Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 464 – Failure, and yet Another Scandal From King Yan’s Manor

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Chapter 464 Failure, and yet Another Scandal From King Yan’s Manor

Her chest heaved with anger. Everyone could see that she was furious.

“Your Highness, if you do not believe me, you can take a look at the letter that Second Consort sent to My Lady last night. The letter stated that you would definitely come today. It stated that Puguang Temple is where Your Highness’s mother’s memorial tablet is located…”

Feng Yulei’s expression grew furious when he heard Mo Ye mentioning again and again that his biological mother’s memorial tablet was at Puguang Temple. He interrupted Mo Ye loudly and said angrily, “There’s no need. Men, take this trash away and beat her to death!”

“Your Highness, please. I didn’t. Second Consort looks like that, why would I be interested in her. Your Highness… Your Highness…” The little manservant was dragged away. He pleaded incoherently with despair and screamed as he was dragged away. The prince had no intention of questioning him in the first place.

Everyone looked at King Yan doubtfully.

King Yan had married a woman whom even his manservant was not interested in. He even made the woman his Second Consort. King Yan was truly…

Mo Xueqiong was dragged away by two other guards by her arms. The fear of dying made her grasp at everything in her reach. She yelled crazily, “Your Highness, My Lady, please, spare me.”

She reached out to grab at everything in her reach and struggled with all she had. Her legs suddenly caught hold of something and she wrapped her legs around it while grasping at it with her arms. Her only desire was that she could stop herself from being dragged away. Perhaps she struggled too much or the guards did not expect the woman to reach this state and be so strong. She managed to wrench an arm out of the guard’s hold.

“Mo Yan, Mo Yan, save me.” Mo Xueqiong was so afraid that her mind was blank. She saw Mo Yan lying on the ground beside her and lunged at Mo Yan. Mo Xueqiong grabbed Mo Yan’s clothes and screamed, behaving like a mad person.

Mo Yan, who laid on the ground unconscious, was dragged up by Mo Xueqiong. The pool of blood at her lower body was revealed.

“Ahh! Someone’s dead. Someone’s been beaten to death!”

“Look, look, there’s so much blood.”

“That’s too scary. It’s real. It’s real!”

“They really beat someone to death!” Some of the maids screamed in fear when they saw the blood on Mo Yan. They had never seen anything like this before.

“Did anyone bring their physician with them? Can you please help to take a look at her?” Mo Xuetong took a few steps forward and curtsied at the n.o.blewomen and ladies.

Some wealthy families would hire family physicians because of the weak const.i.tution of the women in their families. Some family physicians would go out with their mistresses when they went out on excursions since they were worried that the women might faint because they were poor in health.

“Consort Xuan, I brought a physician with me.” A woman answered.

Mo Xuetong curtsied politely.

Another death happened at the scene and the maid was beaten up by Mo Xuetong’s maid. You Yue’e looked around and had an idea. She waved her hand and the two guards backed away, leaving behind the crazy Mo Xueqiong who tugged on Mo Yan for dear life. She looked as if she were grasping at straws.

The physician went up and saw that things were not looking good. He asked two maids at the side to slightly curb Mo Xueqiong’s crazy behavior before reaching out to take Mo Yan’s pulse. After a moment, the physician put Mo Yan’s wrist down and stood up. His expression was slightly awkward.

“Physician, what’s the matter. Is the maid going to die?” You Yue’e asked, looking concerned. She had a slight smile on her face. Anyway, the maid had been beaten to death by Mo Xuetong’s maid. If anything were to happen, it would be Mo Xuetong’s fault for allowing her servant to beat another maid to death. They could make enough trouble for Mo Xuetong just with that.

She had thought that their plans were completely for naught today. However, she did not expect things to take a sudden turn. You Yue’e felt slightly relieved. It was good that this happened. At least Mo Xuetong wouldn’t be able to get away.

“This…” The physician hesitated and then frowned.

An older female servant asked with a delighted smile after receiving a look from You Yue’e. She said, “Physician, it’s alright for you to say it. She is just a pitiful maid and seems loyal. Her mistress is now in this state and she is about to die. Alas, this is really fate!”

The old maid looked as if she felt bad for Mo Yan and pitied her. She shook her head and wiped the corners of her eyes with her handkerchief.

Mo Xuetong watched the performance by You Yue’e and her maid. Her bright eyes grew cold. You Yue’e still did not forget to blame her for the death of a maid at a time like this. Even though Feng Yulei was standing by the side and did not seem to be moving at all, his eyes turned to look at them. His focus was on Mo Yan and he seemed thoughtful. The fake anger on his expression lessened as well.

It was such a pity, but King Yan’s Manor was destined to be embarra.s.sed today.

The physician was put in a tight spot and could only shake his head and said, “No, the maid is two months pregnant. She’s about to miscarry.” He had been forced to say that. This was truly a scandal for the royal family. Fortunately, there were so many people who heard him. King Yan wouldn’t kill him to shut him up, would he!

The physician heaved a secret sigh of relief.

Everyone started chattering when they heard what the physician said.

Everyone turned to cast suspicious looks at Feng Yulei. The Second Consort’s personal maid was pregnant. So, of course, the first person they suspected was the master of the King’s Manor. The back courtyard of the King’s Manor was a very strict place and the Second Consort was second only to the First Consort. The only people whom the Second Consort could meet would be the women of the back courtyard. And the only person who could impregnate the Second Consort’s personal maid could only be the master of the back courtyard.

Then it must be King Yan’s child! There was immediately a great commotion with that revelation. Everyone turned to look at King Yan and Consort Yan. The two of them looked so furious they were about to explode. However, the gritted their teeth and swallowed their anger. Making a fuss was not beneficial to them at this point.

Originally, Feng Yulei and You Yue’e were of the same mind. It was a fact that King Yan’s Manor was involved in a scandal but they had to drag King Xuan’s Manor down with them and destroy their reputation as well. They wouldn’t be put in a spot in front of the Emperor then. That was why they wanted the physician to take a look at Mo Yan. If she were dead, Mo Xuetong would be the culprit that had beaten a loyal maid to death.

Consort Xuan was vicious and cruel. This would mean that a Second Consort escaping from King Yan’s Manor would not draw as much wrath from the Emperor.

However, they did not expect things to end like that. Feng Yulei could not help but secretly curse You Yuecheng for being so nosy. Why would she get a man to impregnate Mo Xueqiong’s maid just to make use of Mo Xueqiong? They had to pay for that now. Feng Yulei could not suppress the fury he felt. He could not stay there any longer.

He harrumphed hatefully and coldly. Then, he flung his sleeves behind him and walked into the temple, all the while clenching his teeth.

Mo Yan was pregnant? Mo Xueqiong’s mind suddenly cleared up. Her hair was in a mess and she looked like a madwoman. Others might not know, but how could she be unaware? Mo Yan was in the back courtyard of the house and would not have any chance to interact with others. She did not believe that it was King Yan who impregnated Mo Yan. What kind of person was Feng Yulei? How could he possibly be attracted to the average-looking Mo Yan?

However, if it was not King Yan, who else could it be from the back courtyard?

She thought of how she had plotted whole-heartedly for that person, wanting to live out the rest of her life with him quietly. However, he had been engaging in illicit activities with her maid! Mo Xueqiong was filled with hatred and sorrow. She looked up at the people around her. Their gazes were filled with disdain and a few other ladies were glaring at her with disgust.

Mo Xueqiong felt a wave of despair cras.h.i.+ng down on her.

That person had lied to her too. He was with her personal maid when she was helping him wholeheartedly. Mo Yan had also lied to her. Mo Xueqiong had treated Mo Yan wholeheartedly as well and had shared everything with her. She even promised to find Mo Yan a good husband in the future. But Mo Yan had lied to her.

No wonder Mo Yan returned late some nights with a blissful expression. Mo Yan had even brought snacks for her. So she had been having an affair. Hatred grew in Mo Xueqiong’s heart. Her closest confidant had lied to her, and despair and madness grew within her. She no longer made a fuss as there was only one thought in her mind. She was going to beat the little s.l.u.t to death so that she and the child in her belly would both die!

A chill rushed up within her and into her mind, clearing her mind of everything. She could only remember that Mo Yan had betrayed her and had gotten together with the man she liked. Mo Yan had gotten into bed with that man and had gotten pregnant. Meanwhile, Mo Xueqiong had been unaware of everything. s.l.u.t. She was going to make sure they died a terrible death.

She could not see anyone else in front of her. It felt as if Mo Yan were the only one present. Mo Xueqiong suddenly got up, only able to see the color red. She gritted her teeth and pushed the two maids holding her back, catching them unaware.

She rushed forward and stomped down forcefully on Mo Yan’s stomach. Meanwhile, she cursed viciously, “I’ll beat you to death, beat you to death, you s.l.u.t. How dare you get into bed with him? How dare you secretly seduce your mistress’s man? s.l.u.t, you s.l.u.t.”

She had already lost all rationality. The only thing she could think of was that Mo Yan was a s.l.u.t who deserved to die a terrible death. Mo Xueqiong kicked and stepped on Mo Yan without holding back at all.

Mo Yan was roused into consciousness by the kicking. She yelled in pain and tried to roll away. However, Mo Xueqiong held her back so that she was not able to move at all. The pain in her belly was like knives twisting her insides. She felt as if there were something cutting her stomach up. She was shocked and frightened and cried loudly, pleading with Mo Xueqiong, “Miss… Mi-ss, I won’t do it again… I won’t… do it again. It… It’s…”

She struggled to speak. However, her body could not withstand the kicking any longer. Her eyes rolled back and she fainted once more.

Who would have thought that Mo Xueqiong would tear into Mo Yan so madly? Even You Yue’e did not expect Mo Xueqiong’s hatred to be so deep that she would kick and hit Mo Yan in public. Mo Xueqiong had almost knocked into her when she charged at Mo Yan earlier. When she thought once more about what Mo Xueqiong said, her face flushed red with annoyance.

Even though it was unclear what Mo Xueqiong meant, everyone who heard her would feel that it was extremely inappropriate. Mo Xueqiong was obviously insinuating that the maid had an affair with King Yan.

“Men, take this crazy woman away. Quick, take her away.” You Yue’e yelled, disregarding her image as she screamed angrily.

Two tough-looking maids approached when they saw that You Yue’e was truly enraged. They each took one of Mo Xueqiong’s arms and dragged her away. They could hear Mo Xueqiong’s sharp screams as she was being dragged away. “s.l.u.t, you are all going to die terrible deaths. You all lied to me! Didn’t you say that you will definitely treat me well? Didn’t you say you’d marry me!…”

The vengeful cries could be heard as Mo Xueqiong was dragged away. Everyone present could not help but shudder. So many things had happened. This Second Consort Yan must really be crazy!

Mo Xuetong watched as Mo Xueqiong was dragged away. Her gaze was cold and calm.

Mo Xueqiong had been betrayed by the maid she trusted most and was tricked by the man she loved. Her ending was tragic but Mo Xuetong did not pity her. If she had not been prepared today, her ending would be a hundred times more tragic than Mo Xueqiong’s. It would also implicate her father and Feng Yuran. Feng Yulei and You Yuecheng had plotted not just against her. Mo Xuetong was certain that there were definitely secret doc.u.ments among those that Mo Xueqiong “stole”.

They had tried to frame her and make others think that Mo Xuetong had intentionally gotten Mo Xueqiong to run away just to steal Feng Yulei’s secret doc.u.ments. This was too vicious. Mo Xuetong would not only be accused of helping a prince’s second consort to run away, but those secret doc.u.ments would also be used to implicate Feng Yuran. Or perhaps, they would be able to blame Feng Yuran for plotting against Feng Yulei, thus causing Feng Yulei to make the mistakes that he committed previously.

They would kill three birds with one stone. If Mo Xuetong had been the same person she had been in the past, she would definitely die here.

“Consort Yan, my fourth sister might have made many mistakes. However, she was also tricked by others. Consort Yan, please, forgive my sister and let her live. She… If she had been able to survive, she wouldn’t have…” Mo Xuetong turned to look at You Yue’e, who was standing by the side. Her crystal clear eyes shone pleadingly and she appeared to be like a good elder sister to Mo Xueqiong.

She knew how to act as well!

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