Reborn: Femme Fatale First Daughter Chapter 615 – Crown Prince Xieyue’s Doubt

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Chapter 615 Crown Prince Xieyue’s Doubt

Hu Qianyue was a smart person. A smart person would never create an enemy for themselves. In particular, she still did not know the opponent. She quickly cast a glance at Mo Xuetong’s expression and did not find anything unusual. She slightly heaved a sigh of relief and said, “My Lady, you must be joking. How dare I stop you? It is Her Highness who wants to see you. She said that you are feeling better but she has never had time to visit you.”

Hu Qianyue made use of the opportunity to achieve her end, and blamed it on Princess Caifeng. She had done such a thing many times.

“If Princess Caifeng wants to see me, why didn’t she come by herself? Is Princess Caifeng ill?” Mo Xuetong’s beautiful eyes were as clear as water, but there was something sharp hidden in them. She also stressed her ident.i.ty. Even though Princess Caifeng was n.o.ble, she was Consort Xuan and not everyone could see her as they wanted.

“Her Highness is not ill. She just felt a little uncomfortable, so she didn’t come to see My Lady in person.” Hu Qianyue had been at a disadvantage because of Mo Xuetong’s push. To answer her question, she had no choice but to explain awkwardly.

“Then how about I ask for leave for Princess Caifeng when I enter the palace? If she doesn’t feel well, she’d better rest in the manor,” Mo Xuetong smiled in a gentle voice. Her bright eyes rippled beautifully, as if she really thought that Princess Caifeng was ill.

“I…” Hu Qianyue was at a loss for words for a moment. Then she opened her mouth and immediately said with a dry smile, “Thank you for your kindness, My Lady. Her Highness is just feeling a little uncomfortable. It’s a chronic ailment. She’ll be fine soon. It’s not a big deal.”

Princess Caifeng wanted to take this opportunity to get close to King Xuan, and if she could not go to the palace, she would tear Hu Qianyue apart!

“Her Highness’s chronic ailment? Does she need an imperial physician?”

“There’s no need. Her Highness has the pills to cure it. She’ll be fine as long as she takes them.” Hu Qianyue’s forehead was already covered with sweat.

She had to straighten out contradictions in the lie and make it plausible. She didn’t expect that Consort Xuan was not a weak person. Then, she was forced to lie by Mo Xuetong. She was clear that she was at a disadvantage today and did not dare to say anything to Mo Xuetong. So she only said a few words of concern and left in a hurry.

Mo Lan sent Hu Qianyue to the door of her courtyard on behalf of Mo Xuetong before she went back.

There was not only Princess Caifeng in the courtyard, but also Crown Prince Xieyue. They sat on a large round chair under a tree and enjoyed the tea leisurely. Crown Prince Xieyue was supposed to go back, but Princess Caifeng deliberately asked him to stay. She wanted someone to witness it when she humiliated Mo Xuetong later, which would make her even more embarra.s.sed.

However, she saw that there was no one behind Hu Qianyue, except her four maidservants. Princess Caifeng could not help but put down the teacup in her hand and asked in surprise, “Qianyue, where is she?”

Crown Prince Xieyue looked at Mo Lan’s back thoughtfully. He frowned slightly and confusion appeared in the corners of his eyes. He felt that this maidservant was really familiar.

Hu Qianyue thought for a while and said hesitantly, “Consort Xuan said that she will enter the palace later, and doesn’t have time to see Your Highness at this time. She asked you to rest for a while and she will meet you when you enter the palace.”

Her words were similar to what the maidservant had said earlier. How could Princess Caifeng be satisfied? She slammed the teacup in her hand down again and snarled, “It’s still a little early to enter the palace. Why is she going there so early? Could it be that she doesn’t take me, a dignified princess, seriously? Let’s go, I’ll go and take a look.”

After that, she got up and was about to go outside.

Ever since she arrived in the Qin Kingdom, other than the fact that her face had been injured, Princess Caifeng had been leading a happy life, and had long forgotten that she had been living a cautious life when she was in the palace of the Southern Barbarian Lands. She had treated herself more important than anyone else, feeling that she had asked Consort Xuan to come because she thought highly of her. However, that woman dared to embarra.s.s her. She was so angry that she wanted to get even with Mo Xuetong.

Hu Qianyue, who had suffered a loss at Mo Xuetong’s place just now, did not dare to allow Princess Caifeng to go to her right now. Consort Xuan was not to be trifled with. Her stunning face looked innocent and there was not a hint of displeasure in her gentle voice. However, she forced Hu Qianyue to step back. How could she be easy to deal with?

Hu Qianyue was not doing this for Princess Caifeng’s sake. She had told Mo Xuetong earlier that Princess Caifeng was not feeling well. If Princess Caifeng personally came to her and suffered a setback later, the princess would give her a hard time, and Consort Xuan would also blame her for lying. Hu Qianyue would not do such a thing that would do her no good.

She took two steps forward and held Princess Caifeng’s hand, saying, “Your Highness, why are you in such a hurry? Have a rest first. I will tell you about Consort Xuan. We have really underestimated her. She is not simple. Think about it. It is said that King Xuan has not been involved in any romantic affairs since he married her.”

“What do you mean?” Princess Caifeng frowned and asked in confusion.

What did she mean? Of course, she meant that Consort Xuan had some tricks up her sleeve! However, she could not say it so clearly. It seemed that Princess Caifeng was a little stupid. She wanted Hu Qianyue to explain it clearly. For the first time, Hu Qianyue felt that it was wrong for her to follow Princess Caifeng to the Qin Kingdom.

Given Princess Caifeng’s character, there was no need for her to stir up trouble. The princess herself would be able to hook up with men and pick one from them!

“Caifeng, sit down and listen to Miss Hu,” Crown Prince Xieyue said lightly.

Princess Caifeng had never dared to defy her superior elder brother who looked gentle but was actually frightening since she was a child. Even though she was filled with reluctance, she still sat down. She pinched her handkerchief hard, and secretly gritted her teeth to vent her anger.

“No matter what kind of woman Consort Xuan is, she must give the position of Consort Xuan to me.”

Of course, she needed the help of her elder brother more, so she did not dare to disobey Crown Prince Xieyue.

Crown Prince Xieyue looked as if he didn’t notice the dissatisfied expression on Princess Caifeng’s face. He raised his hand and gestured at Hu Qianyue. “What kind of person is Consort Xuan?”

Ever since they entered King Xuan’s Manor, they had never seen King Xuan, who was supposed to be the host. It was said that the delicate and weak Consort Xuan was ill. Crown Prince Xieyue had always thought that it was Consort Xuan’s means of fighting for King Xuan’s affections. Ever since his sister saw King Xuan, she had been absent-minded. Crown Prince Xieyue knew that she liked King Xuan.

He was happy to see such a thing. Anyway, it was better for Princess Caifeng to marry the most favored prince in the Qin Kingdom. However, later something happened between King Yan and Princess Caifeng, and it could not be hidden. In fact, the Qin Kingdom’s Emperor in the palace must have learned it, so it was the best choice for Caifeng to marry King Yan.

No matter what, Princess Caifeng could be considered one of his camp. He only hoped that she would be obedient and agree with the marriage, instead of causing too much trouble.

As for King Xuan, Feng Yuran, according to Xieyue’s observation, King Xuan was definitely not as simple as he seemed on the surface. Originally, he wanted to take advantage of the time they spent with each other to observe him more. However, he did not expect that King Xuan had never showed up since Consort Xuan got ill.

Although they lived in King Xuan’s Manor, they felt as if they had been living in the other prince’s manor. From time to time, they saw those princes, but the host of King Xuan’s Manor could not be seen at all. Xieyue had long suspected that the so-called illness of Consort Xuan was just a means to prevent Caifeng from seeing King Xuan.

The best way to arrange a marriage between two countries was to marry a princess to a prince!

Even though the other princes were all handsome, they were not attractive enough compared to the handsome King Xuan. Consort Xuan had intentionally pretended to be ill and detained King Xuan. It was also something excusable!

The problem lay in King Xuan. It was said that King Xuan was unrestrained and was the biggest playboy in the Qin Kingdom. There were many beautiful women in his manor and he dared to accept all kind of woman. However, since Consort Xuan entered the manor, there had been no more rumors about him. Furthermore, he worked in the court like a prince who had really settled down and there was no word that he was incapable of work.

From this, it could be seen that King Xuan was not simple, and so was Consort Xuan!

And now, it was very obvious that King Xuan was very straightforward to express that he did not want to marry Caifeng. Then Xieyue could only choose one from the other princes.

“Consort Xuan looks fabulous and young. She should be only 14 or 15 years old. Perhaps because she is ill, her face is a little pale. Her words might hold water and her voice is gentle, but it gives people a sense of indifference…” Hu Qianyue thought for a while and described.

“She’s fabulous? Is she more fabulous than me?” Princess Caifeng could not help but interrupt.

“Caifeng, not another word!” Crown Prince Xieyue’s face darkened. Princess Caifeng was so scared that she immediately shut her mouth. Although she was not convinced in her heart, she did not dare to say anything.

“Do you think she is really ill?” Crown Prince Xieyue’s eyes darkened a little.

“She didn’t look very good and was a little too pale, and…” Hu Qianyue looked at the pale face of Crown Prince Xieyue. “It’s similar to Your Highness’s face.”

Crown Prince Xieyue had fallen ill since he was born. He had always been in poor health. Even though it did not affect his daily life, he had never stopped having medicine. If Consort Xuan’s face was similar to his, then one could tell that she was indeed unwell. However, the fact that she could attend the banquet today meant that she was definitely not as bad as what the rumors said. So, the new that Consort Xuan had almost died of illness was unreliable.

As expected, Consort Xuan had intentionally exaggerated her illness in order to make King Xuan avoid contact with Caifeng.

“Elder brother, Consort Xuan will also attend tonight’s banquet. If you have any questions, you can go and see her.” Princess Caifeng was annoyed when she saw that Crown Prince Xieyue had been thinking about Consort Xuan. She was being spoiled and had long forgotten the orders of the Southern Barbarian Lands’ Emperor before she came to the Qin Kingdom.

“Miss Hu, off you go and prepare the clothes for Caifeng to go to the palace banquet.” Xieyue ignored her words and said to Hu Qianyue with a smile.

Hu Qianyue knew that the brother and sister had something to say, so she took her leave.

When Hu Qianyue and her maidservants walked away, Crown Prince Xieyue turned his head and said seriously, “Caifeng, the Qin Kingdom’s Emperor may grant the engagement tonight. You should be mentally prepared. Don’t lose your manners at that time.”

Caifeng had been in contact with several princes during this period of time. Even if the Qin Kingdom’s Emperor didn’t mention it, Xieyue felt that it was necessary to remind him of the engagement. Otherwise, if they kept in contact with each other like this, the reputation of Caifeng would be totally ruined!

“Today? It’s so fast!” Princess Caifeng was stunned. She had been living a comfortable life recently. There were handsome men coming to flatter her every day, making her very happy. However, when she thought that she was going to marry the handsome King Xuan, her face flushed and she lowered her head. She muttered, “I will listen to your orders!”

“It’s time to decide. King Yan is a good person, and so is Consort Yan. Remember not to bully her when you go to King Yan’s Manor. After all, she is the legitimate daughter of Duke Mingguo.” Xieyue was very satisfied with the obedient reaction of Princess Caifeng, so he nodded and praised her.

What? King Yan, Feng Yulei? Wasn’t she going to marry King Xuan, Feng Yuran? Princess Caifeng suddenly raised her head as if she had been struck by lightning. She looked at Crown Prince Xieyue in shock and a hint of hatred and anger flashed in her eyes.

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