Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 454 – The Fight Between the Wife and the Concubine Outside King Chu’s Manor

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Chapter 454 The Fight Between the Wife and the Concubine Outside King Chu’s Manor

“My Lady, are you really going to Puguang Temple?” Mo Yu asked with concern having realized that something was amiss.

“I am, of course I am. How will I find out who is plotting against me if I don’t go? What is King Yan planning? Is he trying to deal with His Highness through me?” Mo Xuetong picked up the teacup by her hand. Her voice was soft and she sounded as if she was talking to herself. The smile on her lips grew cold.

There was something she was very sure of. No matter who the man was, he definitely had something to do with King Yan. King Yan’s Manor was locked up and there were only that many people who can enter King Yan’s Manor. Mo Xueqiong was locked up inside of it and she could not see anyone she wanted. The only people she could see were those King Yan trusted.

As such, Mo Xuetong already had a vague idea of who the man was. He was so stubborn he was getting irritating.

She really did not understand what she did to him. In her past life, there were many entangled threads between them. However, there was no direct connection between the two of them. However, why was he so insistent on sticking to her in this life? He was like a stubborn piece of gum under her shoes she could not rip off.

However, the problem was that she had stepped on this piece of gum before, but she and that man really didn’t have anything in common.

“My Lady, you must bring Mo Ye and Mo Feng with you when you go. You also have to get His Highness to send you with a few more guards. Otherwise, I’ll be really worried.” Said Mo Lan even though she knew that Mo Xuetong had her own plans.

Mo Xuetong did not object this time. She said, “Mo Lan, go ask Feng Yue for a few men and tell him that I need them for tomorrow. Then, get him to prepare a horse carriage. It doesn’t have to be too big. Just get a regular one for consorts without the emblem of King Xuan’s Manor. We will go to pray at Puguang Temple tomorrow too.”Visit website

Since Mo Xueqiong had pleaded and begged her to go, she had to prepare well.

“Yes, then shall we tell His Highness about this?” Mo Lan asked hesitantly when she reached the door.

“There’s no need. His Highness is busy with the repairs in the palace recently. The minister keeps looking for him at all times. Let’s not worry him. Anyway, I have plans for tomorrow. Nothing will happen.” Mo Xuetong knew that Feng Yuran would find out about it. However, she still chose not to say anything. Anyway, this was no big deal. He would trust that she would be able to deal with it.

The palace was no longer the same. In the past, the Emperor had treated Feng Yuran very well. It seemed that he had acknowledged that Feng Yuran would succeed him. However, he now had Consort Zhao. It was said that Consort Zhao, who closely resembled Consort Xian was very much doted on. This had not changed over the decades. Who knew what Emperor Zongwen was planning?

Consort Zhao, who was up to something, might create trouble. Even though Feng Yuran was a cynical and sly man and had servants he could trust in the palace, he had to put in some effort to deal with Consort Zhao, who was in power right now. Furthermore, the other princes were all waiting predatorily and all had malicious intentions. Feng Yuran had to be careful with each and every step he took.

She should settle the troubles that had arisen because of her at a time like this lest she should trouble Feng Yuran.

Since Feng Yuran chose this path, she should help him settle these issues amongst women without holding back at all. The man should work outside while the woman should handle matters at home. She knew that he would not hesitate to protect her. However, how could she just watch as he worked hard alone? They were husband and wife and it was important that they shared the same goals and worked together!

And right now, it was time to deal with Mo Xueqiong!

If she did not deal with Mo Xueqiong, Mo Xueqiong might lead to greater troubles down the road. Even though Mo Xueqiong had married into King Yan’s Manor, the blood that flowed in her veins could not be changed. There was their father as well. Even though their father did not like Mo Xueqiong right now, in the end, would their father be able to steel his heart and deal with her? What if he couldn’t? Given Mo Xueqiong’s character, Mo Xuetong did not know when she would do something to hurt others again. As such, she might as well get rid of her before the trouble started.

The procession from King Yan’s Manor to Puguang Temple set off very early. It was a very hot day but the road to the temple was cool in the morning. Mo Xueqiong was woken up by Mo Yan and she cleaned up in a hurry. She put on a light green dress and wore a veil before going to the side entrance.

She had always hated such colors. When she lived in Mo Manor, she used to love dressing up in bright and eye-catching colors. However, she did not have the right to choose her own clothing now and did not have the ability to make brightly-colored clothes for herself. When she married into the King’s Manor, she had been brought in by a small sedan chair. She had nothing else but the clothes on her.

After that, Mo Huawen had sent two maids over but did not give her any money or things. He only told Mo Yan to tell her that she had best behave herself and that she was on her own.

Auntie Qing had gotten the two maids to bring some of her secret savings to Mo Xueqiong. However, they were in the King’s Manor where everyone was haughty and proud. How many servants could Mo Xueqiong bribe with the savings of an insignificant concubine? She did not have any savings left at all after a while.

Feng Yulei did not like her at all. Her existence was a reminder to him of his failed plots. His total ruin this time had not done anything to Mo Xuetong and had even gotten himself into trouble. Emperor Zongwen had imprisoned him in his own manor and still had not told him when he could leave.

This humiliation made Feng Yulei hate Mo Xueqiong to the extreme. He placed the blame for his failure onto Mo Xueqiong subconsciously. If not for her inability, would things come to this?

As such, it was impossible for Mo Xueqiong to have his affections even if her face was not disfigured !

You Yue’e was an extremely jealous person. The moment she married into the King’s Manor, she shut Mo Xueqiong and w.a.n.g Xiuxiu in the corner and usually ignored them.

Mo Xueqiong was disliked by the master and mistress of the manor. Coupled with the injuries on her face, it was impossible for her to gain the affections of the King. After she used up her money, none of the servants treated her well anymore. Mo Xueqiong’s days in King Yan’s Manor were very depressing. There was once when she was pushed onto the ground by a bed maid. She had gone to cry and complain to Feng Yulei. It was raining heavily outside and she had knelt in the rain. However, Feng Yulei did not even come to take a look at her.

He had gotten the guards to drag her out and toss her to the side. He did not care at all whether she lived or died.

She had given up on Feng Yulei completely!

“Oh, isn’t that Second Consort Mo? Why is she here?” The people at the side entrance saw Mo Xueqiong approaching and they all pointed at her and gossiped amongst themselves.

She and w.a.n.g Xiuxiu entering the manor had already been a scandal. One of them had entered after getting pregnant before marriage. The other had been disfigured but was still out there creating trouble. They were the two laughing stocks of King Yan’s Manor.

Now that w.a.n.g Xiuxiu was gone, everyone focused on Second Consort Mo. She was a Second Consort whose name was not even in the royal registry. There were not many people who acknowledged her status.

“What Second Consort? She is just a concubine. Does she really think that she is a Second Consort personally bestowed to His Highness by His Majesty?” A maid pouted. Her voice was loud enough for Mo Xueqiong to hear her.

Mo Xueqiong inhaled deeply. She reached out to hold the angry Mo Jiao back, saying softly, “Don’t cause trouble!”

“But Miss, these maids…” Mo Jiao said angrily. Since no one in the manor acknowledged Mo Xueqiong’s status, Mo Jiao felt that there was no need for her to address Mo Xueqiong as Second Consort either. Anyway, they were not in the Mo Manor, so she did not have to intentionally address her mistress as Second Consort to help her mistress blow her own trumpet lest Third Miss should bully her.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to create trouble for Miss?!” Mo Yan berated her softly.

Mo Jiao shut up immediately. She was a year younger than Mo Yan and always took Mo Yan’s lead. When she saw the cold expression on Mo Yan’s face, she did not dare to say anything anymore. She just glared at the maid who insulted Mo Xueqiong earlier.

The horse carriage had been prepared. You Yue’e and Feng Yulei were naturally on the most luxurious horse carriage at the very front. The other horse carriages at the back seemed small and ordinary. They were all of the same make and were of average sizes. They were just like horse carriages belonging to the family of ordinary officials. If the emblem of King Yan’s Manor was not imprinted on the corners of the horse carriages, one would not be able to tell which family the carriage belonged to.

Mo Xueqiong naturally boarded the ordinary and small horse carriage. Feng Yulei had many concubines who were going with him to pray. Mo Xueqiong did not even have her own carriage and had to take the same horse carriage with a concubine of the manor.

Mo Yan helped Mo Xueqiong in. She lifted the curtains but before they could even get on the horse carriage, they heard a burst of sharp mocking laughter. One of Feng Yulei’s concubines was seated inside. Her charming eyes were wide open as she glanced at Mo Xueqiong. There was a hint of arrogance in her eyes as she said, “Oh, it’s really Second Consort Mo. Second Consort, what’s up with you? Why are you squeezing in this horse carriage with us? Didn’t His Majesty give you a horse carriage when you were bestowed to His Highness? You are a Second Consort. What a pity!”

She was extremely impolite and was making a direct jab at Mo Xueqiong. If Mo Xueqiong had still been the same person she was in the Mo Manor, she would have already leaped at the woman without any hesitation. However, she had lived in King Chu’s Manor for a few months and all her sharp edges had been smoothed out. Even though a hint of annoyance flashed in her eyes, her expression was calm. She said lightly,

“His Highness wants me to squeeze in a horse carriage with you. Madam Li, do you have any objections?” Mo Xueqiong hid the anger in her eyes.

“His Highness wants us to take the same carriage? Oh, have you seen His Highness? It is so hard on you. You already look like that but you are still thinking about His Highness day and night. I heard that His Highness threw you out the other day. You’re already in this state but you still haven’t died yet. Mo Xueqiong, you are really clinging on to your life stubbornly.”

Madam Li narrowed her almond-shaped eyes and continued mocking Mo Xueqiong.

What happened that rainy night had become yet another scandal involving Mo Xueqiong.

Everyone in the manor was saying that Mo Xueqiong was extremely shameless. She was already disfigured but still wanted love from His Highness.

“You…” Mo Xueqiong’s eyes flashed sharply. She could not hold back her anger after being mocked by a woman who had once been an actress.

“What’s the matter? Have I struck a nerve? t is such a pity. Even if Second Consort Mo wants to serve His Highness, you have to see whether His Highness will be disgusted by you or not. Look at your face. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Even the lowliest manservant in the manor won’t want you. Mo Xueqiong, you’d better give up!” Madam Li was even more pleased when she saw that she had struck a nerve. She made a move to rip off Mo Xueqiong’s veil.

“Ah!” The veil fell and Mo Xueqiong’s ugly and scary face was revealed. A few of the more cowardly maids in the carriage could not help but scream in fear.

“Look, look, look at you. You look like that and still come out to scare others. Mo Xueqiong, if I were you, I’d just find a rope and hang myself. I wouldn’t embarra.s.s myself by staying alive.” Madam Li said meanly after the shock pa.s.sed.

She had been alone in the horse carriage and was still feeling pleased that His Highness was finally paying attention to her. She had even gloated about it in front of the other ladies and walked to the horse carriage with her head held up high and her chest puffed up. However, she had only just gotten on when the ugly freak appeared. Madam Li, who was still basking in the attention, felt angry and frustrated when Mo Xueqiong appeared and she vented her anger on Mo Xueqiong.

If the other madams were to find out that she and Mo Xueqiong were in the same horse carriage, she wouldn’t be able to lift her head up high in the future. That was why she was so vicious towards Mo Xueqiong.

Mo Xueqiong was so angry that her fingers trembled. Her face flushed and paled and she felt ashamed and angry. The scars on her face twisted, growing scarier and scarier. She glared at Madam Li viciously and appeared to look like an evil ghost who was about to eat someone. She said, “Try saying that again.”

Mo Xueqiong pointed at Madam Li; her eyes were filled with hate and viciousness. If she did not still have a strand of rationality in her, she would have already attacked Madam Li. The thick viciousness at the bottom of her eyes was directed at Madam Li.

Madam Li had been frightened by Mo Xueqiong at first. She swallowed and then realized that she was yielding. She could not even speak because of an ugly freak. Madam Li grew embarra.s.sed and annoyed and started to make a fuss. She pushed Mo Xueqiong away. Mo Xueqiong was standing at the entrance of the horse carriage and about to get in. As such, she did not manage to hold on when Madam Li pushed her forcefully.

She fell from the carriage steps. Mo Yan and Mo Jiao could not catch her in time and Mo Xueqiong fell, face forward onto the ground, hitting her chin.

It was a very loud fall. Those who had gotten onto their carriages and those who hadn’t gone over to take a curious look. They saw Mo Xueqiong clambering up from the ground pathetically. There were a few stalks of gra.s.s hanging on her ugly face and a wound on her forehead which was bleeding. Everyone was shocked, and then, they all burst out laughing.

Mo Xueqiong looked extremely funny right now especially as the gra.s.s on her hair swung as she got up.

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