Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 613 – Princess Caifeng’s Arrogant Aura

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Chapter 613 Princess Caifeng’s Arrogant Aura

Originally, Mo Xuetong did not want to attend the banquet in the imperial palace. King Xuan’s Manor was already in a mess. King Chu, King Yan, and King Ning would come almost every day. It was said that it had already been in a mess at the link between the front yard and the inner yard. The servants in the manor were busy, and Princess Caifeng was rather spoiled.

From time to time, she would come up with some tricks, which worn out the servants of the entire manor. Even though the other princes did not go too far because Feng Yuran didn’t show up, but in the eyes of outsiders, what they saw was that they came to King Xuan’s Manor every day and ordered the servants here to run back and forth. They did not seem to respect King Xuan at all.

There were already rumors outside that the one for marrying Princess Caifeng should be selected from King Chu, King Yan, and King Ning. King Xuan, who had been accompanying Consort Xuan, should not be able to be selected. Otherwise, he would not have allowed those princes to enter his manor at will.

Needless to say, Princess Caifeng did not have a good reputation. The marriage between the two countries was decided by the two countries, and she would not be allowed to choose her husband. Moreover, she had an ambiguous relations.h.i.+p with these princes every day. In just a few days, Princess Caifeng had changed from a high and mighty princess of the Southern Barbarian Lands to an unrestrained woman.

Before she knew it, her reputation had already been ruined!

Mo Xuetong had long known about it. No matter who spread the news, it had nothing to do with her. However, when she was going to the banquet in the palace tonight, her peace was shattered. Princess Caifeng and Hu Qianyue had gotten the news from somewhere that she was almost fully recovered, so they asked her to see Princess Caifeng.

“Her Highness said that since Her Lady is feeling better, please visit her as a hostess.” The maidservant who came to pa.s.s on the message usually served Princess Caifeng, and was used to being arrogant. When she came to Mo Xuetong’s yard, she raised her head high and looked down upon her.

Mo Ye stood guard at the door, and the maidservant did not enter, so she could only said in a loud voice outside.

Following Mo Xuetong’s order, Mo Lan walked to the door and lifted the curtains. She walked out slowly and smiled, “My Lady said that she doesn’t have time now. She will meet Her Highness in the palace later.”

You Yue’e had always been humble in front of Princess Caifeng, making the latter think that she was really n.o.bler than a prince’s wife. Even her maidservant was disdainful of others. Upon hearing that Mo Xuetong dared to reject Princess Caifeng’s demand, the maidservant paused for a moment and then flew into a rage.

“What? Can’t Her Highness see Her Lady? Is this the way the Qin Kingdom treats guests?”

Mo Xuetong, who was seated inside, could not help but smile at Princess Caifeng’s thoughts. Princess Caifeng really thought that she was superior to everyone else. She was the wife of the prince who was the Emperor’s favorite son, and even the Empress Dowager and the Empress had to respect her for the sake of Feng Yuran in the palace. However, Princess Caifeng had come to argue with her about how to treat the guests.

“As for the way our Qin Kingdom treats guest, Princess Caifeng should have felt it over the past few days. The princes have come to accompany her every day. Isn’t it enough?” Mo Lan smiled and answered calmly. However, what she said made the maidservant blush.

Whether it was in the Qin Kingdom or in the Southern Barbarian Lands, Princess Caifeng’s behavior in the past few days had definitely violated the etiquette for women. Even though the Southern Barbarian Lands did not mind it very much, the fact that she had been mixing with men every day had gone against the etiquette for women, no matter what the reason was.

“How dare you! How dare you talking about Her Highness like that! You’re courting death!” The maidservant was so mad that she took two steps forward and tried to slap Mo Lan in the face. She was used to being arrogant beside Princess Caifeng. How could she be embarra.s.sed by someone like that?

Her hand was caught by a thin maidservant standing by the side. She could see the coldness in the maidservant’s eyes from the corner of her eyes. The maidservant backed away subconsciously and almost missed the step and fell. Mo Lan’s unchanging gentle voice rang in her ears. “Please report to Your Highness that His Highness especially ordered Her Lady to enter the palace as soon as possible. We do not have time at this time. Her Lady will definitely apologize to Her Highness in the palace.”

Then, before the maidservant could say anything, she and Mo Ye lifted the curtains and entered the room together.

If Mo Xuetong went to see Princess Caifeng at this time, she would be wrong no matter what she would say. Given Princess Caifeng’s conduct, she would definitely think of ways to humiliate her. Feng Yuran was not in the manor and she could not find an excuse. Furthermore, she did not know who was also there. Judging by Princess Caifeng’s character, she would definitely let others see it when she was deliberately making things difficult for her so as to show how unreachable her status was.

Mo Xuetong really didn’t understand what Princess Caifeng was thinking. Even if she really married a prince and became his legal wife, her status would be on par with hers. How could she feel that she could push Mo Xuetong around and be superior to Mo Xuetong?

“Mo Lan, ask Aunt Xianglan to visit Princess Caifeng. If she needs something, she can just ask her for it, and don’t have to report it to me.” Mo Xuetong changed into a light blue dress. There was a hint of gentleness in the beautiful eyes of the woman in the mirror. She turned around slightly, looking charming. The hint of innocence at the corners of her eyes made her pure mixing with her charm.

“My Lady, you’re so beautiful. I think you should go and meet Princess Caifeng so that she won’t think that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Her face has been hurt, but she still flirted with the princes these days, as if she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. With the injury, she has lost her beauty, just like the world lost its brilliance!”

Mo Yu put down the clothes in her hands and walked in angrily. When she saw Mo Xuetong, who was fully dressed, a hint of surprise flashed across her eyes. No matter when and what clothes Mo Xuetong wore, she was beautiful enough to draw people’s attention.

“What’s up? Did they offend you again?” Mo Xuetong looked at the angry Mo Yu through the bronze mirror and asked with a smile as she put on her clothes.

“They didn’t offend me. If they just provoked me, I wouldn’t dare to say anything. My Lady, Princess Caifeng insisted that the orchids you planted were not beautiful and insisted on planting peonies. Now, she has asked people to pull all the orchids up. She said that she had told His Highness and that His Highness asked her to deal with them at her discretion.” Thinking of the orchids thrown aside by those maidservants rudely, Mo Yu was distressed and gasped. Mo Xuetong planted them in person, and it was said that they were the best orchid found by Feng Yuran, but now they were thrown. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

“It’s not a big deal. We can just plant them after Princess Caifeng leaves.” Mo Xuetong looked at Mo Yu’s angry face and grinned. Her long eyelashes fluttered and she said mischievously, “Could it be that Princess Caifeng claimed that she will be in charge of this place?”

“My Lady, how do you know?” Mo Yu suddenly opened her eyes wide. She was afraid that Mo Xuetong would be sad and angry, so she did not say that on purpose. The maidservant did raise her chin arrogantly and said that that piece of land would be under the charge of Princess Caifeng in the future, and that when the princess officially moved in, it would be up to her to decide what to plant in the back courtyard.

“What else did she say?” Mo Xuetong asked with a careless smile as she allowed Mo Lan to fasten the hidden b.u.t.ton below her neck.

“What else could she say? Anyway, she meant that Princess Caifeng will be in charge of the back courtyard. My Lady, you should go out and make it clear to her. Even if she is a guest, she can’t mess with other people’s things so casually. She wants to enter the manor? She wishes!” Mo Yu snorted and said with dissatisfaction.

If she wanted to marry into King Xuan’s Manor and manage the back courtyard, she had to get King Xuan’s permission. King Xuan was very nice to Consort Xuan. These personal maidservants had been watching it, so they were clear that King Xuan only loved Consort Xuan. He had never paid any attention to Princess Caifeng for the past few days. How could she dare to say something like that?

“Since you know that she’s dreaming, why are you angry? Just take it as a play with her? Are the orchids still there?” After putting on her clothes, Mo Xuetong sat down and asked casually. Those orchids were really exquisite. Feng Yuran took a lot of trouble to find them for her. Mo Huawen also liked them. Mo Xuetong liked them as she looked at them. She remembered that she had once used a pot of orchid to bribe the Princess Royal, so she also sent some to her manor.

“The orchids are still here. I have carefully planted them in a pot. When they grow well, I’ll transplant them out.” Mo Yu knew that these orchids were not easy to get, so she was so distressed. After arguing with those maidservants for a while, she carefully moved the orchids into the pot.

“Don’t worry. After tonight, Princess Caifeng won’t be able to act arrogant in our manor!” Mo Xuetong seemed to be hinting at something. Her eyes flickered slightly as she comforted Mo Yu.

If she did not remember wrongly, the Emperor would intentionally arrange an engagement for Princess Caifeng. She was an unmarried girl, but she had chosen her husband personally, which had ruined her reputation. Furthermore, she was picking out the Emperor’s sons. How could the Emperor not be angry? Since she was here to marry into the country, the Emperor might as well decide the man so that she would not cause any scandal about the royal family in the future.

Or else, it would be a disgrace to the royal family!

No matter which manor she married into, it would definitely not King Xuan’s Manor. Mo Xuetong had 100% understanding of Feng Yuran. Given Feng Yuran’s character, if he did not want to marry Princess Caifeng, he would have many ways to do so. He was sly and was not easy to fool. It would be good if others were not tricked by him. It was in vain to even think about trying to trick him to marry Princess Caifeng.

“My Lady, is it true?” Mo Yu’s mad face immediately turned into a look of surprise.

“I don’t know if it’s true!” Mo Xuetong said lazily. When she saw Mo Yu’s face immediately darkened, a smile appeared on her lips. “That’s what His Highness said!”

Everyone laughed when they saw Mo Yu’s eyes lit up in surprise.

“My Lady, you always make fun of me.” Knowing that Mo Xuetong had said it intentionally, Mo Yu pouted.

“You always look angry. If Her Lady doesn’t make fun of me, who will Her Lady make fun of?” Mo Lan said with a smile.

“All of you are bullying me!” Mo Yu stomped her feet angrily. She looked aggrieved but her eyes landed on Mo Xuetong smartly. She looked as if she wanted Mo Xuetong to stand up for her, which caused everyone to laugh so hard that they could not even stand straight. Even Mo Xuetong was holding on to the table and could not stand up.

Mo Yu was getting more and more lovable!

While they were laughing in the room, a little maidservant’s voice suddenly came from outside.

“My Lady, Miss Hu Qianyue, who is beside Princess Caifeng, is here. She said that she has something important to report to you!”

Hu Qianyue? Mo Xuetong paused. She stopped smiling and frowned slightly. Hu Qianyue was not Princess Caifeng and she had come to visit her politely. It would be a little unreasonable if she did not see her. However, if she were to see her, she would not be able to decide whether she should go or not if the other woman suggested her to meet Princess Caifeng!

Hu Qianyue was indeed not a simple person. Before she even entered the door, she had already thrown a difficult problem at her! She could attack and retreat. Now she was scheming against her. Did she really think that she was easy to bully? A cold look appeared in her eyes. Well, she had been appearing too weak recently, causing others her to think that everyone could bully her.

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