Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 579 – The Sixth Princess Came to the Banquet and Felt Pulse

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Chapter 579 The Sixth Princess Came to the Banquet and Felt Pulse

The next day was King Chu Feng Yuxuan’s birthday banquet. The gifts had already arrived yesterday, so there was no need to take gifts all the way. Feng Yuxuan was Feng Yuran’s eldest brother and his relatives did not have to pay attention to empty forms. As such, his brothers’ gifts were all sent to him one day earlier.

This was to save the trouble of the birthday banquet. With their status, they did not care about whether the gifts were expensive or not because their gifts were often from the palace, each of which was a treasure. There was no need for these princes to compete with others. In this way, people would not think that their gifts were better than theirs as they were from the royal family, and in case that some people’s gifts would be relatively shabby.

Mo Xuetong did not want to attend such a banquet. She and Ling Rui’er hated each other. It could be said that they had been on bad terms since they met each other. So Mo Xuetong did not want to meet her at the banquet. Ling Rui’er was arrogant and always behaved improperly. If she did not have Ding General Manor behind her, Mo Xuetong was certain that Ling Rui’er would have been thrown into the Cold Palace by Feng Yuxuan.

How could the scheming Feng Yuxuan really like Ling Rui’er who was mean, arrogant and often made trouble for him.

However, Mo Xuetong could not avoid such banquets. Feng Yuxuan was Feng Yuran’s eldest brother and she was his sister-in-law. How could she not be present? Furthermore, something like that had happened in the palace. Even though she later proved that Ling Rui’er was speaking nonsense, there were some things that were harsh. Even though the Emperor had already banned people from talking about it, people might think about it. She had to show up to show that she didn’t feel guilty.

It was said that there would be gifts from the palace this time, which raised the level of the banquet. Not everyone was allowed to attend such a banquet.

Mo Xuetong had planned to go with Luo Mingzhu. However, Luo Mingzhu had tactfully refused to make clothes for Old Madam with her that day, which indicated that she was unwilling to go with her. Mo Xuetong could only go with Feng Yuran. But Emperor Zongwen had already warned Feng Yuran that he could not leave in advance.

No matter what, Feng Yuxuan was still his eldest brother!

As it was a banquet, she could not wear plain clothes. Mo Lan and the other maidservants had already helped Mo Xuetong pick clothes and dress.

She was dressed in a moon-white top and a light peac.o.c.k blue skirt. There were a few charming equinox flowers embroidered beneath the layers of gauze. This was requested by Feng Yuran. He liked his purple robes to be embroidered with red enchanting equinox flowers which had beautiful rumors.

The beautiful and gorgeous flowers that were embroidered on the light blue background immediately made Mo Xuetong’s pure temperament more vivid, and her watery eyes more charming and seductive, as if there was water in them. Coupled with the light blue wide belt embroidered with the same pattern, she looked like a beautiful flower blooming quietly in the elegance, with natural yet enchanting charm. However, she still remained her coldness and purity.

The group of maidservants were all stunned and claimed that Mo Xuetong was indeed the most beautiful woman. As soon as she dressed up, they could not take their eyes off her.

Feng Yuran was still dressed in a flamboyant purple robe. The equinox flowers on it were even more beautiful and red than those on Mo Xuetong’s clothes. It made his dark eyes look like snow-white jade. His thin lips were as red as usual and his handsome face had a lazy smile on it. He walked all the way, making all the young ladies and madams stunned.

How could one not be attracted by such an immortal-like person with such grace?

Only Mo Xuetong knew that he was not an immortal but a devil. Anyone who looked down on him would be swallowed up by him, not even leaving the skin and bones behind.

There were many guests in front of King Chu’s Manor today. As long as the officials in the capital had a little bit to do with King Chu, they all came no matter what position they were in. The street outside King Chu’s Manor was full of all kinds of carriages. The grand occasion was unprecedented. The servants who held gifts followed behind their masters, got off the horse carriages far away from the gate and lined up to enter King Chu’s Manor.

King Xuan’s Manor’s carriage came and was seen from afar. The servant guarding the gate cringingly welcomed the carriage to enter, while shouting loudly, “Get out of the way, get out of the way, His Highness King Xuan is here.”

Hearing his shout, the people waiting outside hurriedly made way for them. The carriage stopped in front of the manor. Mo Xuetong got off the carriage, and Feng Yuran got off the horse and walked inside together. The two parted at the gate. Feng Yuran went to the front hall. Mo Xuetong walked to the back parlor with her maidservants to rest.

The banquet had not yet begun. All the female guests walked in and were received by the women of King Chu’s Manor. What Mo Xuetong did not expect was that Ling Rui’er still sat in the head seat as usual, and Mo Yarui sat beside to accompany her. No matter how wrong Ling Rui’er was, she was still a daughter of Ding General Manor and the dignified Consort Chu.

If she was not allowed to come out in this banquet, people would think that the rumors in the palace were true. No matter whether it was Feng Yuxuan or Ding General Manor, they did not wish for such rumors to spread.

It seemed that Feng Yuxuan just gave the runaround to lock Ling Rui’er up for the past few days. It was not that he believed that Ling Rui’er had not been seen by others, but that he had to believe it that if he wanted to draw Ding General Manor over to his side, Ling Rui’er would be the best bargaining chip. He had already lost one, and would not lose this one.

Mo Xuetong had never expected to see the Sixth Princess here. The soft and elegant Sixth Princess was known to be the gentlest and most popular princess in the palace, and she rarely attended banquets. When the Fifth Princess was around, the Sixth Princess was like a shadow of hers and never stood out. After the Fifth Princess married to another country, the Sixth Princess slowly stood out. However, she had always kept a low profile and never fought with others.

Like her mother Imperial n.o.ble Consort Wen, she had larned the way of mediocrity. She was also friendly to others and never suppressed others with her status. It was rare to see a princess who was not arrogant in the royal family.

She was the first to stand up when she saw Mo Xuetong entering. She smiled softly and said, “Greetings, Eighth Sister-in-law. I was just talking to Eldest Sister-in-law about you. I did not expect you to come in now.”

“You’re too polite, Sixth Princess. You’ve come so early today.” Mo Xuetong smiled slightly and replied politely. The Sixth Princess was really rare to be seen and usually did not like to go where there were many people. It was rare for her to come out of the palace to celebrate King Chu’s birthday. One had to think deeply and wonder if the Emperor had asked the Sixth Princess to come.

If it was really because of the Emperor’s order, then did it mean that the position of Crown Prince belonged to King Chu?

Many appraising gazes landed on the Sixth Princess.

“The Sixth Princess didn’t come early, but Consort Xuan, you are late. Well, I heard that Consort Xuan has always been in poor health and rarely wakes up early in the morning. Are you still ill? Do you want me to ask a doctor to see you?” Ling Rui’er seemed to tease.

Her words were very harsh. Even though there were no elders in King Xuan’s Manor, it would be unwomanly for her to sleep until late in the day. Furthermore, Mo Xuetong had been well nourished recently. Even though her face was still a little pale, she was not so frail as to be inept. Ling Rui’er would not let go of any chance to ruin her reputation.

“Many thanks for your concern, Consort Chu. It’s just a minor illness. It’s not a big deal. I’m really sorry for being late today. His Highness said that we should come later and that it’s just the right time to come so that he can accompany King Chu to meet the guests.” Mo Xuetong smiled gently and did not argue. She said that in a good-natured manner.

Compared to Ling Rui’er’s att.i.tude, Mo Xuetong’s behavior immediately made people feel that Consort Chu was not generous enough and was a little petty.

“Consort Xuan, please have some tea. I heard that King Xuan had invited many imperial physicians especially for your health. You look slightly better now, and King Xuan must be finally relieved.” Mo Yarui hurried to ease the situation as the atmosphere was a little stiff. She did not have to help Ling Rui’er, but she was holding a banquet today and did not want anything bad to happen in case Ling Rui’er pushed all the blame onto her.

“Second Consort Mo, you don’t have to be so polite.” Mo Xuetong took the tea with a slight smile, brus.h.i.+ng this off.

The Sixth Princess seemed to be interested in Mo Xuetong’s illness as she turned her head to look at Mo Xuetong and asked with a smile, “Eighth Sister-in-law, are you feeling well? Days ago Eighth Brother asked the imperial physician many questions about it. He didn’t seem to be too a.s.sured, so Mother wants to know your health.”

A while ago, Mo Xuetong was not feeling well and Feng Yuran often went to the palace for it. Everyone in the palace knew about it, so it was natural for the Sixth Princess to ask about it. Mo Xuetong smiled and replied, “It’s not a serious illness. I have been a little weak since I was a child. I did not get well then, leaving the cause of disease, and it led to a serious illness. Fortunately, I’m fine now. I feel better after recuperating for a while.”

Sitting beside them, Ling Rui’er wanted to say something, but was stopped by an older female servant standing beside her. After all, she was not that stupid. She was the mistress. As Consort Chu, she was looked down upon by others. Now even the Sixth Princess spoke to Mo Xuetong intimately, leaving her alone aside. How could she not be angry?

Fortunately, she didn’t think highly of the Sixth Princess. In her eyes, her cousin was the real princess while the Sixth Princess was powerless.

“The illness from when you were little is not a minor one now. Eighth Sister-in-law, I have learned some pathology in the past. Would you like me to see you?” the Sixth Princess asked softly. She was taller than the Fifth Princess. Even though their eyes and brows were similar, they were quite different in other aspects. There was a gentleness in Sixth Princess’s beauty, which was very likable.

Besides, she was both warm-hearted and sincere. Of course, the crowd did not expect the Sixth Princess to really know how to treat a patient. She might know how to feel the pulse to see if it was fast or slow. A man knew how to feel the pulse didn’t mean that he had mastered medical skills. After all, a lot of people could do it. It was mentioned in the book, and one could master it through holding their hands and practicing it a few times.

Mo Xuetong did not refuse and raised her hand with a smile. “Sixth Princess, you also know medical skills? Then please.”

“I just learned a little out of curiosity when I was reading. I’m not very good at it. If I say something wrong later, Eighth Sister-in-law, please forgive me.” The Sixth Princess reached out to feel Mo Xuetong’s pulse while smiling gently.

It was just as everyone expected. However, a princess knowing about it was also something new.

The other madams and ladies all stopped and turned around curiously when they heard that the Sixth Princess was going to feel the pulse. This was the first time they had heard of such a thing. Even Ling Rui’er’s eyes widened as she looked at the Sixth Princess. This was also the first time she had heard of such a thing. This was a truly unheard-of thing. A princess could do this kind of thing! If the Fifth Princess was still around, she would bitterly mock the Sixth Princess.

A hush suddenly fell over the room.

Mo Xuetong did not say anything. Her watery eyes were clear and calm as she looked at the Sixth Princess. The princess closed her eyes slightly and placed her fingers on Mo Xuetong’s pulse skillfully. A layman could only watch the fun while an expert watched the knack. Mo Xuetong was an expert herself. With a glimpse, she knew that the Sixth Princess was not just saying it. She looked like an expert!

It seems that she really knew how to feel the pulse!

This was really strange. Mo Xuetong had never heard of this thing in her two lives, and it was obvious that the Sixth Princess came today to feel her pulse. What did she want to prove? Or what did she suspect?

Mo Xuetong’s eyes immediately darkened and her gaze landed on the Sixth Princess’ slightly wrinkled brows. However, her hand remained motionless in front of the Sixth Princess, waiting for her diagnosis and treatment!

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