Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 563 – Who Is It, Consort Chu’s Personal Maid

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Chapter 563 Who Is It, Consort Chu’s Personal Maid

The woman had been hiding in the crowd and watching Qin Yuxuan from the side. When she saw him running away happily, the obsession in her eyes faded away, replaced by hatred. “Mo Xuetong, it’s all that b.i.t.c.h’s fault. Cousin Xuan and I are supposed to be a couple. If it weren’t for you, I would have been in love with Cousin Xuan.”

The book in her hand had been twisted into pieces and fell from her hand. She gritted her teeth and looked in the direction of the bookstore viciously. After a while, she turned around and walked into an alley. There was a small door leading to King Chu’s Manor’s back yard. It was a shortcut to enter King Chu’s Manor.

“Miss Sirong, you’re finally here. Her Lady sent someone to see you just now and asked you to come over as soon as possible. Her Lady is angry now!” Seeing the woman coming in, the old maid who guarded the door hurriedly came up with a warm smile.

“Her Lady is angry again?” After standing still, Sirong took out a piece of silver from her sleeve and handed it to the old maid. Then she asked knowingly with a smile on her face.

The old maid took it swiftly and placed it in her sleeve quickly. She smiled even more warmly and narrowed her eyes. “Yeah. I heard that a maid in the manor had offended Her Lady and had just been beaten to death. Her Lady is still angry, so she came to urge a few times.”

Even though it was Second Consort Mo who was in power, everyone knew Consort Chu was a daughter of Ding General Manor, so she would not fall down. The woman in front of the old maid was the personal maidservant Consort Chu had brought over from Ding General Manor, who had a voice in front of Consort Xuan, so the old maid did not dare to offend her. Furthermore, Miss Sirong was generous, and thus the old maid would naturally try to b.u.t.ter up to her.

“Miss Sirong, should I send someone to ask about it first before you go there?”

“No, I’ll go first.” Sirong turned around and went inside. The old maid took out the silver behind her and weighed it. Then her expression brightened. After thinking for a while, she shouted to Sirong, who had just arrived at the corner, “Miss Sirong, someone from Ding General Manor came just now. I don’t know if Her Lady was angry because of this.”

Someone from Ding General Manor came? A hint of darkness flashed in Si Rong’s eyes. She turned around and nodded to the old maid to show that she had accepted her kindness and continued to walk to the main yard.

She was not present when something happened in the palace. However, she did not expect Mo Xuetong to escape from the trap again. How could she not be annoyed and angry? She did not believe that the s.l.u.t, Mo Xuetong, was a strange cat who had nine lives and would not die. There was a hint of hatred on her pale face.

In the main yard, several old maids were nervously tidying up the yard. The smell of blood in the yard rushed to her nose as soon as Sirong came in. She covered her nose with a handkerchief and felt like vomiting. She frowned and looked at the old maids and ordered, “Clean it up. Rinse it with water a few times, and then use the incense in the warehouse to smoke it later. Don’t startle His Highness.”

Although Ling Rui’er had been locked up in the main yard for the past few days, Feng Yuxuan still slept here almost every day.

This was also the reason that no one in the manor dared to look down on her even though Ling Rui’er was punished.

Those old maids nodded in agreement and began to tidy more carefully.

When Sirong stepped into the room, a cup of boiling tea flew over from the opposite side before she could see it clearly. Then, Ling Rui’er screamed out of control and scolded, “You b.i.t.c.h, where have you gone?”

Sirong subconsciously turned her head and blocked it with her hand. Immediately, she felt a piercing pain rising from the last finger. Immediately a cold sweat broke out in her forehead.

The teacup slid past her hand and landed heavily on the ground beside her, making a crisp cracking sound. The tea splashed and a few drops landed on her. Fortunately, she reacted quickly. Otherwise, the cup of tea would have scalded her face, and she would be disfigured. As she looked at the broken teacup on the ground, Si Rong’s eyes flashed with hatred.

But then, she raised her head with a gentle smile on her face. “My Lady, what’s wrong? Is someone making you angry again? I told you yesterday that I would go to the market today to see if there were any good flowers and bought some pots of them for you. What a coincidence. I really saw a few pots of peony. I heard that they are all high-quality. But they haven’t bloomed yet. When the flowers bloom, My Lady can admire them and will be in a good mood.”

She smiled and didn’t seem to mind and what she said was true as well. Ling Rui’er then recalled that she had allowed Sirong to go out today last night. She had forgotten that while she was angry just now. Her anger immediately faded. She leaned back and sighed despondently, without saying anything.

Sirong heaved a secret sigh of relief when she saw Ling Rui’er stop being hard on her. Ling Rui’er was not someone who was easy to serve. She would be obedient when she was in a good mood, but when she was in a bad mood, she would kill others immediately. She was violent, selfish, and completely self-centered.

She waved her hand and gestured for the maidservant standing beside Ling Rui’er to change the tea for her. Then, she got someone to clean the floor. Ignoring the pain in her little finger, she walked up behind Ling Rui’er. She tapped gently on her back and asked with a smile, “My Lady, did Ding General Manor send someone here today?”

A few days had pa.s.sed since what happened in the palace, but Ding General Manor had not sent anyone over. It would not be good even if they came here. After all, the fact that another man had seen Ling Rui’er’s body meant that she was no longer chaste. If the man had not died and she had fooled others, King Chu and Ding General Manor would not have been able to save Ling Rui’er even if they wanted to.

However, no matter what, as Ling Rui’er’s maternal family, Ding General Manor had to rebuke her to show their att.i.tude for King Chu, indicating that Ding General Manor had accepted King Chu’s kindness.

After all, as Ling Rui’er’s husband, if King Chu were to pursue this matter, Ling Rui’er would be thrown into the sacrificial temple and would not be able to leave the temple for the rest of her life.

“Yes, how dare they say that I didn’t know how to behave properly? Who knew that s.l.u.t would plot against me as well…” Ling Rui’er gritted her teeth at the mention of the matter. She had always treated the Empress as her aunt, but she did not expect her aunt to plot against her like that.

Hearing that Ling Rui’er secretly scolded the Empress, Sirong stopped her while asking the maidservants and old maids beside to leave. She said, “My Lady, you can’t say that. No matter what, she is still in the high position. Besides, she is your elder. It will be terrible if others hear it.”

Ling Rui’er understood what Sirong said. However, even though she understood, her heart was still burning with anger. The Empress was the one to blame for the matter. And, Ling Rui’er had been implicated. “Sirong, look at me. Not only am I no longer in charge of the manor, but I am also scolded by Uncle and Father. Why did no one enter the palace and scold her? If not for her stupidity, how would I have ended up like this?”

Ling Rui’er was furious when she thought of how the two old maids who had come to scold her had told her that the Empress was fine in the palace and that her uncle had sent her something. She punched the table forcefully and put on a fierce look. She was so angry that she picked up a lotus-plum vase of colorful gray jade by her side and threw it on the ground viciously.

With a bang, it immediately broke into pieces. The maidservants and old maids guarding outside were scared and they didn’t dare to move.

That vase was Ling Rui’er’s favorite piece of the dowry that Ding General Manor sent here. It was said that the Empress left it in Ding General Manor. She usually treated it carefully even when she looked at it, not to mention smas.h.i.+ng it.

“My Lady, why are you doing this? If you are so angry, you will benefit others. Maybe they are laughing secretly!” Sirong pointed to the right side where was Mo Yarui’s yard. Thinking that Mo Yarui got the power to manage the manor from her hand, Ling Rui’er felt annoyed. That b.i.t.c.h had gotten benefit from her for no reason.

“I saw Second Consort Mo drinking tea with Consort Xuan just now. They looked very happy.” Sirong leaned over and whispered in Ling Rui’er’s ear.

“It’s her. It’s that b.i.t.c.h. Mo Xuetong, it’s all that b.i.t.c.h’s fault. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have ended up like this. If it weren’t for the cup of watermelon juice, things wouldn’t have happened to me…” Ling Rui’er was so angry that she laughed. She really hated Mo Xuetong to the core and felt that the cup of watermelon juice should have fallen on Mo Xuetong, and it would have been Mo Xuetong who had been seen by another man and framed.

“My Lady, it’s useless for you to be so angry here. She is still fine outside. Even if you are angry to death and break everything, it won’t influence her. We have to do it seriously. We can’t let the weak person p.i.s.s us off,” Sirong comforted Ling Rui’er carefully, and gently pressed her shoulder with her hand.

“Sirong, what do you think we should do? You’re right, I can’t let her off the hook so easily. I want her to live a life worse than death.” Ling Rui’er’s eyes darkened and a cold glint appeared in them.

“My Lady, take your time. His Highness’s birthday is coming soon, and Consort Xuan will definitely come. Think about it, if she comes, we can…” Sirong didn’t finish her words, but she had fully expressed her meaning.

Ling Rui’er’s eyes brightened upon hearing that. “You are right. Even though I have lost the power of the matriarch, I am still the first consort of King Chu’s Manor. Mo Yarui won’t dare to disobey me. Mo Xuetong, as long as she dares to come, I will make her lose her reputation before she leaves the manor.”

“If that is the case, not only will Mo Xuetong be in trouble, but that woman will also be in trouble. She made a mistake when she is in charge of the affairs of the manor. My Lady, at that time, His Highness will understand who the most suitable person to be in charge is.” Sirong added fuel to the fire beside Ling Rui’er, which made Ling Rui’er more and more interested.

She stood up forcefully and walked around the room, but she did not think of any good ideas. She paused in front of Sirong and asked, “What are we going to do this time? That s.l.u.t Mo Xuetong is very smart.”

She did not forget that she had tried to frame Mo Xuetong many times, but Mo Xuetong easily escaped every single time.

“My Lady, don’t worry. When I was in the street just now, I saw the two young masters of Qin Manor. I heard Consort Xuan used to live in their manor and was very familiar with Second Young Master Qin. Although she was still young at that time, men and women are not seated at the same table since they are 8 years old. But at that time, Consort Xuan was well over 8 years old.” A trace of coldness and viciousness flashed in Si Rong’s eyes, but then she hid it behind her smile.

“Second Young Master Qin?” Ling Rui’er blinked and asked with her eyes wide open. Then, she hurriedly shook her head and said, “No, no. First Young Master Qin and His Highness are very close. If His Highness finds out about this, he will definitely not spare me.”

“My Lady, are you going to let His Highness find it out?”

“Of course not!” Ling Rui’er shook her head repeatedly. Of course she did not dare to do so. If Feng Yuxuan knew about it, she would not be able to escape unscathed.

“That’s right. Since His Highness won’t know My Lady has done this, why would he blame you? At most, he would think that it’s Second Consort Mo… Isn’t this the best for you, My Lady? Furthermore, we can do the opposite!” Si Rong’s eyes darkened, with an evil smile in them. In no way could she allow Mo Xuetong to be happy.

“Qin Yuxuan, don’t you want to be with Mo Xuetong? Then I’ll help you!”

“No, our manor has no apparent connection to the Qin family. It won’t be easy to attract them here.”

“My Lady, if this doesn’t work, doesn’t Second Consort Mo have a cousin…”

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