Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 600 – Destroying Danger in Obscurity

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Chapter 600 Destroying Danger in Obscurity

When King Yan, Feng Yulei, appeared in the main hall, Princess Caifeng felt disinterested after a glance.

It was not that Feng Yulei was not good-looking. The princes of the royal family were all tall and had outstanding looks. However, there was one of them too handsome. Then the others would appear relatively ordinary and had become the most handsome one’s foil. This made Princess Caifeng pay even more attention to Feng Yuran who was seated amongst them. She felt that he was handsome beyond compare with his every gesture. When she thought that she would be able to stay with him for the rest of her life if she married him in the future, her heart beat wildly and she flushed shyly.

King Yan had appeared in the hall thanks to Princess Caifeng. As such, everyone’s gaze had been focused on the two of them since King Yan entered the hall. Princess Caifeng had affection in her eyes, it was obvious that they were in love. Princess Caifeng was a bold person; she had dared to ask about a man in front of everyone in the hall.

Now when she saw this man, she blushed for no reason, which had already explained it.

Could it be that there had long been an agreement between the Southern Barbarian Lands and King Yan? Some people frowned when they saw this, but they did not know that they had completely misunderstood the two people.

“Congratulations, Third brother.” Feng Yuxuan was the first to say, beaming at Feng Yulei.

“Third brother, sit down. Have a rest. Is your hand better?” Feng Yuzhen pulled a chair for Feng Yulei in person and asked with concern. It was a banquet, and Feng Yulei’s hand was not tied. It was a little inconvenient and his hand hung on the side.

“Third brother! You have to thank to the beauty.” Feng Yuran winked at him, gesturing for him to look at the other side. Feng Yulei spontaneously looked over there. He met Princess Caifeng’s shy gaze. A gentle and elegant smile appeared on his lips as he gestured at Princess Caifeng with a smile.

Princess Caifeng paused for a moment. She thought that the man had come out because of her and owed her a favor. She smiled kindly. If anything happened in the future, she could ask him for help.

When others saw their interactions, they thought that they were in love with each other. Even You Yue’e, who was sitting by the side, felt jealous. Even though she knew the result, she could not help grabbing her handkerchief under the table. Her eyes were slightly red.

“Third sister-in-law, Third brother is looking at you!” The Sixth Princess pushed You Yue’e and said in a soft voice.

You Yue’e looked up and saw Feng Yulei’s gentle eyes on her. She felt so sad that she almost covered her mouth with her handkerchief and burst into tears.

“Third sister-in-law, don’t cry. It’s good for Third brother to be released. Don’t cry.” The Sixth Princess felt her slightly trembled body and knew that she was excited. She reached out to pull her and said warmly.

This reminded You Yue’e and she suppressed the excitement in her heart, lowered her head and wiped the corners of her eyes with her handkerchief. She said softly to the Sixth Princess, “Many thanks, Sixth Princess. I will definitely find a set of head accessory and send it over when I return to my manor.”

She had not brought any head accessories or jewelry with her when she entered the palace in a rush today. When she came out of the bathroom and had only taken a few steps, she met the Sixth Princess. The latter said that Princess Caifeng did not like her clothes, so she had not changed her clothes yet. You Yue’e wanted to give her a set of head accessory, but she did not have any with her. As such, she borrowed a set from the Sixth Princess. The Sixth Princess had asked someone to bring it over generously.

“Third sister-in-law, you don’t have to be so polite to me. It’s just a set of head accessory. It’s not worth mentioning.” The Sixth Princess said softly. She glanced at Princess Caifeng who was not paying attention to them and there was a flash of disdain in her eyes. As a princess who had been behaving politely, she did not like the shameless behavior of Princess Caifeng. As a princess, it was against etiquette to ask about a man in front of so many people.

Even though this was what she wanted, when she thought that Princess Caifeng was also a princess and did not know if others would look down on her because of this, the Sixth Princess felt a little upset. However, she hid that hint of emotion behind her beautiful eyes.

“Sixth Princess, thank you so much.” You Yue’e could sense the sincerity in the Sixth Princess’ voice. She was so touched that she could not say anything. She had been locked up in King Yan’s Manor recently and could only move in the manor. Even though King Yan’s Manor was large, no matter how large it was, how could she not be tired of being locked up there every day?

Since she entered the palace today, the eunuchs and palace maids who used to see her bowing and nodding respectfully all looked lazy and frivolous. You Yue’e knew that even the servants in the palace looked down on her because King Yan had been grounded again and again. However, the Sixth Princess was always kind to her. How could You Yue’e not be moved?

“Third sister-in-law, stop being moved. Third brother has cast a few glances at us. He might be thinking that I bullied you. You mustn’t make me get scolded by Third brother.” The Sixth Princess smiled warmly and shook You Yue’e’s hand. You Yue’e could not help smiling. She looked at the men’s seats and saw Feng Yulei looking away.

“See, Third brother was looking at you, wasn’t he?” The Sixth Princess teased in a low voice.

You Yue’e patted her hand and intentionally ignored her words. “I have a set of beautiful head accessory that was given to me by Mother in the past. I will get someone to send it to you later. It isn’t returning to you; consider it my gifts of grat.i.tude. If not for your head accessory, Princess Caifeng wouldn’t be able to remember who His Highness is.”

It would be embarra.s.sing if the Sixth Princess refused again when You Yue’e said that. She thought about it and agreed happily.

Feng Yuran left first before the banquet ended. He had already told Emperor Zongwen that he wanted to bring Mo Xuetong home. As such, he left the main hall and headed to Consort Xian’s Anhe Palace. Mo Xuetong had taken a nap and only woke up now. However, she was too lazy to get up. When she heard the sounds of the doors moving, she turned around and saw Feng Yuran smiling gently.

She didn’t get up with her hair scattered, but sat up and leaned against the pillow.

Feng Yuran leaned his handsome face closer and was about to kiss her when she pushed him away with her hand. She said coyly, “No, you drank a lot alcohol!”

“It’s not a lot wine. I only drank a few cups. It’s not too much. They’ve drunk a lot. I didn’t expect a sick person like Xieyue to have such a good capacity for liquor. I can’t look down on him.” Feng Yuran pushed Mo Xuetong inside and sat up on the bed. He leaned forward and reached out to hold Mo Xuetong tightly in his arms. Smiling quietly, he blew on her earlobe on purpose. As he saw her earlobe suddenly becoming red, he felt pleased.

He was willing to see her be embarra.s.sed and annoyed.

As he had expected, Mo Xuetong’s face flushed red and she could not help but nudge him with her elbow. She said angrily, “You… why should you have to drink as much as others? You’re really great to compete with a sick person’s drinking capacity!”

“Ouch, it hurts. Tong’er, I’m not in good health either. I’m like a sick person. You can’t do this to me,” Feng Yuran behaved affectedly, but there was a trace of coldness in his eyes. As long as he thought that Xieyue dared to want Tong’er to be his concubine when he was so sick, he would be furious. Besides, Princess Caifeng’s crazy eyes followed him closely, which was enough to make him depressed and could not eat.

The brother and sister wanted to separate Tong’er and him. He did not feel pleased and intentionally came to Mo Xuetong to act coquettishly.

However, Mo Xuetong did not fall for it. She glanced at him and asked, “Is Princess Caifeng beautiful?”

“Tong’er, are you jealous?” Feng Yuran was delighted and looked up. His eyes shone as he looked at Mo Xuetong.

“Why should I be jealous? I want to know about Princess Caifeng’s character. I wonder what kind of man she will choose. Will she like you?” Mo Xuetong chuckled. Her eyes were filled with ridicule. There was not a hint of impurity in her clear eyes. She was so beautiful and stunning.

Feng Yuran could not bear to just watch her any longer. He held her up and kissed her face, lips, and eyebrows. He said vaguely, “She wants. When she mentioned Third brother at the banquet, Father had to release him. Now, everyone thinks that she has an affair with Third brother. Father looked at her and Third brother with unfriendly eyes several times. She’s so stupid that she can’t tell that Father is angry.”

Princess Caifeng had managed to get King Yan out of ban.

The Emperor was not pleased when Princess Caifeng and King Yan had something to do with each other!

These two pieces of information appeared in Mo Xuetong’s mind quickly. She pushed Feng Yuran away forcefully and reached out to shake his hand, asking seriously, “Does your father want Princess Caifeng to marry you?”

Now, Mo Xuetong knew that Emperor Zongwen was truly doing this for his youngest son. Since Princess Caifeng could make Emperor Zongwen unhappy, she must have gone against Emperor Zongwen’s will. That was to say, Emperor Zongwen did not want King Yan to marry Princess Caifeng. The marriage between the two countries had to be settled. He did not want King Yan to marry Princess Caifeng because King Yan could get help from the marriage. Then what about Feng Yuran? Did the Emperor originally want Feng Yuran to marry Princess Caifeng?

“Don’t worry. Even if Princess Caifeng wants to marry me, Father will not agree.” Feng Yuran knew why Mo Xuetong got nervous. He held her hand and kissed it gently on his lips and said softly.

Mo Xuetong widened her beautiful eyes and asked in confusion, “Why?”

“Think about it. Princess Caifeng took the initiative to mention Third brother in the main hall and forced Father to release him. She had gone against Father’s will. How could Father be happy? Then, she and Third brother kept looking at each other at the banquet. So many people saw it, so Father will definitely think the two of them are in love. In such a situation, if Princess Caifeng still wants to marry me, then she has other motives. Father would not allow a woman who obviously does not care about me to marry me. He would not allow me to have a dangerous person on my side.”

Feng Yuran said in an indifferent manner.

“But why did Princess Caifeng and King Yan keep looking at each other at the banquet?” Mo Xuetong still did not understand. No matter how she looked at it, Feng Yuran was more attractive than Feng Yulei. She did not believe that Princess Caifeng would abandon Feng Yuran and marry Feng Yulei. Furthermore, judging by the fact that Feng Yulei was locked up by Emperor Zongwen, it was obvious that the Emperor did not like him. However, Feng Yuran was the most doted on prince.

In this way, no matter what, Princess Caifeng was not supposed to exchange love glances with Feng Yulei.

“Don’t worry about that crazy girl. You can just ignore her. If you’re willing to talk to her, it’s all right; if you don’t want to talk to her, you can pretend to be ill. Father won’t give her to me again. Don’t worry, your husband is always by your side,” Feng Yuran mumbled angrily. He glanced at Mo Xuetong guiltily, wondered if Tong’er would be angry if she found out that Princess Caifeng had been looking at him.

He could not let Tong’er have a grudge against him. Xieyue had been casting covetous eyes on her.

Feng Yuran felt upset when he thought of the Xieyue. Since when did he have a rival in love? If he had not had Mo Xueqiong to confuse Xieyue, his father might have hated Tong’er. However, it was just fine. How could his Third brother win the heart of the beautiful woman when Xieyue had enmity towards him?

Anyway, Caifeng’s matter had nothing to do with him, and Tong’er had nothing to do with Xieyue either. He and Tong’er just had to watch from the side.

There would be a chain of mistakes. He would see how this would end!

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