Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 564 – Luo Wenyou and Qin Yuxuan’s Visit

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Chapter 564 Luo Wenyou and Qin Yuxuan’s Visit

Mo Xuetong did not know that Yu Sirong, the first miss of the Yu family, had entered King Chu’s Manor with the name of Si Rong. Furthermore, she had become Ling Rui’er’s personal maidservant. However, Mo Xuetong had gotten news that Yu Sirong had come to the capital in another way.

The person she saw at Old Madam Qin’s banquet that day was really Yu Sirong. This news made Mo Xuetong stunned and speechless.

Back then, Yu Sirong had been disfigured and sent away, but the woman she saw that day definitely had a normal face.

“Is her face healed?”

“My Lady, after you told me about this person’s appearance that day, I asked someone to keep an eye on Qin Manor. After seeing off the guests, Madam Yu of Qin Manor prepared a small sedan chair in the evening and went to a house. Other than one maidservant and an old maid served in the house, there was no one else.”

Mo Ye explained in detail to Mo Xuetong. “After that, I heard that the woman sold the house and intended to go back to her hometown, so I didn’t keep an eye on her, and ended this matter. But today, I saw the woman again. When we were in the bookstore, the woman was under your feet. She took a few glances at you, so I noticed her, but I didn’t care about her at that time. Now that I think about it, she is the woman you have seen in Qin Manor, My Lady.”

At that time, she only felt that the woman paid close attention to Mo Xuetong and made her very alert. Later, the woman left, so Mo Ye did not care much about it. However, after getting on the carriage, the more she thought about it, the stranger she felt, and the more familiar the woman seemed to her. She thought about it for a while and remembered one thing Mo Xuetong ordered at that time. Then, she immediately thought of the woman.

Mo Ye had been a secret guard and was vigilant. When she thought of that, she felt that there was a problem. When she returned to the main yard of King Xuan’s Manor and had only just sat down, she had already figured it out. She reported everything to Mo Xuetong. The woman was said to return to her hometown then. However, she was still in the city. This could only mean that the woman was not simple.

Mo Xuetong had already calmed down from her shock. Thinking for a while, she pointed at her face and asked, “Is there a scar on that woman’s face?” Yu Sirong’s face had been disfigured. She had been so badly injured then that even if her face could recover, it was impossible not to have any scar on her face.

Mo Ye had only seen Yu Sirong for a few times then. Besides, it had been a long time. She probably did not remember Yu Sirong.

Mo Ye lowered her head, thought about it, and said, “I noticed that she looked normal, but her face was a little pale and had no color in cheeks. As for the two spots you mentioned, they are slightly different, but not obvious.” Because she was different from ordinary maids, she could see it clearly at that time. The woman’s eyes, brows, and chin were indeed a little different, but if one did not look carefully, one would not be able to see it.

“Mo Ye, come with me.” Mo Xuetong stood up and walked to the right. There were some writing brushes, ink sticks, paper, and inkstones, which were arranged as a small study. Sometimes, Mo Xuetong could lean here to read books and write.

Mo Xuetong came to the desk and started drawing. After a while, a portrait of Yu Sirong appeared vividly in front of Mo Yu.

“My Lady, that’s her.” Mo Ye immediately recognized her when Mo Xuetong threw the brush down. However, she looked at the painting suspiciously again before saying, “My Lady, it is indeed her at first glance. However, it is slightly different. That woman looks much older than her. She is in her 20s and her face is slightly different. These differences make her look a little less delicate than the person in the painting.”

That was the reason that Mo Ye did not recognize Yu Sirong.

“What did Madam Yu say when she sent her out of Qin Manor?” Mo Xuetong frowned. She had a feeling that the woman must be Yu Sirong.

Mo Ye thought for a moment and answered, “Madam Yu sent her to the gate and gave her a bag with money in it. She told her to live a good life in the future and not to think nonsense anymore. ‘Now it’s not the same as before. There’s a big difference between status and… an egg can’t defeat a stone.’” Mo Ye hid in a tree at that time, and she couldn’t hear clearly. So she couldn’t figure out such random words at that time.

Mo Xuetong was now certain that that woman was Yu Sirong. “Give this painting to Mo Feng and get him to keep an eye on this woman. If he sees her, investigate her immediately.”

“Yes, I will go and tell Mo Feng right away.” Mo Ye nodded and left.

Mo Xuetong sat by the window and frowned. There was a flash of suspicion in her heart. “Have Yu Sirong’s injuries really healed?” This made Mo Xuetong suspicious. In her past life, her grandmother had found many doctors to treat her injuries, but they all said that they could not do anything about it, but how could Yu Sirong’s face be cured?

That was too coincidental!

“Why didn’t I have this opportunity in my last life?”

Even though Yu Sirong had been cured, her injuries at that time were much more serious than hers in her past life. However, in such a short period of time, her face was cured almost without any sign of injuries, even though she looked slightly different. On the whole, her injuries were healed. Furthermore, Yu Sirong had returned to the capital again. It sounded as if she was going to seek revenge on Mo Xuetong.

That was right. Given Yu Sirong’s selfishness, how could she bear the hatred of being disfigured? What would she do…?

“My Lady, His Excellency of Fu General and Second Young Master Qin are waiting outside to seek an audience.” The curtain was lifted and Mo Lan, who was waiting outside, came in and reported.

“Eldest Cousin and Cousin Xuan!” Mo Xuetong paused and blinked. She could not understand how the two of them got together. “Just the two of them?”

“Yes, they said that they came across each other on the way, so they come to visit you.” Mo Lan smiled and helped Mo Xuetong up.

Cousin Luo was a scholar and had always been elegant and quiet while Cousin Xuan was a lively person. It was rare for them to come across each other. She did not know if they came here for something, so she held Mo Lan’s hand and went to the living room.

Qin Yuxuan was already a little unsettled in the living room. He could not sit still whenever he thought of the painting. He went to the door and took a look. Then, he sat down and poured hot water into his mouth. He was burned and jumping around. Looking at him, Luo Wenyou smiled and said, “Yuxuan, don’t worry. Cousin Tong will come out in a while.”

“How can I not be anxious? Grandmother is very fond of that painting. But look at my Elder Brother, he actually lost it. It’s fine if it’s gone, but at least he has to inform Grandmother of it and make things clear. But look at him, what did he do? He actually went to the imperial exam and left it to me. If my father knows that I lost my grandmother’s most precious painting, he will break my legs.”

Qin Yuxuan sighed sadly. Thinking that there was no way to deal with this matter, he felt that his future was dark. He had long known that his elder brother was a scheming man, but he shouldn’t slander him no matter how scheming he was.

“What kind of painting made you so anxious?” Luo Wenyou grew curious about the painting.

“It’s just an ordinary painting. It’s really not a famous work. It looks like a woman’s painting with soft strokes and there are a few women in it. I don’t see anything precious about it,” Qin Yuxuan said angrily. He really couldn’t see anything special about this painting.

Thinking for a moment, Luo Wenyou waved the fan in his hand and replied, “It might be drawn by someone your grandmother knows or someone who used to be her close friend or something like that!”

“You’re right. That’s possible. Otherwise, no famous artist could paint so many women in one painting.” Qin Yuxuan slapped his leg and answered immediately.

“Paint so many women in one painting?” A charming voice could be heard from the door. Then, Mo Xuetong entered with a smile on her face, followed by a few maidservants. She was dressed in an elegant light green coat and a light gray embroidered dress. It was very plain but when the wind blew, lifting the hem of her fluttering dress, she looked as if she were going to ascend to heaven and become immortal.

Qin Yuxuan paused and put away the arrogance on his face. There was a hint of bitterness in his eyes. His eyes chased after Mo Xuetong’s slender figure automatically. The corners of his eyes landed on her beautiful face. She still looked pure and beautiful and there was no forced smile on her face. Her lively eyes turned slightly. It was obvious that she was very blissful.

Even though King Xuan had a bad reputation, he should be good to her!

“As long as she lives a good life!” For some reason, tears were about to well up in his eyes!

“Cousin Tong.” Luo Wenyou greeted her with a smile. Qin Yuxuan also cupped his hands before his chest subconsciously. Then, he hid the tears in his eyes and put on an alive smile on his face again. No matter what, Cousin Tong seemed to be doing well right now. That was enough.

“Eldest Cousin, Cousin Xuan, please take a seat.” Mo Xuetong smiled, curtsied with a bow, and gestured for them to sit.

“Cousin Tong, Grandmother asked if you are all right. Do you need any help?” Luo Wenyou sat down and went straight to the point. He had come to greet Cousin Tong on behalf of his grandmother, and did not expect to run into Qin Yuxuan who also came to see her on the way here. As such, the two of them came together.

Mo Xuetong smiled lightly. She knew what Luo Wenyou meant. “Eldest Cousin, please tell Grandmother that I am fine. Don’t worry. If anything happens, I will definitely inform her. I will not let her worry about me.”

Luo Wenyou paused and said somewhat awkwardly, “Cousin Tong, if there is another banquet, you’d better not attend it next time.” He also knew that there was something wrong with his own words. Feng Yuran was a prince, so there was no reason for her not to attend the banquet in the palace. However, he had to say that because it was what his grandmother wanted to told her.

“Eldest Cousin, tell Grandmother not to worry. I know. I will not get into trouble.” Mo Xuetong could not help laughing when she heard Luo Wenyou’s insincere advice. Her eyes shone with charming beauty as she spoke coyly.

Qin Yuxuan’s heart warmed when he saw her pretty, smiling face. He could not help but try to persuade her, “Old Madam must be too worried about Cousin Tong. Don’t worry, she’s smart. She’ll be fine.”

When he said that, he suddenly thought of his purpose of coming here. He could not help but frown and said bitterly to Mo Xuetong, “Cousin Tong, you really have to help me. Otherwise, I would die.”

“Cousin Xuan, what’s the matter?” Mo Xuetong asked quietly.

“What else could it be? It was all Elder Brother’s fault. He took a fancy to a painting in Grandmother’s room and told me to take it out. But he did not return it to me. I did not care much about it, but Grandmother did. She was trying to get the painting from me over the past few days. However, Elder Brother said that the painting had disappeared. What should I tell Grandmother?” Qin Yuxuan rubbed his head with his hand, looking worried.

Mo Xuetong’s heart skipped a beat. She smiled and asked, “What kind of painting is it that makes Grandaunt so worried? Is it from a famous painter?”

“It would be great if it were drawn by a famous painter. There were only three girls in the painting. I could not see anything good from it, so I threw them to Elder Brother casually. I thought it was not a big deal even if Elder Brother wanted them. Anyway, they are not that good. But I didn’t expect that Grandmother would not let go of it and asked me for them. Elder Brother, who has never made a mistake, even lost it. Where should I go to find it now?”

Speaking of this, Qin Yuxuan was really annoyed! If he had known that the result would be like this, he would not have helped his elder brother to bring this painting. How did it come to this? It was completely unrelated to him!

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