Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 470 – Jealousy, Came out of nowhere

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Chapter 470 Jealousy, Came out of nowhere

The two held each other to get into Feng Yuran’s flamboyant carriage. In the carriage, Feng Yuran leaned on the couch leisurely and took Mo Xuetong into his arms. He touched her face tenderly and said with a relaxed att.i.tude, “How about Feng Yue’s people? How about replacing Mo Ye and Mo Feng with Feng Yue’s people? It would have saved the trouble the two useless guys made when they failed to finish such a small task.”

When Feng Yuran spoke the first sentence, Mo Xuetong’s heart dropped a beat, but she immediately got what Feng Yuran actually meant. She leaned on his chest cutely, rubbed him with her small face, and even took the initiative to hook his neck. She said in a pretty manner, “Your Highness, what? How can your people be useless? The two can smooth things out well, big or small.”

Feng Yuran stretched his hand to hold her white and tender fingers, took a sideways glance at Mo Xuetong who was leaning on his chest as actively and obediently as a cat, and smiled enchantingly. “Since the two are so useful, why did you still ask Feng Yue to find the people? It was obvious that the two are useless. Well, after returning to the manor, I will appoint more people to you to replace the two.”

He looked really angry!

Mo Xuetong put down a hand quickly and touched his chest obsequiously. She leaned her head back slightly, and could see his chin raising high and his mouth pouting a bit. Unbelievably, Feng Yuran, conceited and indolent, would behave like a child now. Mo Xuetong’s long eyelashes flickered to conceal the smile in her eyes. Since he was displeased now, Mo Xuetong thought she could not infuriate him.

Charming ripples appeared in her clear eyes, and her pinkish mouth pouted slightly. She pulled his sleeve and said with an aggrieved look. “I was afraid that being understaffed, I would be framed by others. I just prepared for the unexpected. I was just timid and afraid that something terrible would happen.”

“Afraid of being understaffed? You can tell me. Why did you bother to tell Feng Yue secretly? Well, afraid of letting me know about it?” Feng Yuran raised his lips slightly and had a half-smile on his handsome face. His beautiful eyes glittered with enchantment, which would make people blush and their hearts beat faster. His attractive red lips curled up slightly with natural charm at the corner of his lips.

“How come? I was afraid that you’d be worried about me!” Mo Xuetong would not admit it at this time. She raised her clear eyes to look at him fawningly and pulled his sleeve, and he had to put down his hand.

As a matter of fact, she did not want Feng Yuran to know about it, but was afraid that they would have any countermeasures afterward, she asked Feng Yue to find more people to follow Mo Feng so as to avoid being framed by Feng Yulei because of incomplete consideration. Fortunately, things went on step by step as she had planned. It turned out alarming but not dangerous.

And the most important was that she was afraid Feng Yulei intended to frame Feng Yuran by taking advantage of her, so she simply left Feng Yuran out. Therefore, no matter how terrible the matter was, it was just a matter about the women in the inner court, which could not stir up too much trouble.

Feng Yuran touched her long hair, raised his thin lips into a smile, and said, “Huh, did you really think so?”

“Of course, of course, I promise, it’s really not a big deal. Just Mo Xueqiong and You Yuecheng ganged up again for some reason. I didn’t know if You Yuecheng made some promise to Mo Xueqiong so as to let her deceive me out and try to put the blame on me that I abducted the king’s second consort to flee. It is a matter about the women in the inner court. You’d better not get involved. Rest a.s.sured. I’m fine.”

Mo Xuetong raised her white and tender hand to the ear, and promised seriously. Then, she rubbed his chest with her chin and said softly.

“Really? Nothing else happened?”


“Do you have anything else hidden from me?” Feng Yuran held her to look at her face-to-face. He leaned to one side and turned her under his body. Strong masculine smell drilled into Mo Xuetong’s senses in all directions. Her face blushed, and she twisted uneasily. Looking at the half-smile on his handsome face, she decided to tell him everything honestly.

“I asked the coachman to drive the carriage to the house of the minister of the Ministry of Works. You Yuecheng and Feng Yulei were bound to send people to keep an eye on that carriage. When seeing the carriage enter the minister’s house, they would investigate the minister for sure.” Mo Xuetong smiled sweetly. Her smile was as beautiful as a blossoming flower. Her clear eyes blinked at him cutely, and her giggles sounded happy and lovely.

Looking at Mo Xuetong who was completely undefended against him, Feng Yuran could not help laughing, and his kiss fell on her tender forehead. He said, “Cunning girl, aren’t you afraid that my third brother will find you finally?”

“I’m not afraid at all. He couldn’t find me. They only thought it was Lian An who caused them trouble, but they couldn’t figure out immediately why Lian An caused them trouble. As they investigate more deeply, they will find something about Consort Zhao. As for the things about my mother, Consort Zhao must know something about it. When Consort Zhao is forced to act rashly by the Empress, the truth about my mother will be revealed easier.”

Leaning on Feng Yuran, Mo Xuetong smiled sweetly and told her plan step by step.

“What a cunning girl!” Feng Yuran could not help laughing, touched her hair, and continued to say, “Okay. Let’s just stay at home these days and go nowhere else. In the back garden, I set up a new flower stand and planted some flowers. I will show you tomorrow.”

“What happened?” Mo Xuetong pushed him away hard, and turned over. Her bright eyes blinked and looked at him cautiously. During these days, Feng Yuran was so fully occupied that Mo Xuetong did not think that he would be in a leisurely and carefree mood to plant flowers and play on a swing with her.

Looking at her round eyes, Feng Yuran couldn’t help but laugh, pulled her on his chest, and chuckled. The palpitating on his chest eased the serious look on Mo Xuetong’s face. It seemed that it was not a bad thing. At least Feng Yuran looked rather pleased. But she still couldn’t rest her mind, because he was so astute and scheming!

Mo Xuetong shot a sideways glare at Feng Yuran, stretched her hands to tickle his armpit, and said with a pretending stern look, “Tell me, do you have anything else hidden from me?” But her smart eyes glittered with her natural charm. At merely a glance, it was more than alluring.

Feng Yuran couldn’t help accelerating his breath and staring at her keenly. Before Mo Xuetong reacted, he directly reached out, pressed her back on the couch, and covered on her body. His lips attached to hers, and blocked her exclamation which was about to come out of her mouth.

Her lips were sweet and fragrant, not the smell of rouge but a faint natural floral fragrance, which made his breath more and more rapid.

Mo Xuetong’s face seemed to be burning, and she did not expect that he would be so impulsive. Just now, they still had a nice talk, but how could he now be so… She tried to push him, but he seized her tender hands to put them on top of her head. She only felt she was soaked in his masculine smell, and almost collapsed with embarra.s.sment under his body. Her mind, which used to be well-organized, went blank at that moment. Nothing but pa.s.sion burnt her from head to toe, and she did not know how to react…

Feng Yuran held her tightly and kissed her intently. A sense of accomplishment suddenly ran through him when her soft and tender body was beneath him.

Hugging her in reality, kissing her in reality, and even the real touch that filled the vacancy in his heart, made him involuntarily let out a low sigh. If he had known that she could be so obedient today, he should not have said too much just now, but be domineering and he could have kissed her already.

The woman in his arms never took the initiative. Even though sometimes she got ablush and her heart beat fast, she did not dare to look at him, but still pretended to be calm and restrained. If he just followed her steps, he could get nothing, not even a kiss. Looking at the slight flush on her white face, Feng Yuran was overjoyed and kissed her more intently.

Mo Xuetong almost suffocated from the kiss, only finding it difficult to breathe. Her chest was palpitating sharply. The moment she felt she was about to lose breath, he released her finally. He reached out to pull her on his body, while he lay on the bed, panting hard.

He was hot. Lying on him, Mo Xuetong could sense the changes of his body, which made her even more ashamed. She drilled into his arms with a red face, and dared not move or speak again. She knew how dangerous it was at this time. If he had not restrained himself, she and he would not remain what they were now.

She was his legitimate wife through a formal wedding. She knew he loved her and he had no other women besides her. In fact, he did not need to forbear himself. But for her, for her to observe mourning for her mother, he had to control himself. They stayed with each other day after day, and she could feel that he tried his best to keep restrained. She knew he was a person with strong self-control, and he controlled himself for her…

But looking at him, it… Mo Xuetong did not know how long he could control himself!

She closed her eyes tightly, but couldn’t help thinking the women in his back garden. Mo Xuetong once saw them in the distance. They’re either tender, pretty, beautiful, charming, or elegant, so forth… Those women were good-looking with nice figures. Had they been kissed by him like this?

Had their lips been so keenly lit? Although most of the women were said to be secret spies sent by other manors, he actually took in a few of them himself, or had they had such a relations.h.i.+p with him…

The thought disgusted her, and her mouth pouted involuntarily. She hated the thought, and even hated the pictures that she drew in her mind that those women pandered to him under his body. The feeling depressed her a lot.

She had never had such an idea before. But since the idea emerged, its sporadic fragments were joined into clear pictures one after one and flashed in front of Mo Xuetong’s eyes. The pictures were so messy and staggered that the flush on her face faded away immediately, making her almost breathless.

That feeling was annoying and disgusting…

Sensing Mo Xuetong’s stiffness and coldness, he turned his handsome head to her and asked, “Tong’er?”

“Your Highness, I’m not feeling well. If you want to find a woman, go to the back garden.” The words burst out with a little resentment.

“Why did you mention them?” Feng Yuran blinked his eyes, confused. Obviously, he did not get it.

“Why not mention them? Those people are being restrained in the back garden. It is not a permanent arrangement. You should give a plan, otherwise, will you plan to restrain them for life? How about picking some out and opening a new garden for them? Then, arrange some people to serve them so that Your Highness can have a place to go if you want.”

Mo Xuetong said sourly and yanked the clothes on his chest. Overwhelmed with a grievance, she said it out without thinking, regardless of whether it sounded hurtful or not.

Feng Yuran calmed down his excited pant gradually. He was at a loss by her sudden anger at first, but soon found the key point in Mo Xuetong’s depressed voice. Then, he smiled and pulled Mo Xuetong’s hair till Mo Xuetong grabbed the hair with pain, and she tried to seize his hand ferociously. He said in a leisurely manner, “Tong’er, are you jealous?”

He could not conceal his amus.e.m.e.nt in his voice.

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