Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 517 – The Sudden Attack from Concubine Xiang

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Chapter 517 The Sudden Attack from Concubine Xiang

Now that her maidservant had taken actions and with blood on her dress, she felt a burst of pain in her belly, Concubine Xiang was proud in her heart and wore a delicate expression on her face. She looked at Mo Xuetong pitifully with tears welling up in her eyes. She tried to stand up, but she couldn’t, so she had to beg Mo Xuetong.

“Consort Xuan, please let go of the baby in my belly. It’s the first baby of King Xuan. Don’t worry. He won’t hinder your baby in the future. He won’t fight for anything and won’t want anything. Consort Xuan, I can swear as long as you allow me to keep the baby in my belly.”

Then, she did not care about her weak body and kowtowed to Mo Xuetong.

She meant that Mo Xuetong wanted to hurt the baby in her belly. Mo Xuetong’s eyes fell on her blood-stained dress and a faint smile crept over her lips. She said softly, “Concubine Xiang, what’s wrong with you again?”

She beamed as if not shocked by Concubine Xiang’s maniacal manner at all.

The other people present did not understand what had happened and started whispering to each other.

Concubine Qin, who was standing beside, lowered her head and looked coldly at Concubine Xiang, who was kneeling on the ground. A disdainful smile appeared on the corner of her mouth and she cursed in her heart, “Idiot!” The He family had just framed Consort Xuan. Now Concubine Xiang said she wanted to harm her child. It was obvious that Mo Xuetong was framed again.

They appeared weird today; they all had their own plans. Unfortunately, it was not a good day for them. Thankfully, Concubine Qin had not made moves yet, and she decided to just take it as a fun show!

Having just heaved a sigh of relief, Luo Mingzhu got tensed when she heard that the pregnant Concubine Xiang pointed at Mo Xuetong again. She almost said that Mo Xuetong was not virtuous and wanted to get rid of King Xuan’s child on purpose. The miscarriage just happened in King Chu’s Manor and King Yan’s Manor a few days ago. Why did it also happen in King Xuan’s Manor?

Full of anxiety, she clutched the handkerchief in her hand.

“Cousin, Consort Xuan looks delicate and weak. I didn’t expect her to be so petty. She can’t even tolerate a concubine’s child,” someone whispered in her ear. Her voice was gentle but she meant that Mo Xuetong was vicious. Finding it was her s.l.u.tty cousin, Luo Mingzhu who was in a bad mood did not keep being polite. She said coldly, “No matter what Cousin Tong did, it belongs to the royal family. Do you dare to speak about the royal family’s matters?”

Her words made the charming smile on Yun Ya’s face freeze. Yun Ya couldn’t say a word at the moment and gritted her teeth secretly, but didn’t show it on her face. She turned around to look at Concubine Xiang intentionally and scolded in her mind, “When I become rich in the future, I would kill Luo Mingzhu, the insensible little b.i.t.c.h.”

Feng Yuran did not say anything and sat quietly. He ignored the maidservant who was dizzy because of kowtow. He took the cup of tea that Mo Lan had made again and took a sip. No one saw a flash of ruthlessness in his lowered eyes. These people were challenging his patience again and again. He might as well deal with all of them today.

“Consort Xuan, please. Please spare my baby’s life. As long as the baby is born, I, I am willing to stay with an oil lamp before the statue of Buddha and pray for you every day.”

Concubine Xiang was still kneeling on the ground and acting with all her heart and soul. She looked sad and desperate, but in fact, she felt very happy. She secretly looked at Feng Yuran’s gloomy face and immediately felt that Feng Yuran didn’t say anything because he was angry. As long as she pretended to be weaker, he would stand on her side and deal with Mo Xuetong.Read More chapter on our

She had heard that Consort Chu and Consort Yan both had suffered a great punishment because they caused their manor’s concubines to lose their children. If something like this had happened to King Xuan’s Manor, the Emperor would not spare Mo Xuetong.

No matter how capable Mo Xuetong was, she would not be able to do anything about it!

“Somebody, ask the doctor to see Concubine Xiang.” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly, and a faint smile appeared on her jade-like face. She unhurriedly ordered Mo Ye beside her, also asked someone to help Concubine Xiang up and take a rest. She looked gentle, just like a wife, which made people unsure if what Concubine Xiang said was true or not.

The culprit of the matter about Yu Mingyong just now was the He family. They deliberately framed Consort Xuan. What about now? Everyone looked at Concubine Xiang who had just been lifted up. Although her face was pale, she was in good spirits. Some observant people even found that although there were bloodstains on the hem of her dress, the bloodstains seemed to dry up now.

It didn’t seem like blood flowing out of her body!

Could it be another concubine who was trying to frame Consort Xuan?

Then, they looked at King Xuan who wore a cold expression on his handsome face and was seated quietly. Everyone shut their mouths subconsciously and just watched.

It seemed that the woman named Concubine Xiang was not a good person. She pretended to be reprimanded by Consort Xuan by the lake before, and now she made such a scene. Maybe she was really a fool.

Soon, the doctor of the manor came. He asked Concubine Xiang to reach out so that he could feel her pulse. At this time, Concubine Xiang’s maidservant was allowed to come over and hold her.

At this time, Concubine Xiang reached out naturally. She had never gone through such a thing. She felt pain in her belly just now but felt much better now. She thought that maybe it was because she had lost the baby. When she saw the doctor of the manor coming, of course, she reached out and let the doctor feel her pulse. After the doctor confirmed that she had miscarried, she would see how Mo Xuetong would explain.

“Doctor, please help me to check if my baby is still alive… He, he is King Xuan’s first son… Even if I have to die, I will protect him,” she said with tears in her eyes. She looked like a kind mother who would do anything for the sake of her baby, but looking at her, others could not help giving a s.h.i.+ver.

If she really miscarried, she wouldn’t have the energy to act like this and say those words to Consort Xuan. It was obvious that she wanted to put all the blame on Consort Xuan. Most of the people didn’t believe her anymore and waited for her to finish.

“The baby in your belly…” After feeling her pulse for a while, the doctor of the manor withdrew his hand. He frowned but didn’t finish his words, as if he didn’t know what to say.

“Is my baby gone? Isn’t it?” As if she couldn’t bear the blow, Concubine Xiang stepped back and almost couldn’t stand still. The maidservant reached out to hold her and cried, “Take care of yourself. It doesn’t matter if your baby has been gone. You can have a baby in the future. When Consort Xuan has a baby, your baby won’t be eye-catching. You can really give birth to it.”

Her maidservant cried and cursed.

She indicated that Mo Xuetong could not tolerate the child in Concubine Xiang’s belly and took advantage of the chaos just now, she got rid of Concubine Xiang’s child. How could Concubine Xiang, who had always been arrogant, bear it? She had always thought that she was beautiful. Since she had entered the palace, she was prettier than others.

Otherwise, no one would take a fancy to her.

When she thought that she was about to succeed, she pretended to be weak and delicate. She looked at Mo Xuetong tearfully and cried, “Consort Xuan, my child would not be an eyesore. Why did you try so hard to get rid of the child? I… I… I…”

She was crying so hard that she could not even speak. She was incoherent due to the huge blow. She was confident that the others would sympathize with her when they saw how she looked. However, why was there not a single person who spoke up for her? She thought that it was because the statue of Consort Xuan was too high and no one dared to offend Mo Xuetong. This made Concubine Xiang more determined to get the position.

“Doctor, how is she?” Feng Yuran did not even look at the acting Concubine Xiang and her maidservant. Instead, he asked the doctor in a low voice.

“King Xuan, she…she is in good health and the baby in her belly is also healthy. But she seems to have a problem in her head.” The doctor pointed at his head and smiled bitterly. Please go and support our new domain!.This concubine of the manor was really insane. Consort Xuan treated her so well, but she claimed that Consort Xuan had made her lose her baby. It was really abnormal.

Concubine Xiang was stunned for a moment and didn’t hear clearly the rest of his words. She asked anxiously, “The baby is still in my belly?”

The doctor complained about the injustice for Mo Xuetong. He said in a low voice, “The child is healthy. I really don’t understand what you’re trying to do. Consort Xuan didn’t do anything, but you tried to frame her.” They framed Mo Xuetong one by one. Maybe it was because there were too many women in the manor. Besides, everyone seemed to be targeting her. It was too much.

“No, King Xuan… I…”

It was obvious that a concubine wanted to frame the wife with the baby in her belly again. Everyone present had understood this. They looked at Concubine Xiang with sarcasm at the corner of their mouth. The woman said that Consort Xuan had killed the baby in her belly, but now the doctor found that the baby was still in her belly. She had been trying to frame Consort Xuan all the time.

“Somebody, drag Concubine Xiang into the woodshed,” Feng Yuran said coldly.

“Yes.” This time, two elder maidservants came. Considering that Concubine Xiang was pregnant, they didn’t dare to use too much force and just dragged her away. Concubine Xiang was completely shocked as if she was waiting for a great painting, but she found that the painting didn’t belong to her when she was about to make a signature. She looked through the crowd at Mo Xuetong’s calm face and felt jealous and hateful.

She had failed. How could she have failed? She tried to frame Mo Xuetong with the child in her belly, but she had failed.

“No, I don’t want to fail,” she thought.

She covered her belly with her hands. Now she could only grit her teeth and tell herself that there was still a child in her belly. She was just a concubine without position and offended Consort Xuan, and King Xuan just asked people to take her away. It seemed that King Xuan still cared about the child. As long as she had the child, she could fight for it. Yes, she still had a chance.

A hint of viciousness flashed across Feng Yuran’s eyes when he saw the hatred on Concubine Xiang’s face. His lips curled up slightly and a guard left silently.

In a short while, two big deals happened. What was more, they had the same purpose, which was to push Consort Xuan Mo Xuetong out of the position. Today was Consort Xuan’s birthday, but King Xuan’s Manor was really in a mess.

Looking at the tender Consort Xuan, who was still a little childish, many people felt sympathy for her!

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