Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 523 – The Beauty in the West Hill Yard

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Chapter 523 The Beauty in the West Hill Yard

Mo Xuetong, who was in the West Hill Yard, did not know that something big happened in the capital once they left. Many people started to plot again because of this matter. The He family had already been driven away by Feng Yuran, and their First Miss who had been sent to King Xuan’s Manor was said to have been sent to a brothel. This represented that King Xuan’s Manor and the He family had officially broken up.

Of course, there was another saying: King Xuan doted heavily on his little wife and could not bear to let her suffer a little and that was why he treated the He family that way.

Of course, what happened to the brothers of the He family that night had been said to have been done by King Xuan in the beginning. However, it gradually died down. Those who knew of Feng Yuran’s character knew that if he were to act up, he would not care when or where they were, and would definitely beat them to death if he wanted to. He did not have to wait until night and secretly beat them up in the dark.

Since it was not King Xuan who had done it, then who had done it to intentionally fish in trouble waters and distract other people. Different people had different views about it…

A stream was connected to a small waterfall. The waterfall rushed down from above, splas.h.i.+ng water drops that were like pieces of jade. When the water drops fell on someone, they would feel cool and refres.h.i.+ng.

On the gra.s.s at the foot of the mountain, there was an octagonal pavilion with curtains hanging from it. Below the curtains, a man and a woman snuggled with each other on a large couch. The man was wearing a purple robe with golden embroidery patterns on the corners and cuffs of the clothes. His face was peerlessly handsome without any flaws. His long hair was casually loose, and fell like a waterfall over his shoulders, making him look casual and enchanting.

The wind raised the curtains, and one could see his unique and beautiful facial features were abnormally clear under the s.h.i.+ne of the light.

He was holding a sleeping woman in his arms. She was very beautiful. Her black eyelashes were as long and beautiful as a brush; her nose was small, and her lips were pink and soft as honey. Her long black hair fell on the pillow, and reflected by her long snow-white dress, her shoulder was like a blooming snow lotus, which was unparalleled beautiful.

Such a pair of beautiful people, who leaned against each other in the beautiful scenery, made people feel like they were a pair of fairy lovers. They looked as if they were in a painting.

However, someone would destroy this beautiful painting.

Feng Yuran was the person who ruined the beautiful painting.

He reached out and pushed Mo Xuetong, who was still in her afternoon nap. A beautiful yet devilish smile appeared on his face. He said, “Tong’er, wake up. It’s time to get up. If you don’t get up, you’ll have to get spanked.”

He craned his head and whispered into Mo Xuetong’s ear.

Mo Xuetong closed her eyes and reached out to find the right position. She pushed away the head that was close to her. She turned down the corners of her mouth, looking as if she had been wronged. As such, she turned around and continued to sleep. She did not want to stay in bed, but sleeping here was really comfortable. She listened to the sound of the water flowing outside, and birds’ singing from time to time. The wind was mild, and it was neither cold nor hot.

Under such circ.u.mstances, she really didn’t want to get up.

“You’re really a sleepyhead. You greedy sleeper.” A hint of a smile flashed through Feng Yuran’s pretty eyes. He reached out with one hand and forcefully turned her over. Then, he pinched her pretty nose with the other hand. “Sleepyhead, you can get up. You’ll get cold if you continue to sleep.”

Although it was comfortable to take a nap here, they could not sleep for too long. The climate in the mountains was different from that outside. It was already a little cold. Tong’er was weak and if she slept longer, it would not be good for her health. As such, no matter how much Mo Xuetong wanted to sleep, Feng Yuran would wake her up.

Mo Xuetong’s nose was pinched again and again and she wanted to turn around but she failed. It seemed that Feng Yuran didn’t plan to stop the hara.s.sment. Even if Mo Xuetong was really a sleepyhead, she couldn’t fall asleep because of the hara.s.sment. When she heard Feng Yuran’s words, which contained a hint of laziness and love, a faint smile appeared on her lips before she opened her eyes. Then she caught his long finger and bit it.

“I want to keep on sleeping. Don’t disturb me,” she muttered.

Then, she bit down lightly on his finger that disturbed her just now. She opened her eyes forcefully and in a daze, she glared at Feng Yuran, half-asleep.

Feng Yuran felt his throat dry and his body heated up when he saw Mo Xuetong’s pink lips wrap around his finger. He looked at Mo Xuetong’s slightly parted lips and could not help but move his throat a few times. His handsome face flushed slightly, but he said dryly, “Tong’er, you may get up.”

“No.” Mo Xuetong had not discovered Feng Yuran’s oddness. She had just woken up and her reaction was a little slow. When she realized that Feng Yuran’s jade-like face was flushed red, she looked at him curiously from beneath her long lashes. She pulled out his finger from her mouth and glanced at him. Then, she said firmly, “No.”

She glanced at him from the corner of her eyes. However, in Feng Yuran’s eyes, it looked like that a beautiful woman was being coy, and he loved this beautiful woman. He looked at the two small rows of sharp teeth marks on his finger and then at how charming she was lying beside him relaxedly. Her little face rubbed against his chest subconsciously and his heart heated up.

He just felt that no matter how much he loved the woman in front of him, it was not enough. He just wanted to smash her into his body.

Looking at the beautiful scenery in front of him, he felt that he could not bear it any longer. “Get up. Tong’er, get up,” he said hoa.r.s.ely.

Then, before Mo Xuetong reacted, he hugged her tightly in his embrace. He flipped over her and pressed his lips against hers. His senses were all focused on that tiny pieces of her lips. He contained her lips in his mouth. Tip of his tongue seemed to have its own soul perception and went into between her lips.

At the same time, his other hand slowly touched Mo Xuetong’s back, which had a beautiful curve. Then, his lips fell down with a pa.s.sionate kiss.

No matter how Mo Xuetong was sleepy, she would not fall asleep because of his kiss. She opened her mouth subconsciously to respond to his overbearing behavior. His kisses had always been overbearing. She hummed softly and cuddled him powerlessly. Her opened eyes closed slightly. Her long lashes blocked the sunlight outside of the gauze curtains and allowed herself to sink into his kisses.

She was his wife and he was someone she trusted and relied on. Therefore, she believed that he would not hurt her. All her worries would go with the wind. Since he and she were in love with each other after her rebirth, then let everything change!

Mo Xuetong did not realize how beautiful she was right now. There was a charm on her innocent face. Under her slightly closed eyes, her watery eyes peeked out from beneath her long lashes. That indescribable charm was enough to drive any man crazy.

There were a man’s madness and arrogance in Feng Yuran’s eyes. He only knew that the woman in front of him was his wife, and the person he would protect for his entire life. She was completely his.

As such, Feng Yuran’s actions grew more and more hurried. Desire rose in his heart. He wanted to eat up such a beautiful woman in his embrace bit by bit and taste every bit of her taste. Every part and every inch of her would become his. He involuntarily probed his hand into Mo Xuetong’s clothes…

Suddenly, the sharp chirps of birds rang in the sky, as if they were right by their ears, awakening the two who were completely immersed in the pa.s.sion. Mo Xuetong was a little dazed when she realized that the clothes on her upper body had almost been completely taken off. Feng Yuran’s large hand was still reaching out to her chest. Immediately, a wave of anger rushed up to her head. She blushed, pulled the thin blanket beside her, and covered her up without thinking.

She almost wanted to kick Feng Yuran away. He had been controlling himself so well, but when they were outside, why was he…

Feng Yuran heaved a long sigh when he saw how angry she was. He held back the desire in his heart and ignored her dragging the large blanket. Instead, he pressed the blanket down for her and ordered, “Don’t move!” Then, he stood up and tidied up his clothes before walking out. He pulled down the curtains as well.

Mo Xuetong peered at him with a blush on her face through the thin blank and curtains, wondering what he was doing out there.

Suddenly, the sound of birds chirping rang again, and a large white bird landed on Feng Yuran’s shoulder. The large bird looked extremely brave. When it raised its head and rolled its eyes, it looked as if looking down on everything. It appeared divine and handsome.

“Come out!” Feng Yuran patted on the snow eagle’s back, his face ashen. He said simply, “Give me a reasonable explanation.”

A figure flashed in the air. A young man appeared in front of Feng Yuran with an extremely awkward smile. He had scolded Feng Yue in his heart. He looked at the unsatisfied expression on King Xuan’s face and then at the octagonal pavilion under the curtains. Even if he was blunt, he knew that Feng Yue had tricked him.

“This guy dares to plot against me. I’ll have a fight with him. I haven’t fought him for a long time, and I feel my hands really itchy.”

“Your Highness, I have news from the Yan Kingdom. The Lan family in the Yan Kingdom seems to have the thing you want, but it is kept under wraps and is not something that we can find out about.” Of course, he had to say something serious right now. Otherwise, King Xuan would definitely not be nice to him. He might vent his anger on the young man considering that he was unfulfilled.

“Lan Manor? Has Bai Yihao ever gone there to look for it?” Feng Yuran’s expression had already returned to normal. There was a hint of laziness at the corner of his eyes, as well as a charming smile.

“The Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom is also looking for it, but the Lan family supports their First Prince and has a close relations.h.i.+p with the Empress. So just like me, he hasn’t gotten anything now.”

Feng Yuran paused for a moment when he heard that. He frowned slightly and said, “Keep on investigating. You have to observe Bai Yihao’s behavior as well.”

“Your Highness, what if the Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom gets it?” That was what Feng Yan had always wanted to ask. There was only one thing, and the Crown Prince was such an outstanding character. Even though his master was not bad, Bai Yihao had the right time and location to do so. Wasn’t that place in the charge of the Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom?

If they really wanted to fight for it, they would not have the slightest advantage. Moreover, there were people from the Lan Manor. Those people were not to be trifled with either.

“If there is a fight, you can help the Crown Prince get that item.” Feng Yuran understood what he meant and said slowly with a wicked smile on his lips.

“Your Highness…” Feng Yan did not understand for a moment. He looked at Feng Yuran in confusion. They had spent so much effort to set up the plans in the Yan Kingdom. Was it so that they could help Bai Yihao succeed?

“We can seize it when he makes it. Wouldn’t it be more convenient for us?” Feng Yuran glanced at his subordinate.

Feng Yan suddenly figured it out. After thinking for a moment, he bowed and said, “I was confused.”

“The goal is the most important. You can endure the details and keep a clear mind all the time. Don’t be too eye-catching.”

“Yes.” Feng Yan saluted and left. The snow eagle in Feng Yuran’s hand let out a long chirp, flew up, and followed Feng Yan.

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