Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 559 – Whose Hand Was It in the Harem?

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Chapter 559 Whose Hand Was It in the Harem?

He Yufen left the capital hurriedly in the evening. She pa.s.sed off herself as a maidservant and mingled with Mo Xuetong’s maidservants. She followed Mo Xuetong out of the King Xuan’s Manor and went into an embroidery shed, and then got on a blue carriage which had been prepared at the back door. She left escorted by an old maid and a coachman.

Mo Xuetong sat on the upstairs of the embroidery shed and watched the carriage leave. With some faint ripples in her limpid eyes, she felt that there were secrets in the remote He family. However, the things and people were too far away from her. Even if she sent people there, some things still remained mysterious. It had been so long that Mo Xuetong was unable to detect any clues immediately.

He Yufen was the best person Mo Xuetong could think of. Compared to He Yuxiu, He Yufen was obviously more patient and intelligent. However, she was not strong enough, and was more afraid of death. When a pill was put on her body and she felt the unbearable pain when the poison took effect, she became very obedient.

Furthermore, Mo Xuetong also promised that after the thing was over, she would detoxify He Yufen’s body and give her a certain sum of money to let her live. It would be better than anything else. Mo Xuetong believed that He Yufen would understand it thoroughly and do all she would to help Mo Xuetong to investigate the affairs about the He family. Mo Xuetong even looked expectantly at He Yufen’s carriage disappearing into the crowd.

Mo Lan put down the tea in her hands, stood behind Mo Xuetong to take a look, and asked with some uncertainty, “My Lady, shall we send a few more people?”

“There’s no need. The persons who follow He Yufen are given by His Highness, and they bring my antidote. He Yufen will not listen unless she doesn’t want to live.” Mo Xuetong looked away from the window and said lightly, “Has He Yuxiu been found?”

“Mo Ye has sent word that He Yuxiu had no place to go, so she once came to the back door of the manor, but was driven away. Later, she disappeared for a period of time. She is in the Huaman House. It’s said, it’s said that…” Mo Lan’s face turned red. As an unmarried girl, it was improper for her to speak of such a place.

Mo Xuetong understood immediately and waved her hand to gesture Mo Lan to stop. He Yuxiu had no alternative. According to her character, she would definitely take this way. Besides, she came from the brothel when she was young, so she didn’t think the brothel inappropriate. Both the Yu family and the Lian family were looking for her now. She did not have money nor way. This was her only chance.

It was good. With He Yuxiu’s existence, Lian An and Madam Lian would be hard to feel rea.s.sured.

She lowered her eyes slightly to hide the coldness in them. She had just received a report that Consort Zhao in the palace acted unexpectedly dutifully and even requested to cultivate her heart and pray with the Empress. Although the Emperor rejected Consort Zhao, the control over the Mingyue Palace was not as strict as it was a few days ago. Consort Zhao’s move of retreating in order to advance was absolutely remarkable.

But whom did the outstretched hand belong to?

If the Empress did it alone, the Emperor would be moved, but it would have little effect. However, Consort Zhao was different. She resembled Consort Xian so much that she had been favored by the Emperor. Although the things in the palace seemed to have something to do with her, as long as she was ruthless enough to push all the blame to Lian An, she could completely get away.

From the matter that Lian An’s rank had been downgraded by three levels on that day, Consort Zhao was rather heartless. But there was one thing that Mo Xuetong could not figure out—since the Empress was in the Tianfeng Palace while Consort Zhao in the Mingyue Palace, how could they echo each other at a distance if no one helped them to inform each other?

Since the person could gain the trust of the Empress and Consort Zhao, she was supposed to have a high status. Considering the person had a high status, had the ability to win the recognition of the Empress and Consort Zhao, and had access to enter the Empress’ and Consort Zhao’s palaces, a person arose in Mo Xuetong’s mind. It was the one who had never caused any ripples in Mo Xuetong’s heart. However, Mo Xuetong pondered for a long time but still could not understand how this person got involved in the matter.

Was it really because the person didn’t want to see the harem fall apart? When did such a kind woman exist in the harem?

There were a large number of beauties in the harem. Without any tactics, a beautiful woman could only be favored by the Emperor at most for one or two years, let alone give birth to a baby and get a high position. But why did the person do this? In the past, when King Yan was in the ascendant, she did not stand on the Empress’ side. Now King Yan and the Empress were in the declining position, she stood beside the Empress openly.

Was it timely a.s.sistance? Mo Xuetong shook her head slightly. Since the person had remained worldly-wise for so many years, how could she act oppositely at the old age? It was unrealistic…

The palace, which was originally opaque to her, became more puzzling.

Mo Yu came in and reported, “My Lady, Second Consort Mo is here.”

Mo Yarui came here! She did come so quickly.

Mo Xuetong came out this time at Mo Yarui’s invitation. So Mo Xuetong nodded and gestured for Mo Yu to invite Mo Yarui in. Ever since Feng Yuxuan brought Mo Yarui to King Xuan’s Manor, Mo Xuetong and Mo Yarui got along well. Furthermore, Ling Rui’er was too embarra.s.sed to go out after the humiliating incident in the palace. King Chu’s Manor was in Mo Yarui’s charge, so it was much easier for her to leave the manor.

Mo Yarui brought Mei Yu, her close maidservant, this time. Since they were acquaintances now, they sat down after exchanging some polite greetings. Mo Lan asked someone to serve the tea, and then stood outside the private room with Mei Yu. This was the upper floor of the embroidery tower. Because the embroidered goods upstairs were expensive, just a few guests came there. Besides, a line of private waiting rooms were set up around. It could be considered as a casual place.

Mo Xuetong smiled and asked directly, “Second Consort Mo, you ask me to come today for?” She picked up the teacup by her side, took a sip, and gave a gentle look at Mo Yarui. With the look, a myriad of thoughts crowded into Mo Xuetong’s mind. As Consort Chu, Ling Rui’er did such a thing. So Mo Xuetong did not think Mo Yarui was in the mood to chat and drink tea with her.

Mo Yarui replied gently, “It’s not a big deal. It’s our king’s birthday in a few days. His Highness entrusts it to me, but I lack experience, so I want to ask you to give me some advice.” She was wearing a light yellow dress today, making her thin face look delicate and beautiful.

However, Mo Xuetong frowned slightly when she heard that. Everyone knew that she had come from Cloud City, a small place. It had only been a year since she arrived in the capital. What did she really know about it? However, since Mo Yarui had asked so sincerely, Mo Xuetong had to answer.

“Actually, I don’t know how to do it as well. Last time, when His Highness had his birthday, he just had dinner with me outside and didn’t bother others. However, the Emperor and the Empress sent gifts later, which made us in a great bustle, and told us to hold a birthday party next time. Otherwise, it will be like this time. Not only did it cause flurry, but also the people in the palace thought that I didn’t want to hold it.”

Mo Xuetong evaded with a slight smile. She did not want to make trouble for herself. King Chu’s Manor was swaying in the midst of a raging storm. Any carelessness would lead her to get into trouble. It was not worth it. Therefore, Mo Xuetong’s reply revealed that she was too young to know about it. If she was really thoughtful, she would not have done the thing like that.

“Consort Xuan’s words remind me that our King also said that King Xuan’s birthday had been held so carelessly that the Empress and the Empress Dowager were not happy about it.” Speaking of it, Mo Yarui could not help laughing. She covered her mouth with a handkerchief and grinned brightly.

As for the matter, it was really deliberately caused by Feng Yuran. It was said that Consort Xuan had planned to celebrate the birthday for him, but the flamboyant king took the consort to see the sunrise for days. So they were not at home on the days before his birthday, even the gifts sent from the palace were received by the butler. When the people from the harem came to ask when to hold the birthday party, the butler had to answer that there was no party this year, and the King just went out with Consort Xuan.

It was said that the Emperor was so angry that he asked Feng Yuran to go to the palace and told him off. But after coming out of the palace, Feng Yuran still got his own way and act arrogantly, doing what he liked to do without any sign of reflecting on himself. The Emperor could do nothing to him, so the matter of the birthday banquet was concluded without a conclusion. Since the host did not want to hold the banquet, could the host be forced to do? Feng Yuran was the imposing prince, and even the most favored one by the Emperor. Who dared to fuss about it with him?

Thinking of the matter, Mo Xuetong could not help but laugh. She held the handkerchief in her hands and said with a smile, “Our king just messed about. There were follow-ups. He was told off by the Emperor more than once. However, His Highness did not learn a lesson. I did not know what happened then, but the Emperor was so angry that he just scolded His Highness for being a decayed wood. No matter how hard it was carved, it could not be made good.”

Mo Yarui said to Mo Xuetong with a smile, “It is His Majesty tough love. Otherwise, why did His Majesty praise that King Xuan has made great progress recently?”

What Mo Yarui said was true. A few days ago, the Emperor praised Feng Yuran in the imperial court, saying that Feng Yuran was more and more reliable and looked like a prince. Feng Yuran was no longer a useless playboy, and the Emperor even handed over some political matters to Feng Yuran.

Mo Xuetong shook her head smilingly, restrained the smile, and said amusedly, “His Highness is just seized by a whim. When the whim fades away and he is in no mood, no one will know what trouble he will make.”

Mo Xuetong’s words sounded very reasonable. Mo Yarui couldn’t help laughing as well. Feng Yuran was truly temperamental, as he would handle affairs seriously today, but would stir up things out of certain new ideas. No one could foresee when he would give a big shock which was impossible to retrieve.

“King Xuan has this weakness that he seldom learns.” Mo Yarui nodded and comforted Mo Xuetong, “Consort Xuan, you don’t have to worry. His Majesty always likes the way His Highness acts, but His Majesty just gives some talking-tos sometimes. It is just verbal punishment, and His Majesty will not really do anything to His Highness.”

Mo Xuetong nodded in agreement and said, “That’s true. Anyway, His Highness gets such a tough temper of not being motivated. No matter how hard His Majesty tries, His Majesty is unable to change His Highness. His Majesty knows that well.”

“By the way, talking about His Majesty, I still want to say that it’s really dangerous.” Mo Yarui suddenly frowned. “Why does the hand over there extends so long? How can they know it in such a short time? And even go to tell it to Consort Ling. This… this is too scary… How dare we talk freely about the things of the manor in the future?”

Mo Yarui looked around uneasily as she spoke. She had not yet got over the scare about the matter. The Empress had stretched out her hand too quickly. If that was the case, did that mean that the Empress knew everything that was happening in the manor? Every time Mo Yarui thought of that, she felt uneasy.

Although Mo Yarui did not say it outright, Mo Xuetong still knew that Mo Yarui was referring to the Empress. Then, Mo Xuetong smiled and said, “It won’t happen. Perhaps it is just hearsay. Our manor is not strict actually.”

Perhaps because Mo Xuetong’s words reminded Mo Yarui of something, Mo Yarui’s eyes reddened. She sighed sadly and said, “But, I still feel worried. I… the people in the manor are all from the Ding General Manor. His Highness usually does not stay at the manor.” Mo Yarui looked up at Mo Xuetong’s pink and charming face, and Mo Yarui’s expression darkened subconsciously.

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