Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 509 – You Yuecheng and Ling Mingyan Made Trouble in the Restaurant

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Chapter 509 You Yuecheng and Ling Mingyan Made Trouble in the Restaurant

Since two groups of people b.u.mped into each other at the staircase, the storekeeper came out to mediate. Based on the principle of amiability attracting riches, the storekeeper smiled and said, “Miss, please don’t angry. Let’s try to get along. Please tell me which private room do you want to go to?”

“Who are you? How dare you to run into our madam. Do you want to die? Get out of the way.” Sure enough, a servant would be like her master. Ling Mingyan was an arrogant person, and her maidservant was also unbridled. At this time her servant yelled at the group in front of them, hands on hips.

The one on the upper steps wearing a veil, so others could not see her face clearly. But her clothes were all unusual and expensive, and according to her temperament, she was not an ordinary person. As Mo Xuetong’s eyes fell on the phoenix hairpin that was inserted on the side bun, she was shocked in the heart. With a frown, she did not speak, but took a few steps back to the side of the handrail with her two maidservants, and watched quietly.

“Get out of the way! We’re in a hurry.” The maidservant below her master looked sullen, but she didn’t lose her temper. She just said lightly, and didn’t want to make trouble.

“You want to go? You want to go after running into others for no reason. You almost ran into our madam, even without an apology?” The maidservant who slapped the waiter walked to the staircase, stretched her arms, and blocked the way. Maybe she just did it as Ling Mingyan asked. “Who allows you to leave? Apologize to our madam before you go.”

Her words were extremely rude. Everyone saw that it was Ling Mingyan’s servant who rushed up and ran into them. Now the villain brought suit against the victims. They blamed the victim. Even if she was married, Ling Mingyan was still domineering. No wonder people didn’t like her in the capital. This kind of temperament was really unpleasant.

“You rushed up for no reason and almost ran into our master. We didn’t say that. You asked us to apologize to your madam. Is this a joke?” the maidservant on the upper steps scolded. She was polite, and now her face was pale with anger.

Ling Mingyan’s maidservant was not a person who could bear to be a loser. At this time, her eyebrows were raised upright and she cursed, “You b.i.t.c.h, how dare you to scold me? Today, no matter who your master is, you must apologize. Kowtow and apologize to our madam. Otherwise, none of you can go down.”

The capital was full of n.o.ble families; although Mingguo Manor and Ding General Manor were already top-notch families, it was not that no one could suppress Ling Mingyan. Mo Xuetong could only sigh that Ling Mingyan was really spoiled by Ding General Manor. She was so arrogant and ignorant, and really thought that she was the most distinguished person in this capital. To kowtow and apologize to her? Unfortunately, today Ling Mingyan would not be pleased. Mo Xuetong simply stood aside and watched the people on the upper steps to deal with this matter.

Sure enough, the maidservant on the upper step s.h.i.+vered in rage. She pointed at Ling Mingyan’s maidservant, glared, and snapped, “How dare you talk to our master like that? Do you want to die…?”

She was interrupted by the maidservant standing behind her. The maidservant pulled her clothes and walked forward, and said to Ling Mingyan’s maidservant, “Miss, your madam doesn’t look like an ordinary person. Why do you make a tyrannical thing here? Anyway, there is no loss for everyone. We both have affairs to do. Why don’t we just go away?”

What she said was very polite and she was smiling, which made a good impression on people. Generally speaking, looking at her temperament, and then at the person behind, who had not spoken but her bearing was not ordinary, one would stop pestering them. After all, they had expressed that they wanted to just let it go.

However, Ling Mingyan’s maidservant had been staying around Ling Mingyan for a long time, and was used to being strong. At this time, she thought that she was reasonable, she refused to let it go. She looked back at Ling Mingyan’s tight mouth, and angry look, which had no hint that she should let it go.

Consciously wanting to vent her madam’s spleen, she raised her face and sneered, “There is no loss for everyone? Our madam came here to do something, but now it has been messed up by you. How come it’s okay? Hurry up to apologize to our madam. Our madam is going upstairs.”

She was adamant!

It seemed that they would not leave unless they got an apology.

Mo Xuetong’s eyes fell again on the woman who wore a veil and she could not see her face clearly. Although she was separated by the veil, she could still feel her unhappiness. The two maidservants behind her glared, and it seemed that they were about to lose their temple, but they still tried hard to contain their anger.

This situation was really strange. Mo Xuetong did not want to intervene in this seemingly unusual thing, so she just watched. Just now she thought Ling Mingyan was coming to her, and now she found out that it had nothing to do with her.

“What’s the matter? What’s going on?” Suddenly there was an indifferent and impatient voice from the stairs, and attracted the attention of the two that had been stalemate and the people who had been paying attention to it.

You Yuecheng stood on the second-floor stairs, and he wore a gorgeous robe, and a black golden jade crown on his head. The strangest thing was that there was a charming woman standing beside the indifferent man. This woman’s clothes didn’t belong to the maidservant. Her charming eyes had an aura of a prost.i.tute. Obviously, she was not from a decent family. At the moment, she was curiously looking up and down at Ling Mingyan.

“You… you, you really have other women…” Ling Mingyan standing downstairs looked at You Yuecheng’s hand in disbelief, her body s.h.i.+vering slightly, her eyes suddenly turning red. She thought it was a lie. Although You Yuecheng was quite indifferent to her, he didn’t get his hands on any maidservant. However, now he was still holding the woman’s hand; the two came out hand in hand.

You Yuecheng was with a prost.i.tute openly? Mo Xuetong blinked her big eyes, and her eyes showed her thoughts. You Yuecheng, who always protected his fame, was holding a prost.i.tute’s hand in front of Ling Mingyan. It was quite strange. Mo Xuetong’s eyes fell on the woman wearing the veil again, finding that she and her people had moved aside. They cleared a way.

“It’s strange!” she secretly said. The woman seemed to know the relations.h.i.+p between You Yuecheng and Ling Mingyan. But now that she knew Ling Mingyan, why did not she just show her face and talk with Ling Mingyan. It was said that Ling Mingyan would make some concessions to ladies and madams she knew well.

“This is not a place for conversation. Come upstairs.” You Yuecheng’s face was cold, without any slight fluctuations in his eyes. He took the woman into a private room on the second floor.

Ling Mingyan, of course, was not in a mood to deal with other things at this time. She rushed to the private room on the second floor. At the door of the room, You Yuecheng’s manservant reached out and stopped her maidservants. Looking at the cold eyes of the manservant, the maidservants did not dare to be arrogant anymore at this time. Their madam had always obeyed His Excellency. If they offended His Excellency, she would punish them after her anger disappeared.

“You Yuecheng, what do you mean? Who is she? Tell me who she is.” Ling Mingyan rushed in angrily, and pointed at the woman sitting on the side.

Her heart was full of hatred, and she couldn’t care if she was a gentle and witty wife in front of You Yuecheng. When she heard that he came here to meet a woman, she didn’t believe it. She came to see and got the truth. When she rushed into the building in anger, she didn’t expect to see You Yuecheng and a woman, who looked quite ambiguous. How could she not be angry?

“Does who she is have anything to do with you?” You Yuecheng said coldly, took a cup beside his hand, and took a sip. There were two pairs of chopsticks and two cups on the table. Many dishes showed signs of having been eaten. Apparently, You Yuecheng and this woman’s private meeting had lasted a long while.

“Ling Mingyan, when you married into Mingguo Manor, I’ve made it clear to you, since you set me up and insisted on marrying me, you should know the consequences. I can give you the t.i.tle of being my wife, and you only have to stay peacefully in the manor. I will not do anything to you, and I will give you the decentness that you need. I will not treat you badly, but if you interfere with me, don’t blame me for not being kind.”

You Yuecheng sat on the chair without moving. He said these words in a cold tone, as if not discussing the way of husband and wife, but selling and buying.

When she heard his words, Ling Mingyan’s chest grew tight and she almost couldn’t breathe.

When they were in the Peony Garden, she was really playing some small tricks. In order to make You Yuecheng marry her, she deliberately untied her clothes when she saved him. Later, she blamed it on You Yuecheng. As things had come to this point, You Yuecheng could only marry her.

This incident was revealed ruthlessly on their wedding night. At that time, she bent over backward, repeatedly stated that she did it on purpose because she loved him and wanted to marry him and that there was no other malicious intent. Even so, You Yuecheng walked away, and when they returned to her parents’ family, he just sat for a while and left.

Ling Mingyan was completely neglected. Fortunately, although he neglected her, he did not get close to anyone. Ling Mingyan thought that it was her fault that day and she hurt his self-esteem. Of course, she didn’t dare to get angry, and instead stooped to compromise. Slowly You Yuecheng became nice to her.

Unexpectedly, in front of this prost.i.tute, he mentioned this matter. How could Ling Mingyan not be ashamed and resentful? She trembled with anger. She was the distinguished legitimate daughter of Duke Ding, but was disgraced by You Yuecheng in front of a prost.i.tute. She appeared painful and hateful, and her voice almost squeezed through her teeth.

“How… how can you do this to me?”

“Why can’t I do this to you? Tell me, what are you doing here?” You Yuecheng asked coldly.

“I… I just came to dinner.” Speaking of this, Ling Mingyan was a little guilty. In order to pretend to be a good wife, she had taken many concubines for You Yuecheng. Although she had gritted her teeth over and over again to tolerate it in the heart, she didn’t show it. She just wanted to please You Yuecheng, but You Yuecheng refused them on the spot. She thought that You Yuecheng was just upset that she had lied to him and hurt his pride as a man.

She believed that it would get better slowly. She even said that as long as You Yuecheng had someone he liked outside, he could bring her home, and she would definitely make her a concubine. Unexpectedly, her words were now used by You Yuecheng as a reason to reply to her. Of course, she didn’t dare to say that she was here to catch him with another woman.

“I, I just want to come over and have a meal. What, can’t I?”

“You came here to dinner with more than a dozen servants who do heavy works? You came here to dinner with sticks? Ling Mingyan, are you trying to humiliate our Mingguo Manor? I heard the Second Son of your family and Yu Mingyong fighting for a woman, and becoming a joke of the capital. Ling Mingyan, are you afraid that our Mingguo Manor will not be a joke, so you deliberately made such a scene?”

You Yuecheng sat still and looked at Ling Mingyan fiercely.

Ling Mingyan grew bitter and bitter. She opened her mouth in a grievance, tears twirling in her eyes. She really disliked Ling Rui’er’s brother, and she even sneered at Ling Rui’er. How could she want to get this far? That man couldn’t be compared with You Yuecheng!

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