Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 571 – Prove It on the Spot to See If It’s True or Not

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Chapter 571 Prove It on the Spot to See If It’s True or Not

“Consort Xuan, I don’t know what I did to offend you, and you use these things to frame me. Don’t blow this matter up not for my sake, but please for the sake of my aunt and General Manor. I promise you, Consort Xuan, that even if I marry into the manor in the future, I will find a desolate courtyard in the manor and live there. I will never see His Excellency again and affect His Excellency’s marriage to his wife. I will only live quietly in the manor until I die.”

Yun Ya looked sad and her tears flowed down her cheeks. She looked at Mo Xuetong pathetically and humbly as if Mo Xuetong had pushed her to death on purpose. Her request was simple. She just wanted a place to stay, even if it was just a desolate courtyard.

Furthermore, she also mentioned Madam Qu and Luo Wenyou, as if Mo Xuetong refused to do them a favor and was intentionally making them lose face if she was against her.

Such a weak woman was so sad and desperate. She would rather live a quiet life from then on, and promised that she would never disturb Luo Wenyou’s marriage to his wife in order to seek peace. Madam Qu was so distressed that she couldn’t control herself. She held Yun Ya tightly in her arms and looked up at Mo Xuetong with hatred.

“Consort Xuan, I beg you to let Ya’er go since General Manor is your maternal grandmother’s home!”

Her words drew a line between Mo Xuetong and General Manor. Luo Mingzhu grew so angry that her face turned livid and her fingers trembled.

“How dare you! How dare you speak such nonsense! You haven’t even married into the family, but you’ve already caused such a ruckus.” Old Madam’s face was so dark that it looked as if it was almost dripping with water. Even though she had looked down on her second daughter-in-law in the past, she still had to maintain her dignity. Even though Madam Qu had not given birth to a boy, Old Madam had not allowed her second son’s concubine to give birth to a son. She had always claimed that her son’s concubine could have a son when Madam Qu had not had a son by the age of 40.

But what about now? She was intended to give General Manor as a gift to her niece and had put her real niece aside.

“Grandmother, don’t be angry. I still have something to ask.” Mo Xuetong’s cold eyes landed on Yun Ya, as if they could pierce through her. A desolate courtyard? Would she ask for that yard then? Yun Ya came indeed with a purpose. In order to find more clues about the past, she did not hesitate to be a concubine.

Mo Xuetong had not expected You Yuecheng to be a man of no scruples. He had made Yun Ya, who had been with many men, so wholeheartedly think for him.

“Yun Ya, do you think you are innocent?”

“Of course I am. But yesterday, yesterday…” Yun Ya covered her face with the handkerchief and cried sadly. Luo Wenyou could not explain what happened last night. Except for Yun Ya, no one knew. Even if Mo Xuetong doubted her, no one could prove if she was innocent.

Even though she was crying, her gaze landed on Madam Qu’s angry face through the gap of the handkerchief. She felt pleased with herself. So what if Mo Xuetong was powerful? They were not in King Xuan’s Manor. As long as her aunt was supporting her, what could Luo Wenyou say? As the heir of General Manor, he had ruined a girl’s reputation. How could he not admit to it?

Yun Ya thought that she had done all of this secretly. However, Mo Xuetong, who had been paying attention to her all this while, saw all of this. A hint of viciousness and anger flashed in her beautiful eyes. Yun Ya’s plot had caused General Manor to be restless. This had already made Mo Xuetong mad at her. Furthermore, Yun Ya’s goal was more than that.

Since the matter had been brought to this point, Mo Xuetong did not need to worry too much. She must uncover Yun Ya’s true colors today, so that she would not make a mess again. Indecision invariably led to trouble. She would not be softhearted to Yun Ya.

“Somebody, invite the two nannies in.” Mo Xuetong sneered, and her eyes suddenly grew cold. Madam Qu who had tried to criticize her intentionally was frightened and had to shut up. She did not dare to say anything else.

Mo Xuetong had known that Yun Ya would not be convinced by written evidence. Fortunately, before she came, she brought two more people with her to collect evidence on the spot.

Mo Ye, who was standing by the side, clapped her hands expressionlessly. The people outside heard the sound and the two nannies who were already prepared came in naturally.

“They are etiquette nannies sent to our manor by the palace. They specialize in providing services in the bedroom at weddings. We can let them see if Miss Yun is innocent,” Mo Xuetong said lightly.

There were nannies in the palace, who provided such a service. When each prince was married, the palace sent several such nannies to his manor. They were in charge of the thing of the princes and the consorts in the bedroom. These nannies were very experienced and had been specially trained. It was best to ask them to check if a woman was chaste.

The nannies who served in bedrooms? Yun Ya had never heard of it, but she subconsciously had a bad feeling, especially when Mo Xuetong asked the two nannies to check her. Immediately, she was so anxious that she grabbed Madam Qu’s hand and burst into tears. “Aunt, I was brought up to be a lady at home. How, how can I be seen by others? Isn’t this… Isn’t this an insult? Aunt, I, I’d better kill myself. I will never accept insult.”

How did she dare to ask the nannies to check her body? She knew about herself. Although the nannies might not be able to check it out, she felt guilty. Thus she would not let anyone check her body in any case. That was why she deliberately mentioned that she was a lady. A young lady from a family like hers was really not allowed to be examined casually.

She believed that her aunt would not stand by when she intended to die. With Madam Qu’s protection, she did not believe that Mo Xuetong would dare to force her out. Furthermore, her aunt was Mo Xuetong’s elder. And Luo Wenyou was there as well. He would definitely stand on her side when he saw how weak she was.

As Luo Wenyou came early in the morning and asked the old woman’s permission to take her as a concubine, Yun Ya thought he must like her.

With these two on her side, what else could Mo Xuetong, Luo Mingzhu, or that old woman do? Luo Wenyou was the heir of General Manor.

This was Yun Ya’s plan, but then she saw that Madam Qu did not rush to scold Mo Xuetong, and instead, she looked at her in shock. For a moment, she felt guilty and had no idea what was wrong with her. She thought she wasn’t acting emotionally enough, so she held Madam Qu and said tearfully, “Aunt, I am an innocent girl with such a status. How can I let the servants… treat, treat me like that!”

“Miss Yun Ya is really n.o.ble. You’re even n.o.bler than the Empress and the consorts. Are you the n.o.blest woman in Great Qin?” Mo Xuetong tilted her head slightly. The ridicule in her eyes was obvious. These nannies usually stayed in the palace. When a woman married into the royal family and became a consort with a high position, they would be sent to check if the woman was a virgin. As such, even when the high-ranking consorts entered the palace, they would be checked.

What Yun Ya said was really flattering herself!

She thought that she could get rid of the check-up if she pointed out that they were servants.

“Bring Miss Yun down below.” Mo Ye waved her hand after receiving Mo Xuetong’s instruction. The two nannies came over and looked at Madam Qu coldly. The people from the palace were indeed imposing. Madam Qu could not help but release her grasp. She did not know how things would end up at this point. She looked at her daughter, who was standing by the side angrily and ignored her, at Old Madam, who was seated on the couch and looked cold and sharp, and then at the two nannies in front of her. She made up her mind.

As long as they found out that Ya’er was innocent, what else they would say? As for the rumors that Yun Ya had eloped with another man, she did not believe them at all. Given Mo Xuetong’s status now, it would be easy for her to fabricate evidence.

“Ya’er, go and accept the check-up. These nannies from the palace are very experienced. After the check-up, I will definitely stand up for you. Otherwise, I will die with you.” Madam Qu completely believed that Yun Ya was innocent. Last night, Yun Ya and Luo Wenyou just lay on the bed and they did nothing else. How could anything happen? Luo Wenyou had slept deeply then and had no reaction when she pushed him. How could he know anything else?

“Aunt…” Yun Ya cried anxiously. She reached out to grab Madam Qu’s hand and her face immediately turned pale. However, the two nannies were all strong people. They came over and drew her from either side into the inner room. Mo Ye followed them, and stood at the door of the inner room, waiting for the result quietly.

The room suddenly quieted down. Luo Mingzhu’s face was still red and swollen. It was obvious that she had been slapped. She bit her lips and angrily looked at Madam Qu with disappointment and pain in her eyes. It was partly because Madam Qu beat her, and partly because she had never thought that her mother was so selfish and muddled. She was her daughter. Did she not believe her own daughter for the sake of an outsider?

What made her more grieved was that even though her mother knew that General Manor’s reputation would be ruined because of Yun Ya’s incident, she would still help Yun Ya do such a thing. Her eldest brother was the heir of the Fu General and would be the head of General Manor in the future. If General Manor were to fall into chaos because of this, how could Luo Wenyou work wholeheartedly? Then the decline of General Manor was just around the corner.

Old Madam didn’t look at the people in the room. She leaned back. Even though her expression was dark, she had calmed down. No one knew what she was thinking!

Madam Qu looked at Luo Mingzhu and slowly lowered her head. She just believed in Yun Ya. How could such a weak girl do those unruly things? Someone must have deliberately ruined her reputation. Today, she must clear her niece’s name and never let others look down on her.

She thought that if Mo Xuetong had not appeared at this time, Old Madam might have already agreed to let Wenyou take Yun Ya. Then so many embarra.s.sing things would not have happened. At this time, she had thrown all her anger at Mo Xuetong. She felt that Mo Xuetong had meddled in other people’s business and had even made up so much fake evidence. What was Mo Xuetong trying to do? Why didn’t she see through that Mo Xuetong was vicious in the past?

When Mo Xuetong just came to the manor, she looked timid. But now, after gaining power, she became so vicious. It seemed that she had misjudged her.

Mo Xuetong had been quietly watching Luo Wenyou, who was standing by the side quietly. The sunlight shone through the windows and there was a hint of study in her slightly narrowed eyes. Her Eldest Cousin, who had never been rash, had behaved too rashly today, and he had even dared to go against his grandmother. Luo Wenyou was very odd.

Luo Wenyou seemed to have sensed Mo Xuetong’s gaze, and he turned around and smiled at Mo Xuetong. There was a hint of deep darkness in his eyes and even a trace of guilt. Mo Xuetong’s eyes lit up, and she knew her conjecture was correct…

During this time, the nannies had finished checking. A nanny came out first, glanced at Madam Qu with a sneer, and reported to Mo Xuetong respectfully, “My Lady, we have checked. Miss Yun has lost her virginity, and it has been a long time. And she had more than one intimate encounter.”

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