Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 609 – The Fight in the Harem, Consort Yu’s Going into Premature Labor

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Chapter 609 The Fight in the Harem, Consort Yu’s Going into Premature Labor

The next morning, Consort Zhao sent Emperor Zongwen away with deep affection. She even followed for a long while after Emperor Zongwen boarded the imperial carriage. It was only when she saw Emperor Zongwen at a distance into Qianqing Palace that she returned slowly with Caichun. Thinking of how much the Emperor had doted on her yesterday, she felt excited.

She had followed Emperor Zongwen back at a distance, partly to show that she was so devoted to the Emperor that she could hardly leave him, and partly to show it to the other concubines. She had been neglected for a while before, all because the Emperor did not come to Mingyue Palace.

After this matter, who would dare to look down on her?!

Therefore, she kept on sending him off!

Even though it was still early, there were plenty of people in the palace, who were secretly watching. There must be a lot of consorts who knew that the Emperor was still deeply in love with her. The Empress Dowager would also think highly of her. Furthermore, she had even heard from the Emperor that he had no intention of giving the throne to Feng Yuran. Such an important piece of news was enough to make her closer to her future position.

She was now wholeheartedly trying to help Feng Yuzhen ascend to the throne. She had mentioned the Empress Dowager many times when they held deep affection last night. She had said that the Empress Dowager was kind to the Emperor and was a good mother who really cared for him. However, she had not mentioned King Ning. Even though King Ning had not revealed his intentions directly, everyone could see that and knew that this was a taboo to the Emperor.

“Haste makes waste. I have to be more careful!”

Consort Zhao felt relieved, and the depression she felt of the past few days had been swept away. Not in a hurry to return to her palace, she ordered the palace maids that she would sit down in the nearby pavilion. It was good to admire the scenery of autumn morning. Although there was a heavy dew in autumn, there was fine gauze around the pavilion. She sat inside and would not get wet.

Because she was in a good mood, she did not feel that the outside was still dark. Sitting there, she asked Caichun to make a cup of tea for her and asked the palace maids to leave far away.

After that, it was daylight already with the first rays of the morning sun.

“Sister Zhao, you are really free. You came so early to drink tea and enjoy the scenery. I really envy you!” A laughter came from another path. Two palace maids held Consort Yu, who had a baby, and appeared at the end of the path. The pregnant woman had a smile in her eyes, suppressing a trace of jealousy in them.

She was now carrying the Emperor’s child and was the most enviable person in the palace. However, she said that she envied Consort Zhao while she deliberately showed her belly as if she couldn’t walk. She slowly walked with sarcasm on her face. If a woman in the imperial harem didn’t have a son, no matter how much she was favored, it was useless just like looking at the moon in the water. How much wealth and leisure could she expect?

Consort Yu was stabbing daggers at Consort Zhao’s heart!

If this had happened in the past, Consort Zhao would not have quibble with Consort Yu. She was a forbearing person. She had been in the imperial harem for more than 10 years, and she didn’t learn it in one year. However, a few days ago, when she had fallen out of favor, Consort Yu had sent two palace maids over to insult her. She claimed that since there were fewer servants in Mingyue Palace, Consort Zhao would lack servants to serve her in the future. She meant what had happened at the banquet.

Consort Zhao was so angry that she had smashed a few porcelains in the palace. However, she had to pretend to be gracious and send the palace maids back to Consort Yu’s place politely.

So when she heard that Consort Yu was trying to thrust daggers at her again, she looked Consort Yu up and down impolitely and said sarcastically, “Consort Yu, are you looking for His Majesty? I’ll tell His Majesty you want to see him the next time I see him, and ask him to come to see you, okay?”

Consort Yu was pregnant. Even though all sorts of things were being sent to her palace, the Emperor had indeed not visited her for a long while. He had come to visit her at first but it was getting fewer and fewer in number, and now he rarely went to her palace. Consort Yu had thought of many methods to solve this matter. She had even tried to deceive the Emperor that her tummy hurt last night, but Consort Zhao’s palace maid stopped her.

She had been angry for the whole night. This morning, she had come to pick a fight!

“Many thanks, Consort Zhao. By the way, you entered the palace earlier than me. I did not expect that I would be pregnant with the Emperor’s child but your belly…” Consort Yu sat down on the stool opposite Consort Zhao. She cast a glance at Consort Zhao’s belly with a smile and giggled, as if she did not know how harsh her words were.

The palace maid behind her arranged tea, snacks, and fruits neatly, which filled the whole table. Another palace maid felt that Consort Zhao’s pot was a hindrance and pushed it in front of Consort Zhao impolitely.

Consort Zhao was the only one who used the table just now, but there was no room for her to place other things than the teapot and teacup in front of her as it was filled with Consort Yu’s things.

“I’m sorry, Sister Zhao. I’m craving food recently. It’s all because of the foodie in my womb. I think I can’t spoil him. But His Majesty said that I’m blessed. Besides, I should not keep a royal descendant hungry. If there’s anything delicious or funny, I should just take it. If there’s anything you want to eat, just take it.”

Consort Yu waved her hand generously and pointed at the snacks and fruits on the table with a satisfied smile on her face.

Even though the Emperor did not come to her, he allowed her to eat what she wanted. Obviously, the Emperor loved the child in her belly and might spoil him than he spoiled King Xuan. Consort Yu was definitely not that short-lived Consort Xian. Her better days were still to come. As for Consort Zhao, she had no child. So even if she had a higher position than Consort Yu, she had to just sit to the side obediently when Consort Yu had the chance to humiliate her.

“You want to tie His Majesty to you all the time? You wis.h.!.+”

“Many thanks, Sister Yu. But I don’t like these things. You shouldn’t eat all of them as you’re pregnant. Some of them aren’t good for the child in your belly. You’ve been pregnant for almost eight months now, so you have to be more careful.” Consort Zhao looked up angrily with a look of annoyance in her eyes. Consort Yu had taken advantage of the child in her belly again and again, which made Consort Zhao already furious.

At this time, she did not want to argue with Consort Yu, so she suddenly stood up. “Sister Yu, please enjoy these here. I have something to deal with and have to go back.”

With that, she walked out.

“Sister Zhao, why are you in such a hurry? Let’s talk more!” Consort Yu did not intend to let Consort Zhao go so easily. She yelled delicately and stretched out her feet to trip Consort Zhao. She was standing at the entrance of the pavilion, and if Consort Zhao was tripped by her foot, it would be bad whether she fell forward or backward!

If Consort Zhao fell forward, she would crash into the pillar of the pavilion. According to the distance, she would be definitely knocked out. And her head might even be broken.

If Consort Zhao fell backward, it would be even worse: she would directly fall on the table. If the porcelain and colored glaze on the table were broken, they would p.r.i.c.k her hands, and even could disfigure Consort Zhao.

As for falling to her body, Consort Yu felt that it was completely impossible. The palace maid beside her was sent to her by Yu Feng and she was good at martial arts. She had helped Consort Yu to deal with those who tried to hurt her. She had long been Consort Yu’s confidant. If Consort Zhao happened to fall to Consort Yu, the palace maid would definitely push her away in front of Consort Yu.

When the time came, Consort Yu would only have to say that Consort Zhao had intentionally fallen to her and wanted to harm her child. Even if Consort Zhao had a thousand mouths, she would not be able to explain it clearly.

If she was disfigured, she would no longer look like Consort Xian. Then how would Consort Zhao fight for the Emperor’s affections?

Consort Zhao did not see Consort Yu’s outstretched foot and hurried out angrily. Suddenly, she tripped and fell sideways. She screamed subconsciously when she saw Consort Yu’s shocked face. She sensed that there was something wrong, but it was too late. She had fallen backward, but her back seemed to have been pushed forcefully by something. As a result, she turned askew and fell to Consort Yu.

Before she let out the scream as she slammed into Consort Yu who was seated by the side. Then she hugged the other woman subconsciously to roll down the stool with her. They rolled around in the pavilion and did not stop until they hit a nearby pillar.

The palace maids and eunuchs were all stunned. Someone screamed before everyone immediately came to their senses and rushed to Consort Yu.

“Your Highness, ahh! Blood, there is blood!” A palace maid screamed when she saw that Consort Yu’s dress was covered in blood.

Consort Yu shrank in pain, with sparks flying before her eyes. Looking at Consort Zhao who was still pressing tightly on her, Consort Yu stretched out her sharp nails and scratched Consort Zhao’s face fiercely. No one knew where she got the strength. “b.i.t.c.h, b.i.t.c.h, it’s you. It’s you who hurt my child.”

She was going to the end of her pregnancy and was about to give birth. How could Consort Yu not be angry when she had hoped to have a child?

Consort Zhao was stunned at first. She lay on Consort Yu dazedly and did not get up. When Consort Yu scratched her, she realized what was going on. She dodged Consort Yu’s hand and said urgently, “Sister Yu, it’s not me. Someone is trying to hurt me. Someone tripped me. Yes, someone must be trying to hurt us. Sister Yu, Sister Yu, don’t worry. I will go and tell His Majesty that someone is trying to hurt us!”

At this time, she was in a panic. Murdering people secretly was one thing, but how could she dare to take the responsibility of murdering the Emperor’s child and being caught on the spot? Her face was already pale and she lost track of her words in panic.

Some people had already realized that it didn’t look good and had gone to report to the harem and the court.

“It’s you, you s.l.u.t. Somebody, take this s.l.u.t away and beat her to death, beat her to death…” Consort Yu screamed in pain and fainted before she could finish her sentence.

Consort Zhao did not have time to say anything else before she was pulled away like a tattered cloth. The crowd was extremely fl.u.s.tered. Consort Yu was in a terrible condition right now. The hem of her dress was already soaked in blood and there was a ma.s.s of blood on the ground. Fortunately, Consort Yu had enough servants. They brought Consort Yu to their palace while getting someone to get imperial physicians.

When the imperial physicians arrived at Caiwei Palace, the Emperor, the Empress and the Empress Dowager were already waiting there. When the imperial physicians entered the room, they had already received the Emperor and the Empress Dowager’s orders to protect the Emperor’s child. They would do his best to induce labor and keep the Emperor’s child safe.

Blood was sent out one basin after another while Consort Yu’s shrill screams of pain could be heard from time to time.

The palace maids who came and went were all trembling and did not even dare to breathe loudly. After such a big incident, they only hoped that Consort Yu could give birth to the child safely. Otherwise, they would have to pay with their lives.

“Your Majesty, it’s not me. It’s really not me. Someone tripped me and I fell.” Consort Zhao knelt in front of the Emperor and the Empress Dowager, trembling so much that she could hardly speak. She had been thinking about her bright future, but why did things turn out like this all of a sudden? Why had she b.u.mped into Consort Yu?

Now, she could only rely on her feelings and hurriedly argue with tears in her eyes, as if she was holding onto the last straw! Now she could only insist that someone tripped her; otherwise, she could not afford to take the responsibility!

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