Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 568 – Changes Happened in General Manor

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Chapter 568 Changes Happened in General Manor

Before Luo Mingzhu and Mo Xuetong had time to go to General Manor, the next morning, Luo Mingzhu hurried into King Xuan’s Manor and entered Mo Xuetong’s room.

Mo Xuetong had just gotten up and had breakfast. She asked the maidservant to pour a cup of hot tea for Luo Mingzhu. Then she noticed that the latter picked the cup, took a sip of it and looked around.

Understanding what she meant, Mo Xuetong waved her hand, gesturing for the servants to leave. Then, she asked directly, “Second Cousin, what’s the matter?”

With a glance at Luo Mingzhu, she knew that something was happening. Luo Mingzhu’s face was pale and she gritted her teeth angrily.

“Cousin Tong, Elder Brother…” Luo Mingzhu felt so embarra.s.sed that she lowered her head. Putting down the teacup in her hand, she gritted her teeth and said, “Cousin Tong, Elder Brother was drunk yesterday and somehow slept with Yun Ya on the same bed. The manor was in chaos this morning. I heard that Elder Brother was going to marry Yun Ya.”

Mo Xuetong was startled. Her brain was in buzz and she could not say another word.

There was something called coldness that rose from her heart and surrounded her, making her almost breathless for a moment!

Who was Luo Wenyou? In her past life, Mo Xuetong had known that he was a gentleman who was extremely well-behaved. In her past life, she had heard that a woman who was said very beautiful wanted to be his concubine, but he had rejected her. It could be said that he was the purest person in General Manor, and all his children were born to his official wife.

Even though the two uncles also had a few concubines, they were usually promoted from the previous maids, and since they married their wife, they had never taken a concubine, not to mention to take a concubine before the legal wife married into their family. It was impossible. Mo Xuetong subconsciously felt that Yun Ya had plotted against Luo Wenyou. That woman was not as weak as she seemed on the surface.

“How could Eldest Cousin be with Yun Ya?” Mo Xuetong’s eyelashes fluttered and she breathed a long sigh. She looked up at Luo Mingzhu and immediately made a decision in her heart. In the last life, she was incompetent and could not even protect herself. In this life, not only would she live well, but she also would protect the person she wanted to protect.

Even if she had to inflict a b.l.o.o.d.y blow on some people.

“I heard from the people in the manor that it was a little late when Elder Brother returned home yesterday. When he walked to his room, he saw that there was someone in Father’s study, so he went to see him. It happened that Father had not eaten dinner yet, so he asked someone to prepare some wine. The two of them had a few drinks. After that, Elder Brother was a little drunk. It was getting late, so Father asked someone to take Elder Brother to the wing room to sleep. Unexpectedly, when he woke up, he found that Yun Ya was also there. It was said that Elder Brother forced her to go into the wing room when Yun Ya came back from Mother’s yard.”

Luo Mingzhu didn’t believe it, and neither did Mo Xuetong.

What kind of person was Luo Wenyou? He had been drunk before, but he had always behaved well. When he was drunk, he would only sleep and would not do anything else. Furthermore, it was too coincidental. How could it be so coincidental that when Luo Wenyou was drunk, Yun Ya happened to pa.s.s by and was even pulled into the wing room?

Mo Xuetong looked up at Luo Mingzhu and said, “Second Cousin, does Second Aunt know what kind of person your cousin is?”

Mo Xuetong felt that it was too coincidental to exist. However, it happened. Madam Qu was now in charge of General Manor, and her First Aunt and First Uncle were at the border. Her grandmother, who could make decisions in the manor, had always been in poor health. So if someone had arranged it, Madam Qu was most likely to be the chief culprit.

Other people could not accurately calculate the time when Luo Wenyou would be drunk. Furthermore, even though Luo Wenyou could not hold his liquor, he could still drink much more wine than his uncle did.

However, Madam Qu was Luo Mingzhu’s biological mother, and Mo Xuetong had to find out.

In her past life, General Manor had been destroyed because of a plot. In this life, Yun Ya was definitely not a simple girl. She had an ambiguous relations.h.i.+p with other men, but she was still willing to marry into the manor to be Luo Wenyou’s concubine. She was managing to be Luo Wenyou’s concubine. How could Mo Xuetong not be wary? Someone was plotting against General Manor again.

No matter what, she would not allow General Manor to be plotted against. Including her grandmother and her cousin, they were all her relatives that she wanted to protect.

In the past, she could only watch as General Manor fell and her grandmother died and then she was burned. Now, she would not allow something like this to happen, even if her Second Aunt was the chief culprit. There was a hint of hatred in the corner of her eyes subconsciously.

“Actually, I have told Mother many times about Yun Ya, but she didn’t believe me. I heard that my Aunt wrote a letter to Mother. She claimed that Yun Ya was framed by others and was young and ignorant. She had put all the blame on others. It seemed that Yun Ya was really innocent. Mother also told me to take good care of Yun Ya. I didn’t have any patience when I heard that. I didn’t expect her to be so confused and help outsiders to plot against Elder Brother. She, she made First Uncle and his family feel disappointed!”

Luo Mingzhu’s face was full of anger and she wanted to run back to the manor immediately to show her confused mother what kind of person Yun Ya was. Initially, she did not expect that this matter had something to do with her mother. When Mo Xuetong asked her, she immediately understood that her mother must have gotten involved in it; otherwise, Yun Ya would not be able to sleep with her Elder Brother so easily.

She thought that her mother was too muddle-headed!

Needless to say, Yun Ya was not a good person. How could her Elder Brother, the son of the Fu General, take a concubine before his legal wife even entered the manor? In this case, how could her Elder Brother marry a good girl? Furthermore, what would her grandmother and First Aunt think if they found out about this? Wasn’t she turning the two families of General Manor into enemies?

Luo Mingzhu was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. She was filled with hatred and anger, but there was nothing she could do. She could only look at Mo Xuetong and said, “Cousin Tong, tell me what we are going to do. No matter what you say, I will listen to you.”

Mo Xuetong calmed down then, and a faint cold smile appeared on her lips. She asked, “Second Cousin, where did you find out about what happened to Yun Ya?”

“When Yun Ya came to the manor, there was also a coachman. My nanny’s husband was also a coachman. Mother thanked the coachman for sending Yun Ya to our manor, so she asked my nanny’s husband to invite the coachman to drink. The coachman talked too much and told the other guy everything. Later, nanny told me about it. When I told this to Mother, she didn’t believe me and only said that Yun Ya was pitiful. I don’t understand why she thought that a woman with bad moral character is so pitiful.”

Luo Mingzhu did not like Yun Ya, and now she gritted her teeth hatefully. If not for what had happened to Yun Ya, her mother would not have been involved in it. Now that it had happened, her mother would not have s.h.i.+rked her responsibility. Even though her grandmother was weak and didn’t care about the affairs, there was nothing she could do even if the matter had escalated to this point. She had to give Yun Ya an explanation. However, after this, she would definitely understand it. What would her mother do then? How would she have the face to stay in General Manor?

For so many years, her mother had only given birth to her, and her father had no boy. If not for her grandmother, her mother would not have lived so leisurely. Luo Mingzhu thought that her mother did not seem to want to lead a comfortable life now.

“The coachman said that Yun Ya had eloped more than once?” Mo Xuetong tried to sound calm but her eyes darkened.

“Yes. She had eloped with two men and even succeeded. Then, someone got her back.” At the thought of this, Luo Mingzhu hated Yun Ya even more, but her mother protected her like a treasure. She had said that many times, but her mother said that she was biased against Yun Ya and did not like her cousin. Her mother even told her not to speak of her like that.

However, ever since Yun Ya came to the capital, she had been coaxing Madam Qu to put in a good word for her. Now, Madam Qu even did such a shameless thing for her. Was she going to be hard on His Excellency’s wife after Yun Ya became his concubine in the future? Thinking of this, Luo Mingzhu s.h.i.+vered all over. Something terrible was going to happen!

No, she would never allow Yun Ya to marry into General Manor!

“Second Cousin, it might have something to do with Second Aunt, so by then…” Even though Mo Xuetong’s words were subtle, her intentions were clear. She looked at Luo Mingzhu directly. She needed Luo Mingzhu to make her att.i.tude clear. It was about Madam Qu, and had nothing to do with Luo Mingzhu. Mo Xuetong did not want to be estranged from Luo Mingzhu because of this. Furthermore, Luo Mingzhu had always been a sensible person; otherwise, she would not have rushed to her so early in the morning.

The reason why she wrote the letter yesterday was that she wanted Luo Mingzhu to pay attention to Yun Ya. Although a married daughter was like the water poured out, Luo Mingzhu was Madam Qu’s biological daughter, and the young and old maids who went to her husband’s family with her also had a close relations.h.i.+p with the people in General Manor. If she really wanted to inquire about it, it must be more suitable than her.

She had intended to ask Mo Feng to send someone to investigate Yun Ya today, but she did not expect that something would happen so quickly. She was thrown into pa.s.sivity for a moment. Fortunately, she was not completely pa.s.sive. When she calmed down and thought about it, Mo Xuetong had already come up with a plan. However, she had to get Luo Mingzhu’s support as well. She neither wanted anything to happen to Luo Wenyou nor did she want to alienate Luo Mingzhu. Of course, if she could not achieve both claims, she would have to make a choice.

Fortunately, Luo Mingzhu had always been on Mo Xuetong’s side, which made Mo Xuetong heaved a sigh of relief.

“Cousin Tong, Mother’s matter… I don’t want to say anything else now. I just hope that Grandmother can show some mercy to her…” Luo Mingzhu said with a bitter smile on her face. This time, Madam Qu had created such a big trouble. When her grandmother learned about it, Luo Mingzhu had no idea how she would deal with her mother. Then, her mother… alas, it was all that s.l.u.t Yun Ya’s fault. Luo Mingzhu thought that she would teach her a lesson.

“Since you think so, I’ll start getting ready. We’ll go there in the afternoon. Wait for a while.” Mo Xuetong breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that Luo Mingzhu made it so clear to rea.s.sure her. As long as Luo Mingzhu could recognize the person clearly, there was absolutely no way for Yun Ya to go. She would force her to show herself.

“Cousin Tong, why don’t you go there now? At this time, the manor is in a mess!” Luo Mingzhu asked confusedly. As soon as she got the news, she ran here in a hurry, because she trusted Mo Xuetong very much. Since Mo Xuetong came to the capital, the two had been very close. Luo Mingzhu had witnessed how her delicate cousin came to this point step by step.

No matter what Mo Xuemin or Auntie Fang did, they were all defeated by Mo Xuetong in the end. Even though Luo Mingzhu was straightforward, she was a rational person. Furthermore, after she married Li Youmo, Li Youmo had told her to stand on Mo Xuetong’s side, and to ask her if she met some problems. As such, she had come to King Xuan’s Manor in the first place after finding out that something had happened.

“Second Cousin, don’t worry. I have something to prepare. Anyway, it is a mess in General Manor right now and Grandmother is not in the mood to meet us. The situation is also a little messy. We might as well go there after they calm down in the afternoon.” Mo Xuetong smiled lightly. Her pale face was calm and composed.

Luo Mingzhu heaved a sigh of relief when she saw how calm Mo Xuetong was. Realizing that Mo Xuetong knew how to deal with it, she nodded profusely!

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