Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 594 – Getting a Co-wife, the Night Talk in King Yan’s Manor

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Chapter 594 Getting a Co-wife, the Night Talk in King Yan’s Manor

“How stupid, Yue’e, who do you think I am? I won’t let you give up the position of my legal wife. Now you’re carrying our child. Do you want our baby to be a concubine’s child for the rest of his life? Do you want him to be looked down upon by the legal wife’s children in the future?” Feng Yulei was so angry that he stood up suddenly and slammed the table angrily.

You Yue’e looked up in shock, but then her heart ached even more. She stood up, holding the table and choked with sobs. What he said was all for her good and he did not want to hurt her child. How could she not understand his love for her? At this time, all he cared about was her, but she was still testing him just now.

“He was really doing this for me!”

You Yue’e walked over and stood in front of Feng Yulei. She reached out to hold Feng Yulei’s hand, but he shook it off angrily. Fortunately, he still cared about her and did not use much strength. When she reached out her hand again, this time, she touched his hand and held it firmly, refusing to let go no matter what. “Your Highness, I mean it. The child and I will not blame you… As long as… As long as you really care about us… I, I don’t feel wronged.”

She cried so hard that her words were choked. Tears fell to the ground one by one. She looked at Feng Yulei with tears in her eyes. She loved him deeply and felt painful in the heart. She really had no choice. Feng Yulei had been locked up for some time, but the Emperor had not shown any sign to release him until now. It seemed that he was going to lock up Feng Yulei till the end of his life, or leave Feng Yulei to the next Emperor after he died.

If he didn’t have the opportunity, she didn’t know whether Feng Yulei could get out of here or not.

Now that the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands came to visit, it was a good opportunity. If he married the Princess, the Emperor could not go too far for the sake of the Southern Barbarian Lands. At least, he had to release Feng Yulei. In the future, he would get the support of the Southern Barbarian Lands and Mingguo Manor. His mother in the palace and Ding General Manor could also do something for him. In fact, Feng Yulei had a good chance.

He was just short of an opportunity to be released.

And now that the opportunity had been presented, how could they not want it!

“Yue’e, don’t say anything else. I won’t agree. You are my wife. The child in your belly is my legitimate son. If I take the… this child is my successor. I can’t let him lose his position as legitimate son because of my selfishness.”

Feng Yulei’s face was full of pain. He looked up at You Yue’e and stretched out his unhurt hand to wipe away the tears from the corner of her eyes. He comforted her softly as he wiped them away. “Don’t cry. You can’t cry when you’re pregnant. If our son finds out that his mother likes crying, how can you remain powerful in front of him in the future?”

After being comforted by Feng Yulei, You Yue’e cried even more bitterly. She threw herself into Feng Yulei’s arms and cried so hard that she could not speak. No woman was willing to give up her husband and become a concubine. If it weren’t for the fact that they had no way out, no one would be willing to do it.

“Your Highness, I really don’t care…” She said that she didn’t care, but she cried more hardly.

Feng Yulei sighed and reached out to push her away gently. He looked into her eyes and said seriously, “Yue’e, I won’t let you down, so you’d better not say that you want to give up the position of the legal wife. If the Princess of the Southern Barbarian likes me, I can marry her as a co-wife. If she wants to steal your position as the legal wife, she should not even think about it.”

This was a promise and a serious one. You Yue’e felt as if her heart was soaked in warm water and felt warm all over. She heaved a sigh of relief inexplicably, wiping the tears in the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief. She felt that marrying Feng Yulei was the greatest happiness in her life. How could she not be moved when this man was still thinking about her when he was so tempted?

“Your Highness, you, you have been locked up in the manor. How can you make the Princess of the Southern Barbarian fall for you?” You Yue’e sniffed. Knowing that there was no need to give up the position of the legal wife, You Yue’e calmed down a lot. She held Feng Yulei’s hand and sat down again.

“I… Alas, I can’t go out. If you can go out and make the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands like me, maybe it is a solution. Your elder brother said the same thing to me just now, but I was afraid that you would be sad, so I didn’t want to use this method. Now you are the only one in my heart. If someone wants in, I can’t take it.”

Feng Yulei smiled bitterly and looked at You Yue’e with love in his eyes, looking as if he had no idea what to do.

“Your Highness, I will go out to find my elder brother and ask him to help us think about how to take the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands into the manor. At that time, I will definitely hold a grand wedding ceremony for her. I will not let her lose face. Although she is a co-wife, if there is anything in the future when she enters the manor, for the sake of Your Highness, I will also humor her.”

You Yue’e said sincerely, but then she frowned, and asked, “Your Highness, you are locked up now, and so am I. Neither of us can go out. What should we do?”

“I can’t go out, but Yue’e, you can,” Feng Yulei uttered.

“What do you mean?” You Yue’e asked in surprise. She had been locked up in the manor for such a long time, and had already felt bored. She thought of the carefree days in the past, and sometimes she was particularly annoyed. Just like just now, it was not the first time for her to get angry with maidservants for no reason.

“Yue’e, do you still remember what His Majesty said when he asked you to return to the manor?” Feng Yulei reminded her.

What did he say? You Yue’e thought for a moment and immediately flew into a rage. “Clear Mo Xueqiong’s name?”

The Emperor had asked her to pray for Mo Xueqiong for a month and lit incense every day. It was about a month now.

“Yue’e, if you can’t bear it, you’ll get into big trouble. Anyway, Mo Xueqiong is dead. It’s useless to clear her name. Besides, you’re the legal wife. It’s not all your fault. Can’t she surpa.s.s you? So what if you clear her name?” Feng Yulei persuaded her when he saw her gritted her teeth.

You Yue’e gnashed her teeth a few times before she managed to hold back her anger. She said hatefully, “How to clear her name? Should I kowtow and burn incense for that s.l.u.t?”

If that was the case, how could she have the face to meet others? Mo Xueqiong was just a second consort, but she was better than her.

“Of course not. I will write a memorial and ask someone to hand it to Father. I’ll say that I didn’t discipline Mo Xueqiong and that was why such a thing happened. The most incompetent person is me, and then you. I’ll tell that you would go to the Mo Manor to apologize, hoping that the Mo Manor would forgive us for not being able to treat her well.”

“Moreover, the most important thing is that Mo Xueqiong was framed and deliberately tricked to go to the back. In fact, the one who eloped was another concubine. When she saw that the matter was blown up, she hid. Recently, we have been investigating the matter every day and finally found out the truth. So we have to clear Mo Xueqiong’s name.”

Feng Yulei had already prepared the words, and at this time, he told You Yue’e about it.

Saying that Mo Xueqiong had been framed would naturally clear her name. Then, they would bury her well. At most, he would take her tablet into King Yan’s Manor. You Yue’e thought about it in her heart and felt that it was not difficult for her to accept such a matter. She only needed to send many gifts and admit that she had lost her responsibility for teaching her.

“Then His Majesty will let me out and allow me to attend the banquet for the Crown Prince and the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands?” You Yue’e hesitated for a moment and asked uncertainly.

“The Southern Barbarian Lands sent people here. King Ning is not Father’s biological son. He is not the Emperor’s son of the Qin Kingdom. Everyone knows that there are three princes in the Qin Kingdom. If they find that one of them is missing, they will inevitably ask. What will Father answer? Tell them that I have been banned by him? Then, if they continue to ask, what will he answer next? So it would be best if one of us goes out, but compared to me, Father will definitely think that you are more suitable.”

“By then, if you apologize in a good att.i.tude and give Father an out, he will definitely give you a chance to attend the banquet. At that time, you can see the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands. As for the specifics, Yue’e, I believe in you, but remember not to give her the position of the legal wife; otherwise, I will not agree.”

Feng Yulei said with a serious look on his face.

You Yue’e was so moved by his words that she almost burst into tears again. How could she not be touched by the fact that Feng Yulei was still planning for her wholeheartedly? So she just nodded with red eyes.

After the two of them made a decision, Feng Yulei did not stay to rest but went straight back to the study to prepare to give the Emperor a memorial. After You Yue’e called the maidservants in, she did not have time to be angry with them. After was.h.i.+ng up, she lay on the bed alone and thought about what to do so that the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands could marry into King Yan’s Manor. Of course, she would be a co-wife.

As the legitimate daughter of Duke Mingguo, she was no worse than the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands, let alone the fact that she married into the manor first, which meant she had a higher position than her.

As for the so called co-wife, to put it nicely, she was a wife, but to put it bluntly, she was still a concubine!

She had tried to test Feng Yulei when she had said that earlier. When she found that Feng Yulei had repeatedly said that he did not want to marry the Princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands as his legal wife, she felt relieved. She thought about how she would persuade the Princess if she saw her tomorrow. Her head began to spin and she could not fall asleep, tossing and turning.

She drifted off to sleep at midnight.

When the Emperor allowed her to leave the manor tomorrow, she would return to Mingguo Manor first and ask her elder brother to help her come up with a plan. There was also the Mo Manor. Since they said that Mo Xueqiong was innocent, King Yan’s Manor had to have a concubine to get justice for the Mo Manor. Then, she would use Qingxue. The maidservant had taken advantage of the fact that she was pregnant and could not serve King Yan to sleep with him a few days ago, which made You Yue’e very angry.

This time, she would seize the opportunity to get rid of her as well.

Night was falling. The news of the arrival of Crown Prince Xieyue and Princess Caifeng of the Southern Barbarian Lands had spread out. King Xuan’s Manor, King Yan’s Manor, King Chu’s Manor and King Ning’s Manor all had their own plots. Although the Southern Barbarian Lands was a small country, it was not weak. If one could get the support of the Southern Barbarian Lands, he would have a better chance to win the throne. The Southern Barbarian Lands hoped that the prince who married their Princess would be the future Emperor. Otherwise, they would not say that their Princess would marry a prince. Even if she would be a co-wife, it did not matter.

However, this did not stop King Ning’s Manor’s plot. King Ning, Feng Yuzhen, had really lost his wife. He had more advantages than the others. If he could get the approval of the Southern Barbarian Lands, of course, King Chu, Feng Yuxuan, could as well. However, the bad things in his manor had just happened. It would be difficult for him to explain his remarriage to Ding General Manor after such a short while. However, someone saw that King Chu went to Ding General Manor on purpose that night.

Everything was not settled yet. Everyone had their own abilities, and others were waiting for the winner to appear.

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