Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 514 – Horror by the Lake, Several Changes

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Chapter 514 Horror by the Lake, Several Changes

Concubine Xiang’s voice was extremely loud, as if she were extremely angry. She wanted to stand up but her body was too heavy and she could not stand straight. She slammed into Mo Xuetong. Behind Mo Xuetong was the lake. If she was. .h.i.t, she would fall into the lake; but if she dodged, Concubine Xiang would fall into the lake. She still had a child in her belly. She would lose the child after such a ruckus.

And then Mo Xuetong would be blamed.

What she just did was to make others suspect that Mo Xuetong was jealous of her and wanted to make her lose the child in her belly.

When the crowd was in a mess, something fell from above and coincidentally on Concubine Xiang. Concubine Xiang shook her body and fell to the side. He Yufen was slowly approaching. When the crowd saw something falling, they all looked up and didn’t notice her. Then she went to Mo Xuetong without hesitation.

She intended to knock Mo Xuetong into the water.

At the same time, she let out a scream. “Ah, My Lady, be careful.”

Then, as if she could not control herself, she slammed into Mo Xuetong’s shoulder forcefully. If she really slammed into her, Mo Xuetong would fall into the lake. Concubine Xiang was in front of Mo Xuetong and He Yufen was by her side. Mo Xuetong seemed to have nowhere to go but to retreat. Moreover, a swarm of hornets escaped from the big black object in front of her, causing the maids and elder maidservants to be so frightened that they ran around.

There were only a few collisions, and then screams.

The crowd only felt that a figure flashed in front of them, and then someone fell into the lake, making a splash.

“Her Lady has fallen into the lake. Quick, Her Lady has fallen into the lake,” an elder maidservant screamed loudly. The crowd was still busy escaping the hornets. They covered their faces with their sleeves and drove the hornets away. They didn’t realize that someone fell into the lake for a moment. At this time, when they heard someone shouting, all of them followed suit and screamed, “Hurry up. Save Her Lady. Her Lady has fallen into the lake.” Though they didn’t see the person clearly.

The young masters who had been watching from the opposite bank looked at each other and hesitated for a moment. They did not see who had fallen into the water, but it was certain that a woman had fallen into the lake. Hearing the shouts of the maids and elder maidservants, they thought that the lady who fell into the water must be Consort Xuan. It would not be good if she was rescued by them, but she might die if they didn’t save her, which would be a big deal.

Before they could figure it out, they heard another splash. A person had taken off his robe and jumped into the water, swimming to the figure falling in the lake. Only then did the crowd react. A few more people jumped into the water. It was Consort Xuan, and if something really happened to her with their presence, no one could take responsibility. They’d better save her first.

“Hurry up. Ask the elder maidservants to save her. Hurry up,” Luo Mingzhu shouted in a hurry while covering her face with her sleeve.

It was actually a hornet’s nest that fell from the tree. Now those hornets were flying about and stinging people. So Luo Mingzhu could only cover her face with her sleeves. She was so anxious that she only wanted to shout to stop the men on the other bank from jumping into the water. If Luo Xuetong was really rescued by a man, her integrity would be ruined. It was terrible to be carried ash.o.r.e by a man in front of so many people.

The people on the sh.o.r.e saw that a person quickly swam to the woman falling and rising in the lake. He hugged the figure in the lake and swam to the sh.o.r.e with all his strength. While swimming, he pulled the woman’s clothes, ripping away half of her b.u.t.toned clothes. One could vaguely see her pink bellyband.

The woman in his arms also found that he had bad intentions and struggled desperately. Unfortunately, she could not swim. The moment she gained some strength, she was pushed into the water by the man, and drank a few mouthfuls of water. She twisted and struggled. Unexpectedly, her clothes that were half ripped were pulled more untidily.

The man pressed her into the water again. After a few mouthfuls of water, she no longer had the strength to struggle and allowed the man to carry her onto a bank.

All of this happened in the water, and the people on the sh.o.r.e couldn’t see it clearly. They only thought that the man was not strong enough, so he took her into the water again. At that time, they jumped into the water and so did a few elder maidservants. They rushed over and tried to pull the woman first.

When the man saw so many elder maidservants coming from the opposite direction, he simply swam to the other side. Seeing him swim over there, the elder maidservants had no choice but to turn again. However, it was a little far away, and they couldn’t make it in time. It was in the direction of the banquet, and some madams and ladies were already waiting there.

At this time, all of them were alarmed by the accident in the lakeside and looked over here. When they saw the man coming over, they hurriedly retreated. Several other young masters helped the man and finally rescued him and the woman in his arms.

The woman was wet all over and weak. She was tightly held in the man’s arms. Her long hair was scattered on her face, so others couldn’t even see her face. Since it was summer, she wore few clothes, and most of the women’s clothes were made of gauze. The gauze clothes made women feel very cool and also look graceful as fairies.

However, after being soaked in the water, the clothes would attach to the body, revealing the curve of the woman’s body. Moreover, because of the loose clothes, her bellyband inside was untied, and one could almost see her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. At this time, she and the man were now close to each other’s chests, as if they were naked.

The young masters on the sh.o.r.e hurriedly looked elsewhere and retreated to the outside of the crowd. They all felt that something was going to happen. This was Consort Xuan. The enchanting King Xuan was not someone to be trifled with.

They still didn’t know who jumped into the lake and saved the woman. He didn’t bring Consort Xuan to the elder maidservants, but brought her ash.o.r.e himself… Now both of them were in such a situation. How could this end?

Consort Xuan’s reputation was ruined. Then there would be big trouble. Consort Xuan was chest to chest with the man, almost entirely in his arms and untucked. They almost exposed themselves to each other. In such a bright day, they had cuckolded King Xuan. How could King Xuan spare her with his temper?

Some people sighed for Consort Xuan. She would either die, become a nun, or be divorced. It seemed that there was no way for her to live if she was divorced in such a situation.

“My Lady, My Lady, wake up, wake up!” The man didn’t leave. Instead, he still held the woman in his arms and cried out with concern. It seemed that he wanted to wake Consort Xuan. They hugged each other tightly, which looked really not good.

Some madams couldn’t bear to see it any longer, so they came over and said, “Please go back, sir. We’ll take care of Her Lady!”

“No, look at Her Lady, we should save her as soon as possible. It will be too late if you don’t save her now,” the man said righteously. In the shocked eyes of everyone, he knelt on one knee and supported the upper body of the woman on the other knee. Then he pressed hard on the woman’s towering b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Some people with sharp eyes even saw that his hand directly touched the woman’s slightly exposed b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Everyone’s face turned red. This… this was really an immorality. How could this man do such a thing?

It seemed that King Xuan had to choose another wife.

“I need to get the water in Her Lady’s belly out to save her,” the man explained seriously while pressing down hard. However, it looked weird.

When the man pressed down with his hands, he couldn’t help showing obscene satisfaction. This move really worked out. Thinking that this woman, whom he had been reluctant to let go, finally fell into his hands, he couldn’t help feeling proud.

He pressed harder and harder.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way, His Highness is coming,” someone shouted. All the shocked madams and ladies couldn’t help but get out of the way. They saw the handsome man who was the first to come. He wore a purple jade crown on his inky hair and his purple robe embroidered with large bloom of mandragora showed his slender frame. His handsome face had a devil-like charm, and his tall nose and thin lips were almost perfect.

However, there was a hint of irony in his long and pretty eyes.

His beautiful face showed an evil smile, and then his face became gloomy, as if covered with cold frost. Immediately, no one dared to look at his unparalleled handsome face. Even the man who was pressing the woman and taking advantage of her was scared to release the woman and trembled.

“Your Highness!” Yu Mingyong mumbled and explained nervously, “I… I’m saving Her Lady.”

“Save me?” A sweet voice came from behind the crowd. This time, everyone saw Consort Xuan, who was as beautiful as jade, walking slowly from behind with her maids and elder maidservants. Her watery eyes were filled with confusion. She walked to Feng Yuran and turned her beautiful face around. It seemed that she did not know what had happened. She looked at Yu Mingyong and the woman on the ground and asked in confusion.

“Why is Mo Xuetong here?” Yu Mingyong was shocked and hurriedly reached out his hand to lift the long hair on the woman’s face in front of him. Then he was so shocked that he sat down on the ground. “How could it be He Yufen?”

Of course, he knew He Yufen. Previously, his horse b.u.mped into He Yufen’s carriage. When he saw the beautiful woman in the carriage, he was immediately all over her and frightened her into crying. Then, Senior Master He came forward and agreed to their marriage. Originally, Yu Mingyong didn’t want to marry her. But when he saw He Yufen’s charming face, his bones had already been softened. He didn’t even think about it and agreed to the marriage.

Anyway, everyone in the capital knew that he was a playboy, and those aristocratic families would not be willing to marry their daughter to him. It was good if he could marry to the family of Consort Zhao in the palace. Later, he even asked Consort Yu about it. At that time, Consort Yu praised him and thought he had done a good thing.

After that, when He Yufen was replaced by He Yuxiu, he was very dissatisfied. He thought that this woman whose clothes were wet had been seen by other men, and cuckolded him. But at that time, Consort Zhao and Consort Yu had a good relations.h.i.+p, and they were in a tentative period. Of course, Consort Yu persuaded Yu Mingyong to accept this marriage.

And later, He Yuxiu also secretly came to meet Yu Mingyong. Seeing He Yuxiu who was prettier than He Yufen, Yu Mingyong immediately patted his chest and admitted the marriage. Wasn’t it just that she was looked at by other men? It was not a big deal. Anyway, he would look at many women in the future, so it was a draw.

He almost jumped in shock when he realized that instead of Mo Xuetong he had been thinking of, the person he had tried his best to save was He Yufen.

“She’s not Consort Xuan.”

“So it’s not Consort Xuan. Who is she?”

“She seems to be the First Miss of the He family? It’s said that the First Miss He has become a concubine of King Xuan’s Manor. Why does she have an affair with Yu Mingyong?”

“I heard that the two of them were engaged before. Is it because Yu Mingyong is reluctant to part with his former fiancée that he did this…?”

Everyone tried to make up the story while talking about it. They really didn’t understand what was going on. However, many of them recognized He Yufen. When He Yufen hadn’t married into King Xuan’s Manor, she had been active with Madam Lian, so she knew some of the madams and ladies of the n.o.ble families.

“Yu Mingyong, when did you come to my manor?” Feng Yuran’s extremely charming face seemed to freeze.

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