Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 570 – Innocence? She Never Had!

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Chapter 570 Innocence? She Never Had!

“Mingzhu, how, how could you say that?” Madam Qu was stunned. She had never expected her gentle and kind daughter to say something like that. She looked up at Luo Mingzhu in shock.

“Second Aunt, what do you want Second Cousin and me to say? Do you want Second Cousin to give a face to a woman who has plotted against General Manor? Second Aunt, you are now a knife in someone’s hand. Don’t you know that you are used to plotting against General Manor? What would Second Uncle think if he finds out?”

Mo Xuetong was furious as well. If she had not asked her people to watch Yun Ya, she would not have known that You Yuecheng was using her to plot against General Manor. No wonder You Yuecheng had so many speculations in the desolate little courtyard in the back yard and they were close to the truth. There was indeed someone who was pa.s.sing on the message.

Yun Ya was now the cousin of General Manor, and it would be easy for her to find out something about the courtyard in the back yard.

“Tong’er, Ya’er… Ya’er, Ya’er is a good girl.” Madam Qu was defeated under Mo Xuetong’s cold gaze.

“Second Aunt, are you really unwilling to tell us you and Miss Yun’s plan?” Mo Xuetong glanced at Luo Mingzhu and her expression softened. She had to give her face and hoped that her Second Aunt would return and tell her everything. Even if she did something wrong, Grandmother would not punish her harshly.

Luo Mingzhu, who was seated by the side, understood what Mo Xuetong meant and looked at her with grateful eyes.

Madam Qu’s hand clenched, and blue veins stood out on her hand. She took a few deep breaths. How could she not be angry when her daughter and niece forced her to do this point? “Ya’er is now in this state. She could have been someone’s official wife, but now she can only be a concubine. Are you not going to let her go through this road? Do you really want her to die?”

Mo Xuetong raised her brows when she heard that. She looked at Madam Qu coldly. It seemed that her Second Aunt was really obstinate. She cast a glance at Luo Mingzhu and decided to let Luo Mingzhu deal with the matter.

“Mother, Yun Ya could have been someone’s official wife? I don’t know how a woman who has eloped with other men several times can be an official wife.” Luo Mingzhu was so angry with Madam Qu that she almost went mad. She gritted her teeth and looked at Madam Qu angrily.

Luo Wenyou, who was seated by the side, paled all of a sudden.

Madam Qu’s expression changed as well. She raised her trembling hand and slapped Luo Mingzhu viciously. “How, how could you be so mean? Ya’er is an obedient and gentle child. It was all others who framed her. How, how could you say that about her?”

The clear sound of a slap shocked everyone. Old Madam, who was leaning against the couch suddenly opened her eyes and sat up. However, she fell down hurriedly because she was too dizzy. Nanny Shen hurriedly held her. Mo Xuetong turned around immediately and comforted her softly. Luo Wenyou was shocked as well. He looked at Madam Qu in shock. Madam Qu had always been gentle in his heart.

Luo Mingzhu had never been beaten by Madam Qu before. For a moment, she covered her face and looked at Madam Qu in disbelief. “Mother, for that woman, you even slap me. People who don’t know the truth will think that she is your daughter!” she said word by word, with pain and injury in her eyes.

Madam Qu looked at her hand and also panicked for a moment. She stood up hurriedly and argued, “I… Mingzhu, no… Ya’er, she is really pitiful. She is a good girl…”

She was anxious just now and thought that what Luo Mingzhu said was too mean, so she slapped her. When she realized what had happened, she felt guilty and hurried to explain.

She just insisted that Yun Ya had nothing to do with this matter, and it was all by accident that such a thing happened.

Mo Xuetong looked at her coldly for a long while and sighed to herself, “Second Cousin is a good person but Second Aunt is completely different from what I have imagined.” In her past life, she did not have much to do with her Second Aunt. However, Mo Xuetong did not expect her to be such a short-sighted person. She had been made a fool of herself by Yun Ya and did not care about the status of General Manor at all.

A gush of wind blew from outside the window and blew off a strand of hair at Mo Xuetong’s temples. A faint smile appeared on her lips. No wonder her grandmother did not like her Second Aunt. She had thought that her grandmother valued men over daughters, and her Second Aunt did not give birth to a son. Only now did she realize that Madam Qu was too selfish.

“Second Cousin, sit down first. I will ask Second Aunt!” Mo Xuetong pulled Luo Mingzhu’s hand and asked her to sit down. Then, she looked at Madam Qu with a slight smile and asked calmly, “Second Aunt, since you think Miss Yun Ya is a good girl, why did you ask someone to put some drug in Second Uncle’s and Eldest Cousin’s wine?”

Madam Qu’s face changed greatly when she heard this, and she couldn’t help stuttering, “What, what do you mean?”

Luo Wenyou, who was seated by the side, frowned. A hint of darkness flashed in his eyes.

“Eldest Cousin can’t hold his liquor very well, but compared to Second Uncle, he could drink more. There were several times when Second Uncle and Eldest Cousin drank together, and when Eldest Cousin was fine, Second Uncle was drunk. Why was the result reversed this time? Furthermore, Eldest Cousin got drunk after only one cup of wine this time. Don’t you think it’s strange, Second Aunt?”

Mo Xuetong’s gaze turned from Luo Wenyou’s face to Madam Qu’s. She glanced at their expressions and asked gently. Her tone was aggressive and did not relax at all.

If she didn’t push Madam Qu and force her to tell the truth, it would not end up well! This was to deal with Madam Qu.

Of course, she had another method to deal with Luo Wenyou.

Luo Wenyou’s alcohol tolerance was not bad while Luo Bin was well-known for his weak alcohol tolerance. As such, when there was a dinner party at home, the first person to get drunk must be Luo Bin. Everyone in the manor knew about it.

Mo Xuetong did not wait for Madam Qu to reply before she turned to look at Luo Wenyou and said, “Eldest Cousin, do you think that it is just a concubine in the manor and it can prevent the relations.h.i.+p between your two families from breaking and Second Uncle and Eldest Uncle from becoming estranged?”

Her words were so sudden that Luo Wenyou froze there, and his face changed. Old Madam, who was lying on the couch, sat up under the protection of Nanny Shen. She looked at Luo Wenyou with bright eyes and seemed to be in high spirits.

“Eldest Cousin, since you have your own ideas, then there is no need to say anything else. Somebody, get Miss Yun Ya in.” Mo Xuetong ordered loudly to the door, not even looking at Luo Wenyou.

“Yes, My Lady!” The curtains were lifted and Mo Ye pulled Yun Ya into the room. It was obvious that they had arrived in a hurry because Yun Ya looked pathetic. Mo Ye pushed her to the ground forcefully.

“Ya’er!” At the sight of Yun Ya in such a sorry state, Madam Qu rushed over to her with distress.

Luo Wenyou stood up and took two steps back. He looked at Yun Ya thoughtfully but did not say anything.

Yun Ya held Madam Qu’s hands and stood up. She looked at Mo Xuetong tearfully and then at Luo Wenyou. “Consort Xuan, what crime have I committed? Why did you get your maid to bring me here in such a rude manner?” she asked sweetly. She had been resting in the wing room next to Old Madam’s room earlier and had thought that everything was settled.

However, the door was pushed open, and a maid rushed in, picked her up and dragged her out of the room. Then, she was thrown inside this room. When she saw that Luo Wenyou was present, she had to pretend to be gentle and made him pity her.

“Miss Yun, I heard that you’ve eloped with other men twice and have sent secret messages with another man many times. What? Are you trying to plot against General Manor this time?” Mo Xuetong smiled and took a letter from Mo Ye. She handed it to Luo Wenyou and said, “Eldest Cousin, if you still think that she is good enough to marry into your manor, then you’d better give your position as His Excellency to Second Cousin as soon as possible so that you won’t be punished in the manor.”

Mo Xuetong, who knew Luo Wenyou’s character, knew that she had to say something harsher at this time.

This was the information she got from Feng Yuran. She felt that Yun Ya was weird a few days ago, so she asked Feng Yuran to check it out. Because nothing happened before, she did not go to get it. As the accident happened, she took it as evidence before she came. The evidence was irrefutable, and she wanted to see what Yun Ya could say.

Luo Wenyou already felt that something was wrong. Taking the letter, he read it hurriedly. Then his face was at once blanched and livid.

It described in detail which men Yun Ya had hung out with, who she had eloped with, how long she had eloped for, and where she had been found. It was all about Yun Ya having affairs with other men. Everything happened for a reason, and even Luo Wenyou knew one of the men. How could he not feel ashamed?

In fact, Luo Wenyou had already known that this matter had something to do with Madam Qu, but since Madam Qu had brought him up since he was a child, he had an unusual relations.h.i.+p with her. Yun Ya was also a very gentle person in front of his grandmother, so he felt that it didn’t matter if he took her. Since his Second Aunt liked it, and Yun Ya was also a n.o.ble young lady, he didn’t mind that she had plotted against him. As a man, Luo Wenyou thought he had to take responsibility.

But he did not expect Yun Ya to be such a s.l.u.tty woman. How could Luo Wenyou not feel a little embarra.s.sed? He had tried his best to take responsibility in front of his grandmother earlier, but she turned out to be a s.l.u.tty woman. Even though Luo Wenyou considered Madam Qu’s kindness to him, he hated her now. She had plotted against him to take such a woman. Wasn’t she trying to harm him?

“That’s not true. It’s all fake. I’m innocent. Aunt, I’m innocent.” Noticing Luo Wenyou’s expression change, Yun Ya immediately knew that things were not going well. She held on to Madam Qu’s hand and cried, “Aunt, since you all suspect my innocence, I… I will die in front of you!”

After saying that, she seemed to try to push Madam Qu’s hand away and hit the pillar on the side. Madam Qu grew worried and grabbed her sleeve and burst into tears. “Ya’er, Ya’er, my poor girl. I know you didn’t do that. You were framed by others.”

Madam Qu turned around and snapped Mo Xuetong while crying, “Consort Xuan, I don’t know where you found the evidence to frame Ya’er. How, how could you do this? You are forcing Ya’er to die!”

She did not call her niece Tong’er, and instead, she called her Consort Xuan. She glared at Mo Xuetong hatefully like a hen protecting its child. She only treated Mo Xuetong as her enemy. Old Madam was so angry that she sat on the bed and slapped the edge of the bed viciously. She yelled loudly, “You unfilial b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you unfilial b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

“Innocent? Miss Yun, do you want justice?” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and looked at Yun Ya sharply. This woman was still stirring up trouble. She really thought of You Yuecheng. In order to find out the secrets of General Manor, she was willing to be Luo Wenyou’s concubine. It could be said that she had put in a lot of effort.

“Yes, I am innocent.” Yun Ya was secretly delighted when she saw that Madam Qu had been protecting her. She yelled in an angrier voice, but she was secretly pleased. She would insist that she had something to do with Luo Wenyou yesterday. Then even if Mo Xuetong was Consort Xuan, what could she deal with her? She did not believe that Luo Wenyou would look down on her with her talent and beauty!

She had seen many men, and knew that a man like Luo Wenyou cared most about his dignity, and was also very manly. As long as she insisted what she had said, he had no choice but to be responsible for her.

She did not believe that Mo Xuetong would dare to do anything to her. What could she do to her? She would have called them as hearsay. Anyway, she could just say that she did not know anything about it!

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