Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 501 – If You Could Be More Obedient to Me

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Chapter 501 If You Could Be More Obedient to Me

As Mo Xuetong was thinking, the door was pushed open. Then she heard someone calling in a low voice, “Your Highness.”

She knew it was Feng Yuran coming.

As expected, when she turned around, she saw Feng Yuran, who was wearing a purple robe, standing by the door. When he saw Mo Xuetong, the bloodthirsty look on his face faded away and replaced by a gentle and charming smile. After he came in, he waved off the maids who were waiting in the room, walked over, and felt Mo Xuetong’s head.

Sensing the mild temperature coming from her head, he asked with a smile, “How do you feel now?”

“I feel much better now, just like usual.” Mo Xuetong held his big hand and rubbed her face. Then she smiled and asked, “What happened in the yard? Is there anything wrong?”

Mo Xuetong did not know why but she felt that it was no big deal with him around. As such, she did not care when she heard the noise outside, especially when she saw that he was neatly dressed. It did not seem like there was any danger.

“It’s alright. There are only a few coming to our manor and they killed some people,” Feng Yuran replied casually. He then sat down on the bed, leaned against the bedhead and hugged Mo Xuetong in his embrace. As he heard the soft sounds in his arms, he felt as if his anger had been vented.

His eyes had become deep and blood-thirsty, but Mo Xuetong did not see it!

He would never show any mercy to anyone who tried to harm Tong’er.

“Who is dead?” Mo Xuetong was shocked and wanted to prop herself up anxiously. However, since her movement was too violent and she was weaker than before, she felt dizzy and her hands were limp. Fortunately, Feng Yuran reached out and held her.

“Nothing serious. A few concubines who were out of their rooms died, as well as a few servants,” Feng Yuran replied in a relaxed voice, sounding unconcerned.

Mo Xuetong could tell that something was amiss. Why did he look so casual when some had entered the manor? She thought about it for a moment and soon understood. Then, she leaned closer to him and asked softly, “Whose people are those”

“Not mine anyway.” Feng Yuran smiled evilly. He lifted up his handsome face, looking rather pleased with himself.

“This man is really proud!”

Mo Xuetong could not help but smile and asked, “You’re injured, aren’t you?”

“Of course. I was in the room with my little wife when the suddenly appeared. Since I’m not that powerful, I failed to stop them. So it’s reasonable for me to be stabbed.” Feng Yuran sat up straight with a smile on his face and gently put Mo Xuetong on the bed. He took off his coat, lay down on the bed, and took her in his arms again.

Mo Xuetong reached out to touch his face, then patted his arms and waist, and even kicked his legs with her foot.

“Tong’er, what are you checking?” Feng Yuran smiled at her and looked at her with his pretty eyes when he saw how serious she acted.

Mo Xuetong heaved a sigh of relief when she found that he was not injured at all. There was a hint of a fake angry smile on her lips as she pouted, “I just checked if you’re hurt!”

She could not forget that when Feng Yuxuan and Qin Yufeng had plotted against her, he had gone alone to Feng Yuxuan and finally were seriously injured.

“You, why are you so smart?” Feng Yuran sighed and his red lips landed lightly on her ear. He smiled dotingly and held her tighter. “Don’t worry. I am not the one who has been injured.”

“Who is it?” Mo Xuetong turned around, stunned.

“Of course it’s my Third Brother, King Yan.” Feng Yuran smiled more lazily. His bright eyes narrowed slightly. His red and seductive lips, Roman nose, and beautiful chin with a perfect line all made him look like the most devilish and beautiful elf in the dark night. However, he was a bloodthirsty elf right now.

This made Mo Xuetong feel at ease for no reason.

She had never thought that there would be such a person making her feel at peace just by holding her slightly and making her lean against him. It was as if she was not afraid of anything as long as he was around. She did not feel at a loss, nor did she feel nervous. It made her feel completely relaxed. She did not have the energy to say anything else to him, just found a comfortable position in his embrace and fell asleep, feeling the relaxation.

Since he had everything in his hands and had already come up with a plan, there was nothing for her to worry about!

Anyway, even if the sky had fallen, he was there. In a daze, she stopped being afraid anymore when she was leaning on him.

When Mo Xuetong slowly woke up again, the sun was already high in the sky. She had a very good sleep this time. Even though she still felt stuffy in her chest, she was fine. She felt no different from usual.

Mo Lan hurried to help Mo Xuetong up when she heard that she had gotten up. Mo Xuetong had just sat by the bed when she saw the curtain was lifted. Then Feng Yuran strode in. Sweat was still beading on his forehead. He seemed to have returned after exercising.

“Why aren’t you going out today?” Mo Xuetong asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice as she stood up. He had been out every day for the past few days to look for the Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands. Then why was he still here today?

Feng Yuran helped her to sit down in front of her dressing table. When he saw that her face had regained some color, he sat by the side and watched her making up. “There were coming to the manor last night and I was injured. Of course, I have to recuperate at home. Father will soon send imperial physicians over. I have to stay in bed,” he said with a smile.

It seemed that he was in a good mood.

Mo Xuetong knew that he could not be taken at face value. Knowing that he had a well-thought-out plan, she stopped asking more about that, but changed a topic and inquired, “What other manors were involved yesterday?”

Feng Yuran took the wet towel Mo Ye handed him, wiped his face, and casually smiled, replying, “Too many, Fu General Manor, Ding General Manor, Ping General Manor, Mingguo Manor, King Xuan’s Manor, King Chu’s Manor, King Ning’s Manor, and King Yan’s Manor. Oh, I heard my Third Brother got hurt in the hand, causing it to be fractured.”

“ also went to Fu General Manor?” Mo Xuetong’s beautiful eyes widened as she looked at Feng Yuran in shock.

“Yes. are getting bolder and bolder. Don’t they know who the Four Great Manors are? How dare they do that? By the way, the masters of all the yards are not badly hurt. However, Third Brother has his hand broken, and Consort Yan has her leg broken. It’s such a pity. There isn’t even a person who can manage King Yan’s Manor right now.”

It sounded as if Feng Yuran was worried about Feng Yulei. However, according to the relaxed and lazy expression on his handsome face, he did not seem worried at all.

“Your Highness, are you gloating?” Mo Xuetong pursed her lips.

Feng Yuran laughed out loud and walked over. He picked a lotus-shaped hairpin from Mo Xuetong’s dressing table and stuck it on her dark hair. Then, he looked at it from the left and the right and seemed to be satisfied. After that, he pulled her to her feet and walked her out of the bedroom.

Since there were many maids in the room, Mo Xuetong was a little shy. She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes, but did not avoid him. She allowed him to pull her hand, and felt at ease at this moment. No matter what happened, she felt especially safe and secure as long as he was by her side.

The breakfast had already been prepared in the dining room. Mo Xuetong sat down and considered for a moment before she asked, “What excuse have you given for not attending to business this time?”

In actuality, Mo Xuetong wanted to ask him if it was really alright, since he had been so busy recently and now he suddenly didn’t care about it.

Feng Yuran took over the bowl of porridge from a maid and placed it in front of Mo Xuetong. Then, he said with a casual smile, “Last night, when the rushed into my yard, I was beside my fainted wife. I was so worried that it was too late to dodge when I saw the coming. I got injured. Father will send a physician later to see to my injuries.”

Was he really injured? Mo Xuetong looked at him suspiciously. She did not find that he was injured last night.

Feng Yuran immediately beamed when he saw Mo Xuetong holding the bowl and blankly staring at him worriedly and disbelievingly. She looked cute and pretty. He reached out his hand to pinch her delicate nose and saw her pink lips pouting unhappily. Then he laughed and responded, “Don’t worry. If I say I got injured, I indeed got injured.”

“Are you really okay?”

“I’m fine!” Feng Yuran said, grinning.

“Did you find the Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands? If you can’t find him, something will definitely happen. Is that okay as well?” Mo Xuetong was still worried. The Southern Barbarian Lands was like a thorn in her heart, making her uncomfortable. As long as she heard something about the Southern Barbarian Lands, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

This originated from what had happened in her last life—she had lost track of Feng Yuran since he went to the Southern Barbarian Lands.

When she thought that he might be in danger, missing or had an accident in the Southern Barbarian Lands, she became extremely nervous. She had been on tenterhooks for fear that he would have too much to do with that lands, and that he might walk on the same path as he did in the last life.

“Don’t worry. The Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands has been weak for so many years, but he is fine, which shows that he must not be a pushover. I know what to do. Don’t think too much. Just take care of yourself.” Feng Yuran placed a few pieces of pickled cuc.u.mbers in her bowl. When he saw Mo Xuetong pick them up and eat them, his eyes lit up.

Mo Xuetong rolled her watery eyes and immediately understood what he meant.

It was said that the Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands had always been in poor health, and his mother had died when he was a child. He had since been brought up by the new Empress who had been doted upon by the Emperor. However, he was still the Crown Prince, which meant that he was not a simple person. For some reason, Mo Xuetong thought of Bai Yihao. If the Crown Prince was someone like Bai Yihao, he would not have gotten into an accident in the Qin Kingdom so easily. And the fact that there was no news about him was good news.

Even though she understood, Mo Xuetong still asked gently, “Are you really alright?” Her eyes were fixed on him to catch every emotion leaking out of the corner of his eye.

However, the man held a bright charm in the corner of his eye. He looked at her and nodded with ease. “I’m alright. If you could be more obedient to me, I’ll be fine.”

Mo Xuetong was speechless. She picked up the bowl of porridge by her side and took two swigs forcefully.

These words were considered normal. Mo Xuetong only said that because she was concerned about Feng Yuran. She was a little worried because she did not know the details of the Southern Barbarian Lands. However, when she saw Feng Yuran’s actions and his reasonable expression, Mo Xuetong felt that she somehow wanted to bite him.

She was in a hurry as if in the fire, but he was leisurely as if in the water.

Feng Yuran immediately burst into laughter when he saw Mo Xuetong was so depressed that she could not even speak.

Unlike the seductive and charming appearance he always displayed, he was truly happy right now. Gentleness could be seen from the corners of his eyes, and there was a hint of vigor in his pure smile that made him look simple and relaxed. That smile on Feng Yuran’s handsome face was dazzling and bright.

Even Mo Xuetong, who was as calm as she was, could not help but feel a little dizzy as she saw his lively smile.

This man was really too handsome! He was born with the ability to enchant women.

This reminded her of He Yufen. The first miss of the He family would marry into the manor in a few days.

She was just a concubine and it was a trivial matter in the manor. Feng Yuran did not have anyone to pick a time and instead he just sent someone to the He family to inform them. He fixed the date at random. When the time came, he would send a small sedan chair to carry her over. And that day was coming.

Mo Xuetong pouted when she thought of He Yufen was about to enter. She said, “The new concubine will enter the manor in a few days. Don’t you get someone to clean a yard up to keep her?”

“Why do you sound a little jealous!” Feng Yuran smiled even more happily. His eyes narrowed slightly. He was in a good mood that could not be described in language.

“Jealous? I’m just asking. Don’t say that our manor has treated her badly, causing Consort Zhao to come out to question us.” Mo Xuetong felt full. She put down the bowl and wiped her lips with a handkerchief, refusing to eat any more porridge.

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