Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 527 – At Night, the Back Yard of King Xuan’s Manor

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Chapter 527 At Night, the Back Yard of King Xuan’s Manor

Mo Xuetong returned to the manor a few days later. Feng Yuran had Feng Yue bring her back and told others that she was ill because she had been framed again and again on her birthday. When she entered the manor, her carriage stopped at the second door, and then Feng Yuran carried her into the back yard because she was really ill.

Of course, this illness was not due to anger as the rumors spread outside. Feng Yuran found a miracle doctor a while ago, who inserted needles in her body, which caused her to be weak for the time being. Although she was weak, she was in good spirits. Mo Xuetong knew that the poison in her body had not been removed, and was just controlled.

Mo Yu came in happily as soon as she lay on the bed. She walked up to Mo Xuetong and said proudly, “My Lady, don’t worry. I heard that the woman who offended you, named Concubine Xiang, died because she felt sad for losing the baby in her belly a few days ago.”

Mo Xuetong’s maidservants were all very angry when it came to this matter. Concubine Xiang was just an ordinary concubine and yet she dared to lay a finger on the first consort. In front of so many n.o.blemen, madams and ladies, she dared to frame Mo Xuetong. However, she was still fine after the incident.

Even though Mo Yu and Mo Lan didn’t say anything, they were still dissatisfied with Feng Yuran.

Therefore, as soon as she returned to the manor, Mo Yu went to inquire about the matter of Concubine Xiang. Unexpectedly, she was shocked by Nanny Chen’s words. The back yard had been cleaned up by Feng Yuran. More than a dozen concubines were beaten to death, and the haughty Concubine Xiang who was pregnant lost her child and her life. It was much quieter in the manor.

In particular, a few women who were beaten to death were on the opposite side of Mo Xuetong, such as Concubine Lian and Concubine Ming. They were all involved in this matter and had been dead by now.

How could not Mo Yu be unhappy when she thought of how Feng Yuran doted on Mo Xuetong? It was said the back yard was very quiet and no one dared to move after there were more than 10 fewer concubines in the back yard. Even Concubine Qin, who had just been promoted, no longer tried to anger Mo Xuetong intentionally or unintentionally in a proud manner.

Of course, it was also what Feng Yuran wanted.

“Mo Yu, stop talking nonsense.” Mo Lan smiled and snapped her, “If someone else heard about it, they would think that Her Lady behaves too arrogantly.”

“I didn’t talk nonsense! Mo Lan, it’s true. His Highness really dotes on Her Lady very much.” Mo Yu stuck out her tongue at Mo Lan. “Furthermore, my voice is so low that no one else can hear it.”

At this time, she spoke in a lower voice. Even so, she couldn’t suppress the joy in her heart.

Mo Lan knew that she was impatient and was a straightforward person, but had a sense of propriety. She shook her head with a smile and said, “Can’t you be more discreet? Why can’t you not be a loose-lipped person since you have been in the manor for so long?”

“Mo Lan, I know it can’t be told anyone else. We just talk about it secretly in the room and don’t let anyone know.”

Lying on the bed, Mo Xuetong listened to their chat and jokes. Even though the two of them were arguing, it sounded that they were in a good mood. She looked at the two maids and her heart was filled with warmth. In her past life, the two maids had a tragic end. Having such a disappointing master like her, they also died without being buried. In this life, she only wanted to protect them.

Now, it was very good!

It was really good. She really hoped that they could be so safe for the rest of their lives.

Long before they got married, Feng Yuran had told her that he had not touched any of the women in the back yard. Although there were some women who felt that they had something to do with him, it was just that he had gotten his people to burn a kind of intoxicating incense in their rooms, which would make people have an illusion that they had slept with a man.

Therefore, when she knew that Concubine Xiang was pregnant, she just watched the fun!

Feng Yuran had planned to use this incident to deal with some of the concubines and clean up the back yard. The existence of the concubines had not only bothered Mo Xuetong, but also was difficult for him to arrange. After all, there were about 40 to 50 concubines in the back yard. They had no t.i.tles, but they could get it at any time. Furthermore, some of the concubines were sent from the palace.

Mo Xuetong knew that the reason Feng Yuran asked her to stay in the West Hill Yard for a few more days—he had taken the opportunity to return to the capital and manage the back yard because he didn’t want her to bear the name of being arrogant and vicious. Otherwise, if someone were to frame her, she would be regarded as a woman who didn’t accept a pregnant concubine, which would cause Emperor Zongwen to dislike her.

Therefore, when she thought of this, she felt warm in her heart, and she could not help smiling as she put her hand on the pillow, hooked the embroidery edge beside her hand, and slightly curved her lips.

The two maids who were arguing with each other also saw Mo Xuetong’s absent-minded expression. They exchanged glances and smiled secretly. Then, they stopped arguing and focused on their work quietly, not disturbing Mo Xuetong’s meditation.

Suddenly, the curtains were lifted and Mo Ye, who was busy outside just now, walked in. She had a strange expression on her usually calm face. When she saw that there were no outsiders in the room, she came up to Mo Xuetong and said, “My Lady, Feng Yue wants to see you.”

Feng Yue was Feng Yuran’s personal bodyguard and he was usually where Feng Yuran was. Under normal circ.u.mstances, even if Feng Yuran had something to tell Mo Xuetong, he would send Feng Yue to Mo Lan. What did he have to tell her in person?

“Let him in,” Mo Xuetong said lightly. Since he had come especially, he must really have something important to tell her.

Mo Lan and Mo Ye hurriedly put down their work and came over to unfold the screen aside, which just covered Mo Xuetong, along with her bed.

Just as they were done, Mo Ye led Feng Yue in.

“Greetings, My Lady!” He didn’t dare to look at her carefully and just saluted respectfully to the screen.

“Forego formalities. What’s the matter?” Mo Xuetong asked gently. Feng Yuran carried her into the yard and then left hurriedly. She really wanted to know what he was doing.

“My Lady, His Highness asked me to tell you that if someone from the back yard comes to you, you don’t need to care about it. Just say that you’re not feeling well and can’t manage the family affairs. His Highness also asked me to bring some medicines and ingredients, which are mild and will nourish your body. You can ask people to cook them in the yard. Take them slowly. It’s good for your health.”

Even though there was a small kitchen in the yard, it was usually just used for cooking. Weren’t the medicines and health products be cooked in the big kitchen? Why did Feng Yuran ask Feng Yue to bring them to the yard today? Mo Xuetong could not help but feel helpless when she thought of what Feng Yue had said. The bad guy must be plotting against someone again, so he had especially gotten Feng Yue to tell her about it because he was worried that Mo Lan would not know and did not make it clear!

Her lips curled up slightly, and she felt a sweet feeling in her heart, as if there was a tacit understanding between the two of them. She nodded and said, “Okay, I know. You go back and tell His Highness that I will definitely boil the medicine in the yard and let others know that I am seriously ill and hint that they should not disturb me.”

As Mo Xuetong had understood immediately, Feng Yue quickly answered her and left.

Mo Xuetong told Mo Lan to go with him to deal with the medicine and ingredients. On the other hand, she got Mo Yu to prepare to cook medicine. She thought about it, felt worried and got Mo Ye to go and tell Nanny Chen and Aunt Xianglan, who were in charge of the back yard, that she was not feeling well and was sleeping now, so she did not allow anyone to disturb her.

Since Feng Yuran told her to do that, there must be something going on in the back yard.

Since Consort Xuan was ill and couldn’t get out of bed, she didn’t have the energy to take care of all the concubines in the back yard.

It was slowly getting dark, and the shops on the street became lit. There were lanterns hanging in front of some of the big houses, but at the back door of King Xuan’s Manor, it was so dark that no one could be seen.

Two figures came over and knocked at the back door. There was a slight crack in the door, and an old woman’s face appeared. The person in front handed over something to her. A ray of light came from an unknown place, making it s.h.i.+ne like silver.

The old woman nodded and let the person in. Then she locked the door and left the shorter one outside.

The concubines in the back yard lived in two big yards. Some of them, who were favored, lived alone, and two of the others shared a house. It was close to the back yard door. Since there was another door to the main yard, it was inconvenient for them to come and go, so it was quite quiet here.

Feng Yuran would come here occasionally once or twice before. Since Mo Xuetong married into the manor, he had never come here. Besides, expect Feng Yuran, no one would come to these concubines. Therefore, it looked as if the back yard was isolated from King Xuan’s Manor. So the younger and older maidservants wouldn’t leave here if there was nothing important.

Aside from others, if he came here, he would see those extremely boring women who were dressed up coquettishly and all spoke in a terrible way. Thus who would come here for no reason?

The doors to the concubines’ yard were on the latch. The man walked in and was familiar with the road in the dark. He stood between the two yards and looked around for a moment. Finally, he decided to go to the right one. At this time, he was full of joy, thinking about the last time when he was with the charming woman. He planned to do it several times today.

As for the woman in the other yard, he felt good to be with her too, but when he hooked up with this woman, he found that this one was the most adorable one. Thinking of that woman’s coquettish appearance, he just felt that he was limp. The women in his own manor couldn’t compare with her.

It was fortunate that King Xuan did not like these women and did not arrange any guards here. There was only an old woman guarding the door. As long as he bribed the old woman, it would be easy for him to enter. When he heard women’s charming laughter, he could not help but climb up the tree by the wall. Then, he found that all the women in the yard were as beautiful as flowers.

He had been thinking about it since then. However, this was King Xuan’s Manor and he did not dare to be presumptuous. If a beautiful woman had not rushed out of the manor and b.u.mped into his embrace when he pa.s.sed by again, he would not have dared to be so brash. Looking at the beauty’s soft and delicate eyes, this playboy had forgotten who he was.

To die for a beauty was also a happy thing. Furthermore, King Xuan’s Manor only appeared a little majestic, while the back yard was not as rigorous as the regular large family. It would only take a few taels of silver for one to enter the yard. Furthermore, the women in the yard were all young, but they were left behind. He would only need to seduce them slightly and would be successful. This was much cheaper than going to a brothel.

He wanted to share the fun with his friends, so he told them in private. They both had evil intentions and came here secretly. His friend was interested in the woman as well, but he didn’t know whether he had made it. The thought of it made him feel pa.s.sion in his heart.

She was not a favored woman, and she lived in one room. When the man reached the door, he pushed it gently and found that it was not locked. Instantly, he was very happy.

“Who is it?” A woman’s charming voice came from the bed.

“Baby, it’s me.” As soon as the man heard her voice, his eyes gleamed with light, and he felt his bones had melted. He climbed to the bed while responding. When he touched the warm body, he hugged the woman and kissed her, while saying, “Baby, have you missed me? I haven’t come to keep you company for a long time. I missed you so much.”

Immediately, the woman’s charming voice and the man’s heavy gasps rose at the same

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