Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 443 – Love and Gentleness

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Chapter 443 Love and Gentleness

Feng Yuran entered the room and saw that Mo Xuetong was just getting up from the stove bed. He walked up to the stove bed, spread out his robes and sat by it. He reached out to touch Mo Xuetong’s face and said with a smile, “Why were you looking for me just after waking up. Since you miss me so much, I have to bring Tong’er with me no matter where I go in the future lest you be worried and start looking for me.”

Heat rushed up Mo Xuetong’s face. How could this man be so shameless? How dared he say something like that in front of so many people in the room? Mo Xuetong pushed his hand away, shy and annoyed, and turned her face to the side. She heard rustling sounds in the room and looked up furtively. The maids by the side had all left.

She immediately felt as if all her inner thoughts were exposed. Her face grew red and hot and she felt as if even her heart was heating up.

“What are you doing!” Mo Xuetong said softly, somewhat annoyed. However, her voice was sweet and soft, and she did not sound threatening at all. Even she herself felt that she sounded as if she was flirting and her face grew even redder and hotter.

“Nothing. I want to see if you feel unwell and if you’ve taken your medicine. Don’t forget to let me know if anything happens.” Feng Yuran reached out to touch her forehead.

Mo Xuetong’s heart grew warm as she saw how serious he was. Her gaze softened as well.

“Why have you only returned now? Was it because of what happened on the Chaoyang main street?” Mo Xuetong’s long lashes fluttered as she spoke. She pulled his large and slender hands into her own. The incident had caused such a commotion and was even brought to the palace. Feng Yuran, who was in the palace, would definitely be involved in it. After all, he had gotten in late.

“What’s the matter? Do you miss me?” Feng Yuran looked at her with bright and charming eyes.

Mo Xuetong flushed. However, when she saw the hint of antic.i.p.ation in his eyes, she did not know where she found the courage. She said with a blush on her cheeks, “That’s right. I missed you!” Mo Xuetong was very direct and her face flamed red after saying that. She felt too embarra.s.sed to see anyone and she leaned backward, turning around and pretending to sleep.

Behind her, the charming and beautiful young man glowed brilliantly. His almond-shaped eyes which were always deep and mysterious when he smiled were full of joy. He got onto the stove bed and hugged Mo Xuetong from the back. His lips landed on Mo Xuetong’s pale ear lobe softly.

The kiss, which was uniquely manly, landed on her ear. It was so warm that she could not take it. Mo Xuetong shuddered subconsciously. She could feel his scorching heat behind her and she hurriedly tried to push him away.

“Don’t, Tong’er. I won’t do anything. I just want to hug you.” Feng Yuran did not make any further moves. He wrapped his arm around her waist and hugged her gently but did not make any further moves.

He respected her greatly and had always exercised self-restraint because he agreed to mourn for her mother with her. Even sometimes when she felt that he could not bear it any longer, he still smiled lazily. Mo Xuetong suddenly felt tears welling up in her eyes. She could not describe how she was feeling, but she felt a fluffy and sweet feeling in her heart.

Once a man and a woman become husband and wife, their love cannot be moved. The two were now husband and wife, but he had accompanied her in preserving her chast.i.ty to mourn her mother. In her past life, she had yearned for several times, for a person who could care for her like this and to love her like this. However, she did not have that in her past life. Instead, many had died because of her.

In this life, no matter what the reason was, she had found someone who loved her so much. When she thought of that, she felt as if there was a thin line pulling up that flower of joy that had bloomed in her heart. It felt as if spring had arrived in her heart.

They were flowers that bloomed one after another in the wild mountains.

A charming smile appeared on her lips subconsciously. Mo Xuetong turned around and laid in his chest. She brushed her lips softly against his boldly and saw him looking at her dazedly. It was almost as if his soul had been whisked away.

Mo Xuetong immediately felt heat rus.h.i.+ng up from her ears to her head. She pulled the quilt up over her head, not wanting to emerge again.

How could she behave so outrageously?

“Tong’er!” His phoenix-shaped eyes s.h.i.+mmered and he tried to pull Mo Xuetong’s quilt off her. However, Mo Xuetong held on to it tightly. Feng Yuran did not think that Mo Xuetong would hold on to it so tightly and even though he tried to pull the quilt away, he did not manage to.

“Tong’er, let me in too. I’m tired!” Feng Yuran said, pulling a long face as he pulled off the quilt forcefully. Then, he dug the embarra.s.sed and flushed Mo Xuetong from the quilt and hugged her to his chest. He said with satisfaction, “Since I got revenge for you, you have to reward me well.”

He said that very softly but Mo Xuetong heard every word that he said. She blinked and then looked at Feng Yuran with wide eyes, saying, “What revenge did you seek for me?”

Feng Yuran blinked and then looked at her oddly and asked, “What revenge?”

Mo Xuetong looked at the teasing look in his eyes and reached out subconsciously. She pinched the soft flesh on his waist and said, “You’re lying to me again. Tell me, did you arrange today’s incident?”

Mo Xuetong had a sudden epiphany. She thought of the angry look flas.h.i.+ng in Feng Yuran’s eyes that day. Even though she stopped him that day and nothing happened, the man was not a gracious man. She heard that the Young Master Ling who was beaten up today was Ling Rui’er’s biological older brother. Why would he fight with that sc.u.mbag Yu Mingyong for no reason?!

That guy called Ling Yang was really unlucky. He had not only had his arm and leg broken, but he also had to bear responsibility for the whole incident. He was just a scapegoat.

“Tell me, tell me. Was it you?” Feng Yuran smiled and did not speak. Mo Xuetong could not help but reach out to pinch him again.

“It was if you say so. What’s the matter? Don’t you like it?” She could hear his low devious laughter by her ear. “Ling Rui’er is really worried now. He is her only biological older brother from her maternal family. His arm and leg are broken and Father has taken away his position. His future is no more.”

“Was it really you?” Mo Xuetong sat up suddenly, almost hitting Feng Yuran’s sharp chin. He reached out to stop her and the two managed to not hit into each other.

“Why couldn’t it be me? Is my darling consort someone who can be bullied by anyone!” Feng Yuran smiled devilishly. A hint of anger flashed in his eyes. He could not even bear to hurt his Tong’er. But the daughters of the Ding General Manor had bullied her again and again. He had to find them something to do as well lest they keep making trouble for Tong’er.

“Didn’t I tell you not to interfere!” Mo Xuetong pouted her lips and said unhappily.

“I didn’t interfere. I just saw that Ling Yang has a mistress and that the mistress was flirting with Yu Mingyong. I thought that was rather unfair and I didn’t like what I saw. So I just helped the two families communicate.” Feng Yuran held Mo Xuetong’s hand and kissed it tenderly. His almond-shaped eyes glowed with gentleness.

Mo Xuetong laughed when she heard that. This man was really a slippery one. Even though Feng Yuran had not said anything, she knew that if Lan Xinru could be satisfied with her lot in life, she would not have left Sima Lingyun’s Duke Zhenguo’s Manor. She must have seen that the Duke Zhenguo’s Manor had fallen and wanted to find another man to depend on. However, Mo Xuetong did not know how she ended up with the man from the Ling family.

As for Yu Mingyong, he was the easiest person for Lan Xinru to attach herself to. He would be hooked easily if a beautiful woman took one extra glance at him.

“Would they know that you did this?” Mo Xuetong tugged on Feng Yuran’s hand. His hands were behind his head and he seemed very much at ease. She knew then that he was confident. That was true. Given Feng Yuran’s wits, it would not be easy for others to see through him. Mo Xuetong had worried for nothing.

“Tong’er, are you worried about me?” A smile appeared on his handsome face.

“I’m just afraid that others will link it to me!” Mo Xuetong said seriously. However, she laughed as she spoke. This was a terrible excuse.

Feng Yuran looked at the faint blush on Mo Xuetong’s beautiful face. Her eyes were crystal clear but held a faint hint of craftiness. She was as beautiful as a picture with her smooth and fair skin. Feng Yuran’s hand reached out to touch her face subconsciously. He held her tenderly and said, “Shall we sleep for a while? Or are you hungry? Did you have something delicious at the Fu General Manor today?”

“I didn’t eat much. I haven’t seen my cousin in a while, so we spoke for a while.” Mo Xuetong said with a smile. She suddenly recalled the message that Luo Mingzhu asked her to pa.s.s along. She said, “Second Cousin asked me to pa.s.s you a message. She said that the matter has been handled and you can rest a.s.sured. She did not say anything else.”

Both she and Luo Mingzhu did not understand that. However, she believed that Feng Yuran would be able to.

“It is the matter that Li Youmo checked out at the Southern Barbarian Lands. The Southern Barbarian Lands are too far away from Qin and there are some messages that cannot be sent, or even if they were sent there, it would be a little too late. I asked Li Youmo to set up a few spots there so that any messages from that place can be sent to the capital as soon as possible. That way, we wouldn’t be so clueless and unable to find the key to the issue.”

Feng Yuran said uncaringly and winked.

Mo Xuetong was startled. Her long lashes fluttered and she asked, somewhat shocked, “How is it dealt with so quickly?”

They had only spoken about it a few days ago. However, the Southern Barbarian Lands were very far away from Qin. No matter how capable Li Youmo was, he would not be able to set up information points at the Southern Barbarian Lands in such a short time.

“It’s not that fast. I stayed in the Southern Barbarian Lands a few years ago and am quite familiar with it. I once got into danger there, so I know a few people there. A few secret guards were left there from then. Li Youmo just had to get in contact with them.”

Feng Yuran said uncaringly.

“You were in life-threatening danger then?” Mo Xuetong paled and asked almost subconsciously.

“It’s been a long time. It’s not a big deal. Why, are you concerned about me?” Feng Yuran laughed softly. He suddenly sat up and held Mo Xuetong to his chest. Then, he leaned back onto the stove bed, bringing her down with him. He said, “Tong’er, you can have a few days of comfort and peace and watch the dogs bite each other.”

“Why?” Mo Xuetong flipped around and laid on his chest. Her eyes glittered as she looked at Feng Yuran.

“Yu Mingyong has been injured. Consort Yu will not let the matter settle just like that. She would seek revenge on the Ding General Manor. However, the child in her belly belongs to Feng Yuzhen. Feng Yuzhen has to depend on the Ding General Manor if he really wants to become the next Emperor. Furthermore, there is also the Empress Dowager around. Consort Yu would not dare to do anything to the Ding General Manor even if she wanted to. As such, she can only pick on Ling Rui’er. Anyway, Ling Rui’er has offended the prestigious Empress Dowager as well.”

Feng Yuran’s lips curled up devilishly. He stole yet another kiss while Mo Xuetong pondered upon what he said. Mo Xuetong pouted and hit him with a pillow. Feng Yuran blocked it. However, he was too strong and tore the seams of the pillow. Goose feathers floated in the air inside the room and a few feathers landed on Feng Yuran’s handsome face.

A rare hint of confusion appeared in his charming eyes. His long lashes fluttered and he seemed as if he did not know what happened.

Mo Xuetong’s sweet laughter filled the room when she saw how rarely embarra.s.sed Feng Yuran looked.

The maids standing in the corridor smiled understandingly and moved to stand even further away.

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