Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 587 – Amusement, Passion and Gentleness

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Chapter 587 Amus.e.m.e.nt, Pa.s.sion and Gentleness

Mo Xuetong nodded her head and exhaled!

She had already explained Yu Sirong’s matter to Feng Yuran. Speaking of which, Feng Yuran was there then as well, so he immediately recalled that woman. Like Mo Xuetong, he also thought that it was definitely not an accidental that Yu Sirong, who had been badly injured, was able to heal her injuries. After all, if one did not look carefully, they would not be able to discover it.

It meant that there was a highly skilled physician helping her. Even the imperial physicians in the palace would not be able to cure such injuries so well. If Mo Xuetong had not mentioned it, Feng Yuran would not have sensed it. The woman who had once been disfigured didn’t look weird other than her face being slightly pale.

If Bai Yihao were here, it might be possible. Of course, even if he were here, he would not have tried to cure Yu Sirong. As the dignified and mighty Crown Prince of Yan Kingdom, how could he help a woman so casually? When Old Madam of Fu General Manor had wanted him to write a prescription for her in the past, he came there once after Luo Wenyou finally had become his friend. It was a favor to Luo Wenyou and Fu General Manor.

However, if it weren’t Bai Yihao, whose medical skills were so excellent? Moreover, the person treated Yu Sirong and asked her to frame Mo Xuetong. There seemed to be some connection between these matters. The more she thought about it, the more suspicious she felt it was. But there was no clue. If the mysterious physician was not a reclusive expert, he or she must have another ident.i.ty.

At the thought of this, Mo Xuetong felt a little heavy in her heart!

She had a feeling that this person was an enemy instead of a friend!

Now, she could only sense that there was such a person, but she did not know where he or she was. How could Mo Xuetong not feel anxious? Enemies hidden in the dark were the deadliest.

Feng Yuran’s various matters were on track. He had even dealt with a few practical matters a few days ago, which made Emperor Zongwen admire him greatly. The next thing to do was receive the Crown Prince and Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands.

The special status of envoys from the Southern Barbarian Lands made receiving them very difficult. On the one hand, Feng Yuran had to protect them; on the other hand, he had to succeed in the negotiation. Most importantly, he had to face the Princess. The arrogant woman from the Southern Barbarian Lands that day… Mo Xuetong felt a headache whenever she thought of that!

None of them were easy to deal with!

Feng Yuran hugged her tightly when he sensed Mo Xuetong’s odd behavior. He comforted her softly, “Tong’er, what’s wrong? You are usually the calmest. You seem to lose your cool today.”

Mo Xuetong sighed and remained silent for a while. Then, she curled up in Feng Yuran’s arms, feeling his slow breathing. Then she replied softly, “I just feel that this matter is a little… unusual. If there was no one to guide Yu Sirong, she would not have been able to enter King Chu’s Manor, and tried to plot against me through Ling Rui’er. The schemer was very careful the last time that incident happened in the Empress Dowager’s palace. Given Yu Sirong’s character, how could she be so scheming? Furthermore, you saw her face too. Her face was completely healed. I’m a little shocked when I think of that. Did we miss something?”

Feng Yuran’s pretty eyes darkened. He knew as soon as he returned. He reached out to pat Mo Xuetong’s head and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve already gotten the secret guards to investigate. Since this matter is related to Mdm Yu, the First Madam of Qin Manor, we just have to get someone to keep an eye on her. Since that person is well-hidden, he or she will not do anything casually. So it will be fine for the time being. You just have to keep an eye on Ding General Manor. Go back tomorrow. What happened today has something to do with you. Ding General Manor might not deal with us, but we don’t know if they would do something to your father.”

It reminded Mo Xuetong. She blinked her clear eyes and tried to get up. However, her waist was tightly hugged by Feng Yuran and she could not get up. She could only look up and agree. “I will return to the Mo Manor tomorrow.”

“Tong’er, I’m sorry. I was the one who dragged you into this.” Feng Yuran’s soft sigh was like a whisper to her, with a hint of pity in his voice. “When we can be independent in the future, I will definitely make sure that you do not have to put up with others anymore. Then, you will not have to worry about being hurt by others.”

This was Feng Yuran’s apology. There was guilt that Mo Xuetong could understand as well as his caution in his words. Mo Xuetong knew that Feng Yuran had always been afraid that someone would hurt her. She hugged his wide shoulders and moved up with a smile. She looked at his handsome and charming face and her voice was sweet and gentle.

“What is it to you? Even if you don’t marry me, Yu Sirong has been my enemy for a long time. Maybe, without you, I would have been killed by her. Look at how rigorous her scheming was. Since I have married you, Ling Rui’er couldn’t do anything to me. Otherwise, maybe you couldn’t see me now. To be honest, I was lucky to marry you! Don’t think too much. I’m not regretting marrying you at all!”

“You really don’t blame me?” Feng Yuran’s pretty eyes immediately lit up. There was not a hint of dullness in them at all.

Mo Xuetong looked at him. A beautiful and sweet smile appeared on her lips. She lifted her head to kiss his red lips lightly and comforted him, “No!” Feng Yuran was confident and always had a backup plan. He had pretended to be like what he wanted outside. However, he seemed to be worried about her.

“It’s great that you don’t blame me.” Feng Yuran breathed a sigh of relief, his pretty eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly. After thinking for a while, he suddenly pointed to his lips and motioned. “If you kiss me again, I won’t feel so guilty anymore!”

“Feng Yuran!” Mo Xuetong’s face turned red. She had kissed him subconsciously earlier. It was by instinct and she had not felt anything weird. Now that he had pointed it out clearly, her face flushed red immediately. She glared at him and pouted, “You dare to pretend to be pitiful and try to gain sympathy!”

Seeing her face turning red with the naked eye, Feng Yuran immediately apologized while smiling. “Okay, it’s my fault. It’s my fault. So let me apologize to you and kiss you!”

“Feng Yuran!” Mo Xuetong was embarra.s.sed and sat up suddenly. She grabbed the soft pillow beside and threw it at him violently.

“Okay, okay, it’s all my fault.” Feng Yuran grabbed the soft pillow, laughing and threw it aside. He reached out to hold Mo Xuetong tightly in his arms. Looking at her clear and beautiful eyes, he coaxed softly, “Tong’er, don’t worry. Eldest Brother’s plot has little to do with us. Now, whether it’s in the imperial court or the imperial harem, he is in the spotlight. Going beyond the limit is as bad as falling short. We just need to watch. Most people can’t wait. As for Duke Ding, as long as your father doesn’t make a big mistake, they can’t do anything to him. The so-called expert in medical skills, as long as he or she dares to show up, I guarantee to find him or her immediately.”

This rea.s.sured Mo Xuetong. She knew that Feng Yuran would not say anything casually. Since he had already made up his mind, it meant that he was very confident. She felt enormously relieved and laid her head on his chest. Then she closed her eyes silently and did not say anything else.

Feeling the strong rise and fall of his chest in his warm arms, Mo Xuetong felt as if everything was still, which gave her a feeling of tranquility. She took a deep breath and decided not to think about anything else.

The room quieted down. Only the sound of the wind blowing the gauze curtain could be heard. The green window curtain was fluttering up and down. It fell down, as if a dream. It made people feel comfortable for no reason.

“Your Highness, My Lady, dinner is ready.” Mo Lan called out softly from outside the curtain. It was already a little late, and if they did not have dinner, Mo Xuetong would not be able to take it. Feng Yuran had ordered them to prepare dinner she liked. As she heard that the room was quiet, she hurried to report.

“Tong’er, are you asleep?” Feng Yuran shook Mo Xuetong.

“No!” Mo Xuetong opened her eyes, revealing a beautiful smile at Feng Yuran. Then she obediently let him pull her up.

Feng Yuran straightened her messy clothes and took her hand to go out.

The dinner had already been prepared, and they were all Mo Xuetong’s favorite dishes. She always liked to eat vegetables in season. Feng Yuran was afraid that she would be short of nutrition, so he specially asked the cook to pour the meal soup on the dishes. The cook also prepared a bowl of chicken soup without oil floating on it to nourish her body before the meal started. The chicken soup was also added some tonic herbs, and was cooked thickly.

Mo Xuetong knew that she was in poor health, which worried Feng Yuran very much. Thus, she obediently took the chicken soup that Feng Yuran handed her and drank it as he asked. Today’s chicken soup was very thick and there were mushrooms inside. It tasted very fresh. Mo Xuetong’s eyes were narrowed into a line as she ate. She put down her bowl and filled Feng Yuran’s bowl as well.

Feng Yuran received it. His pretty eyes were bright and charming; his handsome face was enchanting. The maidservants in the room all lowered their heads. They did not dare to look at the charm of such a handsome man. It only belonged to Mo Xuetong. For others, Feng Yuran was almost as harsh as a devil.

After finis.h.i.+ng the chicken soup in one go, Feng Yuran waved his hand, and all the maidservants left quietly. Feng Yuran liked to be alone with Mo Xuetong. If they disturbed him, they might die. He was not as uninhibited as the rumors said. Mo Lan and the others were very satisfied with this.

“Yuran, is the exam over tomorrow?” Mo Xuetong put down the chicken soup and suddenly asked Feng Yuran, blinking her bright eyes.

“Yeah, what’s the matter?” Feng Yuran raised his brows in confusion. He did not understand why Mo Xuetong cared about the exam.

“Nothing, I’m just asking. After the exam, everyone will know the top three. Who do you think will be the most likely to be Number One Scholar in the exam?” Mo Xuetong took the chopsticks and gently knocked on the bowl as she turned her head and asked coyly.

“Why are you concerned about this?” Looking at how adorable she was, Feng Yuran reached out to pat her head.

“Well, I was just asking!” Mo Xuetong pouted and slapped his hand away unhappily. However, she insisted on asking. It looked as if she would not stop until she got the answer.

“Alright, I tell you. I feel that Qin Yufeng is most likely to be Number One Scholar. He is a famous scholar in the capital. Even though he haven’t ever partic.i.p.ated in major exams before, Father has heard of his reputation long ago. A few of his papers had been brought to Father. Father said that he is a talent who has original views.”

Feng Yuran smiled leisurely. His eyes shone brightly as he said, “Are you worried that Qin Yufeng will be on Eldest Brother’s side to deal with you? No! He and Eldest Brother have been getting further and further away recently. I heard that Eldest Brother had even sent him especially when he entered the examination room. However, he did not appreciate it. He acted indifferently. Furthermore, if he dares to do something to you again, I will break his legs.”

Mo Xuetong stared at his teasing eyes. Then her expression softened and she stopped frowning. Her eyes were filled with gentleness and peace that she could not control, which was as clear as water.

She saw it clearly that even though Feng Yuran was joking, there was still some truth in the joke.

He really cared about her!

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