Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 452 – The Curious Incident and the Schemes of the He Family

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Chapter 452 The Curious Incident and the Schemes of the He Family

“Rui’er, why did you go past the gold and jade shop when you came to the Ding General Manor. I remember that you usually don’t come here from that street.” Feng Yuxuan recalled what he asked the driver earlier. He clapped his fan against his palm and asked the question thoughtfully.

Even though the street that led past the gold and jade shop was a major road in the capital it was not necessary for Ling Rui’er to take that road to the Ding General Manor. There was a path, though smaller, that was a shorter distance to the Ding General Manor. No matter in the past for Ling Fengyan, or right now, for Ling Rui’er, they would both take that road to the Ding General Manor from the King’s Manor.

And the smaller path did not go by the gold and jade shop.

This reminded the Ling brothers and they immediately looked at Ling Rui’er.

Ling Rui’er was speechless at the attention and she sweated slightly. She thought for a moment and then immediately pointed at Xiangyun and said, “Xiangyun said that that road was bigger and there were more shops. We would be able to see if there’s anything to buy if we took that road. We left the King’s Manor in a hurry and did not bring anything for Third Brother.”

Even though Ling Yang was Ling Hai’s eldest son, he was the third child in the Ding General Manor.

Ling Rui’er wanted to s.h.i.+rk her responsibilities and could not be bothered to help her maid. When she said that, Xiangyun’s legs collapsed and she knelt on the ground forcefully.

“Xiangyun, what do you have to say?” Feng Yuxuan turned to look at Xiangyun, who was trembling on the floor. His eyes held a hint of coldness in them.

“Your Highness, I did not. We left in a hurry today and the Duke’s Manor was rus.h.i.+ng us. On our way here, we realized that we didn’t bring anything for Third Young Master. That was why I persuaded My Lady to take the major road to see if there’s anything she’d want to buy.” Xiangyun did not dare to conceal anything at all as she replied, explaining everything honestly while she trembled.

“Elder Brother, did you send someone to get Rui’er?” Ling Hai turned around to question Duke Ding, feeling that something was amiss.

“Why would I? Even if I wanted to ask Rui’er to come, I would have asked you first. Did Sister-in-law send for Rui’er?” Duke Ding said suspiciously, wearing a frown on his face.

Rui’er’s mother had cried many times recently because of what happened to Ling Yang. She had even once said that she would find Ling Rui’er to help avenge Ling Yang. Did she send someone for Ling Rui’er?

“It is not Rui’er’s mother. She went to take care of Yang’er yesterday and only slept early this morning. She is still asleep now.” Ling Hai said with certainty.

Feng Yuxuan’s expression changed. Duke Ding also reacted. He stood up hurriedly and said, “Someone, capture the servant who brought the Consort home!”

The Ding General Manor was in a hurry to find clues and swore to find out who was behind all of that. In the end, all the evidence pointed towards someone in the palace. That meant that it was either the Empress Dowager or the Empress who was behind this. The Ling brothers were furious but they could only grit their teeth and could not do anything else. They could not investigate any further. No matter whether it was the Empress or the Empress Dowager who had done this, the Ding General Manor would be implicated in the end. Duke Ding was so depressed because of the matter that he wanted to vomit blood.

Their family was already related to the Empress and was one of the n.o.blest families other than the royal family. However, their daughters entered the palace and started fighting among themselves to a stalemate. Those from the Ding General Manor did not know what to do. However, the two women in the palace all had their schemes and plots and were both powerful. Those from the Ding General Manor were also in dissension and had their own ideas as well.

The Ding General Manor had no choice but to accept this loss.

The He family, meanwhile, were planning on how to send He Yufen into King Xuan’s Manor. What happened in the palace the other day had frightened those from the He family even until now. If what happened that day was really proven, then the two sisters of the He family would not be able to enter King Xuan’s Manor and would waste the He family’s efforts.

The He family had spent years picking He Yufen and He Yuxiu to enter the capital. They had made great efforts.

Senior Master He, Second Master He, and He Yufen were all sitting In the sitting room of the He Manor. He Yuxiu was in the back courtyard, preparing herself for her impending marriage.

“Consort Zhao wants us to hurry up. If Fen’er cannot marry into King Xuan’s Manor, our family will have nothing if King Xuan gains power in the future.” Senior Master He rubbed his forehead, looking very worried.

“Elder Brother, we can’t even enter the King’s Manor now. The last time Fen’er went, they said that the consort was ill and His Highness was not home. How can Fen’er enter the manor?” Second Master He had a headache as well. He had asked to meet Feng Yuran in the name of his uncle. However, Feng Yuran had not allowed him to enter the manor at all.

He Yufen lowered her head and did not speak. She just wrung her handkerchief in her hands. She secretly stole glances at the two older men of the He family. After all, she was a n.o.ble young lady and could not mention anything about her own marriage.

“Consort Zhao understands our difficulties. King Xuan’s temperament is so. We have not interacted with His Highness for more than ten years and don’t have much of a relations.h.i.+p with him. That’s why Consort Zhao wants us to act fast or we will lose out like we did in the past and not get any advantage out of this.”

He Hui felt that this was a very urgent matter. Consort Zhao already caused a rift between Consort Xuan and King Xuan. Consort Xuan and King Xuan were no longer of one heart even though they appeared to be on the surface. The men sent by Lian An had already heard that Consort Xuan and King Xuan fought a few days ago and she even returned to her family home.

No one knew what she said when she returned home. She did not eat anything and then went out to have tea instead. They did not know who she had tea with either. However, a sharp-eyed scout heard that the person behind the curtains was a man. Consort Xuan was meeting a man in secret behind King Xuan’s back. If this matter were revealed, they would be able to drag Consort Xuan down.

However, what was difficult was that Lian An did not have any evidence. Lian An was still sending men to watch Consort Xuan. When she met the man in private again, they would definitely bring King Xuan there so he could personally witness Consort Xuan having an affair. Coupled with the incident in which the consort added aphrodisiac in the tea…

Consort Xuan, who was said to be very much doted on, would be thoroughly screwed!

Even if she were not beaten to death on the spot by King Xuan, she would be dealt with secretly by the royal family. How could the glory of the royal family be besmirched by a woman?!

Speaking of which, He Hui did not expect that Consort Xuan would have an affair at such a young age. Anyway, this was a great opportunity for the He family. As long as they could drag Consort Xuan down from her place, He Yufen would have a great chance of becoming Consort Xuan with the support of Consort Zhao and given the fact that she was a cousin of King Xuan’s uncle’s family.

This was the plan of the He family, Consort Zhao, as well as Lian An.

But the problem was that He Yufen could not even enter King Xuan’s Manor right now. How was she going to seduce King Xuan?

“Fen’er, do you still have some of those ‘tea leaves’ from Consort Zhao?” He Hui muttered to himself and then could not help but turn to look at He Yufen. He Yufen appeared to look shy, looking down. However, she was listening to everything that was happening in the room.

Consort Zhao had once sent over some of those tea leaves with added ingredients. The meaning was clear!

He Yufen looked up with a blush on her face and nodded slightly.

“Elder Brother, even if Fen’er has that, it is of no use. We can’t even get to see His Highness!” He Zhao said confusedly. His eyes shone deep and darkly.

“Someone would be able to meet him even if we can’t. Doesn’t Madam Lian have quite a good impression of Fen’er and Xiu’er? If Madam Lian invites Fen’er over while Lord Lian and His Highness are discussing matters, they would be able to meet then!” He Hui laughed sinisterly. There was an added hint of determination in his eyes.

They had been in the capital for too long and their family back home had kept hounding them for news. Things could not go on as they were right now.

“This is the only way then!” He Zhao nodded and sighed. He waved his hand at He Yufen who was seated by the side and said with a cold expression, “Fen’er, go and accompany Xiu’er. Tell her not to think too much. Even though Yu Mingyong is a dandy, he has connections in the palace. Just by the child in Consort Yu’s stomach, Consort Yu will not let him suffer. So what if her reputation is bad right now? After she enters the manor, she will be the madam of that manor. Don’t think so much and cause trouble.”

He was talking about He Yuxiu. He Yuxiu had been rather disobedient since her return from the palace. She had not been very cooperative when asked to prepare her dowry. Coupled with the news that Yu Mingyong had fought with another man on the streets for a woman and caused so much trouble, she could not even be bothered to embroider her dowry. She was just very listless.

The He brothers were very dissatisfied with that. When they spoke, their tone was filled with dissatisfaction as well and their expressions were oddly cold.

“Yes, I will go and speak with her right now.” He Yufen knew that the He brothers were going to talk about a secret that she should not be listening to. She stood up obediently and curtsied to the He brothers before walking to the door slowly. She stood at the door for a moment with a hint of hesitation in her expression. Then, she pasted a meek and gentle expression on her face and left.

“First Miss, Second Miss is over there!” Senior Master He’s trusted servant approached with a smile. He pointed at a corner in the back courtyard.

“Many thanks, Butler!” He Yufen said politely. She turned around to walk in the direction the butler pointed at. Behind her, a look of contempt crossed the butler’s face as he pursed his lips in disdain. Then, he walked to the door and stood by it.

Upon seeing that He Yufen had left, He Zhao could not help but ask hesitantly, “Elder Brother, will this work out poorly?”

“No, the family has groomed her for so long and picked her out from so many girls. She is the best.” He Hui frowned and rebuked him.

“Yes, I thought it was odd. She has a good character and is good-looking. Why doesn’t King Xuan like her?” He Zhao smiled and explained when he saw that He Hui was angry.

“Fate. There is no fate between them. That’s why we have to create this fate for them. The family is hurrying us and thinks that we have nothing to do here. We have to succeed at this. We have been in Jiangnan for so many years and are contented with just a small corner of it. We do not have a strong backing either. Those people there feel that we cannot continue like this. We put in so much effort to groom those two. I didn’t expect that one of them would be made useless before she was even of use. That’s such a waste!”

He Hui thought of the letters that had been sent to his home recently. He was very troubled!

“The family is pressing us really urgently and they just sent a letter asking about our progress!” He Zhao picked up his tea from the table and gulped it down. He said angrily, “Do they think we are playing here? We are in the capital and everyone here is wealthy and powerful. If we didn’t have Consort Zhao, we wouldn’t even be able to enter the King’s Manor. No matter how outstanding the two girls are, they won’t be able to do anything if they can’t meet King Xuan.”

He Hui was very irritated as well. He paced around in circles and then stood in front of He Zhao. He said, “Reply and tell them that we will make progress immediately. Tell them not to hurry us. You can’t hurry things like this.”

“Alright!” He Zhao nodded.

This was the only thing they could do now!

In the back courtyard.

“Second Miss, look at these threads. The two masters asked us to pick these exquisite goods. Which one do you prefer? This embroidery style is also the prettiest. Second Miss, what do you think of this?” The maids inside the room were helping He Yuxiu enthusiastically to pick threads needed to make embroidered clothing.

Her wedding to Yu Mingyong was getting closer and closer!

However, He Yufen had been supposed to marry Yu Mingyong and the marriage had become hers only a few days ago. She was naturally dissatisfied with the embroidered robes He Yufen chose. She got rid of the original robes and insisted on getting a new set. Furthermore, because she did not like Yu Mingyong, she grew even more dissatisfied with the impending marriage.

This was especially so when she heard of the trouble that Yu Mingyong had gotten into. He Yuxiu’s dissatisfaction was about to explode from within her!

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