Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 459 – Meeting The Person at the Back of the Buddhist Temple

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Chapter 459 Meeting The Person at the Back of the Buddhist Temple

“Didn’t anyone visit her?” She could not help but ask again, “Not even a single maid or nanny?”

“I saw very clearly that no one visited her. King Yan did not send anyone to ask if she wanted to go with everyone to pay respect to Buddha. I heard a maid say that if Marquess Mingguo didn’t protect her on the way there, she wouldn’t even be able to get into the temple!”

What did that mean? Was there something going on between Mo Xueqiong and You Yuecheng?

A sudden thought flashed through Mo Xuetong’s mind. You Yuecheng had always hated her for some reason, but that had always confused Mo Xuetong.

You Yuecheng’s younger sister, You Yue’e married Feng Yulei. He and Feng Yulei were definitely on the same side. You Yuecheng was definitely allowed to enter and exit Feng Yulei’s manor. Coupled with You Yuecheng’s hatred toward her, Mo Xueqiong’s odd change, their trip to the temple, as well as some other things…

Mo Xuetong felt that You Yuecheng was very likely to be the person instigating Mo Xueqiong! If so, many things could be explained then.

“Why was King Yan allowed to leave his manor today and come to Puguang Temple?” This was the reason Mo Xueqiong gave to deceive her.

Mo Feng came early and already sent men to find out everything. He answered in detail when Mo Xuetong asked him about it. “I heard that the memorial tablet of Consort Yan’s Mother, the late wife of Duke Mingguo, is here. King Yan specially pleaded with the Emperor to allow him to carry out a Taoist ritual for the mother-in-law he never met. That was why he could come along together with Consort Yan.”

Duke Mingguo’s wife had died a long time ago, the woman who was now his wife was his second wife. However, what had this to do with Mo Xueqiong? Was Mo Xueqiong lied to or did Mo Xueqiong lie to her? However, no matter whether it was King Yan praying for his mother or for You Yue’e’s mother, what had it to do with her!

Why would she have to use this as an excuse?

The more Mo Xuetong thought about it, the more ridiculous she thought it was. There was no need for Mo Xueqiong to lie to her at all. If she told Mo Xuetong the truth, it would only give her more credence. Why did she lie?! Mo Xuetong did not believe that there wasn’t a reason for what Mo Xueqiong said and that it was just to placate her.

Mo Feng saw that a few maids were approaching Mo Xuetong. He bid Mo Xuetong farewell and disappeared. He protected Mo Xuetong but only Mo Xuetong’s personal maids were aware of it.

The letter had come from the maid in the afternoon. It was a letter from You Yue’e to Mo Xuetong, asking her to meet behind the Buddhist temple.

They were in-laws and were both first consorts of the princes. It was a rare occasion for them to meet in the temple, so it was reasonable for them to meet. However, the relations.h.i.+p between the two was bad and they did not have anything to say to each other. That made the letter different. Mo Xuetong’s eyes grew sharp. She put the letter down and said to the servant, “Go and tell your Consort that I will be there in a while.”

The maid was a sharp one. “Yes, I will return and let My Lady know.” She bowed respectfully to Mo Xuetong with a smile and left.

Mo Lan took a step forward after the person left. “My Lady…” She said worriedly, “My Lady, since Fourth Miss has already decided to plot against you, why does Consort Yan want to meet you? Don’t you think that this is odd?”

Mo Xuetong smiled softly. She had a faraway look in her eyes as if she were looking at Mo Lan from a distance. Her eyes were clear and dark as she said, “Mo Lan, do you think Consort Yan knew what Mo Xueqiong has planned?”

Her tone was light and she did not look at Mo Lan. Instead, she looked through the window behind her and at the ma.s.sive Buddhist Temple. They could hear the vague chimes of bells. It signaled that morning were over and it was time for lunch.

Mo Xuetong looked sad to those watching. She smiled softly and then frowned. This was supposed to be a place of peace and cleanliness. However, there were so many people who came to this place to carry out their dirty deeds. Were they not afraid of being punished by Buddha?!

“My Lady, I think that Consort Yan doesn’t know about this. Since Second Consort Yan wants to harm you, she should avoid you if she sees you lest they are blamed for anything.” Mo Lan had served Mo Xuetong for a long while and could see that she was slightly upset. However, she could not help but speak up.

Mo Xuetong agreed with Mo Lan. If You Yue’e really had a part in this, she would not have any contact with Mo Xuetong right now.

“Mo Lan, stay here later. Mo Ye, go with me. I will also take a few other maids and servants with me. Since Consort Yan wishes to meet me, I have to go.” Mo Xuetong rubbed her temples. Fatigue was evident on her face. Even though she was sure that You Yue’e would not dare to make trouble for her now, she felt annoyed that she had to deal with You Yue’e, whom she had never gotten along with.

Yet, she did not have a reason to reject You Yue’e.

“My Lady, shall I go with you as well?” Mo Lan asked worriedly, especially when she saw how out of it Mo Xuetong was. She grew hesitant and stared at Mo Xuetong.

“Nothing will happen to me. Even if Consort Yan doesn’t know anything, how would the low-key and obedient King Yan be completely ignorant? You Yue’e can’t and won’t try to hurt me right now.” Said Mo Xuetong lightly as she grew calm once more.

King Yan, Feng Yulei would not dare to drag You Yue’e into his matters right now. If he were not careful, Feng Yulei might be ruined for good. As such, given his nature, he would want to stay far away from this situation.

Mo Xuetong brought her servants to the entrance of the temple where they had agreed to meet. The maid from earlier on was waiting there. She hurried up to welcome Mo Xuetong with a smile when she saw her. She said, “Consort Xuan, My Lady has been waiting inside for a long while.”

“Lead the way.” Mo Xuetong looked at the temple doors. One side of it was closed. A few maids stayed behind to wait in the courtyard.

“My Lady said she only wishes to chat with you and does not want too many servants to follow. This elder sister and I shall wait outside so that My Ladies can chat in peace.” The maid replied smartly.

Mo Xuetong turned to look at her. Her eyes, which projected n.o.bility and grace, made the maid look down slowly. When the maid looked up, wanting to say something else, Mo Xuetong had already brought Mo Ye in.

“Elder Sister, shall we wait outside? My Lady does not like too many people to be around when she prays to Buddha. She is afraid that it will offend Buddha.” The maid explained rapidly as she hurried forward to hold Mo Ye back when she saw Mo Ye following behind Mo Xuetong.

It was true that it should be quiet and peaceful when one prayed to Buddha.

Mo Ye did not flinch as she looked coldly at the maid holding on to her sleeves. There was a flash of sharpness in her eyes as she said loudly, “Scram.”

She lifted her finger and placed it on the maid’s wrist. She was going throw the maid off her. Consort Yan was inside, plotting something. How could she leave at a time like this?

“Since Consort Yan wants to pray to Buddha alone and quietly, then we shall not bother her. I will go to King Yan’s Manor and chat with her another day.” Mo Xuetong suddenly stopped and looked at the maid’s hand from above. Her eyes were cold and despite her polite words, the cold look in her eyes made one fearful for some reason.

The maid could not help but loosen her hold on Mo Ye’s hand. She saw that Mo Xuetong was really about to leave and grew worried. She hurriedly said, “My Lady, please hold on. I will go and ask My Lady now. Please wait.”

Then, she hurriedly entered through the doors of the temple.

“My Lady…”

Mo Ye wanted to say something but Mo Xuetong reached out and stopped her. Her gaze landed on the half-opened doors. They could not hear anything coming from the inside but they could see that there wasn’t anyone inside. Perhaps, just like what the maid said, You Yue’e was alone inside. However, given You Yue’e’s character, was she someone who could calm down?

Mo Xuetong turned around and took the opportunity to whisper to Mo Ye as she looked up at the sky. “Mo Ye, don’t stay too far from me later on.”

You Yue’e’s actions were really suspicious. This was not something she would do at all. Given her character, the inside of the temple would be filled with maids. She would be like a haughty peac.o.c.k. Even though King Yan was under house arrest, You Yue’e would not admit that she was any weaker than someone else.

She had always thought that she was better than others in terms of her status and all other aspects and also disliked Mo Xuetong immensely. That was what she would do under normal circ.u.mstances. However, she was so low-key right now and secretive and one could not help but feel suspicious.

“Consort Xuan, My Lady invites you in.” The maid said sweetly, appearing at the entrance of the temple.

She did not mention Mo Ye this time. Her mistress must have allowed Mo Xuetong to bring Mo Ye in.

The heavy doors were pushed open with a soft creak. Behind the curtains of the temple, sat a figure. One could not see the person behind clearly as the moving curtains distorted the figure. Standing at the entrance, Mo Xuetong looked forward but could not make out anything.

A cunning look flashed in the eyes of the maid standing behind Mo Xuetong and Mo Ye after they entered. She reached out swiftly in an attempt to close the doors.

Mo Ye seemed to have eyes behind her back. She held the half-closed doors and pushed it to the side. The maid did not expect Mo Ye to be so strong and was pulled along with the door. She made a startled cry and fell to the ground.

However, the attention of the three people in the room was not on her.

Mo Xuetong said coldly as she stared at the person behind the curtains warily. “Your Excellency, is there a point to this?”

There was a soft burst of laughter from behind the curtains. “You are indeed as cunning as a fox.” He seemed sarcastic and sounded as if he was mocking Mo Xuetong. There was definitely no hint of sincere praise in his words.

Mo Xuetong did not move and watched as the man pushed the curtains aside and walked towards her slowly. He was wearing a jade crown and dark blue robes. He was tall and handsome but seemed cold and aloof. It was Marquess Mingguo, You Yuecheng.

As expected, You Yue’e was not inside. This could also explain why he had behaved so furtively earlier.

Mo Xuetong enunciated every word with an undisturbed tone. “Many thanks for your praise, Your Excellency.” Her voice was soft and beautiful, but right now, it seemed rather sharp.

“Mo Xuetong, don’t you think you should say something to me?” You Yuecheng harrumphed coldly as he looked at Mo Xuetong. There was a deepness and darkness in his eyes that were hard to explain. This was the first time since his engagement that Mo Xuetong was seeing him. Mo Xuetong had not seen him again since he was set up in Peony Garden and was forced to marry Ling Mingyan.

They had not seen each other for very long. Mo Xuetong realized that his eyes were even colder and darker. It felt as if his entire person were shrouded in darkness.

“Your Excellency, I don’t understand what you’re saying!” Mo Xuetong said lightly. Sunlight streamed from the half-opened doors behind her. It was as if the sun were plating her with a brilliant sheen of gold. She looked distant and cold, shrouded in the gold, and seemed like a fairy. She looked up at You Yuecheng once and then did not look at him again.

The way she treated him with disregard was very annoying. You Yuecheng felt angry but forced himself to calm down with much effort. He was not here to fight with Mo Xuetong today.

“Mo Xuetong, why did you break your promise? I said I would make you my consort.” He could not help but look at Mo Xuetong’s pale face. Her face was so pale it seemed almost translucent under the sunlight. It looked like jade

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