Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 460 – The Danger from You Yuecheng’s Threat

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Chapter 460 The Danger from You Yuecheng’s Threat

Mo Xuetong suddenly looked up and blinked with her large clear eyes. The coldness in her eyes left and her eyes shone brilliantly. She suddenly felt like laughing at that moment.

You Yuecheng had said that he was going to marry her. However, he had no choice but to marry Ling Mingyan. The whole thing seemed to have nothing to do with her. Yet, why did he make it sound as if she had betrayed him?

You Yuecheng had never asked if she was willing in the first place!

This was the most ludicrous thing ever for him to hold her accountable at this moment!

“Your Excellency, what is it that you wish to say?” Mo Xuetong asked softly. She thought that he was behaving oddly and a hint of ridicule appeared in her clear eyes.

“Do you really not wish to marry me?” You Yuecheng asked, almost gritting his teeth. He glared at Mo Xuetong viciously as if he would tear her into bits if she said no.

A surprised smile appeared on the corners of Mo Xuetong’s lips. She felt that this was really funny. You Yuecheng had brought her here so aggressively just to ask her this question. If Mo Xuetong did not know how she truly felt, she would even wonder if she had let Marquess Mingguo down. Why did he look so upset and angry?

However, were they even close?

She did not know why You Yuecheng was so confident that she wanted to marry him.

“Your Excellency, why do you think I would be willing to marry you?” Mo Xuetong c.o.c.ked her head and asked him. She did not hide the mirth in her eyes. Her disregard for him made You Yuecheng almost crazed with rage.

Fortunately, his self-restraint had always been strong. He forced down the anger he felt and said coldly, “Mo Xuetong, aren’t you afraid that you might lose your t.i.tle as Consort Xuan and even be branded as a traitor if your mother’s secret were revealed?”

Mo Xuetong’s expression turned cold when she heard that. A hint of shock flashed in her eyes which then grew cold. The gentle smile on her lips disappeared completely. Instead, she looked at You Yuecheng warily and she did not appear afraid. She said slowly, “Your Excellency, why don’t you just speak your mind. You don’t have to be so secretive.”

She was certain that You Yuecheng knew something. However, she did not know how much he knew or what he wanted.

“Your mother was not the legitimate daughter of the Fu General Manor. She is the daughter of King Jin, born after his death.” You Yuecheng stared at Mo Xuetong sharply, observing her every move. He looked as if he were a predator staring at his prey.

“Everyone knows that my mother is the only legitimate daughter of the Fu General Manor. Your Excellency, do you have any proof?” Mo Xuetong’s expression was cold as she spoke distantly. She looked at You Yuecheng with icy cold eyes. Yet, she was not frightened or afraid as he expected.

“How can I not have evidence? It is in my manor. If I let it be known, Mo Xuetong, do you think you can still keep your t.i.tle as Consort Xuan?” You Yuecheng’s eyes were like a deep abyss. There was a hint of cold laughter in his voice as he said, “Then, you will lose everything and your reputation will be in tatters.”

“Your Excellency, since you have evidence, why are you holding back? Why don’t you let me take a look at it so I can understand my mother? How did the legitimate daughter of the Fu General Manor become the daughter of King Jin? Your Excellency, can I take this as your challenge against the Fu General Manor?”

Mo Xuetong looked at the man without a hint of shock or panic on her face. Like You Yuecheng, she was also carefully watching You Yuecheng’s reaction. She still did not understand what You Yuecheng meant. Since he had already plotted his next move, why would he do something unexpected now?

What did he want? Or what did he want from her?

The undercurrents were heavy as they spoke.

“Challenge? The Fu General Manor did not take care of their reputation but brought up the child of the nation’s enemy. Is this not their challenge against the Qin Kingdom? If the Emperor were to find out that his trusted subordinate has hidden such a shocking thing from him, I wonder if he would think that this is the Fu General Manor’s challenge against the royal family?”

You Yuecheng said coldly.

If this matter were to be made open to the public, no matter what Emperor Zongwen thought, the Fu General Manor would be in trouble for covering up the matter.

Mo Xuetong’s expression changed slightly. Her maternal grandmother had never mentioned this to her, but she had a feeling that You Yuecheng was speaking the truth. However, how did You Yuecheng find out about this?

“Your Excellency, you are very odd. How did I never know about this? Why does the n.o.ble Fu General Manor need to hide King Jin’s daughter? Is the Fu General Manor not afraid of having to pay for this?” Mo Xuetong narrowed her eyes after clearing out the confusing thoughts in her mind. There were faint ripples in her clear eyes. There was a coldness in her eyes as she spoke calmly, but also with disdain.

It was as if she truly did not care.

You Yuecheng scoffed at her words and a mocking smile tugged at his lips. He looked as if he would not give up if he did not get what he wanted. He put his hands behind his back and walked to and fro in front of Mo Xuetong. He said, “Mo Xuetong, do you think I don’t have any evidence? Do you think that I would be saying this to you right now if I did not have any evidence? Do you think that I work in the palace for fun?”

You Yuecheng had an important position in the palace. It was likely that he knew some secret things about the royal family.

“Your Excellency, why do you have to force my hand if you only want to deal with me? There is no need to involve the Fu General Manor even if you want to deal with me. So why are you dragging up my mother’s business? You can just say that it is because of Mo Xuemin.” Mo Xuetong said lightly and her eyes grew even colder.

You Yuecheng stared at Mo Xuetong when he heard that. His lips pressed together in a thin line and a cold sharpness appeared in his expression that made one feel frightened.

No matter what You Yuecheng wanted, she mustn’t give in and say anything at this juncture. The person had called her into the temple now not just to tell her about this thing out of the kindness of his heart. There was definitely something he wanted. In the end, he just wanted to prove something or get something from her!

When Mo Xuetong thought of that, she gradually calmed down from her shock. No matter what, she would not allow You Yuecheng to see how she was feeling.

“Your Excellency, you are Marquess Mingguo and you are n.o.ble and mighty. I really don’t know how Mo Xuemin confused you and made it so that we do not get along. Perhaps I might be insignificant to you in the past, but right now, I represent not just the Mo Manor and the Fu General Manor. Your Excellency, have you not considered what King Xuan would do? Do you think that King Xuan is a person who would be easily manipulated?”

Mo Xuetong laughed carefreely, sounding determined.

Everyone in the capital knew what sort of person Feng Yuran was. Even though he was now more tamed after his marriage, his arrogant and wild character meant that others did not dare to offend him. Everyone knew that he was Emperor Zongwen’s favorite son and knew that even if he stepped out of the line, the Emperor would not do anything to him.

It would be great if Feng Yuran believed him. But if he didn’t, then it would be troublesome. Given King Xuan, Feng Yuran’s character, they would truly become enemies then. Against that man… You Yuecheng grimaced and a hint of worry appeared on his handsome face.

He looked up at Mo Xuetong. Her beautiful and tiny face did not appear stiff because of her pinched look. Even when she was angry and frustrated, she was still stunning. She was refres.h.i.+ng and charming. Her eyes were clear and beautiful. She was like ice and snow, and yet, she was so beautiful she tugged at heartstrings.

His heart skipped a beat and he looked away. However, a thoughtful look appeared in his eyes. Would King Xuan believe him and not Mo Xuetong?

“Your Excellency, I don’t know where you got your news from that says my mother was King Jin’s daughter. You do know that the news will cause quite a big impact. Do you believe that Mingguo Manor would be able to withstand this impact?” Mo Xuetong said forcefully. You Yuecheng’s suspicion was very dangerous and she had to make sure he stopped pursuing his suspicions.

A cold and sinister smirk appeared on the corners of You Yuecheng’s lips. He said, “Mo Xuetong, I was just making conversation. If you don’t think it’s true, why do you have to threaten me?”

His words were bitingly sharp and cold as a mocking smile made its way on his lips.

“Your Excellency, please address me as Consort Xuan. Even though you do not admit it, I am now King Xuan’s legal consort. Your Excellency does not seem to have the right to call me by my name.” Mo Xuetong had calmed down completely by then. The smile on her lips was as cold as ice. However, her slight smile made one’s heart beat faster.

“As for what you mentioned that concerns my mother, I do not believe it at all. Everyone knows what happened at King Jin’s Manor then. King Jin and his consort both died, so where did that daughter appear from? Alright, Your Excellency, it is wrong for us to be in the same room alone. Please do not use such means to make me come again. It would cause unnecessary trouble. I will pretend that this did not happen.”

“Mo Xuetong, don’t be too stubborn!” You Yuecheng’s expression was ugly as she made sarcastic and mocking jibes at him. His handsome face was tight with fury as he spoke. He reached out to block Mo Xuetong’s path. Mo Ye twitched but settled down quietly beside Mo Xuetong at Mo Xuetong’s gesture.

“Your Excellency, I don’t know why you would think that.” Mo Xuetong said unhurriedly. Her beautiful brows creased slightly as she was unable to hide the anger in her lively eyes. She continued, “I don’t know why you want to meet me here, nor do I understand why you wanted to marry me. What is the point of you pitting yourself against me in all aspects? We only met a couple of times and there is no great enmity between us. Why are you so insistent on getting me into trouble? Since you have evidence, then we shall go to see His Majesty and see what he says. Your Excellency can also tell everyone why you dislike me so. Even if I were to die, I want to die understanding why.”

Mo Xuetong appeared as if she were going to give it her all. She could not hide the anger in her eyes and the calm expression on her face receded. She could almost be considered impulsive. Her plump and soft lips lifted and the corners of her lips trembled slightly. Her tiny face was flushed and she seemed as if she would not rest if she did not achieve her goal.

You Yuecheng did not expect Mo Xuetong to behave like this. To him, Mo Xuetong was a sly person. That was why she behaved like a n.o.ble lady in front of everyone else. Had she ever appeared so agitated and decomposed? He had been certain that Mo Xuetong would not dare to make a fuss no matter whether the information was real or not. Given Mo Xuetong’s sly nature, she would not dare to let others find out about it.

Then, he would be able to list his conditions. He did not expect that the girl who appeared to be gentle and charming would be so ruthless now. She seemed as if she were ready to fight it out with him. “See Emperor Zongwen? How would I dare? Forget whether the news is real or not. Even if I had evidence, it’s a secret in the palace. If I bring it out, I will have committed a grave crime.”

You Yuecheng’s expression was pinched tightly. He gritted his teeth and breathed in deeply. Just as he was about to rage, his gaze suddenly landed on Mo Ye, who was behind Mo Xuetong. Mo Ye’s expression was guarded. He then looked out of the door and saw a few other maids who belonged to Mo Xuetong standing not far away outside the temple.

He was a sharp person and he immediately shook off the agitation and anger that Mo Xuetong provoked in him. A sinister and angry look appeared in his eyes. He said, “Mo Xuetong, don’t think that n.o.body knows what the Fu General Manor did since some time has pa.s.sed. It is a pity. King Jing’s Consort did not die then and even stayed in the Fu General Manor for some time. Do you think that there wouldn’t be any evidence in the Fu General Manor?!”

Then, he walked towards Mo Xuetong. Mo Ye quickly pulled Mo Xuetong out of the door. You Yuecheng made big strides but walked past Mo Xuetong. He said softly and coldly, “Consort Xuan, good luck will not stay with you forever. This is the last chance I am giving you. But you are not taking it. Don’t regret it.”

Then, he walked out of the temple. His maid followed behind him, jogging to catch up with him.

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