Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 577 – It’s Convenient to Use the People I borrowed

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Chapter 577 It’s Convenient to Use the People I borrowed

Mo Xuetong did not expect Shopkeeper Xing to be so efficient. The next morning, she received news that the woman in the painting was now in King Chu’s Manor. She was Consort Chu’s personal maid who usually stayed by Consort Chu’s side, but she would not go out when Consort Chu left the manor. She would only help Consort Chu manage the matters of the manor.

Yu Sirong had entered King Chu’s Manor? Mo Xuetong did not expect a casual move of hers to be so useful.

Mo Xuetong paused for a moment and then asked Mo Ye to send a message to Shopkeeper Xing, asking him to keep an eye on Yu Sirong’s unusual actions. Yu Sirong returned to the capital secretly, but did not go to her parents or relatives. Instead, she sold herself as a servant and entered King Chu’s Manor. Of course, it was not just because of her bad reputation that she was not allowed to live in the Yu Manor.

In her past life, Yu Sirong was the victor. After Mo Xuetong married into Duke’s manor, she had come specially to make sarcastic jibes at her, and scolded and beaten Mo Lan and the other maids who came to Duke’s manor with Mo Xuetong as she liked. She even had slapped Mo Xuetong. The entire Duke’s manor was laughing at Mo Xuetong, and not a single person was on her side. Mo Xuetong had once complained to Sima Lingyun about her grievances, but, Sima Lingyun had always told her that he would definitely take revenge on her when he became a high-ranking official.

The final result, of course, was that he did nothing with it.

Yu Sirong was a person who was only concerned about herself. She had not even married Qin Yuxuan and must hate Mo Xuetong to the core. Then, there must be a reason for her to enter King Chu’s Manor, especially when she had gone to Ling Rui’er’s side. No wonder Ling Rui’er treated her much better than before on the surface. It turned out that someone was helping her.

Yu Sirong did not leave the manor because she was afraid that others would recognize her. Fortunately, she had lived in Cloud City before and did not have the time to meet the n.o.bles after she came to the capital, and thus the n.o.ble young ladies like Ling Rui’er had never seen her before. However, she could not guarantee that not a single one of the young ladies had seen her. Even though Yu Sirong’s appearance had changed a little, those who were sharp-eyed could still tell that she was Yu Sirong.

In this way, it seemed that it would not be smooth when Mo Xuetong attended King Chu’s Manor’s banquet!

Of course, Yu Sirong would not let go of the best opportunity to plot against her.

“My Lady, do you want me to ask Mo Feng to keep an eye on her?” Mo Ye didn’t trust Shopkeeper Xing’s people, so she came to ask Mo Xuetong for Mo Feng. Both of them were the first people Feng Yuran gave to Mo Xuetong, and now they completely regarded Mo Xuetong as their own master. Mo Xuetong didn’t trust Shopkeeper Xing’s people, and neither did they.

Mo Xuetong picked up the cloth she was embroidering beside her, made a st.i.tch, and put it down. Then she blinked her long eyelashes, and said with a smile, “Mo Feng doesn’t have to keep an eye on her. Since Shopkeeper Xing was able to find Yu Sirong so quickly, it means that Yu Sirong was really careless and went to the Qin Manor again. On the other hand, it also shows that Shopkeeper Xing is really working hard.”

“My Lady, do you mean to use Shopkeeper Xing’s men?” Mo Ye asked in shock. She was by Mo Xuetong’s side, so she naturally knew that Mo Xuetong was going to put the secret guards aside. However, Mo Xuetong seemed to use them now. Mo Ye did not understand at the moment.

“Use them? No, I don’t have the jade token, so how could they listen to me? The reason why Shopkeeper Xing helped me was just for my relations.h.i.+p with him. He just did me a favor and lent one or two people to me. I wasn’t really using them.” Mo Xuetong beamed. She lifted her long lashes, and her eyes were clear and charming.

She looked obedient and adorable, just like an innocent girl. However, Mo Ye could not help but s.h.i.+ver when she saw her because in her eyes, Mo Xuetong was obviously a fox.

She did not even have a jade token, but she was able to use the secret guards, which made Mo Ye admire her and sigh. She used to be a secret guard as well and knew that there were some principles that could not be changed no matter what. The fact that Shopkeeper Xing helped Mo Xuetong even without seeing the token not only showed how capable she was, but also showed how sincere Shopkeeper Xing was to her.

However, Mo Ye was uncertain about the specific situation of the secret guards under Shopkeeper Xing. However, it seemed that no matter how much trouble they made, they would not be able to escape from Mo Xuetong’s hand.

“Then, My Lady, you mean…” Mo Ye sighed that she could not keep up with Mo Xuetong’s craftiness, and had better ask Mo Xuetong carefully so that she would not misunderstand Mo Xuetong and ruin her plans.

“I don’t mean anything. I just want Shopkeeper Xing to help me. It’s me who keeps them, right?” Mo Xuetong smiled, picked up the cloth by her side and continued to embroider. She didn’t know why Feng Yuran had thought of such an idea and asked her to make a sachet for him to carry with him. Mo Xuetong’s embroidery was not bad as well, and it was just that she usually felt tired and didn’t want to do it. When she heard his request, she naturally did it seriously.

Mo Ye did not fully understand what she meant. Fortunately, she understood a little. That was to say, Shopkeeper Xing’s people had taken Mo Xuetong’s money, so they had to do something for her. As for the jade token, it wasn’t so important. After all, it was not that easy to get Consort Xuan’s money. Now, she just said that she wanted to borrow Shopkeeper Xing’s people. Those secret guards were secretly receiving Mo Xuetong’s money, and thus it would not make sense if Shopkeeper Xing did not lend people to her.

“Then what do you want Mo Feng to do now?” Mo Ye laughed when she figured out Mo Xuetong’s intentions. Her master could not suffer any losses at all. She had thought that Mo Xuetong only provided Shopkeeper Xing and his men money and didn’t need them to do anything. It seemed that she would not be polite to use them when she needed.

“Ask Mo Feng to pay attention to the He brothers and He Yuxiu’s matter. It’s related to Consort Zhao. Get him to be more careful. As for Yu Sirong, she’s an unimportant woman. It’s convenient to use the people borrowed from Shopkeeper Xing.” Mo Xuetong smiled. Her voice sounded sweet but cold.

She still needed to observe Shopkeeper Xing, and of course, she needed to observe his people clearly. When she saw Shopkeeper Xing arguing with that person, Mo Xuetong had a new plan. She had to support that batch of people, but she felt wronged if she could not ask them to work for her.

Fortunately, no one would care about someone like Yu Sirong. Then, she used her as a litmus test!

“The He brothers are now kept in the brothel by He Yuxiu. The people they brought with them have already run away. Now they don’t even have a single person with them. My Lady, if you want to interrogate them, just bring them here directly. He Yuxiu can’t even protect herself now. How can she take care of them?” Mo Ye asked in confusion.

In her opinion, it would be a waste to ask Mo Feng to keep an eye on them.

“There is no hurry. He Yuxiu is even more anxious than us,” Mo Xuetong remarked meaningfully. There was a hint of sarcasm in her beautiful eyes. The fact that He Yuxiu had been Lian An’s mistress had been revealed, and thus she looked like a stray dog. She was afraid that the Yu family and the Lian family would trouble her. All she could think of now was to please Mo Xuetong and the He brothers were her bargaining chips.

Mo Xuetong did not feel any pity for He Yuxiu who had wanted to seduce others and ended up entering the brothel. She would just watch them fight themselves. He Yufen had returned home. Mo Xuetong believed that she would find out what happened in the He family’s hometown. However, since the He brothers were the legitimate sons of the He family, how could they not know about it?

Mo Ye saw that her master was so relaxed and knew that she had already made up her mind. She did not say anything else and was about to send a message to Mo Feng.

“Mo Ye, after you tell Mo Feng about it, go to the Li’s Manor and ask their Young Madam if she has made clothes for Grandmother this year. I don’t know how Grandmother’s clothes were made in the past years, so I have no idea what design and color she likes. Can I make clothes with her?”

“Yes, I will leave now.” Mo Ye knew that she was referring to Luo Mingzhu. She nodded and left.

Mo Xuetong picked up the cloth at hand again and started embroidering carefully by the window, while hearing that Mo Yu outside the window told the old maidservants to do things in the courtyard. It was very quiet in the room. Knowing that she was embroidering seriously, Mo Lan brought her tea and instead of interrupting her, she started to discuss what they had to pay attention to on King Chu’s birthday with Mo Yu outside.

Mo Lan had always been very cautious, especially after the incident in the palace that Mo Xuetong was framed. Consort Chu and Mo Xuetong had always disliked each other. This time, Consort Chu and Mo Xuetong both were involved in the two matters in the palace. However, Mo Xuetong was fine. Who knew what Consort Chu would do?!

Therefore, Mo Ye was telling Mo Yu, who had always been careless, to pay attention to some minor details.

The two of them talked about it over and over again. Mo Lan was still worried and asked a few small questions, and Mo Yu also answered them in detail. Hearing their conversation, Mo Xuetong, sitting in the room, had a gentle smile on the corner of her lips. She really changed her fate of the last life. Now the two maidservants were talking in a soft voice outside, and she felt quite at peace in her heart.

Nothing happened to Fu General Manor; she was neither disfigured nor married to Sima Lingyun; the fall of Duke’s Manor had nothing to do with her. She had wanted to protect the person she wanted to protect in this life and live safely, and she had not expected to run into that pretty man, which made her completely cold heart beat again.

In her previous life, the two of them had never interacted with each other, as if they were two lines that were not in the same plane, and would never intersect no matter what happened. In this life, it was very strange that he had been by her side all the time. It really made her feel that life was too fantastic. However, what made her even more curious was why she was reborn!

Why did something almost impossible happen to her

Of course, she only thought about these things that she could not figure out for a while. When she thought of the happiness of her life right now, she felt that she had to treasure it. As for the nightmare, she had not suffered it for a long time. She did not want to think too much about those things that she could not figure out in her memories. She was willing to forget her past life completely and spend the rest of her life happily with Feng Yuran.

Mo Ye returned quickly. He said that she did not see Young Madam Li who was said to be ill after she returned home yesterday.

Mo Xuetong frowned slightly and waved her hand, signaling for Mo Ye to leave. Luo Mingzhu was ill. It seemed that it was mostly because of her parents’ words. Mo Feng had already pa.s.sed on the conversation between the two of them to Mo Xuetong. Mo Xuetong did not expect that her second uncle had a feeling for her mother.

Now it seemed that Luo Mingzhu was suspicious of her because of this, so she pretended to be ill and refused to see Mo Ye. It was a little difficult to deal with!

If someone else stopped trusting Mo Xuetong, Mo Xuetong would not be worried even if that person tried to plot against her. She could take measures to fight against the person according to the actual situation. However, if that person was Luo Mingzhu, Mo Xuetong would not be willing to do so. No matter in her past life or this life, Luo Mingzhu was one of the few people who treated her well.

No matter whether it was kins.h.i.+p or friends.h.i.+p between them, Mo Xuetong couldn’t let it go. When she thought that if Luo Mingzhu really couldn’t figure it out, it would be a deep ditch between them, her mood turned bad. She put down the embroidery in her hand and didn’t want to do it anymore. So she simply leaned on the couch and frowned to think of a countermeasure.

Her cousin treated her with all her heart and could distinguish right from wrong, so Mo Xuetong really didn’t want them to be estranged. But sometimes, some things would not change according to her liking at all…

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