Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 461 – The Shocking Incident at the Back Courtyard Entrance in the Afternoon

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Chapter 461 The Shocking Incident at the Back Courtyard Entrance in the Afternoon

“My Lady…” Mo Ye said.

Mo Xuetong waved her hand and stopped Mo Ye from saying anything. She did not walk further into the temple but turned around to leave through the door instead. She walked out of the temple slowly and the maids who were waiting outside hurried after her.

Mo Ye saw that Mo Xuetong’s brows were tightly locked and knew that she was thinking about something. She took a few steps backward and got the others to take a few steps backward as well lest they disturbed Mo Xuetong’s thought process.

Mo Xuetong was a hundred percent sure that You Yuecheng had evidence in his hands. However, she was not sure how much he knew. It was obvious that he wanted something from her but did not expect her to be so stubborn. However, what evidence did he have that involved the Fu General Manor?

How was he so certain that Consort Jin did not die then? He had not yet been boron then. What did he know and was it the Fu General who leaked the news?

If so, it seemed that she should communicate with her maternal grandmother. It was not that she had to ask about what happened back then, but there were people who were not going to let the Fu General Manor off.

Since that was so, she had to speak with her grandmother and lay everything out in the open as soon as possible. She also had to find out what exactly happened back then. Then, she would be able to organize what happened and not have to guess and miss things out.

She had a feeling that her maternal grandmother might not tell her too much. However, as long as she had some hints, she would be able to find out what happened back then even more clearly…

And that painting, it had become a thorn in her heart…

At about three in the afternoon, an ordinary-looking horse carriage drew up at the back door of Puguang Temple. There was only a light mark at the door of the horse carriage that stated that it was from King Xuan’s Manor. If one did not look at it closely, they would not be able to see it. A maidservant got off the horse carriage. She looked around anxiously.

Then, she went up to the person at the door and said softly, “My Lady, Fourth Miss is still not here?”

“Take another look. Bring her here immediately once you see her. We are going to leave soon and cannot wait for too long.” The impatient voice of a woman could be heard from within. Mo Yan turned her head to the side to listen to the voice. It was Third Miss’s voice. She was delighted and quickly ran in. However, she paused for a moment when she pa.s.sed a wing room. She looked around her to make sure there was no one around before she entered.

The wing rooms of Puguang Temple were meant for guests who were there to wors.h.i.+p. In order to differentiate the rooms by gender, men were allocated to the left and women to the right. The main door of the back courtyard was on the left. Mo Yan had to pa.s.s the wing rooms on the left to get to the rooms on the right.

“Halt.” Said a cold voice. A guard suddenly emerged from outside the door and pointed his sword at Mo Yan.

“I, I wish to see His Excellency.” Mo Yan’s voice was fearful and also tinged with a hint of coyness. She looked up at the guard’s stony expression with a pitiful look.

“His Excellency said that you must not make trouble at this time. Quick go and do what you are supposed to do. When you enter the manor in the future, you can see His Excellency whenever you wish.” The guard did not move at all. He sounded almost mechanical and there was a hint of disdain in his eyes. She was just a maid. How dare she even think of His Excellency? She really didn’t know her place and was unaware of her lowly status. Did she really think that the man who had fun with her was His Excellency!

However, His Excellency was the one who made him say that, so he was just repeating it.

Mo Yan flushed in embarra.s.sment after her thoughts were seen through. She looked at how unrelenting the guard was and knew that she would not be able to see His Excellency. She nodded and said fearfully, “Please tell His Excellency that I will definitely accomplish my task.”

The guard nodded impatiently. Mo Yan could only turn and leave. She did not stop again and rushed straight to Mo Xueqiong’s room.

Mo Xueqiong paced around the room anxiously. Mo Jiao stood in the corner and watched how frustrated Mo Xueqiong was and did not dare to say a word. She had never been brave and had always been ordered around by Mo Yan.

“Second Consort…” Mo Yan pushed the door open and said excitedly.

“How is it. Is she here?” Mo Xueqiong took a few steps forward and pulled Mo Yan towards her anxiously. This was the deciding moment. It had to be Mo Xuetong. As long as she managed to do this, that person would take her along with him and she would be able to leave. He would not only get a divine doctor to treat her face, but he would also marry her and take her as his concubine. He promised that if she were to have any children, he would even make him one of his wives.

How could Mo Xueqiong not be anxious with so much at stake?

It could be said that this moment decided whether she would be successful or not. She no longer wanted to be King Yan’s Second Consort.

Now, this was her only chance.

“Second Consort. I saw the horse carriage stopping at the back door. The horse carriage carries King Xuan’s Manor’s emblem. I also saw Mo Ye, who serves Third Miss, getting off the horse carriage.” Mo Yan reported urgently as she wiped away the sweat that she worked up running here.

“You didn’t see Mo Xuetong getting off the horse carriage?” Mo Xueqiong asked worriedly. She had never had the upper hand when she fought against Mo Xuetong. As such, she felt a little afraid. When she heard what Mo Yan had to say, she did not feel happy. Instead, she thought about it before she questioned Mo Yan cautiously.

She had to make sure everything went smoothly this time. There must not be a single mishap.

“Second Consort, rest a.s.sured. Even though I didn’t see Third Miss getting off the carriage, given Third Miss’s status, she wouldn’t reveal her face just anyhow, would she? I heard Third Miss and Mo Ye talking. Third Miss sounds impatient and sounds as if she won’t wait for you if you are late.”

Mo Yan replied honestly and also mentioned what she thought as well. She had served Mo Xueqiong all this while and was a little older than Mo Xueqiong. She had her own mind. Mo Xueqiong usually listened to her. When Mo Xueqiong saw how certain Mo Yan was, and then thought about how Mo Xuetong treated her, she nodded with satisfaction. She heaved a sigh of relief deep down inside.

Mo Xuetong had to be inside the carriage.

Mo Xuetong did not like her but because she had begged her and they were sisters, Mo Xuetong had agreed to save her. However, because of what happened in the past, she was not very willing. Mo Xuetong had told her, without any care for their relations.h.i.+p, that this would be the last time. As such, it was definitely Mo Xuetong inside the horse carriage.

That was great. She would land Mo Xuetong in boiling hot water today. That s.l.u.t. If she had died then, Mo Xueqiong would not be in her current predicament. Mo Xuetong had ruined everything for her and she was going to destroy Mo Xuetong. A hint of satisfaction flashed in Mo Xueqiong’s eyes and they glinted with viciousness.

“Mo Jiao, hurry up and bring that over. We have to be faster and not give Mo Xuetong a chance to run away.” Mo Xueqiong did not hesitate any longer and ordered Mo Jiao around.

They did not have much and had already placed everything on the table. There were only two average-sized packages. Those were things they had to bring with them. Mo Jiao and Mo Yan held one each and followed behind Mo Xueqiong as they hurried towards the outside.

It was still slightly hot at that time. The people of King Yan’s Manor had a habit of taking afternoon naps. Even though it was almost three in the afternoon, it did not stop them from continuing with their naps. Mo Xueqiong’s room was slightly to the corner and was a wall away from the men’s wing rooms. They left through an alley without anyone noticing.

The three did not encounter anyone on their way out. They made their way to the door stealthily and saw a maid waiting at the entrance looking incredibly impatient. The maid was looking around and when she saw Mo Xueqiong and her two maids approaching, she went up to them. She said impatiently, “Are you Fourth Miss? My Lady and I have been waiting for so long. Why have you only come now? My Lady is a little tired and Elder Sister Mo Ye is doing a leg ma.s.sage for her right now. Are you going to get on the carriage now or are you going to wait for a while?”

The maid’s incredibly disrespectful att.i.tude made Mo Xueqiong want to scold her. No matter how downtrodden she was right now, she was still King Yan’s Second Consort. Even a little maid was disparaging her right now, so how could she not feel angry? Mo Xuetong was indeed a fox. She was not here to help her but to laugh at Mo Xueqiong.

In her anger, Mo Xueqiong had long forgotten that she wanted to ask if Mo Xuetong was on the horse carriage. She also did not notice that the insignia of King Xuan’s Manor was no longer on the horse carriage. She also did not think about why the maid wasn’t ma.s.saging Mo Xuetong in the horse carriage but a higher-ranking maid was doing that instead. Instead, she rushed over to the horse carriage angrily.

That d.a.m.nable Mo Xuetong was indeed here to shame her! She would put up with this. In any case, Mo Xuetong would be the one shamed in the future.

“Second Consort, don’t be angry. Put up with it for a little while more.” Mo Yan said softly as she tugged on Mo Xueqiong’s sleeve behind her.

“Don’t worry. I will tolerate it. Anyway, Mo Xuetong won’t be able to escape anymore. I can take this.” Mo Xueqiong said, gritting her teeth. She glared at the maid hatefully and the maid took a few steps backward.

“Third Sister, thank you for picking me up personally.” Mo Xueqiong got onto the horse carriage. A hint of viciousness flashed in her eyes which were hidden under the gauze curtain even while she spoke politely.

She reached out to pull the curtains open. The light outside was very bright and it was too dark inside. Her eyes had not yet gotten used to the dark as she entered a dark place from a brightly lit one. She could only see a figure who was half-lying down inside the carriage. Mo Xueqiong thought that Mo Xuetong was lying down comfortably inside and the fury in her grew.

She turned back and accepted the bundle that Mo Yan pa.s.sed her. She placed the bundle inside and entered the carriage. She did not care why Mo Xuetong wasn’t making any sounds and said in a fake manner, “I have troubled you, Third Sister. It is so hot and you still have to pick me up. I am very grateful to you. I will definitely pray for blessings for you in front of Buddha in the future and will pray that he will protect you.”

“Who is it?” Mo Xueqiong had not even completed her sentence when a loud commotion sounded outside. It was someone screaming.

“Quick, someone is running away with the Second Consort.”

“How dare you. How dare you two maids encourage the Second Consort to run away with you? This is a serious crime. Men, tie them up.” It had all happened so suddenly and a loud commotion could be heard outside. There was someone screaming and someone yelling. Mo Xueqiong was delighted and could not be bothered with Mo Xuetong. She leaned towards the curtains and listened to what was happening outside quietly.

Mo Yan was secretly pleased when she saw You Yue’e bringing maids along with her as she approached aggressively. However, she appeared to be very frightened and took a few steps backward. She looked as if she wanted to get onto the horse carriage but could not do so as she stumbled. As such, she held on to the horse reins and blocked the horse carriage from moving.

“Move aside. Let go.” The driver who was standing beside the carriage grew anxious when he saw so many people rus.h.i.+ng towards them. He jumped onto the saddle and raised his whip, wanting to spur the horse forward. However, Mo Yan was still holding onto the horse reins tightly and refused to let go. He could not pull the reins out of her hands and started to yell anxiously.

Mo Jiao was frightened out of her wits. She knelt down and trembled in fear.

“Men, capture these two s.l.u.ts. Stop the horse carriage as well.” You Yue’e stared at the driver with a dark expression as she yelled loudly.

A few tough-looking maids went over and brought Mo Jiao away. Two more went to pull Mo Yan off the horse carriage.

“Don’t. Let go. Don’t…” Mo Yan struggled, wanting to free herself. However, she was tiny and was no match for the burly maids. She was pulled off the horse carriage and even though she kept a tight hold on the reins and refused to let go, her hands were slowly pried open.

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