Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 591 – The Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands Arrived in the Capital

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Chapter 591 The Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands Arrived in the Capital

The lengthening chariot was pulled by eight horses, on which there was a huge canopy. The flying gauze covered the people inside. A slender figure could be faintly seen half-leaning inside. On both sides, there were palace maids, eunuchs, and bodyguards holding all kinds of items, standing by the chariot, valiantly and alertly.

Behind the huge chariot was a large carriage. The decoration of the carriage was gorgeous and beautiful. At first glance, one could tell that it was extraordinary. The curtain of the carriage was lifted, and one could see that two beautiful women were bending over the window and looking at the scenery outside with interest. The guards beside them were not surprised and did not even raise their heads.

Suddenly, a group of people came in front of them. When they met, the carriage and chariot stopped. The woman sitting in the back carriage deliberately turned her head to see what was going on ahead. However, she was stopped by the nanny who was sitting aside. So she had to sit down again and put on a dignified look.

“Your Highness, this place is five kilometers away from the capital of the Qin Kingdom. The lord mayor of the Qin Kingdom is here to welcome Your Highness and Her Highness.” A guard jumped off his horse nimbly and ran ahead to ask before rus.h.i.+ng over.

“Lord mayor!” The man in the chariot’s voice was gentle. He put down the book in his hand and thought for a moment. Then, he continued lightly, “Ask Lord Mayor Mo to come over.”

“Yes!” The guard trotted ahead and soon led Mo Huawen to the chariot.

“Greetings, Your Highness. I heard that you’re already here. His Majesty has ordered us to wait for you here.” Mo Huawen cupped his hands respectfully as a greeting. In order to show the importance the Qin Kingdom attached to the Crown Prince and the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands, Mo Huawen was ordered to welcome them in the place five kilometers away from the capital. And King Xuan was waiting outside the city gates to welcome the guests.

“You don’t have to be so polite, Sir Mo. I came late and caused you trouble!” Inside the chariot, the Crown Prince of Southern Barbarian Lands, Xieyue, said politely. He coughed twice and asked people to lift up the gauze curtain before the chariot.

A pale and handsome face was revealed under the gauze curtain. If not for the fact that he was really pale, he would have been a handsome young man. Mo Huawen looked at him carefully before lowering his head again. He had long heard that the Crown Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands was in poor health. It seemed true now. His complexion was slightly different from that of a normal person and he looked a little weak. Fortunately, he looked good in other aspects.

Since they were going to live in King Xuan’s Manor, the manor had already brought several imperial physicians with brilliant medical skills from the palace, afraid that something would happen to the Crown Prince in the manor. Although he looked pale, he did not look like he would fall ill easily.

“No, I’m not troubled. I will lead Your Highness to the city. His Highness King Xuan is already waiting for you at the city gates.”

Before Xieyue could say anything, Princess Caifeng, who was on the carriage behind the chariot, urged the horses forward. When she heard Mo Huawen mentioning King Xuan, she involuntarily pouted and asked, “King Xuan? The eighth prince who only knows about enjoying himself with feasting and other kinds of entertainment and usually doesn’t work, King Xuan?”

“Caifeng, don’t be rude!” Xieyue scolded coldly.

“Yes, Royal Brother!” Princess Caifeng closed her mouth grievously. Then she secretly pursed her lips in disdain. She had not said anything wrong. King Xuan’s reputation was just like that. Ever since she entered the Qin Kingdom, she had heard of King Xuan the most. It was said that he had enough concubines in his back yard to make an army. Such a man was the last thing Princess Caifeng liked.

She also knew that it was wrong to treat a prince from a country of their friend like this. But she couldn’t hold back the anger in her heart, so she no longer went forward. Thinking that the dissolute prince might become her husband, she was in a bad mood. When she came, her father told her in private that she should obey all the orders of her eldest royal brother. If there was a suitable prince, she would marry him.

This matter made Caifeng wronged and depressed. She had inquired clearly that all of these princes had a legal wife. She, as a princess, would never want to be a co-wife.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. You can choose any of the three princes, King Chu, King Yan, and King Xuan. If you like any one of them, just ask him to divorce his first consort. How could the dignified princess of our Southern Barbarian Lands to accept a status lower than their wife?” The one who was sitting beside her was General Hu’s daughter, Hu Qianyue. At this time, she gently pushed Princess Caifeng to comfort her in a low voice.

Not only was Hu Qianyue the daughter of the most powerful general in the Southern Barbarian Lands, but she was also the niece of the Empress, the cousin of the Third Prince, who was the most doted on in the Southern Barbarian Lands. Her status was perhaps lower than that of Princess Caifeng, but her overall strength was stronger than that of Princess Caifeng. She had a good relations.h.i.+p with Princess Caifeng. This time, she came with her because Princess Caifeng had suggested that she accompanied her.

If Mo Xuetong saw them, she would definitely recognize Hu Qianyue. She was the arrogant woman she met on that day.

Princess Caifeng calmed down when she heard that. She was a n.o.ble princess, so how could she accept a lower status than a prince’s wife? She could not even accept to be a co-wife. It was said that the three princes of the Qin Kingdom were all young and handsome. If she really liked someone, it would be the best that the Qin Kingdom treated her as the legal wife.

At this time, the chariot had set off, and Mo Huawen accompanied the Crown Prince Xieyue.

“Which one of the princes in the Qin Kingdom is the most handsome?” Princess Caifeng asked Hu Qianyue. She knew that Hu Qianyue had secretly come to the capital a few days ago, claiming that she was exploring the way for her.

Hu Qianyue thought for a while and answered with a smile, “I didn’t see them at that time. After all, they are the n.o.bility. It’s not easy to see them. But I heard that King Xuan is incomparably handsome, and no one in the whole Qin capital is more handsome than him.”

“Incomparably handsome? How handsome can he be? He must be just an outwardly attractive but worthless person. How could he be handsome? It must have been touted by the women who have a liking for his position,” Princess Caifeng scoffed. She really looked down on King Xuan, who was said to be incomparably handsome.

“That’s possible. Maybe it’s touted by those women who want to enter his manor and try to flatter him. I heard that it’s easiest to enter his manor.” Hu Qianyue covered her mouth with a handkerchief and sneered.

“I really don’t know why his wife married him. Could it be because of his power?” Princess Caifeng uttered disdainfully. “The women of the Qin Kingdom are really greedy for wealth. She risked her life for a useless prince. What a b.i.t.c.h!”

“Yeah, if everyone is as tough as you, My Highness, and only marries the man they want to marry, there won’t be so many unhappy couples,” Hu Qianyue complimented Princess Caifeng in quiet deliberation. Immediately, Princess Caifeng was overjoyed. She could not help but think proudly, “Since I’ve come to the capital this time, if I take a fancy to a prince, I’ll get his wife to give up her position. If I don’t like any of them, I’ll go back to the Southern Barbarian Lands. I won’t force myself to marry into the Qin Kingdom. I won’t degrade myself.”

She was not the kind of woman who craved riches and honor!

As they talked, they enjoyed the scenery outside the window. Before they knew it, they had already covered five kilometers. They saw that the city gates were not far away. Crown Prince Xieyue had already sent someone to inform Princess Caifeng. Princess Caifeng and Hu Qianyue straightened their clothes, picked up the veil, and put it on.

Although the Southern Barbarian Lands did not pay much attention to these things, they were now in the territory of the Qin Kingdom, so they had to conform to the customs of the Qin Kingdom. As the princess of a country, she could not let others see her face casually. Hu Qianyue got off Princess Caifeng’s carriage and entered a smaller carriage behind this one. On the surface, Hu Qianyue could not steal the princess’s thunder. The palace maids picked up the gauze curtains of the two carriages ahead, revealing Crown Prince Xieyue and Princess Caifeng, who were sitting inside.

The chariot and carriage stopped and Princess Caifeng sat there feeling bored. She looked at the exotic scenery before her eyes.

A group of people came over and surrounded a carriage in the middle. The man in the carriage was dressed in a gorgeous purple robe. When she saw him from a distance, Princess Caifeng thought that he was indeed very coquettish. Not only was he dressed in such bright colors, but his robe was also embroidered with extremely flamboyant flowers. Although Princess Caifeng did not know what flowers these were, she found they gave her an enchanting feeling.

Why did a man wear a robe embroidering with such enchanting and bright flowers! Princess Caifeng pursed her lips. He was indeed an outwardly attractive but worthless person. He even dressed like a pillow with an embroidered case. What a shame he was!

The carriage moved forward. When Princess Caifeng clearly saw Feng Yuran, who was leaning against the wall, the smirk on her face froze.

He was dressed in purple and the enchanting embroidery and color did not overshadow him at all. Instead, it made him seem even more charming. He had a handsome face, a pair of beautiful eyes and red and thin lips. His features were stunning. The smile on his face could be described as peerlessly beautiful.

How could a man be so beautiful and his smile so seductively? He was more handsome and outstanding than any man Princess Caifeng had ever met. If he was a woman, he was a stunning beauty. How could a man be so handsome…?

With just one glance, Princess Caifeng was stunned by his appearance!

How could there be such an exceedingly handsome man in the world?

The chariot and Feng Yuran’s carriage were facing each other. Feng Yuran sat up and said lazily with a hint of magnetism in his voice, “Your Highness, I have been waiting for you for a long time. How is your trip here?”

“Thank you for your concern, Your Highness King Xuan. It was safe on the way.” Crown Prince Xieyue smiled slightly, coughed softly, and answered with a smile.

Even though the two had not met officially, they had gotten in touch in private. It could be said that Feng Yuran had done a lot of things to help Xieyue come peacefully. It was not convenient for them to say those things in front of everyone. They smiled at each other. They didn’t have to say anything. One of them was a sickly Crown Prince while the other was a licentious prince, but the two would not look down on each other.

“That is my younger sister, Caifeng. Caifeng, came to pay your respects to His Highness King Xuan.” Crown Prince Xieyue waved his hand and asked Princess Caifeng to come to see King Xuan. After all, it was said that King Xuan was the son Emperor Zongwen doted on the most. Princess Caifeng could not be impolite. Xieyue was very clear about his younger sister’s character. He did not want her to embarra.s.s King Xuan and offend him as soon as she arrived in the capital.

Princess Caifeng’s carriage came forward. She had already stood in the carriage. She curtsied gently and said delicately, “Greetings, Your Highness. May you live well forever.”

On the chariot beside, Crown Prince Xieyue raised his eyebrows and a hint of a bright smile flashed in the corner of his eyes. If Caifeng liked King Xuan who had enormous potential, he would be glad to see that.

“Princess Caifeng, you don’t have to be so polite. Please come with me to rest in my manor.” Feng Yuran waved his hand carelessly. His carriage turned around and sped towards the city gates. On the other side, Mo Huawen followed them with his men while maintaining the order.

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