Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 511 – Secret Moves, Concubine Xiang Is Pregnant

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Chapter 511 Secret Moves, Concubine Xiang Is Pregnant

Ling Mingyan nodded in a rarely gentle manner, and then made a bow to You Yuecheng like a perfect wife. After that, she got on her carriage with the help of her maidservant. She was so ladylike, making Mo Yu who watched upstairs burst into laughter.

She really didn’t expect Ling Mingyan, who had always been arrogant and rude, to have such an adorable look.

Mo Xuetong took her handkerchief to cover her mouth and also smiled. Ling Mingyan got on the carriage sheepishly. At the moment, she was so happy that she did not notice a trace of disgust in You Yuecheng’s eyes, but Mo Xuetong saw it clearly. You Yuecheng turned away in a resolute manner, without any reluctance. The situation of the two was still the same as when Mo Xuetong just came to the capital—one chased and the other escaped.

In the past, Ling Mingyan knew that You Yuecheng didn’t like her, but she still pursued him relentlessly. And now it seemed You Yuecheng had taken a different means to deal with Ling Mingyan, making the arrogant woman obedient. The man’s means were so varied.

Poor Ling Mingyan was still in the dark, thinking that her husband only had a cold temperament.

Mo Xuetong certainly didn’t pity Ling Mingyan. Ling Mingyan had long been notorious in the capital. She was not only arrogant and despotic, but also killed people on the streets. Her carriage of Ding General Manor had made so much trouble. She often made sarcastic remarks about girls who were inferior to her in position, and even whipped them when she was in a bad mood.

It was said that when she attended the palace banquet, she beat a little official’s daughter half to death because she accidentally ran into her. In the face of many gentlemen and ladies of n.o.ble families, she beat her fiercely. When she was finally pulled away by others, she was still unwilling to spare her. The little official’s daughter was said to throw herself into the river when she went back because she felt that she was too humiliated to see others.

Mo Xuetong could only say that You Yuecheng was much smarter than Ling Mingyan now.

Mo Yu put down the curtain in his hand, blinked his eyes, and suddenly asked, “My Lady, Marquess Mingguo doesn’t like First Miss Ling, why did he marry her?”

Mo Yu thought it naively. Since Marquess Mingguo didn’t like Ding General Manor’s first miss, and he looked so strong, he could just refuse to marry her. Anyway, Ding General Manor would not throw Ling Mingyan in Mingguo Manor forcibly.

Mo Xuetong smiled faintly and replied, “No matter what, Ding General Manor is the powerful empress’s family. You Yuecheng might dislike Ling Mingyan, he could not refuse her. Otherwise, he won’t drag on until now.”

Among the two powerful manors, it was of course the best if they could marry together. Moreover, You Yuecheng now supported King Yan Feng Yulei, the Empress’s parents’ family was Ding General Manor. If he could bring Ding General Manor to support King Yan and serve King Yan in a down-to-earth manner, it was nothing for You Yuecheng to marry Ling Mingyan.

In the same way, if he really wanted to reject Ling Mingyan, he could directly reject her. After all, Ding General Manor would not force him to marry her! Therefore, You Yuecheng was playing cat and mouse before. Remembering that Mo Xuemin had thought of being his wife in the past, Mo Xuetong just felt speechless.

“My Lady, do you mean that Marquess Mingguo deliberately kept First Miss Ling waiting?” Mo Yu’s eyes widened.

“Why not! Getting married to Ding General Manor is only good for You Yuecheng. And considering Ling Mingyan’s reputation and the way she married into Mingguo Manor, Ding General Manor can’t object when You Yuecheng wants to do something in the future. Either way, Ding General Manor owes You Yuecheng because of Ling Mingyan.”

Mo Xuetong smiled slightly, and explained with a hint.

Mo Yu didn’t understand her words for a while.

Mo Lan thought about it and interjected, “My Lady, you meant that Marquess Mingguo will invent a charge against Ding General Manor on this matter in the future?”

“Or You Yuecheng has further plans,” Mo Xuetong said lightly.

The empress’s family of Ding General Manor was sometimes very hateful. It had been a long time since someone said that the Empress came from Ding General Manor. This had caused the power deviation between the Four Great Manors that were evenly matched. Now It seemed that Ding General Manor was the strongest. With the Empress and the Empress Dowager’s support, it would never fall down.

But things were unpredictable, especially at this time, the erratic att.i.tude of Ding General Manor had made many people unhappy.

When they were talking here, the curtain was lifted, and Mo Ye walked in with a depressed face.

“My Lady, the carriage first went to the east of the city for a while, and the woman entered an ordinary clothing store. Mo Feng and I waited outside for a while, but they didn’t come out. We sensed there was something wrong, so we went in and found out the clothing store had a back door. When we went in, they were gone.”

“They have left from the other door?” Mo Xuetong frowned.

“Yes, we didn’t expect there is the other door of that store, and the back door also faces a street. We didn’t dare to chase them in urgency, so we just looked around at the back door and came back.”

Mo Ye missed this time. Thinking of his failure, he was very annoyed. They should be one at the front door and the other at the back. Then that woman could not escape.

“Never mind. Since she has appeared, she will appear again.” Mo Xuetong didn’t blame them. She took a sip of the tea, and a sly smile appeared in her watery eyes, making her eyes sparkling, like a flowering pond with ripples. She actually had a conjecture, but it needed to be confirmed.

In the backyard of King Xuan’s Manor.

In a dim house, there was a little maidservant sitting at the door. She watched a few concubines in the courtyard. They were dressed in gorgeous clothes or walked in an enchanting manner, and two of them were quarreling for whom picked the flowers in the garden first while the rest leaned aside to watch them and chat.

An old maidservant walked in hurriedly, and looked at the maidservant at the door. Getting a hint, she nodded and lifted the curtain into the room.

“Nanny, you are here.” A woman’s dull voice came from the room.

There was no light in the room. The nanny closed her eyes and waited to get used to it. Then she saw a woman sitting in a corner of the house. Her face was pale, but fortunately, she looked healthy, wearing a somewhat loose dress. But it didn’t make her look fat because of her slender figure.

The nanny came over and sat on the stool beside her. Then she lowered her voice and said softly, “Concubine Xiang, tomorrow is that woman’s birthday. Just tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Concubine Xiang froze for a moment and reached out to touch her belly. She knew that the child in her belly was just for setting up others. Since she hid in this room every day for the past few months, and the child in her belly was the only one who accompanied her, she, who was reckless with greed, now was a little bit reluctant.

“Nanny, can I refuse? I…”

“What? You’re reluctant to lose it? Concubine Xiang, are you really wanting to give birth to this b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Are you trying to using this illegitimate child to get a promotion? The royal family has its own way to verify biological ident.i.ty. Concubine Xiang, you are too whimsical,” the nanny said coldly, her face darkening.

What she said was extremely rude, but it stopped Concubine Xiang from saying something. She opened her mouth but said nothing.

She really wanted to give birth to this child. All the concubines in this manor had no child now. If she had a child, King Xuan would think highly of her and give herself a formal position. Then she could fight Mo Xuetong. She believed that if she, who had a way of escape, had a son in hand, she could definitely defeat Mo Xuetong.

But the nanny’s words directly made her hope fade away.

If she gave birth to the child, the royal family would verify his blood.

“Can you ask Her Highness to help me?” Concubine Xiang looked at the nanny with pleading.

“Help you? How? Her Highness is in poor health. If you really don’t want to lose this child, just forget it,” the nanny stated coldly, her eyes falling on Concubine Xiang’s belly, and she smiled slyly. “Once you spread the word that you’re pregnant with King Xuan’s child, you will lose it before you set up others.”

After she finished speaking, she stood up as if to leave before Concubine Xiang spoke.

“Nanny, I’ll listen to Her Highness’s orders.” Seeing the nanny was going, Concubine Xiang stood up and wailed.

She knew what the nanny said was true. No one in the manor now suspected that she had a baby in her belly. If they knew, in a few days, those women outside would definitely make her have a miscarriage. She was also one of them in the past. It was not that she had never had such an idea.

“Are you sure?” Seeing her compromise, the nanny nodded, turned her head, and put on a smile on her face.

“Yes, I’m sure. I’ll listen to Her Highness.” Concubine Xiang gritted her teeth. Her pale face showed a bit of cruelty, and the hand touching her belly s.h.i.+vered, but she still said firmly.

Since she could not keep this child, it was appropriate to use him for her benefit. At most, she would burn some paper money for the unborn child during the festivals. Then she wouldn’t feel sorry for him.

“Good. If this child is gone, you can take that woman off the stage. If you lose your child because of a collision, His Highness will also compensate you, and will definitely make the decision for you. At least, you will be promoted as an ordinary concubine. If you catch the chance, you might be a second consort. After that, His Highness has no first consort. Then it’s up to you.” The nanny’s face was full of smiles, and she respectfully made a special bow to Concubine Xiang.

This pleased Concubine Xiang and reduced her sorrow of losing her child. She looked as if she had seen that all concubines only saluted to her in the future. The mournful heart was at once excited and glad. She had thought clear of trading a child whose father was not King Xuan for her own benefits.

Her face was full of joy instead of a reluctant look. And there was a smile in her eyes. At first glance, one would know that she was thrilled. The nanny looked at her in disdain, and did not talk nonsense with her, only saying, “Concubine Xiang, then you prepare today.”

“Good!” Concubine Xiang nodded.

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