Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 518 – It’s Good If Things Get Messy

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Chapter 518 It’s Good If Things Get Messy

However, for this reason, the group of madams felt that they had to strictly manage the back courtyard of their family. At the sight of Consort Xuan, they thought of the s.e.x concubines in their manors and feared that they might come up with evil plots to frame them. At that time, they might not be as lucky as Consort Xuan to be able to escape from the plot of those b.i.t.c.hes again and again.

“Cousin Tong, I was so scared just now. I thought you’ve really fallen into the lake. Yu Mingyong still has evil intentions. You must ask King Xuan to teach him a good lesson this time, so he won’t do such evil things.” Luo Mingzhu held Mo Xuetong’s hand and said resentfully.

“As for those concubines in your manor, you have to deal with them strictly. Just leave a few obedient ones, and sell or drive away those s.e.x concubines. Don’t let them make trouble again. You can just take advantage of the opportunity when King Xuan is angry today to deal with them quickly.”

Luo Mingzhu was angry at the thought of how the woman called Concubine Xiang who dared to frame Mo Xuetong. She wanted to deal with Feng Yuran’s concubines by herself.

“Second Cousin, don’t worry. King Xuan will help me,” Mo Xuetong replied and smiled lightly. She knew that Luo Mingzhu was truly concerned about her.

“You still wait for King Xuan to help you. Look at Concubine Xiang. Just because she’s pregnant, King Xuan easily spare her. Which concubine won’t be beaten to death when she frames the wife? Why is that woman all right?” Luo Mingzhu glared at Mo Xuetong as if she was disappointed at her.

“You have to take the initiative to complain about this to King Xuan. Tell him about your grievance. It’s your birthday and you’ve been framed by one after the other. King Xuan has to do something for you. Now, you complain about your grievance to him. Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you here. The madams and ladies, who have witnessed the matters, will also stand on your side.”

Luo Mingzhu urged angrily.

“Second Cousin, you’ve also seen how messy it was on my birthday. It’s already very disappointing. If I, Consort Xuan, go and cry to King Xuan, he’ll definitely feel ashamed and even angrier. Don’t worry. I’ll tell him when he comes to me by night,” Mo Xuetong said with a smile.

She took the angry Luo Mingzhu to the banquet. “Alright, Second Cousin, stop being angry. Look, you won’t be beautiful if you are angry. Don’t worry. I’m not that generous. I will take revenge on whoever has bullied me. I won’t let anyone take advantage of me.”

Luo Mingzhu looked at the scene and realized that it was not the best time to cry and complain. As such, she could only follow Mo Xuetong to the banquet. However, when they were halfway there, she asked worriedly, “Will you really take the initiative to complain about your grievances to King Xuan?”

Mo Xuetong smiled lightly and promised again and again. Then, she persuaded Luo Mingzhu to take a seat.

The men’s and women’s tables were all placed in the garden. Most of the guests were young, and even though there was a screen placed in the middle, it would not interfere with the lively atmosphere. However, since something like this had happened, even if King Xuan, who was seated at the main seat, was still smiling brightly, it still made one feel cold.

Under such a situation, who dared to cause trouble?

As for the tables for female guests, even though Consort Xuan was smiling and gracious, one could still see the grievances and sadness in her eyes when she looked at King Xuan from time to time. It was evident that they still had something to say but did not have the chance to do so. When they thought about what happened earlier, many of the madams nodded silently. Even though Consort Xuan was young, she was very gracious and did not make a fuss at the banquet.

She had not only saved King Xuan’s reputation, but also her own reputation. It was rare for her to smile so calmly.

Everyone was sharp-eyed. In this case, they used some of their reasons to go back after taking a few bites. Therefore, the banquet was over soon.

Mo Xuetong sent Luo Mingzhu and Madam Qu to the second door before returning to her courtyard.

She had just taken off the fussy head accessory, washed her face and changed into a light set of clothes when she heard a voice calling “King Xuan” outside. She knew that Feng Yuran was coming and immediately shot a look at Mo Lan. Mo Lan then brought other servants away with her understandingly.

Feng Yuran strode in. Mo Xuetong stood up. When she saw that he was still in the same clothes he had worn when he had entertained the guests, she knew that he had not returned to the Jinwei Pavilion and headed straight to her courtyard.

“How is it going?” Mo Xuetong came to him and asked, a hint of concern appearing in her lively eyes.

“What can happen? But your birthday was ruined by them. Don’t worry. These people dared to make trouble on your birthday.Please go and support our new domain!. They’re obviously trying to make me worry. So I’ll just settle all of them.” Feng Yuran smiled lightly. The vicious expression on his face had long disappeared. He looked at Mo Xuetong with raised eyes as he took her to a chair and pull her into his embrace.

He patted her back, as if comforting a child.

Mo Xuetong did not struggle because she knew that he was really comforting her. She leaned into his embrace and asked gently, “What are you going to do?”

Of course, she trusted him. He had told her personally yesterday that she was the only woman he had. The child in Concubine Xiang’s belly could not be his. Concubine Xiang had sent someone to tell Feng Yuran about it very late last night. It was her birthday today. Mo Xuetong knew that Concubine Xiang would make trouble on her birthday.

And Feng Yuran was in charge of He Yufen’s matter as well.

When Mo Xuetong was about to bear the two’s attack, Mo Ye pulled her over quickly, and kicked He Yufen into the lake. Then, she knocked Concubine Xiang and the maid beside her out. Her actions had been so smooth that no one had noticed it. As such, everyone thought that it was Mo Xuetong who had fallen into the lake.

“Nothing. Accompany me to stay in the West Hill Yard for a few days. It is too hot here and I was injured and you were shocked. Now something like this has happened in the manor. It is really disappointing.” Feng Yuran smiled seductively. His red lips kissed Mo Xuetong’s ear, causing her heart to beat quickly.

She pushed him away and asked coquettishly, “What about the mess in the manor?”

Now the manor was really in a mess. It was because the concubines could move freely. After such a thing had just happened, if the two masters didn’t deal with it and ran away first, it was a bit unreasonable.

“It’s good if things get messy. Otherwise, how can I deal with them? There are too many people in my manor and I have to get rid of them,” Feng Yuran said as if he did not care. He stood up and pulled Mo Xuetong to the couch. He found a cus.h.i.+on to rest behind her back and asked, “Are you tired?”

“No. I just went out for a while and didn’t spend much effort on it. You did it all.” Mo Xuetong smiled sweetly and leaned into his arms.

Indeed, everything for the banquet today was arranged by Feng Yuran. Fortunately, the butler in the manor was capable too, and he had done it well without letting his master worry too much.

Feng Yuran had already told her to keep an eye on Concubine Xiang and had especially reminded Mo Yu not to leave Mo Xuetong. When He Yufen fell into the lake, Mo Yu helped her move to the back of a large tree, so not a single one of the wild hornets had come to her. What happened next was all under Feng Yuran’s control. He even knew that Yu Mingyong would turn on the He family.

After all, Feng Yuran had a murderous aura all over his body back then. How could a playboy like Yu Mingyong withstand it? Furthermore, since people all thought that Feng Yuran was cruel, Yu Mingyong did not dare to offend the arrogant and lawless King Xuan. Even if he wanted to frame Mo Xuetong earlier, he did not dare to do it for the sake of his own life and Consort Yu’s future.

She suddenly thought of something. She looked up from Feng Yuran’s embrace and asked, “Will you really send He Yufen to that kind of place?”

“Tong’er, don’t worry. There will be a good show to watch next. When we return from the West Hill Yard, I will take you to the palace to watch the show.” Feng Yuran patted her arm. His handsome face was full of smiles. When he looked at Mo Xuetong’s bright and moist eyes, he could not help kissing her again. What were those women? The more trouble they made, the better.

To be promoted relying on their child?

Concubine Xiang thought that she would get a t.i.tle because of the baby in her belly!

Only the woman he loved could give birth to his son, and those women in the backyard didn’t deserve it!

Mo Xuetong and Feng Yuran set off that afternoon. Only when their carriage drove far away from the manor did the people in the manor dare to discuss it. A few of them saw that King Xuan had left angrily and even Consort Xuan’s careful smile didn’t make his rage go away. It seemed that he was really furious.

No one would be happy to see a birthday banquet to become such a mess.

It was said that Sir Yu, Yu Mingyong was brought home by the people from his manor after been beaten. As for Concubine He, of course, she wasn’t a concubine anymore. Now that she had made King Xuan a cuckold, how could he still want her? It was said that she had been thrown directly to a brothel.

As for Concubine Xiang who dared to frame Consort Xuan, although the child in her belly had been saved, she was locked up in her original room and no one could visit her.

However, since the two masters had gone out, the backyard had long been less tightly managed. After an elder maidservant pa.s.sed on the master’s message, she went back without sending anyone to guard it. Well, since both of the two masters had gone to the West Hill Yard to relax, who would care about the concubines in the backyard? Besides, one of them was pregnant.

Her punishment should be neither too light nor too heavy. Since he gave the punishment at random, everyone would just listen.

As for whether there was anyone who really took it seriously, since King Xuan was not at home, they would find a reason when he came back.

“Concubine Xia, where are you going at this late hour?”

“I’m going to see Concubine Xiang. We didn’t know when she was pregnant by King Xuan. She kept it a secret.”

“Yeah. Since she is carrying King Xuan’s child, she should share the joy with us. Let’s go to see her together.”

“Yes, let’s go and have a look together. No wonder Concubine Xiang was so mysterious recently. It turned out that she was trying to keep the baby and wanted to be promoted relying on her child.”

“Huh, she should see her situation clearly. She’s just a concubine without t.i.tle. Even if she will give birth to a son, he will be raised by Consort Xuan. It’s never her turn. How dare she do such a thing?”

The colorfully dressed concubines went to Concubine Xiang’s room without an appointment. The maidservant who guarded at the door stood up and said, “King Xuan ordered that no one is allowed to visit Concubine Xiang.”

Then she was slapped by a concubine, and could not speak anymore. “Since Concubine Xiang is carrying King Xuan’s child, how can we not be allowed to be happy for her and take a good look at her?”

“How dare you, a little maidservant, to stop us? Get out of here.”

Then, without looking at the maidservant, she twisted her waist and proudly walked into the room. In the room, Concubine Xiang sat at the head of the bed, watched the gorgeously-dressed concubines coming in with vigilance in her eyes. They were all the women in the manor, and knew what each other thought very well…

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