Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 444 – The Most Popular Courtesan, Miss Cairong in the Peony Garden

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Chapter 444 The Most Popular Courtesan, Miss Cairong in the Peony Garden

Mo Xuetong went to the peony garden two days later!

Peonies were not in season and there were not any rumors that the Peony Master was in Qin. As such, there wasn’t a single person at the entrance. Mo Xuetong’s horse carriage entered the gates directly. Someone led the horse carriage into the courtyard and it was parked at the second gates within the courtyard.

After they got off the carriage, a maid went over to move the horse carriage away. Another maid approached. When she saw Mo Xuetong, she smiled and curtsied, saying, “Greetings, My Lady. His Highness said that you would be coming and told me especially to wait on you.”

Most of the people here knew of the Peony Master. However, they did not know that the Peony Master was Feng Yuran. This must be Nanny Yang, whom Feng Yuran trusted to manage the peony garden.

Mo Xuetong smiled softly and nodded. She said, “I’ll be troubling you then, Nanny Yang!”

“No, no, My Lady. Since His Highness ordered me to wait here, I will do my best. Miss Cairong is staying at the courtyard over there. My Lady, would you like to go and take a look now?”

Mo Xuetong had come to visit Miss Cairong, who had once been the most popular courtesan!

“Let’s go right now!”

“Yes! I’ll lead you there.”

Nanny Yang led the way for Mo Xuetong into the gardens. They turned at a door and reached a simple but elegantly decorated courtyard. There were three main rooms and five wing rooms. It was not big but was very neat. There was a row of flowering trees by the door. Some were blooming with vibrant colors on the branches. It was a very different feeling.

There was beauty hidden within the strength. It was different compared to other courtyards.

“His Highness used to stay here?” Mo Xuetong asked with a frown. She suddenly felt displeased.

“His Highness has his own main courtyard. This is just a side courtyard where guests are entertained when they visit. People do not usually come here. His Highness has never visited since Miss Cairong moved in.” Nanny Yang was an old nanny and was smart and very capable. She hurriedly explained with a smile when she heard the underlying thoughts behind Mo Xuetong’s words.

Mo Xuetong flushed when she saw the smile on Nanny Yang’s face. She hummed unnaturally.

“Nanny Yang, who is this?” A somewhat hesitant voice could be heard. Mo Xuetong turned around to see a woman in her 20s standing at the door of the courtyard. She was very beautiful. She had large sparkling eyes and a striking appearance. Her charming looks were soul-stirring. She lived up to her name as the most popular courtesan.

However, Mo Xuetong felt curious about the woman’s eyes. It was their first time meeting, but Mo Xuetong felt that the woman was familiar to her. She seemed to have seen her somewhere before.

Mo Xuetong’s watery eyes rolled around as she sized the woman up.

The woman could not help but look at Mo Xuetong’s face when she turned around. Her eyes brightened immediately. Even though the girl before her was wearing simple clothing, Her eyes were as clear as water and her skin was pale and soft. She was as beautiful as a porcelain doll. Even though she was tiny, she moved around with a gentle charm. Her beauty could cause nations to fall.

Nanny Yang had already received Mo Xuetong’s orders. She went up and said with a smile, “Miss Cairong, this is Consort Xuan. She is here to take care of the people in the peony garden for Peony Master. Master rarely visits so he has entrusted this place to Consort Xuan. You may tell the Lady if there is anything you need in the future.”

This was Consort Xuan? N wonder she was so beautiful. Not daring to slight Mo Xuetong, Cairong hurriedly went up to curtsy. She said, “Greetings, My Lady!”

“Miss Cairong, please dispense with the formality. I came in a hurry and have disturbed you.” Mo Xuetong said politely with a slight smile. She hid the confusion in her eyes.

“You are not disturbing me at all. I am just a guest here. I will have to trouble My Lady in the future. I hope that you will help me.” Cairong seemed slightly uneasy. However, she still spoke gently and demurely. There was not a hint of vanity on her that was common in girls from the brothel. She was also dressed simply and seemed like the madam of a wealthy family.

If Mo Xuetong had not known of her ident.i.ty, she would not have known that the woman before her was the famous courtesan.

“Miss Cairong, it is the Lady’s first time visiting. There is no one staying in the other courtyards. Could you please entertain the Lady?” Nanny Yang said with a smile.

“Please don’t say that, Nanny. If My Lady does not mind Cairong, I would like to invite My Lady in to sit for a while.” Cairong said with a gentle smile.

“Then I shall be troubling you, Miss.” Mo Xuetong did not object. She moved slightly and followed behind Cairong, entering the courtyard holding on to Mo Lan’s hand.

She had come to visit the courtesan. Previously, she had not understood why Feng Yuran and brought the woman to the peony garden. She could vaguely understand now. Since this had something to do with Feng Yuran and it was a matter between women and Feng Yuran could not deal with it openly, it would be best for her to come to ask Cairong about it.

Having decided what to do, Mo Xuetong still did not show any emotions she felt on her face.

The two entered and sat down. Cairong served Mo Xuetong tea and stood by the side respectfully. Mo Xuetong said with a slight smile, “Miss Cairong, please sit down as well.”

Cairong knew that her status was lowly and did not dare to sit. However, Mo Xuetong was very insistent, so Cairong sat on the edge of a chair.

“Miss Cairong, where are you from?” Mo Xuetong asked softly with a slight smile.

“I am from Jiangnan. I do not know where exactly. It is said that I am an orphan.” Cairong smiled bitterly. There was a hint of bitterness in her eyes. She had grown up in the brothel and had experienced all the bitterness and sweetness in life. She had started off as a servant of the popular courtesans in the brothel. She did not have any family background to speak of. She was like the mud beneath other people’s feet.

She was in her 20s but was already very old. Even though she was still the most popular courtesan, it was just because the brothel marketed her well. After being brought here by Peony Master for some reason unknown to her, she had been in a very paranoid state. There were two people who fought over her for some unknown reason and then she was brought to live here. She had not even encountered a single master or mistress of this place.

This situation was very odd. The n.o.ble Consort had finally appeared, and Cairong was willing to leave with her. At least the consort seemed kind and friendly and did not have any malicious intentions toward her. Furthermore, there was not a hint of despise in the consort’s eyes when she looked at Cairong. Cairong had seen many things in life, the sweetness and the bitterness, and she was very sensitive to things like that.

“Miss Cairong, you can’t remember anything about your parents or about your birth mother at all?” Mo Xuetong looked at Cairong and asked softly.

“I did not have a fixed address. I heard that there was someone who visited me when I was younger. It was said that she was an old servant from my family. After that, there was no more news. Something must have happened. As I grew up and started to be more aware, no one visited again. I don’t have any memories of my birth mother either.”

Cairong replied with a forced smile.

She did not know anything about her family and there was no news about them either. She did not have any parents, relatives or friends and had ended up in the brothel. This Miss Cairong had a very sad past. It seemed that the matter could not be rushed and they had to investigate carefully.

“Miss Cairong, what do you want to do next?” Mo Xuetong smiled. Her eyes were as clear as water. Even Cairong, who was good at deciding her next actions by watching the expression of others could not tell what Mo Xuetong meant. she thought that Mo Xuetong wanted to throw her out and could not help but feel afraid. She stood up hurriedly and said, “My Lady, can you please take me in? I can be a servant or a slave.”

“Are you not going to return? I heard that you are the most popular courtesan.” Mo Xuetong looked at Cairong with bright eyes as she questioned her.

“So what if I am the most popular courtesan? I am still a prost.i.tute. When I am old and ugly, I will be worthless. I have not thought of returning to the brothel since Young Master Li saved me. I just want to continue living peacefully and seriously.” Cairong’s eyes were sad as she looked at Mo Xuetong earnestly. Her knees suddenly buckled and she made to kneel.

Mo Ye, who had been watching her, hurriedly pulled her up. She comforted Cairong, saying, “Miss Cairong, don’t worry. Our Lady is just asking for your thoughts. Furthermore, it was Peony Master who allowed you to move in. Our Lady is a guest here and will not throw you out. You can stay here as long as you wish.”

Cairong grew calmer when she heard that.

“Miss Cairong, I heard you have a jade pendant. Can I take a look at it?” Mo Xuetong asked gently after Cairong returned to her seat.

Cairong was startled when she heard that. Her hand moved to her chest subconsciously and she touched it uneasily. However, a hint of determination flashed past her eyes. She wanted to become a normal person. This might be her only chance. She reached out to undo a b.u.t.ton at her collar and fished out a red thread. On the other end of the red thread, was a clear green pendant.

“My Lady, this is Cairong’s jade pendant. If you like it, I will give it to you. I only ask that you take me in.” Cairong did not hesitate to break the thread in her hand. She held the jade, which was still warm from her body heat, out to Mo Xuetong respectfully.

It was a good piece of jade and it was rare to see such a good piece of jade even in the capital!

It was clear and green throughout and shone with a soft gentle glow.

If placed in an ordinary family, it could be the family’s treasure, handed down through the family line.

Mo Xuetong looked at it carefully. Then, she waved her hand and said with a smile, “Miss Cairong, you don’t have to do this. Quick, keep it. I was just curious. This seemed like a family heirloom. How did you get it?”

“I have worn it since I was a child. Mother found it and took it away after that. When I grew up, I redeemed it back from Mother. It’s been with me since then.” Cairong’s eyes darkened. Even though she had spoken simply, the truth was not that simple. After experiencing storms in her past life, Mo Xuetong no longer saw things superficially.

“Miss Cairong, what skills do you have?” Mo Xuetong suddenly changed the topic with a smile.

Mo Xuetong changed the topic too quickly. Cairong had to think for a while before she understood what Mo Xuetong was saying. She said, somewhat excitedly, “I can cook, and can sew a little. I can do anything, even if it’s tough.”

Mo Xuetong glanced at Mo Lan, who immediately knew what she wanted. Mo Lan moved forward and said to Cairong with a smile, “Miss Cairong, are you willing to help us sew some small objects like sachets for clothes?”

Were they willing to hire her? Cairong was so happy that she teared up. She looked at Mo Xuetong gratefully and was about to kowtow to her. Mo Lan pulled her up and said with a smile, “Miss Cairong, don’t thank the Lady first. We will have plenty to trouble you with in the future. You can stay in the peony garden for now. When the Lady has settled everything in the manor, she will send for you. Anyway, the Lady will come here often for the time being. It would be more convenient for us if you are here. There would be someone here when the Lady wants a drink of tea or something!”

Everyone in the room laughed when they heard that. A genuine smile appeared on Cairong’s face as well. She wiped the tears off her face and curtsied to Mo Xuetong sincerely. Then, she took the jade pendant that Mo Xuetong rejected and hung it over her neck carefully.

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