as he laid on the ground. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

The madam of the Ling family realized that something was wrong and stopped hitting Lan Xinru. She got someone to tie Lan Xinru up and went to save her husband. However, the scene was really chaotic and someone’s horse was spooked. It charged straight into the crowd watching the fight and several madams and young ladies were injured after being tossed off their horses.

This had originally been about a mistress, but the whole matter had blown up especially because of the ladies who had been collateral damage. They would not give it up. Even though those families were not as powerful as the Ding General Manor, their power was not insignificant when they worked together. They went to complain to the Emperor.

Since no one knew if Yu Mingyong was alive or dead, Ling Yang had to bear responsibility for the matter. It was said that Duke Ding had spoilt his son to be fighting over a girl with another man and had beaten up Consort Yu’s younger brother whose life was now hanging by a thread.

After the message was sent to the palace, Consort Yu fainted on the spot. If not for an imperial physician having been waiting to be called upon, she would have even lost the child she was carrying. The Emperor was furious and punished Duke Ding’s by taking away his salary for a year. He also took away Ling Yang’s current position. The woman who caused all of this was sent to a brothel. Then, the Emperor sent an imperial physician to treat Yu Mingyong.

“My Lady, that Miss Lan had behaved inappropriately when she was living in the Mo Manor. She had asked for it herself, having landed herself in this current state.” Mo Yu recalled what Lan Xinru had done in the Mo Manor as she looked at the current state Lan Xinru was in. She felt that her anger at Lan Xinru was finally worked off. “That’s right. She deserved it!”

Mo Xuetong blinked her beautiful eyes. A smile appeared on her lips and she sat up on the stove bed.

She could not bring herself to pity Lan Xinru. A cold mocking look appeared in her eyes.

“Who was looking for it? Is Tong’er looking for me? Don’t worry. I’m here!” A lazy voice could be heard from the door.

The curtains were lifted and Feng Yuran entered elegantly, dressed in purple. His charming almond eyes were smiling. His eyes were like stars and shone as brilliantly as the sun and the moon. His thin lips curled up slightly, a small smirk appearing on his artfully carved face.

He seemed to be in a pretty good mood.

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