Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 606 – The Plan, Feng Yuran’s Means

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Chapter 606 The Plan, Feng Yuran’s Means

While it was chaotic outside, the main courtyard of King Xuan’s Manor was very quiet. The tired and indolent King Xuan was accompanying his “sick” wife, so he had no idea what had happened outside. He handed it all over to his butler. In his own words, “It’s a complicated situation now. It could involve me even if I don’t go out. I’d better rest and claim to be sick in room.”

Mo Xuetong who was sitting by the window picked up the pattern beside her and shone it against the sunlight. Then she narrowed her eyes and glanced sideways at his handsome and charming face before asking suspiciously, “Does this have anything to do with you?”

She said it without feeling guilty!

“How could I have anything to do with that? Third Brother wanted to marry the beauty, and the Southern Barbarian Lands has their own plans. I don’t even know Crown Prince Xieyue’s meanings. How could I have plotted against her?” Feng Yuran answered rather righteously, but his bright eyes showed that he was in a good mood.

Especially when he winked at Mo Xuetong charmingly, there was nothing serious in his manners.

It was hard to convince anyone that it had nothing to do with him!

Of course, Mo Xuetong didn’t believe it!

“Why was it so coincidental that Princess Caifeng’s face was hurt? She was on the main road of the capital, and there are many people coming and going. That part of the road is the most heavily guarded. Even if there was something on the ground, it would have been cleaned up. How could it be so coincidental that Princess Caifeng’s face was scratched by something?”

Mo Xuetong teased as a hint of beautiful ripples in her watery eyes. Tiny spots of light fell in her eyes from outside the window, just like myriads of tiny diamonds and plentiful water. Feng Yuran could not help but feel gentle in his heart. He reached out to hold her hand that was holding the embroidery and suddenly, he laughed out loud in a good mood.

“Tong’er, perhaps because Princess Caifeng is a bad person, she is so unlucky. She not only lives in King Xuan’s Manor, but also dares to try to get you into trouble.”

A hint of viciousness appeared in the pure smile in his eyes. If not for her ident.i.ty, the hurt would not be as simple as disfigurement. Since Princess Caifeng wanted to deal with Tong’er, he made her tired out by too much running around and unable to see people. She would not dare to do anything to Tong’er. The situation now was very good.

Princess Caifeng didn’t want to marry Feng Yulei, but Feng Yulei wanted to marry her. In addition, Crown Prince Xieyue had a strange mind. The twists and turns in it were definitely more than it was on the surface. Feng Yuran just made a crack in those people’s contradictions. What would happen next was up to them.

Right now, everyone was busy enough with their own affairs. He and Mo Xuetong could live their own life and watch them fighting fiercely.

“She wanted to get me into trouble?” Mo Xuetong asked gently. Even though she knew that it was not easy to deal with Princess Caifeng, she did not expect that she would act so quickly. She had already started thinking about fighting against Mo Xuetong as soon as she arrived in the capital. “Did she pester you?” she asked.

According to the time, she was supposed to have taken a fancy to Feng Yuran the moment she entered the capital.

“How could it be possible? I’ve always been serious to her and ignored her. I didn’t even talk to her alone. How could she have anything to do with me?” Feng Yuran stated calmly.

“…” Mo Xuetong felt speechless for a moment.

It would be strange if it had nothing to do with him. Fortunately, Mo Xuetong had thought about it previously. With Feng Yuran’s enchanting and handsome appearance, it was normal for Princess Caifeng to fall in love with him. However, Hu Qianyue who came with Princess Caifeng had been acting weirdly; she came to ask about Mo Xuetong, and then stir up trouble. She was a difficult person to deal with.

“Who does Hu Qianyue work for? What does she want to do?” Mo Xuetong frowned. Since Feng Yuran was holding her hand, she put down the embroidery in her hand and leaned back against him.

Hu Qianyue was not a simple person!

“She is the cousin of the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands. Seeing that she has caused so much trouble, it seems that she wants to spoil the marriage between the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom. Since Princess Caifeng is close to Crown Prince Xieyue, she is naturally on his side. If she can marry into the Qin Kingdom, she will be of great help to Crown Prince Xieyue. Therefore, the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands is more willing to turn this marriage into a joke or make some trouble by taking advantage of the marriage.”

What happened in the front yard had already been reported to the two masters. Hu Qianyue’s behavior seemed chaotic, but in fact, she had other ulterior motives. Feng Yuran had sent someone to investigate the people who came to the Qin Kingdom and got detailed information. Therefore, he had already a.n.a.lyzed the purpose of Hu Qianyue’s visit this time. The Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands was really a man to be reckoned with.

“Don’t worry, Tong’er. They don’t have time to care about us now. It just so happens that we can deal with our own affairs.” Feng Yuran laughed and put his arm around Mo Xuetong’s slender waist.

“Caifeng has been wanting to hurt you, and Hu Qianyue added fuel to the fire. If Caifeng had not been disfigured, she would have harm you with the help of Hu Qianyue. If she killed you because of this and Hu Qianyue told me the truth of the matter, I would not tolerate Caifeng. With my arrogant and domineering character outside, I may kill her. The marriage between the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom would be destroyed, and Crown Prince Xieyue would be by me. This is the plan of the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands.”

“However, now Princess Caifeng is disfigured and has something to do with Feng Yulei. Feng Yulei wants to marry Caifeng to increase his power, but Caifeng wants to marry me. This will definitely lead to conflict. If Caifeng’s reputation is about to be ruined, she couldn’t marry anyone. Then, the marriage between the Southern Barbarian Lands and the Qin Kingdom will also be ruined!”

Feng Yuran gently caressed the top of Mo Xuetong’s head with his hand with a dangerous glint in his dark eyes. His thin lips curled up slightly as he uttered darkly, “Hu Qianyue and the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands have their own plans. The marriage between the two countries will not succeed no matter which prince it is. It is a pity that they have forgotten Crown Prince Xieyue and the Qin Kingdom. They really think that they’re so powerful that they can ignore the Qin Kingdom.”

How dare they set up him and the Qin Kingdom? Feng Yuran wondered whether the Third Prince of the Southern Barbarian Lands could retreat after he did it.

“Then who is the right person for Princess Caifeng to marry?” Mo Xuetong rolled her eyes and immediately understood that it would be beneficial for Feng Yuran when Princess Caifeng married into the Qin Kingdom. However, it would be difficult to choose the right prince for her to marry.

“Isn’t Feng Yuzhen now without a wife? It’s appropriate for him to marry Princess Caifeng. Now he is the weakest one. I have to help this cousin so that Empress Dowager won’t feel uncomfortable and cause other troubles,” Feng Yuran lazily said and a meaningful smile appeared in the corner of his slanting eyes.

Feng Yuran wanted Princess Caifeng to marry Feng Yuzhen? Mo Xuetong paused and could not help but ask, “What about Consort Yu? And he might not be that anxious to marry Princess Caifeng.”

In fact, Feng Yuzhen was not really weak. As Consort Yu was pregnant, it was absolutely possible for him to turn the tables in the end. Although he also wanted to marry Princess Caifeng, he was clearly not in a hurry. With such a secret card, it was still difficult to urge him to directly have a conflict with Feng Yulei.

“It is time for the baby in Consort Yu’s womb to be born.” Feng Yuran’s smile grew even bigger when he heard Mo Xuetong mentioning Consort Yu. He said leisurely, “The imperial harem is in such a mess right now. So many people want to see Consort Yu to lose the child in her womb. Even though the Empress Dowager has always been protecting Consort Yu, the Empress is the mistress. There would always be a time when the Empress Dowager fails to protect Consort Yu.”

Mo Xuetong fell silent for a moment. Then she bit her lips and looked up at Feng Yuran. “Princess Caifeng?”

Mo Xuetong did not feel sorry for Consort Yu at all. After rebirth, she had already understood that meaningless kindness would only cause her and the person she cared about to be doomed eternally. It was not the first time that Consort Yu had tried to hurt her. Furthermore, Consort Yu’s fate had already been decided. Since she dared to cuckold the Emperor, she had to bear the consequences.

It wasn’t that others had not done anything to her; it was just that the time hadn’t come!

Feng Yuran gave a gale of lazy laughter as he found that Mo Xuetong had understood what he meant. He kissed her forehead lightly, but his eyes grew cold as he stopped smiling. “Losing Lian An’s power, Consort Zhao desperately needs to work with others as well. The Empress seems to be very weak. Coupled with what happened at the palace banquet, there is an estrangement between the two of them. The main pillar Consort Zhao can find right now is the Empress Dowager.”

Feng Yuran’s eyes fell on a thick pile of papers beside the window. There was the news He Yufen got from Jiangnan. The two had read it just now. Consort Zhao was really the woman sent by the He family to compete for favor with Consort Xian. She once was a young prost.i.tute born in a brothel. Since she looked like Consort Xian, the He family found her and sent her to the palace.

Consort Zhao had been in love with Lian An who was a poor scholar at that time. However, they didn’t have enough money to redeem her. When they were left with nothing to do, the He family redeemed her. Since the He family found that Lian An was also talented, they supported him and sent him to the capital to take the exam so that he and Consort Zhao could help each other.

He Yufen was not very clear about what happened after that. But, one thing was certain: in the year of Consort Xian’s death, the He family had secretly sent poison to the palace. Feng Yuran had already gotten someone to test the poison. It was very likely to be the poison that killed Consort Xian. That was to say, Consort Xian seemed to have been killed by the Empress on the surface, but in fact, it was Consort Zhao who had done it.

In order to seize the Emperor’s favor, Consort Zhao had indeed poisoned Consort Xian.

Mo Xuetong was quiet. She caressed Feng Yuran’s handsome face gently with her fingers as her eyes were filled with pity. Feng Yuran had lost his mother when he was so young and he even had almost lost his life. Then, he had to leave the palace and had nearly led a wandering life. And now he had lost the protection of his mother’s family. Thinking of this, Mo Xuetong felt that he indeed had a hard time.

It was all caused by Consort Zhao and the He family. No wonder Feng Yuran hated the He family so much in Mo Xuetong’s past life. Not only did the He family and Consort Zhao have no blood relations with him, but they also had killed his mother. How could he not hate and be angry? And now it was indeed the best time to avenge his mother, and Consort Zhao was indeed the best candidate.

She was the Emperor’s favored consort, and so was Consort Yu. It was normal for Consort Zhao to hate Consort Yu because of jealousy, and then took some vicious means to deal with her. That way, the Emperor could see more clearly about her, who had always been delicate and weak, and it could make him suspicious about what had happened in the past. Feng Yuran could not say too much about those matters, and he had to ask the Emperor to investigate them. What was more, the connection between Lian An and Consort Zhao had never stopped, so how could it be clean between them? If one looked into it carefully from that point, they would definitely find more clues.

“Alright, then let them fight against each other.” Mo Xuetong nodded as her eyes sparked like starlight. Then she gave a sweet smile. “They like to plot against others anyway, so just let them plot against each other.”

After that, Mo Xuetong put her arms around Feng Yuran’s waist and leaned her head against his st.u.r.dy chest.

Now that G.o.d had given her a chance to be reborn and allowed her to meet him and fall in love with him, then they were inextricably linked. She was willing to give anything for all of this.

“Tong’er! Don’t worry. We will be together forever.” Feng Yuran’s gentle voice carried lazy fatigue. He lifted her chin gently and looked at her beautiful face that was right before his eyes, especially her lips, which were as beautiful as flowers. Then he planted a gentle, long kiss on her lips…

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